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By: LazerKim            I would like to share an update pertaining Hyun Joong’s fan meet in South Korea which shall be held on June 8, here’s that update:

Kim Hyun Joong to Party with Fans in Korea              

After traveling all around Asia, Kim Hyun Joong will finally be returning to the motherland to greet fans in Korea.
On June 8, Kim Hyun Joong will be holding the 2013 KHJ Show – Party People concert and fanmeeting at the Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium. This will be his first fanmeeting with fans in Korea in a year and a half.

KeyEast stated, “Kim Hyun Joong always thought it was unfortunate that he couldn’t meet with Korean fans a lot due to promotions abroad. This will be his way of repaying fans who have always supported and loved Kim Hyun Joong.”

Kim Hyun Joong also added, “Please anticipate a lot, since we’re planning a lot of things to create unforgettable memories with Korean fans, who I will meeting for the first in a while.”

The tickets will be sold on May 16 at 8PM (KST) on Interpark.

Photo Credit: KeyEast

News Source: CJ E&M enewsworld  by: Grace Danbi Hong
Link: (



Kim Hyun Joong shall be celebrating his 27th birthday next month June 6th, his fans have always been very thoughtful to him, since I have noticed that every time he is on his exposure particularly whenever he gets in or out of his country, his fans always hand in letters or presents for him. On his up coming birthday, many of us may be thinking what gift can we give him on his birthday. Hyun Joong is a celebrity, and in terms of tangible materials I’m sure he can afford to buy those item for himself.

May I say one greatest gift that a fan can give to his idol is our support in him. Hyun Joong shall soon be releasing his upcoming Japanese single TONIGHT and I think this is the right time to show our united support being his fans. In every purchase of his CD our purchase is being counted at the Oricon Music Chart. What more is the best gift that we can give him is something that he cannot buy for himself, which is placing him to the top of the chart.

We have less than a month to prepare in purchasing the album as our way of supporting Hyun Joong and his music. Let’s bring him up to the Oricon Music Chart once again. If we were able to make it in his previous albums, then we can do it again, for as long as we join hands in pushing him up to his ladder.



I haven’t got the chance to thank all of you my readers, since last week my article was focus on Hyun Joong’s upcoming single. First, I would like to thank all of you for not forgetting this blog of Kim Hyun Joong and I was so overwhelm with joy as I posted my previous article SAYING HELLO that many of you positively responded with so much love and caring. Thank you very much. And then many of my regular readers do visit this blog even I wasn’t around and some had guarded it that I truly appreciate it very much. I’m so happy and it’s really nice to be back home, seeing all of you guys whom I truly missed.

I had a minor accident a few days ago from my work place or from one of our venues, so that gives me a few days to take a rest from my work. I would say, thanks for the accident I’ll be able to write and focus here for a while!! LOL not that I’m trying to escape from work but I just miss writing so much!!  I’m perfectly fine though, I’m just too accident prone ever since! Just like many of us does, we search for the healer Kim Hyun Joong, that’s why I’m here, a home to run to in times of pain and joy. This time it’s physical pain! LOL! But if this accident happened during Hyun Joong’s concert, I wouldn’t care about the pain and surely be there in front of him LOL! He’s my pain reliever anyway!



While I was away, I think Hyun Joong gained another set of new fans that many had emailed me which I apologize for the delayed reply. If you have ever read my first few articles I have written the history of this blog site, how it started and what pushed me to create this blog site.

For the new fans or my new readers I would like to share these objectives with you, but before that, may I thank you, the new fans and new readers for reading my articles and to all who have patiently waited. I checked on my wordpress record and many are doing their marathon reading even I wasn’t around. Allow me to welcome the new comers, please feel free to leave message or comment and surely I will acknowledge or my regular readers will as they normally did during my absence, thank you.

I set some objectives before I started this blog after my research about Kim Hyun Joong. What made me create this is that I got no one to share my thoughts about Hyun Joong. And since I was a first timer fan in 2011, I got no place to go where I can pour out my thoughts of him.

There were a lot of critics lingering around when I was very new being a fan and it feels I got no space to defend him. This really pushed me to write instead, in defense for Hyun Joong. But as I wrote my first few articles, for some reasons I just felt I was being filled with love instead of hatred to his critics. Maybe because it’s Hyun Joong whom I write about that I just felt being loved even I don’t see him. In my research and reading about him made me fall for him even deeper than my first impression of him.



1.) To have a home in Hyun Joong fans filled with love and sincerity – Many of you might have experienced just the same as what I had as a first timer fan, that you got nowhere to run to and pour out your thoughts about Hyun Joong. And there was even a time I asked myself  “am I normal? Is this how it is to be as Hyun Joong fan? I can’t get him off my mind!!” Before I knew it, I was already addicted to him! I search on his other fans just to find out if I’m alone in my thoughts and feelings!! I’m so glad I’m not alone.

This was why I created this blog site as an open blog that anyone can leave anything, feelings or thoughts in my comment box. Anyone is welcome in this blog. Even the insects I welcome them too since I know they’re becoming my regular readers too! But may I warn those insects to refrain from messing up with Hyun Joong or we’ll fleet you out!!

There are times as we browse the internet and come to read some not so good read about Hyun Joong coming from his critics that it hurts us, we look for a space to burst out our disappointment over what we read from them. And so I welcome all fans who has that feelings and experience. Other than this a lot of times we feel like falling for him again and we got no one to share with, so I’m giving this space for you to pour it out. It doesn’t matter what language you use for as long as it’s not publicly improper.

2.) To bring Kim Hyun Joong closer to his fans – Last year I was active in writing that I made this article writing on daily basis, I was addicted to writing all about Hyun Joong that it became a daily dosage to my regular readers and to me as well being a fan writer. By staying closer to him brings us daily joy that Hyun Joong became our stress reliever. If I would be asked as to what is the best thing about being a Kim Hyun Joong fan? I would just say this, “he’s my healer.” The best thing that ever happened to me is knowing this guy that I was filled with so much inspiration in anything I do. Hyun Joong has been a part of my work, he’s been my daily companion as seeking updates about him gives joy whenever I’m out from work on my leisure times. I have learned so much and I’m sure you will learn a lot from him too irregardless of age or experience.

