Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


By: LazerKim                  The man of the hour Kim Hyun Joong celebrates his 27th birthday today June 6th, which is a very special day not only to him but to all his fans from the different parts of the world. And as always from the time he started performing solo, Hyun Joong celebrates his birthday with his fans, as it may not be on the exact day but surely he’s with them within the month of June.

Recalling back in June 2011 he celebrated this day as he launched his first album Breakdown in a showcase attended by his Korean fans. Then followed in 2012, Hyun Joong celebrated his birthday with his Chinese fans as he performed his Asian Tour Fan Meet Concert in Chengdu China. This year 2013 Hyun Joong launched his third Japanese single TONIGHT and celebrated this day with his Japanese fans in a hand shake session and again shall be with his Korean fans in a fan meet event to be held on June 8.  This time as his birthday treat to his fans, Hyun Joong shall be releasing his second digital music at 12 noon today.

Time flies so fast that Hyun Joong again matured a year older and many of us has been on his tail following his journey towards the stardom yet getting stronger as the year passes by. Many changes transpired in time within the people we get to encountered with or whom we meet everyday, but Hyun Joong remained as he is in his heart, putting his fans his priority in his career life. As we his fans continue our journey with him, there shall be a lot more to look forward to in the future as we grow having Hyun Joong with us in our daily lives.



Quite recently the day before Hyun Joong released his CD Tonight, he met with his Japanese fans at the Sun Plaza Concert Hall in Tokyo in a hand shake event. Again his Japanese fans showed their passion in admiring and their love for Kim Hyun Joong as some 10,000 fans came to the venue to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong. The venue can only accommodate 2,000 fans for the hand shake event, but outside the venue there was such a huge crowd of fans estimated at about 8,000 as everyone was just hoping to see him in person and a way of greeting him on his birthday.

A lot of his Japanese fans may not have that chance to shake his hand but the mood outside the venue was so festive as if everyone knows each other! This event was not a concert, neither it was a show that we can hear or watch Hyun Joong performed on stage singing and dancing and yet his presence was so strong to captivate such a crowd! Inside the venue, his fans sang the birthday song for Hyun Joong in Korean. And the same mood reminded me of his Asia Fan Meet Concert event in China as his fans wore panda hats and sang the same Korean birthday song! Just as Hyun Joong wanted to see pandas that he wasn’t able to due to his tight schedule, his fans gave him that treat of wearing panda hats instead!

I can also remember last year in Tokyo Hyun Joong attended similar hand shake event as he released his second single Heat which was attended by some 5,000 fans and he did the hand shake for everyone! It was even raining that day and yet his fans stayed and waited for their turns to have that chance to see Hyun Joong up close! These are just a few events that Hyun Joong’s fans showed their affection to him, and simple it may be but every event transpired marked in the history of Hyun Joong’s career life. We do have a lot of memories that we shared with this guy and it shall always be remembered and how good it feels in reminiscing those days that kept us looking forward for more in the near future.



Everyone was born for a reason to live a life in accordance to our own decision and how we want our lives to be. And everyone has his or her own destiny whichever way it takes us. Hyun Joong is an artist and he was born to be a star, that’s his destiny. But more than this, I would say Hyun Joong was born to touch the lives of others. If you are a fan who’s been with him everyday following him in his every exposure and his life, we do feel that strong sense of inspiration in moving forward and facing our every daily challenges.

At this point I’m cutting this article shorter and would like to give you this space for everyone here with the Alien family to greet Hyun Joong on this special day as I bring to you what Hyun Joong wanted to share with us, a very beautiful and touching song on his birthday THE REASON WHY I LIVE. Join me as we listen to this song, I couldn’t write longer than this since my eyes are blurred with tears! *sigh* I’m falling in love with him over again having listened to this song, another precious music that can inspire us again and again! What more can we ever ask for in our idol, Hyun Joong simply gives us something to be happy about and to be inspired always.

I would just like to say  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Kim Hyun Joong, may you have many more birthdays to come, and most of all Thank You for the love you give us to your fans and Thank You for being you as our ONLY ONE!!

                          HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM HYUN JOONG!!

                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

THE REASON WHY I LIVE > link click here > (

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44 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  1. Hello LazerKim, really miss ur article about KHJ, wonder where u r now? Wish u have some time to write new article to share ur comment for our beloved Hyun Joong’s work he’s done during this time. Hope you’re doing fine.

  2. Hi LazerKIm, I also miss reading your articles. Or even just a greeting of you, lol, even though I don’t know you personally nor so much as some fellow commentators-HJ fans here. I just hope you are fine! That’s the most important!

