Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOOKING BACK


By: LazerKim             When we talk about versatility in an artist, I only have one star in mind and that is Kim Hyun Joong, name it and he has it, specially in style. He can go about to the extremes from the free style of character in the local market place of doing gendong to the clear cut of elegance and glamour as we see from one of the CD jacket on his upcoming Japanese single TONIGHT.

I’m sure most of you have already viewed the teaser of both songs Tonight and Cappuccino, that I’m so happy to have read the latest music chart as of Saturday May 26th, TONIGHT ranks No.1 on pre-order! Isn’t this a great news? For those who have not made their pre-order of Tonight, now is the time to do so, come and get it, in full force let us support and bring him up to the top of Oricon the Kim Hyun Joong’s latest music TONIGHT!



I guess Hyun Joong’s fans had been quite busy following him these past days! To start the week after watching him at Barefoot Friends Episode 5, everyone were chatting about Hyun Joong the Gendong hero!! Then on May 24th he was on stage performing for UV Concert, followed by series of postings on his 3rd single’s second teaser Cappuccino!

The teaser was so tempting as the video clip showed Huun Joong partying that can make everyone dance with him as he sings! One photo of his had captured my eyes which was taken from the teaser towards the end of the clip, was Hyun Joong in black and white that really looks so classy, as it simply portrayed another classic side of Kim Hyun Joong.

And after which, he just appeared in red jersey on Sunday morning bouncing around the field playing soccer! What else can this guy cannot do? He sings, he dances, he acts, he’s so athletic rocking the soccer field, and he loves rolling up in everything he does at Barefoot Friends from carrying a ton of watermelon to the adventure of heights, and lobster hunting!! I guess I would just simply sit here in front of my screen and look forward to whatever he would surprise me with again for this week!!



Last week Hyun Joong performed at UV concert, and watching from the video footage, now I would say I miss seeing Hyun Joong on stage dancing with the Artmatics and wanting to see him dance again! On June 7th the album Breakdown will be celebrating its second year anniversary, yes it’s been two years that his fans went crazy over his total transformation and making this album Breakdown a global big hit! Hyun Joong continued to amaze me ever since that transformation that I felt it so hard to break away from his spell!!

After I have watched the video clip from the UV concert, I can’t help re-watching different Breakdown’s video footage in 2011 as if I’m seeing this guy for the first time again and falling over again! Hyun Joong had shared a lot of good memories with us, but among all of those projects of his and memories, I think it’s in his album Breakdown for me is the most unforgettable one aside from his character Jihoo from BOF, which was a 180 degrees transformation of Kim Hyun Joong that turned the universe upside down!

And from that time on, his chain of success continued so rapidly that his fans started growing in remarkable numbers everyday all over the world and that Hyun Joong couldn’t stop himself either from hopping around from one country to another! And if ever he takes a breather from his exposure, expect him to be in his cocoon cooking something for his fans again and would just surprise them with another set of music!

In just less than a week from now, the month of June will be approaching and he’ll be growing a year matured again, but it just felt like all of these memories just happened yesterday!! And that everything seem so fresh and exciting as if I just start meeting this guy for the first time again! I know you read me kiddo, let’s dance!!

Yes I got a lot of nostalgic thoughts in mind today as I was browsing for updates, that I couldn’t help but write about looking back on his past!



Last week Kim Hyun Joong was all over his fans update posts as the Gendong hero for carrying some 15 baskets of watermelon weighing a total of one ton at least 15 times coming back and forth at episode 5 in the variety show Barefoot Friends! And I agree with Hyun Joong’s fans, he always makes us proud of him in this show, that I would like to whisper to him, “kiddo we need you for this show or the ship might sink!” The show had been improving it’s local TV ratings as Barefoot Friends goes further, although TV ratings doesn’t matter to me for as long as I’m enjoying the show specially in watching Kim Hyun Joong in every episodes.

Gendong I think became a popular Indonesian word among Hyun Joong’s fans ever since the variety show Barefoot Friends started airing in South Korea. It’s at these scenes from Episode 4 and 5 as the cast carry loads of fruit baskets from the local market to earn money in portraying their mission. From episode five, my favorite part from this episode was the scene when Hyun Joong lost over Kang Hodong from rock, paper, scissors that I really find that part hilarious seeing Hyun Joong rolled down to the floor crying over his lost, that was really cute and funny!! Next was the scene Hyun Joong did another round of gendong all by himself!



