Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOOKING BACK


By: LazerKim             When we talk about versatility in an artist, I only have one star in mind and that is Kim Hyun Joong, name it and he has it, specially in style. He can go about to the extremes from the free style of character in the local market place of doing gendong to the clear cut of elegance and glamour as we see from one of the CD jacket on his upcoming Japanese single TONIGHT.

I’m sure most of you have already viewed the teaser of both songs Tonight and Cappuccino, that I’m so happy to have read the latest music chart as of Saturday May 26th, TONIGHT ranks No.1 on pre-order! Isn’t this a great news? For those who have not made their pre-order of Tonight, now is the time to do so, come and get it, in full force let us support and bring him up to the top of Oricon the Kim Hyun Joong’s latest music TONIGHT!



I guess Hyun Joong’s fans had been quite busy following him these past days! To start the week after watching him at Barefoot Friends Episode 5, everyone were chatting about Hyun Joong the Gendong hero!! Then on May 24th he was on stage performing for UV Concert, followed by series of postings on his 3rd single’s second teaser Cappuccino!

The teaser was so tempting as the video clip showed Huun Joong partying that can make everyone dance with him as he sings! One photo of his had captured my eyes which was taken from the teaser towards the end of the clip, was Hyun Joong in black and white that really looks so classy, as it simply portrayed another classic side of Kim Hyun Joong.

And after which, he just appeared in red jersey on Sunday morning bouncing around the field playing soccer! What else can this guy cannot do? He sings, he dances, he acts, he’s so athletic rocking the soccer field, and he loves rolling up in everything he does at Barefoot Friends from carrying a ton of watermelon to the adventure of heights, and lobster hunting!! I guess I would just simply sit here in front of my screen and look forward to whatever he would surprise me with again for this week!!



Last week Hyun Joong performed at UV concert, and watching from the video footage, now I would say I miss seeing Hyun Joong on stage dancing with the Artmatics and wanting to see him dance again! On June 7th the album Breakdown will be celebrating its second year anniversary, yes it’s been two years that his fans went crazy over his total transformation and making this album Breakdown a global big hit! Hyun Joong continued to amaze me ever since that transformation that I felt it so hard to break away from his spell!!

After I have watched the video clip from the UV concert, I can’t help re-watching different Breakdown’s video footage in 2011 as if I’m seeing this guy for the first time again and falling over again! Hyun Joong had shared a lot of good memories with us, but among all of those projects of his and memories, I think it’s in his album Breakdown for me is the most unforgettable one aside from his character Jihoo from BOF, which was a 180 degrees transformation of Kim Hyun Joong that turned the universe upside down!

And from that time on, his chain of success continued so rapidly that his fans started growing in remarkable numbers everyday all over the world and that Hyun Joong couldn’t stop himself either from hopping around from one country to another! And if ever he takes a breather from his exposure, expect him to be in his cocoon cooking something for his fans again and would just surprise them with another set of music!

In just less than a week from now, the month of June will be approaching and he’ll be growing a year matured again, but it just felt like all of these memories just happened yesterday!! And that everything seem so fresh and exciting as if I just start meeting this guy for the first time again! I know you read me kiddo, let’s dance!!

Yes I got a lot of nostalgic thoughts in mind today as I was browsing for updates, that I couldn’t help but write about looking back on his past!



Last week Kim Hyun Joong was all over his fans update posts as the Gendong hero for carrying some 15 baskets of watermelon weighing a total of one ton at least 15 times coming back and forth at episode 5 in the variety show Barefoot Friends! And I agree with Hyun Joong’s fans, he always makes us proud of him in this show, that I would like to whisper to him, “kiddo we need you for this show or the ship might sink!” The show had been improving it’s local TV ratings as Barefoot Friends goes further, although TV ratings doesn’t matter to me for as long as I’m enjoying the show specially in watching Kim Hyun Joong in every episodes.

Gendong I think became a popular Indonesian word among Hyun Joong’s fans ever since the variety show Barefoot Friends started airing in South Korea. It’s at these scenes from Episode 4 and 5 as the cast carry loads of fruit baskets from the local market to earn money in portraying their mission. From episode five, my favorite part from this episode was the scene when Hyun Joong lost over Kang Hodong from rock, paper, scissors that I really find that part hilarious seeing Hyun Joong rolled down to the floor crying over his lost, that was really cute and funny!! Next was the scene Hyun Joong did another round of gendong all by himself!