Under such unavoidable circumstances I have to cut it down because of my work. but I was just so glad that I have written what I ought to, enough to know who Kim Hyun Joong is, before I came back to work. This blog has been creating a good interaction among my readers and from there we do learn from each other, that somehow keeps Hyun Joong closer to us that he can read from us too. As the new comers go on with their marathon reading all about Kim Hyun Joong, I’m sure they too will experience a certain closeness to him just like all of us had experienced.


3.) To protect Kim Hyun Joong at all cost – There is no way for Hyun Joong to protect himself from his critics. He’s the type of artist who would just remain silent even mud had already been thrown to him. He’s a public figure so I can’t blame him, other than the fact that the guy is well-mannered at any given circumstances, he’s not the type who would go after his critics.

Who would ever get hurt from his critics other than Hyun Joong, of course we, his fans. So defending him is just like defending ourselves because we are his mirror. What we are reflects on him, whether we like it or not. Tell me who your idol is and I’ll tell you who you are. I may be sensitive over his critics and I think it’s my right to be and defend. So be it his anti fans, his critics or even his own fans who might have lost their way, I would defend him at all cost in the most civil way regardless of who they are.

4.) To win new fans for Kim Hyun Joong – Any star or any celebrity with no exception has the prime aim of winning more fans. One way of helping Hyun Joong in this area is to help Hyun Joong in expanding his network of fans by simply being accommodating to the new comers. Generally speaking, majority of Hyun Joong’s fans are matured, friendly and very accommodating. So for the new fans feel free to approach them and they will help in the best way they can, in search of Kim Hyun Joong. You may find many of his fans at the tweeter or Facebook who are active in sharing updates, photos, videos all about him.

Be it from this blog or other blog sites, Hyun Joong has many fan bloggers focused on sharing that you may read from those sites too in getting to know him better. Whatever help you may need in seeking for Hyun Joong, feel free to open it up, my comment box is open any time and I will respond to you or you may email me at If in case I won’t be around I’m sure my regular readers shall come to your rescue. I realized that losing one single new fan is not our lost but it’s Hyun Joong’s lost. I wouldn’t want this to happen, I would want him to gain more, having a big family in Hyun Joong is merrier!

These are my prime objectives as a fan writer for Kim Hyun Joong. For the last one year I think I have accomplished these objectives with the help of my regular readers and those fans at the tweeter who are endlessly sharing updates about Hyun Joong, and with that I’m ever thankful to you all. I would like to maintain these objectives as it is, taking it by heart. Fans do come and go, but I would like this blog to stay to be a home for us that we can come back to any time to refresh our memories how we were able to share Hyun Joong’s moments with his fans as he continue his journey to stardom with all of us.

hyunbar (1)_thumb[2]


I have been a fan blogger of Kim Hyun Joong for a year and half, for the new fans may I clear it up that I don’t belong to any fan club, I’m just an ordinary fan like anyone else who writes about Kim Hyun Joong. Since it was the first time for me to be a fan of a one specific artist, I really didn’t know how it is to be a fan! In fact I was even doubtful at first if I was already a fan of Hyun Joong!! I just realized I was already following what his other fans were doing on line! I remember the unforgettable voting poles at Mnet in 2011 as Hyun Joong won the Best male Artist for the year 2011.

My support to Hyun Joong started from that voting poles, I was just silently observing the movements of his fans and felt the unity among them. And I enjoyed it by just reading tweets from them at the tweeter and when Hyun Joong won in at that polls and was awarded, I felt as if I also won the award! It was fun feeling the challenge and won! Until such time last year my deeds escalates to monitoring the voting polls and shared the voting records to my regular readers, and encourage them to vote for Kim Hyun Joong.

My support was followed by purchasing his albums for the first time that I wasn’t aware my purchase was counted at the music chart! And finally, creating this blog that at first I just want to have a space to write on my thoughts about Kim Hyun Joong without realizing this is another way of supporting him, because little by little I was gaining readers and gaining new fans for Hyun Joong until such time they became my regular readers.

These are my way of supporting Hyun Joong, in short I was never obliged to do these things, it was all on my own intention of helping him as his fan. Fans are not oblige to support everything we do for Hyun Joong, these are within our own individual decision or choice. There are many ways of supporting him, in fact with just merely watching his TV shows, dramas is already a support.

Attending to his concert is another one, other fans may not have the chance to do this specially those from the other side of the world but by merely watching his video footage at YouTube is already a support. There will come a time that Hyun Joong will come and visit his fans to that other side of the world. Now we keep our fingers cross that he would be able to achieve his intention of world tour and that his fans may be able to take a glimpse of him or even watch his concerts.

Sharing Hyun Joong with others is by all means a part of supporting him, that by this way it helps in keeping Hyun Joong closer to his other fans specially those who are outside Asia. It’s a fan dedication to Hyun Joong and their way of supporting him which we at the receiving end appreciate their tireless effort in bringing Hyun Joong closer to us. As the saying goes, sharing is loving. Being a sincere fan what we have is an unconditional love for Hyun Joong that we do share with his millions of fans all over the world. Now this can bring us a good unity in supporting him.

Be it the tiniest way of supporting Hyun Joong is well appreciated by him, it’s the thought that counts. Whatever makes us happy in supporting him stay with it because it brings a lot more happiness to him be it big or small in effort. What Hyun Joong cares about the most is what his fans makes them happy, and nothing else matter.



Whenever Hyun Joong performs on stage he may recognize some fans who have been following him during his Japan Tour Concert Series this year or his Asia Fan Meet last year, but he doesn’t know any of his fans personally. Whoever is in front of him or attendees during those concerts or any performance he embraces them all with no exceptions. He doesn’t choose whoever wants to watch his shows or whoever supports him. For him he sees his fans equally the same regardless of nationality, color, culture, age, religion or whatever have you.

