Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TONIGHT


By: LazerKim                I have been waiting for this news to come out and finally it’s out at the internet circulation. Kim Hyun Joong shall soon be launching his third Japanese single TONIGHT here in Japan under Universal Music. So we have something to look forward again in Hyun Joong’s music and I’m sure most of you have already read this news. Just in case you have not read about the album yet, here’s that news as follows:


KIM HYUN JOONG Release photos from his upcoming Japanese Single Album

Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Source: E News World (http://enews24.interest.m..original article )

Kim Hyun Joong teased the release of his upcoming third Japanese single Tonight with photos from the album.

Key East released through a press release on May 2 photos from Kim Hyun Joong′s upcoming single.

“Images from Kim Hyun Joong′s album, to be released in Japan on June 5, have been revealed. The photos show his strong and powerful charms,” the release read.

The photos show the main still and a few covers from the five different versions of the album.

In some photos, Kim Hyun Joong sings in a simple yet classy suit, showing off his more stylish and charismatic side.

Another photo shows him standing in a pop art-like setting with vivid colors, while yet another has him perched on a motorcycle in leather.

Kim Hyun Joong′s third single album Tonight will contain three songs, including the title song Tonight and a track titledCappuccino. All three songs are in different genres.

In the meantime, Kim Hyun Joong is busy preparing for the album, and has been appearing in the SBS variety showBarefooted Friends.


I was all smiling upon seeing one of the CD jacket and I can’t help notice this photo above that in an instant it reminded me of Hyun Joong in 2011 when he was guested in a talk show as Hyun Joong pretended to be drunk singing, since there’s a bit similarity in his expression that I can’t help laugh and search for that photo again. Until now every time I see this photo or watch it’s video footage, I still laugh. Oh this guy is just so adorable!! Here’s that photo below:



I’m writing this article about Hyun Joong’s upcoming Japanese single and making sure that everyone has been notified about this. Seeing from the CD jacket it seems to be projecting Hyun Joong’s versatility and one of a kind unique personality. Just the same in his music, Hyun Joong portrays his kind of music in so many different ways that makes him special. He doesn’t stick to one style of music and was able to maintain variation in concept.

It would be nice if each of us would have a collection of his CD from his first album to the latest, and see for yourself how his music differ from one another, that you won’t get tired listening to it over and over again. Hyun Joong knows his fans came from different age bracket and of course we have different taste or different moods of what music we want to listen to in one particular moment. Hyun Joong almost has it all, from pop, ballad, RNB and rock. This time he has another new concept and that’s what we will be waiting for which is coming up very soon!

Again this is one way of supporting Hyun Joong and his music and we have a month to prepare for its release so go get your pre-order. You may visit Hyunnies Pexer Blog on how and when you may purchase the CD through on-line pre-order, although I believe this is not open yet but let’s keep our awareness, bookmarked on Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog so we can catch up. Hyunnies thank you very much for sharing.

Link: click here> (

936260_116094695259211_27163461_nCHAIN OF SUCCESS

It really feels good to be watching Hyun Joong from where he started as solo artist and seeing him in different image every time he has a new project, as he matures the more he shines. Everything may change in him from head to foot and his career status but his heart remains the same as ever. Time fly so fast, it was in June 2011 when he launched the most memorable album for me which is Breakdown, as Hyun Joong wears his black short hair that I was wishing to see him in person with that same hair style, and wish come true again! Among his hairstyle this one is my favorite that’s why I never intend to change my blog wall! He’s back with it but in a different aura.

I can still remember during his first TV appearance in performing Breakdown, he said this, “I want to show my manly side to my fans, and I hope they will like it.” He was still catching his breath after dancing Breakdown when he was interviewed and yet it’s still his fans that he was thinking about! That’s the guy! I really couldn’t forget that image that shook the entire universe, since it was a 180 degree turn on his image! From that time on until at present he just kept going up his ladder.

And despite of the setback in City Conquest, he immediately rose up in no time as he performed his Japan Tour concert series, I said to myself, this guy is really unstoppable in gaining his career success. And in no time we’ll get to see him again with his new music.