As Hyun Joong was walking towards the market, he was saying, he did a lot of work, he ate the cheapest food at the restaurant and yet he has to take this job gendong again! As I was watching Hyun Joong saying this and seeing him doing gendong for 15 baskets of watermelon, I was all laughing, but as I replayed that scene my mind just rolled to flashback!

In one of Hyun Joong’s history, I have written that incident that Hyun Joong was working in a restaurant for a part time job while he was still a trainee, and in an incident on one busy eve of Christmas at the restaurant where he was working, he was bringing down the restaurant garbage using the stairs, and the garbage spilled out all over to the stairs! Hyun Joong spent his Christmas eve picking up the trash by his bare hands and end up asking himself “why do I have to live this way?”

Of course picking up trash is even “grows” for real than doing gendong, but the same thoughts came to my mind, if Hyun Joong was just an ordinary person for real at present, he still wouldn’t mind doing the hard work. As we watched him carrying one ton of watermelon seem so hard for us, but in reality it was just a piece of cake for Hyun Joong doing gendong, because he had more than a ton of watermelon in his past challenges in life for real.

At the part Hyun Joong was counting his earnings from gendong he was saying something like “I’m gonna take these receipts home.”  Too much of a hard work with little that he can earn, but in reality Hyun Joong may have little earnings from hard work at the restaurant where he was doing part time job, but was able to save a million won to be able to take his elder brother to college.

The first thing that popped out from my mind was also an incident in his past from his documentary, as his mom was relating that she and her husband would pretend to be sleeping but actually waiting for Hyun Joong to get home late at nights from his part time job. I can imagine that same scene from Barefoot Friends from his past, receiving his pay check and bring it home to help his parents in earning extra income and for him to be able to support himself while he was still a trainee from DSP, his previous agent.



As the sayings stated “Charity begins at home”, and Hyun Joong truly fulfilled that statement even in his present days. He was never a selfish person, that in so many incidents, we have seen those facts too from Barefoot Friends. He ate the cheapest food at the restaurant so that he can be able to share a bigger chunk of contribution to his friends, and that’s how I have seen  Hyun Joong in reality as well. He would content himself with just enough for him and making sure he has more than enough to share with others.

For those fans who knows him quite well, do know what I’m talking about. Actually I was so filled with Hyun Joong’s past as I’m writing this article. During his SS501 days, the group had an interview in one of their TV appearances and there’s one question asked to the group, that if they won in the lottery what would they do with the money they won? The rest of the members talks about mostly tangible items or their dreams of wanting to have. But  Hyun Joong had different idea as he reponded, first to give some percentage to charity, next is giving a part to his parents, and third to give free concert tickets to students who cannot afford to buy tickets to watch their show.

Actually Hyun Joong was able to fulfill these thoughts, but not through a lottery but from his own work earnings. There were so many incidents that we knew about Hyun Joong’s active participation in donating to charity, then we all know that he gave an outlet of Jaksal to his mom, lastly, the first showcase that Hyun Joong performed as solo in June 7th in 2011 and that show was almost for free given to his fans. He haven’t forgotten that wish for charity concert way back in his SS501 days, because in an interview with Lee Sora in 2011 he again mentioned, that on his last performing day he would give a free concert to his fans, but he will place a can for the fans to put in any amount to be given to charity.



In this episode five at Barefoot Friends particularly the gendong part of Hyun Joong reflected on Hyun Joong’s real self and for me it highlighted his love for challenge of life for survival which he had mastered over the years in his past before he stepped on his stardom where he is at present. For Hyun Joong poverty should not be a hindrance in pursuing his dreams. A high degree of perseverance, acceptance of failure and triumph, focus on taking steps in pursuing a dream are just a few of how Hyun Joong was able to survive his journey.

Hyun Joong now harvest the fruits of what he had worked hard for, but he never fails to take a glimpse of his past where he came from and can always challenge himself with hard labor. This is not because cameras were all focus on him in facing that challenge on gendong, but in reality, in facing the future he’s much stronger and had learned from the hardships of life he had been through in his past.

Good leaders are good followers. Among the casts in Barefoot Friends I have noticed it’s  Hyun Joong who doesn’t complain whatever the tasks he takes, or he may complain to himself which is just human by nature, yet he was doing the task at his best capability. All his life he was never been a quitter, and so much more challenges he faces the stronger he stays committed to his dreams until he was able to fulfill those dreams. All these years Hyun Joong remained the humble leader as ever among his peers in showbiz who may  looked up to him as a role model.