For Hyun Joong the important thing is that we are with him at his side supporting him with all sincerity in any way we can be it the tiniest way of support or big once it doesn’t matter, just as we stay with him, whether we may just be in his home country, within Asia or at the other side of the world. Just the same this blog is open to everyone regardless of anything. I see all my readers to be the same regardless of nationality, well of course insects are different species of course!!

It was quite recently I realize that among my readers there are some who interact through my comment box who were having political disputes in the real world, but it is in this blog that they shared their love with Kim Hyun Joong! All of us may have differences but for once we all have our common ground which having the same admiration and addiction for one single star. Kim Hyun Joong indeed has the power to bring people together to share and love through him that can bring peace.

I believe in UNITY, I believe it is in unity among fans setting aside differences that we can bring Hyun Joong to the heights of his success and a stronger foundation to stay strong in him. I do believe Hyun Joong has the power to unite people for peace. There are some countries which may be currently at war or having disputes in the real world. But for once leave the real world and just enjoy even just a little while with Hyun Joong. And I think we can feel better facing another day in our lives.



I would like to re-affirm what I have written in the past as I wrote the article UNITY IN ONE as my parting shots for this article.

“I was trying to visualized like, in a room Hyun Joong being there, and his international fans, God knows how many different nationals there are, granting none of them can speak English same as Hyun Joong. They may not understand each other but they all have the same purpose to be in that room.”

“No one would speak because no one can understand language, as Hyun Joong stand in front of his international fans as he sings that can not be understood, but the fans sings with him, as he dance they followed him, the fans smiled at each other and cheering for Hyun Joong in different languages. As soon as Hyun Joong stops to sing, what everyone can hear is his breathing, as the fans breath with him. There’s only one thing common in that room including Hyun Joong, and that is LOVE.”

TONIGHT we have a date with Kim Hyun Joong, don’t miss his album!!

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing


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  1. hello. i m frm india and I am a gr8 fan of khj oppa. I just love him. I just hope he comes to India . he has so many fans here. oppa plz come waiting desperately 4 u.

  2. Oppa khj is an amazing person…love to b his crazy fan..n i love reading n knowing more abt Oppa thanks a lot 2 u…

  3. Missing your articles on Kim. Hope you are well. Watched his new song, unbreakable, and it is awesome. Hope it does well. I am in the states, and I will be purchasing. Stay well and hope to hear from you soon

  4. I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to visit here or much of anywhere for that matter. Sorry to hear you had an accident and hope you get better quickly. Thanks for loving Kim Hyun Joong as much as the rest of us and for expressing it so nicely in your articles. Stay healthy and God Bless.

    • Hello Allie! I just happen to be passing by too!! LOL I’ve been away for long and too busy as well! But I’m really glad to hear from you, I miss you girl! Thanks for your concern, I’m doing ok now as if nothing happened, and back to my toes again!
      Likewise thank you for loving Hyun Joong too, he’s just so deserving of all the love we have for him.
      Oh thanks and welcome back home to the Alien family!! Take care, have a nice weekend and God bless.. see you again dear!

  5. Feel like been a year I never greet u sist… But in fact everyday I visit your blog. Be careful ! Relief that you are fine.this article so touching. Eventhougt he stop singing….we still can feel his breath,forever.Sist I r.ead that our wacky prince donate again…his angel heart never ever stop right?god bless sist,waiting for your next dose

    • LOL hello sis! Yeah it feels like it’s been a long time, but I’m so very glad that even we’re all busy at work to the real world, we still can somehow find time to breath with Hyun Joong through this blog.
      Thanks for you concern, I’ll be careful always, likewise please do take care of yourself too, take it easy and I’ll see you again! God bless..

  6. Helooo! Lk i wish dat accident didn’t effect u adversly. I m ur new reader n rlly luved ur articles .i m also going to place pre order for khj new single. Do write an article so as to tell khj to visit india once coz indian fans rlly wants to meet him as he had toured whole asia bt not india. I m rlly disapointed on this. Xcuse me for my eng as i m not good in it. I m eagerly waiting for your artticles on june6 on prince bday. Lastly want to say just cant get of my mind for khj:……love n respect for khj always……soon reply lk!

    • Hello Deepali!! Oh don’t be disappointed instead pray that he’ll be able to visit your country it only takes a sponsoring agent from India to invite Hyun Joong to your country. Don’t lose hope India is just around Asia so I think he’ll have his chance to visit you there.
      It’s ok you write good eng. Thank you so much for dropping by and welcome to the Alien world of Kim Hyun Joong! Take care, have a nice day and see you again!! God bless..

  7. Hi LK.. I loved what u wrote, especially the parting words, ” As soon as Hyun Joong stops to sing, what everyone can hear is his breathing, as the fans breath with him. There’s only one thing common in that room including Hyun Joong, and that is LOVE.”

    Loving him in BFF nowadays..hope u watch it soon before all the details get out..!!
    And I love his new teaser pics for Tonight too. honestly, the first time i saw the first pic you posted on this article, the one with suit and tie and his new hairstyle, the first thing that hit me was Elvin Presley!!LOL!! What happened to my Rocker Guy, though the Elvin Presley style hair was daebak !! but the other pics on motorbike soothed me that ok..he’s still ROCKing!!!lol!

    TAke care of urself LK!!!

    • Thank you Kyong! How have you been doing? I had the chance to watch BF ep 4 and few parts from ep 1-3 but still waiting for chance to watch these episodes in full. LOL I like picture too and yes it remind me of Elvis Presley!! Hyun Joong can easily make wonders to his image and that makes him amazingly unique!!
      Thank you for dropping by take care and have a pleasant day. See you again!! God bless..