Oh well, whatever success Hyun Joong has, it’s also his fans success, we shall always remember this, as we shall continue supporting his upcoming single TONIGHT. For those fans who are actively posting at tweeter, thank you very much for your effort, you are very well appreciated by all of us, please do keep up with your good work in posting TONIGHT and spread the good news about Hyun Joong’s Japanese single to keep the fans well informed and by this way we can again place Hyun Joong at the top of the Oricon Music Chart. Fighting!!

For my parting shots, well, I’m still laughing about that photo Hyun Joong pretending to be drunk singing!!! LOL how I wish to share further! How would you not love a person like Kim Hyun Joong?? He has such a remarkable sense of humor beyond expectation for a perfectly handsome man!

We may be all busy with work, count me in, but let’s not forget TONIGHT with Kim Hyun Joong, it’s a date!!


A very good Samaritan shared us the link for pre-order, thank you so much Noya for sharing.

LINK click here> (

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged: Ms. D. thanks!



30 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TONIGHT

  1. Hi lazer thank you so much for posting and sharing those pics and inspiring words from oppa im always reading it…i love all the new articles about him and im always supporting him by means of keep listening to his songs,watching videos and his shows over and over again and voting him in different polls….im one of his crazy in love fan of him….i love him so much that ill cry when i read some nasty post about oppa…keep it up and wish you good health….

  2. Hi I’m from Cali US. I’m always looking forward for ur blogs. I’m defenitely gonna get all of them. I have collection of KHJ songs thru’ my iTunes and been watching barefoot friends via DF HD. Looking forward for more update shows and concert. I’m taking Korean language to keep me knowledgeable of his music is all about. I love his voice, with calmness,strength, and passion into it. Stay happy! Take care always!

  3. I’m gonna get all of ’em xD I hadn’t seen this post LOL Shame on me! XD
    I do like the retro one xDDDDDD
    I can’t wait to have them and hear the new songs! ^^

  4. Dearest lazer,
    Firstly i would like to say tq for coming back to us the alien family. Secondly, u dont know how much we have missed reading ur updates n lively articles that at one point i felt so upset like u just left us…silly me n for that i would like to apologize. Selfish of me but the truth is i really miss u my freind. I missed my morning cup of coffee for four months n i almost jumped out of my seat , could not believe my eyes when i saw ur new entry today. Tq sooooo much. KHJ is more adorable in my eyes through ur articles….

    • Hello kyong!! It’s been a while! How are you? My apology, it’s my fault I should inform everyone about my absence before everyone gets wondering what happened to me. I’m really sorry about that. Anyway, I do hope you were able to read my article prior to this, and it explains everything about my absence.
      Thank you so much for checking on me as you dropped by. It’s really nice to be back although I would just be popping out once I get the chance to write. I miss writing and I miss everyone here. i miss you Kyong!!
      Take care, have a pleasant day and see you soon! God bless… Love you girl!

    • Oh poor thing what happened? What made you feel depress? Take it easy now, whatever made you depress, just remember there’s a bright light ahead of any tunnel. I’m glad HJ made you smiled again.
      Take care, thank you for dropping by, have a bright day and God bless… see you again!

  5. dear lazer kim couldyou send as the link of the show when he acts singing as a drunker PLEASE , love you can write , you always give us more new thing about him that we coud nt know, GREAT, and thanks to write we really like it

  6. LK!!!!!!! I am so happy to see your article! I am hurting in my cheeks from smiling through the whole reading! I knew he was coming out with an album supposed to be in JUNE! I am so happy to see this preview! YAY HYUN JOONG!

    I just had a chance to watch Barefoot Friends last night on Drama Fever! OMO! I laughed so much! I was a bit disappointed b/c the first episode did not have much from Hyun Joong. But, when he opened his mouth… he was so eloquent and wonderful…. even his costars are amazed by him! All they could say was, ‘he’s so handsome!’ LOL! He really is stunning! Even with no professional clothes or makeup or anything! He is just glowing! I can’t take my eyes off of Hyun joong ever!