Still in Barefoot Friends, I think that’s just about it from episode 6 as filming this show from Indonesia had ended. Hyun Joong had a minor cut in his finger while catching lobster but did not mind it at all and continued on with the task. I truly enjoyed watching Hyun Joong in some tourist destination of Indonesia that I wish to see more tourist spots from the country  and at the same time I sincerely appreciate the normal way people live and how warm they are to Hyun Joong and the rest of the casts. For me this show is entertaining at the same time I find it educational.

I shall be looking forward to the next episode which filming was done in Korea and hopefully next week as I have read that Hyun Joong’s place shall be featured, although I’m just not sure how true this is, if it’s gonna be next week or the coming weeks. Nevertheless, as always Barefoot Friends shall be my interest while Hyun Joong is among the casts of this show. And with that may I personally thank Hyun Joong’s Indonesian fans for taking care of him and for updating us during the filming and after the episodes had been aired in Korea, your effort is very much appreciated. Thank you.

I have written a lot of articles all about Kim Hyun Joong, but the most interesting topics that I have always been inspired to write is about looking back from where he was and what he had been through in reaching for his dreams. His life story had touched my heart and had inspired me to become a better person in making a wish into reality that I would always be grateful to this guy,  Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing


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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BAREFOOT STAR


By: LazerKim              Many fans of Kim Hyun Joong had been asking me what will happen to City Conquest as Hyun Joong’s suppose to be his come back drama but had been rejected by KBS. Many had hoped and prayed that this drama would push through, or simply just to air what Hyun Joong, other casts and crew of City Conquest had worked hard for even the drama was left unfinished. Here’s the latest update pertaining City Conquest as follows:

DATV to Broadcast Kim Hyun Joong Drama “City Conquest”

DATV has announced they will air the previously recorded footage from the Kim Hyun Joong dramaCity Conquest this summer.

The program will be aired in July and features Kim Hyun Joong in the role of Baek Mi-reu, a young man who takes revenge on society after becoming bitter with his father for abandoning their family.

The drama also featured Jeong Yu-mi, star of the 2011 melodrama A Thousand Days’ Promise. WhenCity Conquest was unable to secure a time slot, Jeong Yu-mi went on to accept a  lead role in the show Wonderful Mama.

With the news that DATV will be airing City Conquest, the question that fans are asking is will they finish filming the television series or is it just the footage which was shown before?

Stay tuned for more news about Kim Hyung Joong and City Conquest.

Source: ( May 15, 2013


LazerKim’s view point

I would like to respectfully suggest DATV if it is possible to air whatever Hyun Joong and the casts had already filmed that we fans can at least have a glimpse of what these people worked hard for City Conquest. If we fans were saddened about KBS cancellation in airing this drama, so much so with the casts and crew particularly Kim Hyun Joong since we all know how much he had prepared and worked hard for this drama.

Hyun Joong did City Conquest for his fans due to that high demand for him to work on drama project and so I think it is just right that we fans be given the chance to watch what Hyun Joong worked hard for. Whether it’s a half baked project, it doesn’t really matter because for me, a project that was done in full-heart effort should be appreciated, specially if the project was done by someone special to me like Kim Hyun Joong. Now I would like to ask, how many of you fans out there feels the same way I do about City Conquest?? I’m just asking and I would just want to know.

Please don’t get me wrong, this is not a matter of crying over a spilled milk, since I strongly believe that there’s a brighter opportunity for Hyun Joong to greet his fans as an actor in other drama projects in the future. But at the back of my mind, City Conquest will always be lingering in my thoughts, with a regret that I was not able to see how good Hyun Joong did in this drama, knowing he was so inspired doing this project for his fans.



In another update, last Friday  May 17th there were tweets at the tweeter pertaining a news  that Kim Hyun Joong donated to China for the earthquake victims to one of the Chinese Charity Foundation. I actually do not have the details of that news yet, since the news was written in Chinese character. As always  the star with a golden heart gives back the love he receives from his Chinese fans and would always be there to rescue to the best way he can share.

Actually this is nothing new since Hyun Joong had been active in giving a helping hand to the charity ever since he was with his former group SS501 and consistently maintaining the virtue of charity until now. There’s a certain soft spot in his heart that truly belongs to the less fortunate, victims of country’s calamity, and to the homeless kids.

He’s quite committed to these charity organizations that he never forget. Hyun Joong has so many blessings of love coming from so many people from around the globe and never forget to give back that love. That is your man, the barefooted star who is so down to earth even in helping others specially the less fortunate.