  8. Hi kim, I came by your blog through soompi. One of the posters newyorkcitygirl posts your post within khj thread and I was curious about where they were coming from. I became a fan of KHJ & SS501 in 2010, that’s when I got into k-pop & dramas. I love his personality and I find his thoughts fascinating. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s hot & hilarious but I would love to pick his brain. I would like to say I enjoy reading your posts. I’m sorry to hear about your health and I hope you recover well.

    I totally agree with the 1st poster. I don’t understand why KHJ gets the amount of hate he does. it seems instead of trying to get to know more about him, they only focus on his looks or his acting. You don’t know how many post I’ve read about how he looks plastic, his looks are overrated or his acting sucks. If you go into a thread about him I guarantee you, there will be one post mentioning his nose or plastic surgery it never fails. There are many times where I wanted to snap and I actually did but I had to pull myself back.

    First off let me say I’m a realist and a adult. As far as this fandom beef, people seriously need reality checks. The way I see some fans post about him and other idols is as though they feel like he belongs to them. It’s kinda like the boy is mine in a way. He belongs to himself, he just shares his thoughts and talent with us. We don’t own him. I wonder if most of these folks starting these beefs are teenage girls cause if these are noonas they really need to check their priorities.

    I’m really looking forward to this album and I can’t wait to hear what it sounds like. I didn’t really like Heat but your story was my song.

    well I can’t wait to read your next post and talk with you.

    • Hi there again! There’s a saying a tree that bears good fruits is likely to be stoned down, however, no one can bring a good man down. Hyun Joong is getting to the peak of his popularity, so as expected many fans or probably even other artists are quite jealous of his success. But there’s only one place that Hyun Joong belongs and that is to the top.
      No one owns anybody, and that also follows that no one owns Hyun Joong but himself. In fact even Hyun Joong gets married, his wife may own him legally but still Hyun Joong has a mind of his own and decides for himself.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, take care, have a nice weekend and see you again on Mon. for my next article. God bless…

  9. I am one of those new fans you spoke of in your article. I watch him in BOK and PK, and from there I became a fan of KHJ, and one of the things I could not understand is this dislike for him, that is on the border line of hate. I came across you blog and enjoyed reading it and finding out the news on this young man. Yes, several things drew me to him but the main one is his compassion to love un- conditionally, this is rare in a person his age. I am from the other part of the world and can only speak English; but love the voice and music because you can feel it from the heart. In America I see this often, jealousy, and it has ruined many a friendships. There is hoping that this will not be the case.
    Thank you for your posting because this has helped me to understanding the man more and his fans. Take care and God bless.
    Has Michael Jackson said, “lets make this place a better world”.

    • Hello Marion! Thank you for reading my articles and I’m happy to know that by reading it somehow helped you understand Hyun Joong and his fans better.
      Yeah I agree on this….”let’s make this place a better world.” Then everything that surrounds us seems beautiful because there is love.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Take care, have a nice day and see you again!! God bless…

  10. Hello again! Thank you both LazerKim and Stav for replying! I now realise even more how shy i am posting my thoughts lol…It must be the power of our dear Hyung Joong that made me find the courage and comment !! I wonder if i could use his influence to be more brave in other lacking areas of my life hmmm…
    Anyway, i just wish i had a way to make more people know about this amazing human being like working in the media world. I would totally brainwash people about him lol !!! I hope KEYEAST takes very good care of him and his projects and provide him with really influential songs, dramas and breathtaking live concerts . Also commercials, i heard that a brand didn’t renew his contract :((…That is why i admire you so much LazerKim for finding such a meaningful way to spread the love for Hyung Joong through the entire globe literally !!!. He is so lucky to have chosen him among all the plethora of artists as your only one ! You hear that mister? LOL !
    Bye everyone, i enjoy so much all the love in this blog ! Keep it up !
    Omg, this is long ! Sorry ! 🙂

    • You are most welcome Elizan. No worries, anything goes in this blog and anyone is free in sharing their thoughts. I believe Hyun Joong inspires us just as much as we inspire him, this is a mutual connection between us his fans and him being our idol. LOL go ahead and brainwash everyone!! LOL! Hyun Joong is very much taken care of by his agent KE. And for his commercials whatever brand that was you were pertaining to, it’s not Hyun Joong’s lost, it’s the brand company’s lost! Wherever Hyun Joong is, his fans follow, and I’m pretty sure of that! So whatever product he endorses, we patronize (depending on our needs), because Hyun Joong is there. So you can imagine the number of fans Hyun Joong has in any part of the world, that MAY be the lost of that brand!!

      LOL thanks for the compliment dear, I’m just a messenger who’s being hypnotized by Hyun Joong’s spell just like anyone of us here!! LOL! But I’m truly proud being a fan of our ONLY ONE!
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, do take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

    • You are welcome, Elizan, I’m really happy I found one more fan from our country 🙂 I really believe that Hyun Joong influnces our lives in many nice ways. 🙂 For some, the influence may be courage to become more brave, for some, it may be the sense of freedom to do what you want in your life and fight for it, or even the freedom to dare to be yourself, in spite of your flaws. For some others, it may be healing to their sufferings and pains of their body or their heart 🙂 Some others may feel alive again, after feeling dead deep inside for long time. And what I’m saying is not just thoughts. It’t what I have understood through my own experience of being his fan and also through my conversations with other fans from various countries of the world. I believe he is full of positive energy which he also transmits to all of us and this helps us to continue fighting 🙂
      Of course, I agree, what LazerKim has created here is so wonderful ! Indeed, there’s lots of love in this blog, I also enjoy it ! Except for the amazing articles of LK, I really like to read the comments as well 🙂

      • ” For some others, it may be healing to their sufferings and pains of their body or their heart 🙂 Some others may feel alive again, after feeling dead deep inside for long time. ”

        This is so true Stav! For people who haven’t experienced something similar, is very difficult to understand how is this possible and they may even find it a bit exaggerating, just saying it for the sake of making a point, but it is soooooo true !! I have read so many touching stories in this blog…I also came across Hyung Joong in a dark period of my life few months ago (i still am by the way…) but at least i have something to brighten up my mood, my thoughts and put a smile on my face , which even medication couldn’t do ! How amazing is that ?
        That is why i felt so sad and upset when Hyung Joong made a revelation about himself in Barefoot Friends’s second episode i think. When he said (depending on where you read the translation of his words) he had felt depressed leading a celebrity life and instead desired to live an ordinary happy one…I can’t bear thinking that he had those kind of feelings before, the hurt he must have felt, the pressure, as he himself is such a bright source of happiness for all of us…I do realise how hard it must be to be a famous artist but revealing it himself affected me deeply…I know he is now really grateful for everything he has and tries hard to enjoy his life even when things get rough and i genuinely wish this for all of us in this precious blog…

        By the way Stav, may i ask where are you from? I live in Heraklion Crete !