    I will watch episode 2 tomorrow as I am working today. I can’t wait to see because it will be the one with Hyun Joong’s team!

    Miss you TONS LK! I am working on my website… taking all the fans input into consideration… you can see a preview here:

    It is nowhere near done… but, you can see how it will be laid out. I have given Kim Hyun Joong his own web page as the fans have requested. There is no distraction with any other things. I am still keeping him on my website at…. just a link to his site. But, fans will not have to go there to get directly to his site. He has his own url were they can go and not see anything else unrelated. I hope this will make everyone happy. I decided that I was going to follow my idol… and do everything possible for the happiness of his fans! If I follow Kim Hyun joong… I must think of the fans first always! LOL! He is just an amazing role model. LOVE KHJ until death do us part!

    Love you sis!

    • oh… it’s me, Angie, ocheonsa… I have changed my id to angeljoong86 to go with my new site… sorry if I got you confused!

      • Hello Angie! Now i’m really reading from you! Well I guess you now made the right decision. It’s only you who can decide for yourself in the end, mine is just unsolicited advice. So now you can enjoy writing. Good luck to your new blog!
        Take care and have a nice day…God bless…

      • hello miss ocheonsa! I think you have to consider more on your happiness than us because we are more happy without reading your articles.if your happiness is writing about jaejoong go for it…but pls don’t mess up again with our hyun joong. thank you!

        • If you are unable to forgive a mistake, I understand. I am writing for Hyun Joong still and always will because I love him dearly. If I can’t be forgiven by some, then I suppose that is life. I regret that you will miss more chances to read articles about him by someone who truly loves him. That is also your right. I am happy doing what I love. I don’t think you will be happy holding onto your anger, but I can’t be responsible for that. I have apologized in a full article. If you refuse to read it, It can’t be helped.

  7. surprise surprise another article yipeee!!!! wow LK, and i thought we will have a long wait for your next article 🙂 am sure as soon as u know about “Tonight”, ur hands keep on itching and trying to grab the laptop and fly away with ur write up. putting aside ur tiredness as u want to share with us ur joy. KHJ never fails to amaze us, as a person and as an artist. am sure that he had given his heart once again to this new single. cant wait to hear and listen to him singing his new songs. may ur passion for writing about KHJ be unlimited. more power, rest when u can and write whenever the desire and need arises. we will all continue to cheer for KHJ, support him all the way. way to go LK. God bless

    oh just an FYI, pre-order is also available in that’s where i buy KHJ stuff.

    • Hello ayen thanks for the additional info I’ll include this in the article together with Noya. Oh you’re all so kind thank you so much. You just don’t know where I am while writing this article!! LOL!! but this is good even i hate places like this, i had the chance to write!! I hope to write even just one more article while I’m here. Not that I want to escape from work, I just promised somebody to post this album and another for the new fans.
      I’m in the process thinking of giving Hyun Joong another nickname other than Mr. Hardheaded!! LOL you’re so true this guy continue to amaze us. Lots more coming up we just have to wait.
      Thank you so much for your concern really, don’t worry I’ll be ok. And you take care too, have a pleasant day and see you soon….God bless…love you girl!

      • Ayen it’s me again, I read from your comment box to Taeborum, at the other article Saying Hello and you mentioned you want to be a writer? Hey go on I encourage you to do so. When i started with this blog I was just like playing and trying out how far I can go in one article. If you have time check out on my 1st article Christmas Dream. All i have written there was just my thoughts of Hyun Joong on Christmas just like a dream. And as you go on you’ll learn to compose further. There’s nothing wrong with writing what you feel. And reading from your comment box you made me come back to you to reply right? So you caught me there, and then Taeborum was also caught by your comment or opinion. Come on try it, open up a blog. It would be great if we have more articles to read on. I would even allow you to post your blog here, so that my readers have more to read.
        Go get it girl, I’ll support you on that.