  3. HI, LK. Miss you so much. I would love to know your reactions in your heart to the latest ‘Round 3’ and the shocker videos ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Your Story!’ I am enjoying Kim Hyun Joong to my fullest while we still have him with us before his military enlistment. I will miss him so much while he is fulfilling that duty. I know he’ll come back and give his fans that free concert he is always talking about! Looking forward to it so much!

    Please give us just a peek, LK. Missing you so much!

  4. Stop by to say that I miss your writing. Come back to repeat all what you have writen about our beloved Kim Hyun Joong. Dear Lazer Kim, wishing you are healthy and enjoy in your work.

  5. Sis ok ka lang ba? nakaka worry ka na huh! tama si bella this is so unusual lalo na sa ganitong panahon, hnd lang basta album huh!? its Korean comeback ng lolo after almost 2 yrs,hnd aq sanay ng wala ka ng ganitong panahon.hope ur doing fine! paramdam ka naman sis!

  6. Dear lazerkim,

    How are you ? are you O.K . We miss you . I hope everything is going well with you. I come here almost everyday to check whether you have left us any message .

    I ‘m a bit worry . It ‘s quite unusual not to see your article this time around when Hyun Joong is about to have a comeback stage in Korea. Am I spoil ?………. I’m sorry…….. I feel I want to read your article.

    However I like all 6 songs in his ” round 3 ” album. He did a very good job especially with his 4 new songs.

    Hope you are fine and i’m looking forward to seeing your write – up here again soon.

    God Bless you.

  7. Sis asan ka na ba? nagkaka-gulo na mundo kahapon pa,magparamdam ka naman.
    Ngayon ka lang walang promotions sa lahat ng album ni idol.Sana lang ok ka! we miss you sis!

    • oo nga miss LK nagkaroon na ng matinding tornado ang mundo sa pagbabalik ni hyun joong. ikaw lang talaga ang hnd nagparamdam. ikaw agad naisip ko grabeh. i duper missed you na! waahhh! ang gwapo ni hyun joong talagang Unbreakable ang hotness niya! paramdam nmn diyan oh khit isang hi lang khit man lng sa twitter. mwahhhh!!! luv u!

  8. Calling for Lazer Kim!hallo sis…we are waiting for your daily dose,pleeeease dont let us waiting so long.btw sis,want to ask you,is Our WACKY PRINCE realy going to army this year? Please I am waiting your rply sis.

  9. Hi everybody!I’m a new fan of kim hyun joong,i started to like him since january,actually i thought it wouldn’t last,but unfortunately i’m now addicted ihi.Wish him an happy birthday.
    PS:Sorry for the mistakes,i’m malagasy so..

    • welcome to our family, I recomend you to read these articles since the begining you will know a lot about him and love him more JJJAJAJA
      welcome dear, I am from Ecuador , where are you from ???

  10. I could not update following up articles about KHJ, but in a way I would manage to read some. Belated Happy Birthday to Kim Hyun Joong! I wish him more blessings as he has always a generous heart to share those to the underpriviledged. I wish him good health as well as he will enter the military next year. Hope we can go to see his concert before he leaves for the training. God bless him always!s

  11. I would like to share here some thoughts about my reactions since Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Party People’ Fan Meeting’s Event:
    First reaction:
    After the shock received causes the pathetic words of Kim Hyun Joong at the Fan Meeting, the ‘Party People’ and the announcement of his duty of military service in 2014, i wake up with a painful feeling of vertiginous void printing…Because i ‘m wondering if Hyun-Joong has already turned the page from his birthday celebration and prepares for a distant and inaccessible retired life! Is he really intends to stop all contact with his fans right now? And wants to retreat from any media activity? i hope not, thousand times no, because this sudden break of contact is too cruel… We are not prepared to this unexpected ‘adios’!
    Are we so strangers to him and so much unknowns alien fans for him? One has the impression that he reached the top of his artistic peak and that he has decided to put an end for two years, with his 3th Japanese Single “Tonight” and his ballad song “The Reason I Live” as a fulfillment to his artistic mission and to put a final point to this very strong bond that binds him to his fans so quickly? He said that we will always and invariably forever be together… Did he let go of our hands already?
    This is an early departure that breaks the heart… which distress and hurts the soul…Is this really the end of our wonderful and so special noble love story with our Only One?! We are there… We always are there, and will always be by his side, in all circumstances, always listening; always enthusiastic to show him our affection and our support. For us, his faithful friends, even from a far distance and unknown, this could not be the end… because we love him sincerely, our Magnetic Leader, our handsome prince so noble and talented, we love him for what he is, not as a wax idol, but as a friend and we will be always at his side, whether on stage, in a show, on a screen, on a football field, at the bottom of the ocean, in a normal and simple life, or in a military base…Nor time neither distance could ever change this strong fluid between us…We are his family for life!
    Second reaction:
    But on the other hand, i honestly consider KHJ as a person, with his own personality, his own needs, his dreams, his plans, his fears from future… I see him as a respectable and wise person who has the right to live normally like everybody else, to have his part of happiness, his sadness moments, his weakness also and that he could not be only an Idol or an attraction. That is why i understand that it is quite human on his part to be upset by the delay from what he loves most in the world, his art for two long years. He needs a little bit time of solitude and relaxation after all this hard work tirelessly to recover and de-stress…and especially the hard labor of BFF. That is why; i must not be selfish but understanding. i must respect his willingness and his desire to rest… away from the crowd and all harassing media and all excited fans too. All what i have to think of from now on, is to know him in good shape, healthy and wealthy, happy and content. That’s all that should really count for me! God bless him forever..