        • Hi again, Elizan 🙂 Sorry for being late in my reply. I can understand you. And you are right. Generally, when someone doesn’t experience something similar with you, it’s difficult for him to understand. I guess that applies in most things, right? I’m sorry that you go through a dark period. I wish that you will be able to overcome it soon 🙂 It’s nice that at least KHJ makes you smile 🙂 My mood was also brightened by him at difficult times 🙂 I guess this applies to all of us. Indeed, I believe HJ provides us with a kind of healing…
          As for what he said in BF, indeed, he certainly had a lot of hard times, but being a humble person, he felt the difficulties of local peoples’ life and he felt grateful and satisfied with his own life, since he can do what he wants. Of course, what he achieved is mainly due to his hard work and his passion for what he does.

          Oh, we are far. I am from Central Greece, but changing places of living, depending on life circumstances.
          It would be really nice to find a way to keep contact with each other. Well, here is an e-mail where you can find me if you want 🙂

          Take care, see you 🙂

  11. O my G,sisssss did you heard the news?not confirmed yet,but i really hope its true, BFF next destination…PHILIPPINES! waaaaaaaaa ung heartbeat q sis huminto yata.Im going home,.. I just want to make sure kung san ang place doon aq dederetso! Sis im so excited!!!!!!!

        • LOL! Go fly sis, enjoy!! I’m happy for you you’ll be able to go home, wish ko na tuloy umuwi! *sigh* If this will push through which I truly hope it will, it will be good for our tourism as well and of course many many fans back home will surely be very happy. Good luck sis, enjoy!!!

          • Im so excited sis! how I wish u are there. no confirmation yet but I already booked my flight on Thursday nyt and i’ll be back on sunday.yeyyyy wish me luck guys! O my… sis ngayon q lang gagawin i2 sa buong buhay q! what’s in this guy sis? LOL

              • korek! grabe mangulam batang ‘to,walang pinipiling edad hahahha…pati pagtawa nya sis nakakahawa, napanood mo ung latest ep, ng BFF? kahit ilang beses q ng pinanood hawa pa rin aq sa tawa.anyway ingat sis! sana nga matuloy.

  12. Glad that you had some time to write an article! But jebal xD be more careful!!!!!
    It’s so cool that he’s meeting his korean fans after 1 year and a half! I wish I were there in Kr xD
    I have to say that 2011 was one of the coolest years for us fans… He was so active (LOL) that year… *O* I remember I went crazy downloading each and every perf. I’m looking forward to experiencing sth like that again ^^
    Oh, and fans do not come and go… just posers do xDDDDDDDDDD
    Have a nice day dear and TAKE CARE!

    • LOL Hi Razor! It was my rest day when i wrote this article. Yeah i agree with you HJ was quite active in Korea in 2011 specially on local TV shows.
      Thanks for dropping by sweetie, you take care and have a great day!! see you again! hahahaha…. yeah i like this…”Oh, fans do not come and go…” Missing you Razor!!

  13. Dearest LazerKim,
    Thank you!

    This is beautiful written as usual and I really loved the : “I believe in UNITY, I believe it is in unity among fans setting aside differences that we can bring Hyun Joong to the heights of his success and a stronger foundation to stay strong in him. I do believe Hyun Joong has the power to unite people for peace” – so to all comments about loyalty between the fan clubs – People – the bottom line is we all Love and Support = Kim Hyun Joong, so I suggest for HIS sake to put aside all the discordances and go to support our Star all the way.

    First we can all support him by buying his new CD and that way making him one nice birthday gift as LK suggested !!!

    Lk, I think you got yourself as the head of the Alien Family here….aren’t we a fanclub of a sort?! even though we do not belong to the official Henecia?!? maybe we are the International Aliens Fanclub….. as Hj is Global anyhow!! LOL…
    I do hope you are taking care, please don’t push yourself too much, We (the Aliens family) Need You here!!!! Have a nice week and God Bless! Missed you lots, gal:)

    • Hello Noya!! Thanks to you for giving me an idea that I wasn’t aware about out there in the real world that inspired me in writing this article and to be a reminder to all of us from time to time.
      LOL oh I won’t go that far, the only reason why I didn’t tagged this blog from any of Hyun Joong’s fan club is to somehow eliminate segmentation among his fans even just for a while let’s be one in Hyun Joong. Specially at this time that he has an upcoming album which is very important to him. And this also goes to his current TV show BF, which I myself couldn’t get the time to watch but still I would like to encourage everyone to watch BAREFOOT FRIENDS if your time allows it. Although I’ll make sure to watch it as soon as I get another rest day.
      Thanks again Noya, you’re an angel! Take care and have a wonderful week ahead of you, see you again and God bless…

      • Hello LK,
        The angel here is you, look at all your comments – stand corrected re fan club – Let’s be one for KHJ and United and support him always.
        I think we are all with him for his upcoming album.
        Managed to watch the BFF, this ep was the funniest so far, I must say it is good to see Hj laugh, he does have an infectious laughter.
        hugz, hugz!!:)

  14. LK! I am so glad to see you today! Your articles almost bring me to tears many times. My heart is still a little sore over some recent incidents between me and fellow fans that you know very well about. Thank you for bringing these healing words and speaking of UNITY at a time when my heart needs to hear those words so much. I am always by Kim Hyun Joong’s side no matter what… even when misunderstandings cause my heart some pain. Hyun Joong is indeed my healing idol as well. I know you know my story well and how Hyun Joong saved me as I struggle with debilitating illness and pain.