As Hyun Joong was walking towards the market, he was saying, he did a lot of work, he ate the cheapest food at the restaurant and yet he has to take this job gendong again! As I was watching Hyun Joong saying this and seeing him doing gendong for 15 baskets of watermelon, I was all laughing, but as I replayed that scene my mind just rolled to flashback!

In one of Hyun Joong’s history, I have written that incident that Hyun Joong was working in a restaurant for a part time job while he was still a trainee, and in an incident on one busy eve of Christmas at the restaurant where he was working, he was bringing down the restaurant garbage using the stairs, and the garbage spilled out all over to the stairs! Hyun Joong spent his Christmas eve picking up the trash by his bare hands and end up asking himself “why do I have to live this way?”

Of course picking up trash is even “grows” for real than doing gendong, but the same thoughts came to my mind, if Hyun Joong was just an ordinary person for real at present, he still wouldn’t mind doing the hard work. As we watched him carrying one ton of watermelon seem so hard for us, but in reality it was just a piece of cake for Hyun Joong doing gendong, because he had more than a ton of watermelon in his past challenges in life for real.

At the part Hyun Joong was counting his earnings from gendong he was saying something like “I’m gonna take these receipts home.”  Too much of a hard work with little that he can earn, but in reality Hyun Joong may have little earnings from hard work at the restaurant where he was doing part time job, but was able to save a million won to be able to take his elder brother to college.

The first thing that popped out from my mind was also an incident in his past from his documentary, as his mom was relating that she and her husband would pretend to be sleeping but actually waiting for Hyun Joong to get home late at nights from his part time job. I can imagine that same scene from Barefoot Friends from his past, receiving his pay check and bring it home to help his parents in earning extra income and for him to be able to support himself while he was still a trainee from DSP, his previous agent.



As the sayings stated “Charity begins at home”, and Hyun Joong truly fulfilled that statement even in his present days. He was never a selfish person, that in so many incidents, we have seen those facts too from Barefoot Friends. He ate the cheapest food at the restaurant so that he can be able to share a bigger chunk of contribution to his friends, and that’s how I have seen  Hyun Joong in reality as well. He would content himself with just enough for him and making sure he has more than enough to share with others.

For those fans who knows him quite well, do know what I’m talking about. Actually I was so filled with Hyun Joong’s past as I’m writing this article. During his SS501 days, the group had an interview in one of their TV appearances and there’s one question asked to the group, that if they won in the lottery what would they do with the money they won? The rest of the members talks about mostly tangible items or their dreams of wanting to have. But  Hyun Joong had different idea as he reponded, first to give some percentage to charity, next is giving a part to his parents, and third to give free concert tickets to students who cannot afford to buy tickets to watch their show.

Actually Hyun Joong was able to fulfill these thoughts, but not through a lottery but from his own work earnings. There were so many incidents that we knew about Hyun Joong’s active participation in donating to charity, then we all know that he gave an outlet of Jaksal to his mom, lastly, the first showcase that Hyun Joong performed as solo in June 7th in 2011 and that show was almost for free given to his fans. He haven’t forgotten that wish for charity concert way back in his SS501 days, because in an interview with Lee Sora in 2011 he again mentioned, that on his last performing day he would give a free concert to his fans, but he will place a can for the fans to put in any amount to be given to charity.



In this episode five at Barefoot Friends particularly the gendong part of Hyun Joong reflected on Hyun Joong’s real self and for me it highlighted his love for challenge of life for survival which he had mastered over the years in his past before he stepped on his stardom where he is at present. For Hyun Joong poverty should not be a hindrance in pursuing his dreams. A high degree of perseverance, acceptance of failure and triumph, focus on taking steps in pursuing a dream are just a few of how Hyun Joong was able to survive his journey.

Hyun Joong now harvest the fruits of what he had worked hard for, but he never fails to take a glimpse of his past where he came from and can always challenge himself with hard labor. This is not because cameras were all focus on him in facing that challenge on gendong, but in reality, in facing the future he’s much stronger and had learned from the hardships of life he had been through in his past.