        • LZ, sorry I was busy d past few days. I wasn’t even able to comment on ur first comment and then I see another  I wonder what new nickname you will give KHJ aside from Mr. Hardheaded??? I wonder if he is really that hardheaded in person. I hope u didn’t try to poke him with a hammer to know if ur right, ha ha ha. When I think of him, I ran out of adjectives to describe him… superlatives are flying here and there 🙂 I wonder what will it be, will it be Mr. super dooper amazing, mr. sooooo……..workaholic, mr. amazingly and unbelievably fantastic, Ha ha ha. I wonder where u are when u were writing this. I hope not on one of the cubicles inside the ladies room, maybe in the bar is more acceptable, or we’re u at the backstage or at the audio room while there is an ongoing concert of another group?? He he he. Just kidding. Wherever u are, when inspiration to write strikes, go for it 🙂 u always come up with a great article anyway. It always brighten up our day to have our daily dose 🙂 just want to let u know that we lost a lot of weight (figuratively) when you were busy/silent the past few months as we didnt get our daily dose of KHJ 😉 LOL.

          And for your 2nd comment, I was looking at it and I stopped and it made me smile. ha ha ha u read it wrong 🙂 i said i am a frustrated writer, not that i want to be a writer LOL. Kidding aside, firstI would like to thank you for the encouragement and for seeing my potentials :). I do love to write but I don’t think I have your passion for writing and the way of putting words into what I want to say. Putting up a blog of my own is a big jump for me who is just learning how to walk …. But maybe someday I will. For now, just let me share my thoughts on ur blog, comment whenever I can and encourage and share my love for KHJ in here. We will never know, maybe one day when I finally learn how to run… and eventually how to jump…. When I get the courage to really “write” then I will come back to you and take ur offer to post my own write ups 🙂 am just happy now where I am, just commenting/giving my views on write ups on other blogs as well. but no pressure ;). Thanks as well to Taeborum for her words. I promise if and when I have my first write up,u will be the first to read it and if it is any good then maybe we can post it here 🙂 bye for now. Love yah LK, i really feel ur a sister to me, thanks unnie for the support. God bless and be safe always. Ingat po palagi.

  8. Hello dearest LK,
    Thanks hon for taking the time and writing, this is so nice from your side that you don’t forget about us.
    Hj never cease to amaze with his versatility on showing a new image with every new album/project he proves again and again that he he is where he is for his tenacity and talent.
    Can’t wait to see / hear the teaser, for sure something new.
    I agree with you with re short hair, of yes more sexy and more man, au naturel he is most handsome.
    Re CC set back or not, maybe as all happen for a reason in life, I think it was a good experience for Hj and for sure he improved his acting skills as he said he really got into the role, so what passed passed and for sure will be future oportunities for him to act. I still think he done a wonderfull job in BOF (for a beginner) and also PK so, all the antis f…off (pardon my language here gals !)
    Hey I’ve already ordered my CDs – here is the link :
    it is the same from where I am always ordering and they are shipping overseas without problems, DHL or EMS works OK.
    Now LK please continue with writing, ttake care and God Bless:)

    • Noya darling thank you so much for the link you’re an angel. i emailed you awhile ago. Don’t worry now, I’ll be perfectly fine. How can I forget? doing that is just like forgetting Hyun Joong, Oh God please don’t allow that amnesia!! LOL
      I fell for Hyun Joong on that hair style, his face is clearer and his eyes brighter, you can see all details of his small handsome face. About CC you’re so right I believe there’s something bigger than CC on the right time. I still would like to watch him as an actor. The insects are hopeless case like cancer!! I’m glad they stop bugging us here!! Although I miss some of them!! LOL
      Gotta go Gotta go, time is gold….thanks again Noya, I’ll see you soon, you take care and God bless…

      • LK babe, got the mail and replied, thank God for small mercies on that. You just do what you have to do and we will be here waiting, always. I do hope some insects will drop by as well…it is more fun that way….kekeke..!! Now you take care! 🙂

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