    I pre-ordered my copy of TONIGHT at Yes Asia and I am so excited. I ordered Jacket style D which is the one with Hyun Joong on the motorcycle. I love that one because it is a totally new look for him! I can’t believe how long we have been together with each other following Hyun Joong, and I truly count you as one of my best friends.

    I am sorry to hear you are injured again… but, like you… secretly a bit glad that you have some time to write! LOL! I hope you are not in too much pain… and I hope you are able to catch up with Hyun Joong on Barefoot Friends. I have been so happy watching the episodes as they come available at Drama Fever. Hyun Joong is truly the light of the show and makes my heart warm and glad every time he opens his mouth to speak or flashes that bright megawatt smile. he is just pure beauty and light. *sigh* He makes me feel so much better when I am down or in pain.

    I don’t have time to read all the comments here right now as I am busy with work, but I will come back and read when I get some time as I feel the fans interaction is just as important as the article! 😀

    Love you MUCH… Angie

    • Gosh I just couldn’t follow BF since I have been quite busy with work, even today is my rest day, this is the only time I got to read my emails and respond. I only had the chance last week since I was at hospital to watch a few episodes and that’s it!
      Now Angie forget about the past and move on, remember in every end of a tunnel there’s always a bright light, you just have to chase after that light. Hyun Joong had even suffered a lot in the past even far worst than what we’ve been through but he was able to overcome those and look at him now, he’s even stronger than ever. Now he has millions of fans to protect him anytime his critics attack. So cheer up!
      I’m glad you have made your pre-order of his album, that’s another memory for all of us coming from him sincerely. Now take care have a great week ahead of you and see again!! God bless..

  15. Love you Lk….one good read for all the fans, as expected when u r writing.
    Another Bullseye Lk. On the other hand, please take care. Dont get into any major accidents …u r too precious for the Alliens…not only becos of khj but becos you are a special fren n human being.
    Rest well dear Lk. Take care.

    • Hello kyong!! Love you too girl! Thank you so much for the compliment. Don’t worry I’m sure there won’t be anymore major accident, just minor accident due to clumsiness at times, but I’ll be perfectly fine. Thank you for your concern I shall always remember to take care. All of us here are precious to Hyun Joong because we are his strength.
      Do take care too, have wonderful week and see you again! God bless…

  16. Hi LazerKim. Hi everyone. I just wanted to greet and say that although I was an almost silent reader, I was also waiting for you, LK, to write again and I was checking your blog everyday during your absence. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for your writing contributions about our beloved KHJ. Your writing contributions are so many and they really help a new fan get to know many things about KHJ. The same had happened to me, when I started searching more about him.
    You know, even your story about being his fan and supporting him without even knowing it, seems similar to my story too, lol ! At first, I didn’t know I was his fan and I couldn’t believe what was happening to me, I was wondering why I kept searching so much about him. I couldn’t understand it. I was being enticed more and more by him without knowing at the beginning. And now, being less than a year since I got to know him, it feels like I know him for so long time, since I have searched so much about him, lol !
    I admire and love him, not only for being a unique multi-talented artist, but also for being an awesome person with pure heart and kind soul, proving his love for fans through actions. He indeed brings love, happiness and healing to our hearts!! How can we not love him dearly?
    I agree that the best gift for him is to support him, in whatever way each of us can do it, depending on the potential and ability of each one. Indeed, our support and love is the best gift for him!
    I really liked what you said about international fans all being together with HJ in a room. Indeed, various differences between us don’t matter at all!
    Thank you once again!
    Greetings from Greece!

    • Hi Stav ! It’s so nice and totally unexpected, to know that i’m not alone here !!! I’m from Greece too…Just wow!!!! Hyun Joong’s charisma reached all the way here! It’s kind of funny if you think about it ! I blame him for addicting me to K-World (Kpop and dramas) through Playful Kiss and making me regret that i hadn’t known this world sooner…Damn Hollywood ! Τα λέμε, να είσαι καλά !
      Thank you LazerKim for bringing us together and for your devotion.I know it’s not easy…

      • Hello Stav! I remember you! It’s nice to hear from you again!
        Hello Elizan! Now this is just great to hear from two KHJ fans from Greece, I’m so glad both of you meet here!

        LOL it’s so funny stav that we both have the same thoughts, wondering if we’re already fans of HJ!! Now I can laugh that out thinking from the past like an innocent fan and yes it feels like it’s ages ago but actually it was barely two years but reading and researching about HJ it feels as if I’ve known him from my past life! I can still remember in 2011, as I woke up every morning it’s HJ who popped out first from my mind as he’s the last person occupying my thoughts before sleeping!! It was crazy thinking I was all alone to be that extreme! But I’m glad there were millions out there who’s just as addicted as I am to HJ! And it’s worth it all those times searching about the guy is the best thing happened to me.

        I agree with Elizan too I’m just so proud that HJ had already reached that far where you both are and still his fans network kept growing everyday. Yeah Elizan it’s all HJ’s fault for bringing us in such stage of addiction to him!! LOL This guy really is such extraordinary.

        Again thank you so much to you Stav and Elizan for dropping by, please do take care, have a good week ahead of you, and see you again!! God bless..

        • Oh, LK, I didn’t imagine you would remember me, lol, since my comments were very few here. I’m glad for that 🙂

          Yeah, indeed it’s so funny being a fan already without knowing it, lol ! Well, indeed, I also see more and more as time passes by, that there are many with the same addiction from various countries in the world, so we are not alone in that, lol I also find great pleasure in searching about him 🙂

          You too take care, LazerKim, have a nice week, see you 🙂 Blessings to you too!