Good leaders are good followers. Among the casts in Barefoot Friends I have noticed it’s  Hyun Joong who doesn’t complain whatever the tasks he takes, or he may complain to himself which is just human by nature, yet he was doing the task at his best capability. All his life he was never been a quitter, and so much more challenges he faces the stronger he stays committed to his dreams until he was able to fulfill those dreams. All these years Hyun Joong remained the humble leader as ever among his peers in showbiz who may  looked up to him as a role model.



Still in Barefoot Friends, I think that’s just about it from episode 6 as filming this show from Indonesia had ended. Hyun Joong had a minor cut in his finger while catching lobster but did not mind it at all and continued on with the task. I truly enjoyed watching Hyun Joong in some tourist destination of Indonesia that I wish to see more tourist spots from the country  and at the same time I sincerely appreciate the normal way people live and how warm they are to Hyun Joong and the rest of the casts. For me this show is entertaining at the same time I find it educational.

I shall be looking forward to the next episode which filming was done in Korea and hopefully next week as I have read that Hyun Joong’s place shall be featured, although I’m just not sure how true this is, if it’s gonna be next week or the coming weeks. Nevertheless, as always Barefoot Friends shall be my interest while Hyun Joong is among the casts of this show. And with that may I personally thank Hyun Joong’s Indonesian fans for taking care of him and for updating us during the filming and after the episodes had been aired in Korea, your effort is very much appreciated. Thank you.

I have written a lot of articles all about Kim Hyun Joong, but the most interesting topics that I have always been inspired to write is about looking back from where he was and what he had been through in reaching for his dreams. His life story had touched my heart and had inspired me to become a better person in making a wish into reality that I would always be grateful to this guy,  Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing


Photo credits as tagged, Ms. D thanks!



19 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOOKING BACK

  1. You are right , Kim Hyun Joong is really versatile. he is 1 of a kind especially going back to history. he,s been through a lot and deserves what he’s achieving now. Now, his name is all over Ghana through BOF. YO BRO, keep up the good work. love u…………

  2. Hello ms. LK wow so many things to catch up and updates about our HJ. I was totally left behind. Just came back from our dear mother land for a 30 days vacation. I havent have the chance to visit your blog in those days. Had enjoyed spending quality time with my family and friends. Now im back to work (kuwait). I still need to watch the episodes i missed from BF to update myself hahaha. And other activities happened to HJ . Miss him too much. Miss you too ms. LK . See you around .

  3. Year by year I followed him…felt that I learn alot of good thing from this young man. As a true fan we knows hard life he had been throught.He just amazed us in all different side in his life…and he can lead us to think positif n not easy to give up.Wish that he always like who he is.yup! you are right…we wish he will build a happy family…coz he deserve it.Hyun joong,OUR LOVE UNSTOPABLE!!! Rigt sis? Nice to see you sis…god bless.

  4. LazerKim and others. A Newbie here, and thank you for the blogs and the comments. I too, notice Kim Hyun Joong from BOF and picked up this aura around him, and started researching and listening to his music. The more I read about him the more I wanted to know. I wanted to know how this young man became so humble at a young age. He thinks and cares more for others than himself.
    Now as speaking from a mother’s perspective , who has gone through some of those hardships , with my son, that he has gone through I can tell him and his parents they did the right things. They kept silent, and yes it is hard to do so when you hear words being spoken or written that is not true. Words have power, but you can not allow them to take your power, you must press on. My son made it out of his 20s, 30s, and now in his 40s, because of his hard work, commitment, and the belief in himself. He has build his own business and have a beautiful family. I pray that has you enter your 40s, you to will be happy and have those five children, you said you wanted, my son has four. But, he almost loss his life in his 20s because of words. You may not mean any harm but the person who is listening may because of jealousy. It is a good thing to look back and see how far you have come, and to realize that the journey is far from over but once you have hit those ruff patches in life and you come through still standing the journey is much sweeter. Because, they realize that they can not knock you down. To KHJ and his family, keep the Faith and be yourself. Do not try to be anyone else, because it does not fit. That person did not come through those trails, you did. God bless you all, and again LK thanks for your blogs because I have gone back and read the old ones.

  5. Hi LK… so happy to see an article from you this morning! I got misty eyed again with a lump in my throat reading about Hyun Joong and his past hardships. He has been so inspiring to me as I have shared in the past. I wanted to share a story from this Memorial Day weekend as I shared Hyun Joong with a person I had just met at an outside Arts Festival I was attending.