      • Time heals wounds and after the shock of the new, i think that we must consider the positive side. KHJ is a good Patriot. He cannot remain on the sidelines of its duty to his country. He accepted the verdict with courage and nobility, head high and without murmur. Besides, He is a man now. He is a man of Honor. He is called to live a new experience that will give him some enrichment. He’ll be back to us stronger than ever, with his sparkling eyes and his athletic look, holding in his hands all what he will be experiencing the hard business of the military! We will pray every day for him and we will share in thought his days of unequalled soldier!
        We must follow his example of courage and stay strong for him because he just proved us his affection with THE REASON I LIVE and how we are important to him. For this, regardless of the suffering of remoteness and its long-term and despite our concern for him, our duty is to continue to deserve his love! Yes, weld us to show all our love and our support. He feels stronger to face this painful decision, with the lighter heart and warmth of our affection to comfort him! Let’s be always together! Fighting!!! LoVe KHJ~Forever!~♥

  12. He is just the best and deserves the best. I wish lots of happiness for him and thank him for all the things he shares with us. Things to makes us proud and makes us feel joy and happiness just by looking and listening to him.
    That’s why he inspired some Henecia from different country to make this video, I’d like to share it with you and I really hope, that you and he will enjoy a lot when watching it. This is like a tribute for him ^^

    • Thank you so much for sharing this collection, that i can call this video clip a United Alien with Kim Hyun Joong! This is very nice, your effort is very much appreciated in working on this video clip. I’m sure Hyun Joong would be happy to see this and I sincerely hope he’ll be able to visit you guys in the near future! More power and God bless…. see you again!

    • Amazing video for KHJ! Thank you very much dear fans for this very touching tribute to our Only One and Magnetic Alien Leader who deserves all our love and support forever!i’m sure he will be delighted to watch such sweet wishes!^^ 😀

  13. Happy Birthday to our lovely angel Kim Hyun Joong who is blessing to our lives!! I’m so moved once again by his humbleness and love for his fans! ^_^
    One more success on his birthday! 🙂 He deserves all happiness and success!!
    Love you and support you always Kim Hyun Joong!! ❤

    Oh and after listening his gift song on his birthday I was again moved… So much emotion these days…

  14. Dear LazerKim,
    Thank you, this is just spot on, angel.
    Happy Birthday – Kim Hyun Joong!
    I am wishing to this wonderful person who really is touching our lives in one way or another to stay true to himself always, to follow his dreams and to fulfill all other dreams he may have and for many, many, years to come, and to find happiness and true love in his life.
    A true and talented Artist, a kind and generous person with a heart of gold who is sharing with us fans (from all over the world) part of him.
    Thank you for existing and for making our lives more happy, thank you for sharing with us your undeniable and unique talent, thank you for your gentleness, for your kind smiles, thank you for making us smile on a blank and dark day, thank you for being so considerate toward your fans, you being a real human being with unique quality for really understanding his fans, somehow you have became the Only One to us.

    Mostly thank you for this wonderful and very touching “The Reason I Live” ballad, melting. Someone mentioned here this being “anthem of love you have for your fans” I wish we can return the favor but hopefully our good energies and good wishes will make your day brighter and put a smile on your face, You are loved, not only because of your handsomeness or the man you are but mostly for the person you show us to be, who is really beautiful inside and outside.