      • Hi, Elizan 🙂 I’m also so happy to encounter with one more fan from Greece!! We are so few here that sometimes it seems like a miracle, lol ! Oh and what a coincidence! I also came to know about him through watching Playful Kiss, which I love so much!! Να είσαι κι εσύ καλά! It would be nice to find a way to be able to communicate and not lose each other. Indeed, thank you LK for bringing us together! 🙂

        • I wonder just how many Kim Hyung Joong fans there are here in Greece…We might be surprised to find out the true number as we should not underestimate his power (thank God for Internet), although most people here the only Korean artist they are familiar with is unfortunately Psy… sigh…Patience is a virtue they say , you never know what future and internet access brings !!! I just don’t want to be an trembling old lady when that happens lol!
          Stav, i would be happy to know more about you and help each other be a better fan of Hyung Joong ! See ya !

          • Hi again, Elizan 🙂 I also wonder about how many KHJ’s fans there are here in Greece… I have met too few, but I guess there are also others we don’t know, since, as you said, we have the powerful source of internet now 🙂 So, since I have found so few, I really want to keep contact with every Greek fan I meet.
            Yeah, unfortunately, most people here only know Psy! I have wished so many times that all of them knew KHJ instead of Psy!! Tell me, am I not right? LOL But I’m hopeful he’ll be more well-known in our country as well 🙂
            I also would like to know more about you, Elizan, I’m so happy we met 🙂 And yes, we can help each other 🙂 See you 🙂 I hope we keep contact 🙂

    • Hello Stav! I had spoken to you a couple times at my blog… I hope you are doing well! It’s good to see you here! Glad to know you are still growing with your love for KHJ…. blessings to you…. Angie

      • Hello Angie, yeah I remember… I’m doing well and yes my love for KHJ grows more and more as time passes by 🙂 Blessings to you too!

  17. Wooooooaaaahhhh! Another great and touching article!!! I think you just nailed it…!!!! I totally think that Hyun Joong brings UNITY… He’s the connecting point for people from around the world…! Thanks to him I met fans from other countries, very precious people to me now with whom I feel comfortable talking and fangirling about him… Now we all dream a WT and a concert in each of our countries…!!! LOL We keep supporting each other to achieve that…!!! 🙂

    Like you, I felt kinda alone when I started following him because I didn’t know anyone who liked him and I remained in lurking mode until not long ago…! Thanks to people like you I decided to surface and this is something that I have to thank you for as well as him for giving me the strength to follow him openly despite my closest friends criticism (K-pop is only starting in Spain…) and making me proud of being his fan…

    Thank you for always being there LazerKim!!!! Take care of your health…! Hyun Joong’s health as well as his fans’ is also ours…!!! 😉 We need all to be healthy to fully support our prince!!!

    Hugs from Barcelona!!!!

    • Hello Marteta!! Wow this is really great, hearing from one country to another, and I’m sure Hyun Joong would love reading from all of you from different nations. I love this as you said, “he’s the connecting point for people from around the world” This is very true that i agree 100% and it’s nice to win friends from different parts of the world through Hyun Joong. That even we may just stumble on strangers we meet on line we interact with the same love for Hyun Joong who can understand us better being his fan.

      May i just share as everyone can read this too, I can still remember coming from a veteran fan as she said “once Hyun Joong cast his spell to anyone, you can never get away from that spell.” Last year i have spent my time writing and researching everyday all about Kim Hyun Joong the entire year, then all of a sudden I was being re-called to my job post, I told myself this is my chance to forget Hyun Joong and forget being a fan since I know I’ll be busy with work.

      But after three or four months when I got back to writing I was even consumed with more love for him, and now what i always look forward to is my rest day so that I can write all about him again!! It feels like writing and talking about him for the first time again! And it really feels good!

      The veteran fan was right, we may forget him just for a while, but will always be coming back to him even worst addictive to him further!!

      Thank you so much for reading and waiting, I may not promise to be here all the time but surely I’ll always be coming back and talk about Hyun Joong. Thank you for your concern over my health, I’ll surely be taking care of myself and please do take care too. Hyun Joong needs all of us, it is from us whom he holds his strength. I’ll see you again, have a great week ahead of you and God bless..

  18. Hi LK, Glad to see your article again. It’s so touching as always and i feel like i agree wz any single word you write here since it represents what i feel too to be hyun joong addict. Glad to know that there’s s.o wz the same thought wz me;-)
    Thx for sharing & take care. Looking forward to ur next words….. ^^

    • Hello Phitria! Thanks for dropping by and reading my articles, I’m glad we have the same thoughts about Hyun Joong and I’m so glad I was not the only one who’s addicted to him. It feels great to have someone to share with loving this guy, this really is unconditional love that everyone can share pure and unselfish that is so magical. Thank you so much, do take care, have a great week ahead of you and see you again! God bless…

  19. Yeyyyyy! you’re here again! …ang saya lang,bawing-bawi ang haba!
    Sis doble ingat lang ha?! always stay safe! thank you for ur time.
    Happy mother’s day na din sau!

  20. I want to buy the album but I’m in Indonesia … lazerkim can help me how to get it …

    may be a website address, so I can buy the album
    thank you lazerkim

    • Hello FanJoong! Thanks for your concern as always. I’m doing fine now, the incident was just one of my clumsiness!! Hope you’re doing ok too, take care have a pleasant day and see you again!! I’m happy to hear from you, thanks for dropping by always, God bless..

  21. Hello! Ms.LK thanx a lot for being there once again.your hard work in up-dating us about KHJ is very much appreciated. Thank u en take care too.