Here’s the details of that news officially posted yesterday May 19, as follows:

Kim Hyun Joong donates 100 million Won to victims of Ya’an earthquake

Earlier today, One Foundation revealed via Chinese social platform -Weibo, that hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong has made a donation of 100 million Won to victims of Ya’an earthquake in China. Ya’an earthquake, also known as Lushan earthquake happened on the 20th of April, it was said to be the most traumatizing disaster for China in 2013. The earthquake has resulted in at least 196 people dead, 24 missing and at least 11,826 injured.

On weibo, One Foundation confirmed the receive of donation from Kim Hyun Joong and promised everyone to make good use of the money in reconstruction of affected areas. With the donation made, Kim Hyun Joong also wishes that victims in Ya’an could be blessed.

In response to this, fans on various social platforms left messages praising Kim Hyun Joong of his good deed, such as – “He did this once again, I’m proud to be his fan.” , “He is always reaching out to those in need!” and “He knows how to give back to the society, really proud of him!” etc.

Indeed, Kim Hyun Joong is known to be a charitable man as he has made various donations to people in need throughout the past few years, such as donating to victims of Japan earthquake, World Vision and Abierta’s House of Friendship in Philippines.

Source : ( May 19



For more than a year at last we have seen Kim Hyun Joong in the small screen as he was one of the cast of a local TV show the Barefoot Friends. This show was being filmed in different countries in Asia and so far the show casts had reached Vietnam and Indonesia. I have not done that much updates pertaining to this show, but by first impression seeing from the first batch of photos of Hyun Joong from Barefoot Friends he looks happy and seem to be enjoying the location shoots, but I can’t deny it he looks tired. Well who wouldn’t be after his series of concerts, then here he goes filming for a TV show, so that’s quite understandable.

I got an impression that this show must be interesting for me since it involve tourism and the normal way of life of an ordinary person portrayed by celebrities in a certain tourist destination of different neighboring countries of South Korea which I find it educational. I have watched some footage of behind the scenes during the filming before this show was shown and  I haven’t seen the full episodes one to three that I only get to watch few parts in random, specially the parts of Hyun Joong which I truly enjoyed.

I’m glad and thankful to two of my readers shared the link for episode 4 that I was able to watch the show which was filmed in Indonesia. As I was watching of course there’s only one person whom I really want to see from this show and that’s Kim Hyun Joong. At first, I would say I’m one of those greedy fans who would only want to watch my idol, that I was hoping there won’t be too many casts in the show to share with screen time!

Although I know this isn’t fair!! I feel I’m not really good in writing reviews about TV programs or not even reviews on  music, since I still believe we have different taste. What might be good to me may not be good to others. But probably what I can share with you is my personal opinion on Hyun Joong based on how I watched him on episode 4.




Honestly I’m not really fond of watching variety, game or reality shows, but it was Hyun Joong who introduced me to Korean variety shows during my research on him in 2011 and I honestly enjoyed it because Hyun Joong was in those shows. My taste in watching local TV shows haven’t changed, and the only reason why I’m so interested in watching Barefoot Friends is simply because Hyun Joong is one the cast in the show. As I always say, we all have different taste, be it in TV shows, dramas, or even music.

This is just my own personal opinion since it’s only Kim Hyun Joong and Kang Hodong who are familiar to me among the casts, in this show I think Kim Hyun Joong is the cream of the pie, whether we like it or not. As always Hyun Joong never steal screen time and we all know that in his many TV show guesting including this show that if he’s not being asked by the show host then he’ll just be sitting around, and yet I can’t help to be staring at him even somebody else in the show was talking!!

But take note once he open his lips for sure it’s either you laugh or you’ll think about what he’s saying! Even then, it’s so hard to take my eyes away from him, his laughter is so contagious, his expression is so haunting, and his smiles are so magical that I can smile back on my screen!! And whatever he does in the show even cameras were focus in full casts, my eyes were glued on him that he’s just so capturing, that I can only ask for more scenes from Hyun Joong in this show! I felt my addiction to him even developed further!


I can’t help ask myself again, “what’s with this guy?” Hyun Joong doesn’t wear make up for this show and no flashy outfit but still, he’s so outstanding and so handsome among the rest. Whether you agree or not, this is my opinion, and I don’t mean to be offending to the other casts, I just can’t help it, I’m just being honest, I think Hyun Joong is the apple of the eye in this show!! The X-factor in him is so strong and so natural.