    Will always support you Hj and yes I am proud to be your fan (from afar but still … all the superlatives in the dictionary will not suffice to describe you, but still, you have became an integral part of my life…!):)

  15. By reading a few seconds ago, the translation of the Lyrics of ‘The Reason I Live’, I view the fervor of a love letter to a sweetheart. It is so touching and romantic. I just couldn’t believe that this is a Single that KHJ is offering today for his fans. I wonder if this is really a special message that our Only One sends this love song to us, or well, he prepares us to confirm rumors of a relationship that everyone talks about? I’d like so much to see him happy at least! He deserves all the happiness in the world because he spreads the joy all around him! I’m praying hard for him and wish him to get all what his great and loving heart deserves. God bless him!

  16. JAGIYA… Thank you for being born! God released an Angel from Heaven… and we are truly blessed. My eyes were stinging and I had a lump in my throat reading the lyrics to The Reason I Live… Your fans love you so deeply. This Nuna fan hopes you find that one person as described in the song. I know a celebrity’s life can be lonely and unfair. My sincere wish is that you find personal happiness. You deserve it so much for giving so much of yourself. Thank you for being born. Thank you for being Kim Hyun Joong without compromise. Thank you for literally saving me from the depths of despair. You are needed by your fans just as you need us. Have the most happiness you can grasp and we will be happy with you. I love you, My Angel, Kim Hyun Joong!

    • OMO! I forgot to say Happy Birthday!

      saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!
      saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!
      sarang ha neun — Hyun Joong-shi!
      saeng il chuk ha ham ni da!

      Gunbae! One Shot! 😀 Happy Birthday, Baby!

    • His birthday 6-6-1986 is actually a lucky number. Chinese people loves those number because it means his luck will grow forever. Happy Birthday KHJ.

  17. So very nicely written..wen ever i read ur article I think I m writing it…cant express my feelings wid words….n of course he is my stress reliver n wen i see his smile it makes me forget watevr m goin tru…on his bdae m watchin Playful Kiss again…just luv him in it…n miss him so much…really wishing he does many dramas wid 50 episd soon…; )Happy Bdae…Hyun Joongsi…fan from Sikkim…..India..

  18. So very nicely written..wen ever i read ur article I think I m writing it…cant express my feelings wid words….n of course he is my stress reliver n wen i see his smile it makes me forget watevr m goin tru…on his bdae m watchin Playful Kiss again…just luv him in it…n miss him so much…really wishing he does many dramas wid 50 episd soon…; )Happy Bdae…Hyun Joongsi…

  19. M unable to say more after reading dis article coz m feeling sooo special to be a fan of such a hearty man n my eyes are filling vd tears…just wanna say….shang il chukha hamnida…..vryyyy happy b’day to our true rockstar hyun joong….be in our heart always…..I just pray to god dat may he give me chance to see in reality the great man khj……have a rocking b’day………………………lastly so mny thnx to lz 4 dis wonderful article… deepali from india.

  20. Happy birthday to OUR ONLY ONE, kim hyun joong!!!!!
    I wiss you all the blessing that you deserve in your life.
    and THANK YOU for the happiness you giving us!

  21. ♥’THE REASON I LIVE’ ♥ The reason for loving You, my dear Kim Hyun Joong is a supernatural phenomenon. It comes from God. You are a human being very precious and endearing because you are true and have this magical power of an inner intense life. Your charisma is universal and your aura radiating. Who could not love you? All the world loves you for what you are, for your dazzling personality, to what you mean by beautiful, noble, pure, romantic and glowing youth! You are so close and so far away at the same time but what we share with You, it is the language of love, this emotion that comes from the heart for everything you’re doing of sublime and of great value. You are blessed. You are unique. You are our Idol. You are our friend. You are our wonderful great and unequalled artist with a splendid talent, a captivating look and a beautiful and angelic face. You are sincere, delicate, fluid and transparent. You are courageous and brave as a Knight and your glittering sword is your exceptional Art that reflects and extends to the far reaches of the world, finding an echo in every heart to hatch a Symphony of love, joy and happiness. You are embodying the Spirit of Love essence. Blessed be the day of your birth. Blessed be your vibrant Soul. Blessed be every day that you live to shine as a Global Hallyu Star and Magnetic Leader in the firmament of the highest human and artistic values. I am proud and so happy to be your fan. You deserve happiness of a meritorious life. Accept once again, the affection of your fan and friend taeborum Kim who will always be at your side, giving you her full support, holding strongly and tightly Your hands along your rising with fervor, wishing you the continuation of the marvelous ascendant success of all your achievements, wishing you to get everything your loving heart desires for a long happy and prosperous life. Thank you for this awesome and very touching gift of “The Reason I Live” which touches me to the bottom of the soul. This sweet ballade sang the anthem of love that you have for your fans and create a link more powerful with all who love you and believe in you. I can only send you, my Only One, in return a ‘Blow of kisses’.

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