    • Hi there! Thank you so much the pleasure is mine for bringing Hyun Joong closer to you. Thank you for reading, take care, have a great day and see you again, God bless…

  22. I had a slight conflict with a fellow henecian and triple s the other day. So it went like this there were 3 of us commenting on each other. Lets call the girl i had a fight with as “red” and the other one as “blue”. It was about the donation given by KHJ’s fans to the crew of BF. Red says: Thats Triple S for you shining bright all over the world with kindness..blablabla (not exact words just the thought of it). Then blue says: Im sorry but they are henecias so lets give credit to them and not always bring up Triple S into it. Where their convo gets a bit heated bringing in the past conflicts Triple S had and the previous ganging up on KHJ by some Triple S. And so i came in and told red that she should understand if some KHJ fans are still upset with TS since what we went thru was hard and since no henecias bash on other members and just give credit to henecias too. Though i admit blue’s comments was offhand too and because most Henecias are Triple S as well so no need to separate completely and brew up a fight. And then Red said that Henecias are immature and ive read on another blog where she called that some of us are stupid. But searching her up ,she was really a Triple S and a HENECIA. But i cant believe how she called the fandom as immature and butthurt and loves to play victim when i didn’t say anything that sounded like that but blue did so i guess she was a new fan but i dont blame her. I admitted my fault to her since i misunderstood things but i think she should be sorry too for giving a comment that was uncalled for. Bottomline is lets not read too much between the lines.Move on from the previous happenings and keep the fandom as peaceful as it is. May you be just a HENECIA or a Triple S lets keep our respect to others since we dont want a bad rep for our Darling KHJ. After all KHJ is a kind loving person and a forgivable one and what i am as his fan reflects what he is and the fandom. Just keep the love guys!

    • Hello Soopermario!! Nice name you got there! Oh I’m sorry about that slight conflict you had, actually it’s been a while since the last time I have read conflicts similar to what you have experienced. In my previous article last year I have hurt some of Hyun Joong’s fans about facing present reality over the past and writing about it for once and for all, with hopes that one day history would clear the air that’s causing conflicts and segmentation among the fans, to move on in one direction with one Kim Hyun Joong in peace.
      This is also one reason why I didn’t tagged my blog site as one of Hyun Joong’s fan club even he has given an official name to his fans since I welcome
      everybody here, as i mentioned in this article, Hyun Joong sees his fans as one.

      If one called the other immature, well, there will come a time they will mature too as time flies so fast and so with age!!! As history has already been written I think is enough to learn from it and enjoy whatever is in front of us at present and look forward to the future. I think this is the most practical way of living a life of a fan.

      Thank you for sharing this, do take care, have a pleasant week ahead of you and see you again!! God bless…

    • Hi there! I read your comment and I couldn’t help commenting on it since I belong to one of the groups that participated in the BF donation. I didn’t participate personally due to personal issues but I would have if I could… Hope nobody on the forum will be upset about me writing this here but I wanna make clear that what I’m writing is just merely my personal opinion… there might be people on the same forum with different ideas and I respect them. Please excuse me if I’m too frank with my words but I think some things must be said straight so I’m sorry if someone gets offended.

      Let me tell these two fans, “red” and “blue”, that in the forum where I belong there are Henecias and TripleS, myself I consider as both, I don’t think that being one excludes the other and I know now quite a lot of fans thinking that way… I think it’s just stupid to fight between both groups as if HJ belonged to one of both groups exclusively… First of all, HJ is a human being so maybe we should all stop treating him as an object that belongs to one group or the other… Secondly, he doesn’t like this kind of fights between the fandoms and actually he gets upset and sad because of it… and so do I. Let’s remember the letter he wrote for Break Down’s showcase… He suffers because of this fights and instead of saying it out loud he just keeps it for himself… I want all the green family to have fun together and focus on what we should… Supporting our star/s…

      Instead of being fortunate because he kinda has to fandoms supporting him, I fell that sometimes we are becoming a burden to him because there are some Henecias and TripleS who are unable to understand that both have the same goal… Support and give our love to HJ… Ones share it with more members the others exclusively to HJ… I just find all these fights/conflicts inmature and childish…! Let’s move on and try to go along the way together with him…

      This is what I think and that’s all… I’m just tired of reading about all these stupid fights among HJ’s fans… because don’t forget something… We are all here for HJ! Said this, have a wonderful Hyunday!!!!

    • Hello,
      I’m always a fan of SS501, and especially since the beginning, of Hyun Joong. But I don’t understand this hatred unleashed in 2010 with some TripleS. As stated in Barefoot Friends, the leader is the “sandbag of the group,” and this is what happened in 2010. Yet from the beginning, it was the two youngest in the group who wanted to do solos. Hyun Joong wanted to stay with the group. I think their hatred grew when they saw that HyunJoong became a real big star (despite the Cassandras who saw him disappeared from showbiz after a few months!). I will always be a fan of his group, but more than everything a huge fan of HyunJoong.
      A question: Were other leaders of groups such as HOT, SECHKIES, FINK’L … the sandbags of their former fans?

    • Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about Unity among the fans. I have to agree wholeheartedly… we are human and make mistakes sometimes. It is very heartbreaking when we have to be continually reminded of those mistakes or lumped together with others who made mistakes. That is why I don’t say I am Triple S or Henecia either. I have not joined any official club. I am just a fan of Kim Hyun Joong… so, I am a part of the Alien Family no matter what. All who love Hyun Joong will hopefully follow their idol and be loving and forgiving with each other as well. I even say go further and follow Kim Hyun Joong’s example for your LIFE. Be forgiving, loving, and open with your heart in ALL your relationships. There is no other way to be happy. This is why Hyun Joong is such a happy person. He does not hold on to negativity in his heart. Thanks again for sharing. Blessings to you! 😀

    • Hello to you and to all Kim Hyun Joong fans from Chile! Thank you for dropping and thank you for your concern about my health, I’m doing great now! You take care too, have a wonderful week ahead of you and see you again! God bless..

      • Agree, we all need to look at ourselves and not be jealous nor envy one another. Here in America we have a saying, “don’t hate the player hate the game. It is not his fault that he was born with good genes, look at his parents. Like you, the one thing that drew me to him was his character. I too, would like to pick his brain as to how he was able to develop at such a young age. I hope he keep his head up and continue on his righteous path. Kim Hyung Joong be of good courage and God bless.

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