For me the best part in episode four was that scene he was dancing at the market place looks really cute and at the restaurant after “gendong” when I heard Hyun Joong’s laughter that his face really turned red laughing, and I watched that part over and over again! I can’t help saying to myself “God I miss this guy!” The last time I heard that typical sound of his laughter on local TV show was in 2011, the last time he guested at Strong Hearts, that even the camera wasn’t focus on him anymore, his laughter can still be heard!!

In this show Barefoot Friends, what we see is the natural Hyun Joong, that even in some of his awkward scenes, like when he was carrying that heavy load of market stuffs, he still looks adorably handsome even he looks so tired from that heavy load, I like that too!! I’m very much looking forward to watch the rest of the episodes and the upcoming ones. I have seen teasers of Episode five as this episode was aired in Korea yesterday, and the scenes I have watched from Hyun Joong made me really laughed!




As I was browsing the Tweeter last week, I came across a site where we can download Barefoot Friends, and to my surprise there were about a hundred comments and many had given negative feedback about the show particularly the third episode. I cannot justify the comments since I have not seen the first three episodes in full. And as I have said earlier I’m not really good in variety shows review, but as a fan of Hyun Joong I go where he goes, I stay where he stay.

Meaning no matter what others may say how lousy a show may be, for as long as Hyun Joong is there in that show, I will surely watch him, support and encourage his fans to watch the show. Whom do we really want to see in this show in the first place? If we’re all dying to view Hyun Joong at any airport while he was just walking at the airport lobby, what more if he has a show! Of course the more we will watch him in any show where he is and besides we already know how entertaining he is on TV shows.

And for the show producer of Barefoot Friends, I sincerely hope he’ll be able to read those comments, I think it is only the producer who can justify how the show goes and make the necessary moves to improve. As for us fans of Kim Hyun Joong I gathered we’re satisfied and happy how Hyun Joong portrayed his part in the show, and how he enjoyed working with the rest of the cast in his own natural way of being just an ordinary person, just as much as we enjoy watching him. I think the negative comments were pertaining to how the show was made, probably how it was edited on the first three episodes.

In my opinion, there’s no such thing as perfect production, one way or another errors are likely to happen at the beginning of the show specially if this is a series. One good thing about TV recorded production, changes can be made to improve it depending on its audience appreciation. Unlike in live shows that one single mistake can be marked by the audience. I think Barefoot Friends has a good potential, since I find the show entertaining. Thanks to Hyun Joong again as he introduce the other casts who may not be so familiar to some of his fans that I appreciate and enjoy their interaction with Hyun Joong  in the show.

919531_429988483763882_1590099328_o (1)


In one of Hyun Joong’s interview in a talk show in 2011, he mentioned that he’s always wearing make-up in any exposure he has and that he was saying he has an awful skin without it. He was saying he’s a bit conscious of his scar on his right eye, but as he had seen from one of the actors who has almost the same scar and that it looks manly, that was the only time he was convinced it’s alright to have some marks on his face!!

This time as we see Hyun Joong without make-up or not even well groomed hair style in any scenes from Barefoot Friends, he still looks handsome. Hyun Joong has the type of beauty that the more you look at him or even stare at him, the more he looks handsome. He’s gifted with telegenic, photogenic and even more handsome in person in any angle, whether he frown, or just a blank expression in his face, he’s consistently handsome and when he smiles I see him like an angel filled with sincerity.

One of my male team mates had seen Hyun Joong for the first time, and he said it’s no wonder that his fans are all crazy about him because he’s very handsome. Then I said to him, you should know the guy better because it’s not only looks that his fans are crazy about him!



I was once a perfectionist, I was the kind of person who looks for perfection in an artist talent ability, technique, then next is beauty and brain. Hyun Joong changed that views in me and enlightened me with reality being an artist and being a fan at the same time. I leaned that it’s not technique in an artist’s craft that truly matters, but what makes me happy being a fan or simply being an audience. This I think is the most important input an artist should know. What makes your fans or your audience happy truly matters a lot.

Let’s face it, there are some artists who are technically brilliant whether in acting or singing but they couldn’t get to the peak of their popularity. They couldn’t get their own fans to stay, then I think there must be something missing. There’s a saying “You can never have everything in this world.” But there are some artists who are truly gifted with talent, looks and charisma. Hyun Joong is one of them rolled into one. Whether you agree or not it’s alright, anyway this is just my professional point of view.