    As you may know, I am a jewelry maker, and I love to attend Art Shows and browse the various jewelry booths to see what other artists are doing. I found one booth where the art work was just so beautiful it reached out and grabbed a hold of my heart. I was talking with the artist, and she was sharing with me how she infuses spiritual power with intent in each piece she hand crafts. She uses natural elements to design her jewelry and has been told by many customers that her pieces have brought them healing and spiritual enlightenment.

    I was so moved by her story, I had to share my story about Kim Hyun Joong. I had really never realized just what it was about Hyun Joong that attracted me so strongly when I first met him on screen in BOF. I had talked about how the first time I really took notice of him was when he and the F4 boys were walking in to the school for the first time. Hyun Joong was the last to enter the glass doors and as he was coming in, a flare of sun flashed behind him and illuminated him like a halo. His energy was so beautiful and strong, I felt I was seeing an Angel in the flesh. Of course, he was the best looking man I have ever seen… but, it was not his looks that left me breathless. I now know it was his ENERGY. He had an aura… both spiritually and literally as the sun surrounded him in white light.

    After seeing him in BOF, I could not stop wondering about him… so, I started my research and learned about his amazing character and how he had overcome so many obstacles to achieve his goals. Finding Kim Hyun Joong literally saved my life. I was struggling with very painful and debilitating health problems, and I was near rock bottom and wanting to end it. Hyun Joong gave me something positive to focus my mind. His positive energy gave me something tangible to focus my heart. I am a different person because I became a fan of Kim Hyun Joong.

    As I shared my story with this perfect stranger, I could see the awe and amazement in her eyes and expressed on her face. She was really impressed that an entertainer could have this effect. I am awed again and again by Kim Hyun Joong. He is truly set apart from any other entertainer I have ever experienced. He is far more than an idol and entertainer… he is my inspiration to live my life with intent and purpose. He is my inspiration to fight for the quality of life I want to have despite the obstacles I have been given. He gives me the hope and strength to overcome, just as he has overcome. He has become my salvation. I don’t mean this in a way that I worship him as a god or anything. I’m just saying that he saved me by changing my heart. I will never be able to forget that. I will never be able to forget him.

    Thanks for going back over some of his best moments. I was moved once again. You are the best at expressing the thoughts and feelings of his fans. Hope you are well and blessings are falling down on you in great abundance. Love you sis!

    • Hello Angie! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I hope you’re doing ok. I’m sorry I responded rather late, Please do take care, have a pleasant week and see you again! God bless…

  6. Dear Lazerkim,
    Thank you, just starting the week in a nice way, I just love it… yes we can all smile now, also that the TONIGHT ranks No.1 on pre-order that is good news, the teasers both till now are awesome, (the first somehow reminded my of your story in some ways) I liked so much the Cappuccino…Hj is not dull and not repeating himself, always keeping us in our toes what is going to be next, this is admirable and he keeps raising the stakes by himself ….well, the sky is the limit for Hj!
    The flash back – the qendong thing, which by the way was amazing that he done it, I admired and loved the most when Hj realized he moved a ton, that is putting all in a different perspective, his parting words were just right. Chapeu, just proves what we all know and love about him, he is not shy from hard work (hard labour or otherwise) and taking new challenges what ever it may be thrown in his path, he will just go ahead. Yes that is a Leader, as the Japanese fans call him.

    Hey LK, reminiscences… nostalgic…. this is not that far back ok, learn from the past, enjoy the good and beautiful moments and really, but really look to the Future! 🙂

    By the way loved the pics…yeah, for sure black is good, beautiful actually…by the by saw some new pics on TT, some movie premiere, Hj was just, simple, pure class, loved the blue suede shoes…never cease to amaze this ability of his to show a different person from one day to other…like a Chameleon….!!
    Please come back next week…..LK…God Bless for a nice week…:)

    • LOL!! I got carried away by the classic black and white photo and the first word that popped in my mind was nostalgia!! Sorry bout that!! I really think Tonight will hit the top of Oricon as Hj always does every time he has a new CD. I like Cappuccino too but there’s one Tonight that I really like.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Noya I totally agree with you, *sigh* can’t ask anything more from the star we’re following. For me HJ possess everything that I ever wanted from an artist whom I truly be proud of all the time. We made the right choice and that’s all that matters.
      Forgive me for coming back late, this is the only chance I had to check on my blog!! Take care, have a great week and see you again, yes i cross my fingers no rest day this weekend TTT! God bless..

  7. Hi Lazer,
    Love reading your article every week. It is a great feeling to have something to look forward to every monday..
    Agreed with everybody who posted the comments regarding his new release. I LOVE cappucino sooooo much..the song…I mean..and the drink too..he..he
    Got addicted to the teaser..Lol. He is gonna
    top the charts again..that is for sure. The song is the best so far n I am loving every beat of it. Superb..awesome. As far as Barefoot friend…I read somewhere people were saying as if the show is created for him and I can understand where that is from. I think if he missses
    one episode in the future, the rest of the team will be missing him alright, for he is like the backbone to the team. His charms, his energy, his wittiness and all about him has affectex everyone of the group members.

    • Thanks lk for this week. Didnt have the chance to say tq as i hit the button accidentally..have a nice day lk n all the wonderful readers.

    • Hello kyong! I’m quite hesitant to comment about the entire show on how it was filmed, how it was edited and if the show followed its premise. As a whole i find the concept educational as I mentioned in this article. Well everyone knows i’m quite bias to HJ, if you’ll ask my opinion I would say if Hj is not in this show I don’t know if it’s still gonna be interesting for me.
      Just my opinion but half way of episode 6 towards the end, i find that a bit dragging from the airport scene and to SBS Korea, actually there are some parts in every episode which i find dragging (particularly those scenes w/o HJ) so I really think something’s wrong with its editing. I share the same opinion with others about editing. But my spirit lift up whenever HJ is on the scene, if not then …..!!
      I’m glad there’s another female in the cast whom I believe has a stronger pull than the other, I’m sorry about that! The other guy is also cute and handsome but still, there’s something missing somewhere! i think this guy and HJ has a better appeal in one scene, but then they were always on separate group! Although i understand why it has to be that way in setting up the casts.
      Oh well what can we do, it’s only Hyun Joong whom I wanted to see in this show! maybe, just maybe if this show might have similar concept as WGM which was focused in only two characters and others were just guests, it should have been better i think! And we all know Hyun Joong did really good in that TV reality show in high ratings.
      Nevertheless I’m still enjoying BF simply because HJ is in that show which i truly enjoy his scenes and nothing more! This is just my opinion. Thank you Kyong for sharing your thoughts. Forgive me if I might have stepped on other’s foot, this is nothing personal since I barely know the other casts.
      Take care dear, and have a nice day! God bless..

  8. I am always inspired by KHJ and how hard he works towards his goals in life. He never stops pushing himself to be the best he can be, and sets a good example for others to follow. Thanks for your post.

    • Hello AB thanks for dropping by, I agree with you i think Hj’s spell that he poured to all of us is equally divided among us that we all have been inspired by him all the time. *sigh* It’s so amazing! Thank you, please do take care and have a pleasant week ahead of you and see you again! God bless..

  9. Hi, LazerKim 🙂 When I saw your new article I wanted to read it before getting ready (it’s morning here). And it was great to start my day with it! Thank you very much for this awesome article! It was an amazing trip through KHJ’s past. I totally agree with everything!

    By the way, Elizan, I had replied to your last comment in one of the previous articles. Did you see my answer?

    • Hello Stav! Thank you so much! I’m really trying to make it a point to start my week having Hj in mind through writing, then I can have a pleasant week smiling even on stressful days at work! And believe me it works LOL!!
      Take care and have a wonderful week ahead of you and see you again, let’s say every Monday! God bless…

  10. HI LK, Nice of u to come out again…I thought you went back to ur cocoon again!!!
    And yes thank you for summarizing HJ as he is…u have a way with words that i cannot help notice that u can say the same thing many times but never boring and repitative..!!!
    And his Cappucino teaser….OH MY!! I couldn’t stop myself clicking the replay button again and again…that song is still humming on my mind…this is probably his best music so far…each time he comes out…he raises his bar so high….this guy is TOTALLY AWESOME!!

    • Hello kyroo! Don’t worry girl I’ll be here every Monday of the week, it feels great to start the week writing about HJ!! If I get back to my cocoon that only means I couldn’t breath from work!! LOL
      Yeah i agree with you i love these two songs Cappuccino, Tonight and i just love the MV too

      • Oopps sorry about that WP is playing again!! Take care have a great week ahead of you and see you again, thank you so much for dropping by. God bless..

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