There are many artists who are in self denial that sometimes need some reality check! Hyun Joong is quite different, he is quite the opposite in fact, he knows very well where he stand, knows his weakness and works hard to improve himself. And we have seen the results of his hard work. For Hyun Joong he makes his own choice of music, in concerts he makes sure he has something new, and even in performing for TV shows he tries his best to do something different  just like what we see in Barefoot Friends or even at City Conquest changing his image from a flower boy to a real man without over doing his craft.

And what he has in mind is what makes his fans happy, making sure that we won’t get tired or bored of seeing him as an artist in all the same image or the same music from him. Since Hyun Joong has the ability to transform, to innovate and artistically creative, I would say  Hyun Joong is definitely one of a kind.

That’s him, he puts priority to what his fans may enjoy and make them happy. He does everything that his fans can be proud of him being our idol. In short, he knows how to get hold of his fans without overdoing anything but simply being himself consistently, and making sure there’s something new that he can offer to us.



Just like what we are seeing in our screen from Barefoot Friends, which is another side of Hyun Joong being just an ordinary person of being simple and nothing glamorous in this show. It’s true that even Hyun Joong would just stand on stage without doing anything you’ll already be captured even without make up or flashy outfit. In fact, in this show Barefoot Friends if you notice he’s always at the edge of your screen specially scenes focused on full cast, but still my eyes just followed where he is and stare at him!

The magic word is charisma. What more with hearing his voice as he sings from his heart, or just simply hear him speak or laugh, you’ll just melt and fall in love with him again and again. An artist’s sincerity is very important, I learned that too, because we fans do feel this from them in whatever they do as we can feel if they are sincere or not.

What captured my heart was just one simple smile from Hyun Joong when I first saw him in person in 2010 that I can never forget, because that single simple smile was filled with sincerity and I consistently felt that until I met him again this year. As others may think Hyun Joong may not be the best in the music industry or as an actor as of now, but he got all that power to conquer the world.

What’s with this guy? He’s totally barefooted yet stunning, wouldn’t you care for a date with  Kim Hyun Joong?  Well don’t miss it you have a date with the Barefoot Star TONIGHT!!

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing


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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNITED ALIEN


By: LazerKim            I would like to share an update pertaining Hyun Joong’s fan meet in South Korea which shall be held on June 8, here’s that update:

Kim Hyun Joong to Party with Fans in Korea              

After traveling all around Asia, Kim Hyun Joong will finally be returning to the motherland to greet fans in Korea.
On June 8, Kim Hyun Joong will be holding the 2013 KHJ Show – Party People concert and fanmeeting at the Korea University Hwajung Gymnasium. This will be his first fanmeeting with fans in Korea in a year and a half.

KeyEast stated, “Kim Hyun Joong always thought it was unfortunate that he couldn’t meet with Korean fans a lot due to promotions abroad. This will be his way of repaying fans who have always supported and loved Kim Hyun Joong.”

Kim Hyun Joong also added, “Please anticipate a lot, since we’re planning a lot of things to create unforgettable memories with Korean fans, who I will meeting for the first in a while.”

The tickets will be sold on May 16 at 8PM (KST) on Interpark.

Photo Credit: KeyEast

News Source: CJ E&M enewsworld  by: Grace Danbi Hong
Link: (



Kim Hyun Joong shall be celebrating his 27th birthday next month June 6th, his fans have always been very thoughtful to him, since I have noticed that every time he is on his exposure particularly whenever he gets in or out of his country, his fans always hand in letters or presents for him. On his up coming birthday, many of us may be thinking what gift can we give him on his birthday. Hyun Joong is a celebrity, and in terms of tangible materials I’m sure he can afford to buy those item for himself.

May I say one greatest gift that a fan can give to his idol is our support in him. Hyun Joong shall soon be releasing his upcoming Japanese single TONIGHT and I think this is the right time to show our united support being his fans. In every purchase of his CD our purchase is being counted at the Oricon Music Chart. What more is the best gift that we can give him is something that he cannot buy for himself, which is placing him to the top of the chart.

We have less than a month to prepare in purchasing the album as our way of supporting Hyun Joong and his music. Let’s bring him up to the Oricon Music Chart once again. If we were able to make it in his previous albums, then we can do it again, for as long as we join hands in pushing him up to his ladder.



I haven’t got the chance to thank all of you my readers, since last week my article was focus on Hyun Joong’s upcoming single. First, I would like to thank all of you for not forgetting this blog of Kim Hyun Joong and I was so overwhelm with joy as I posted my previous article SAYING HELLO that many of you positively responded with so much love and caring. Thank you very much. And then many of my regular readers do visit this blog even I wasn’t around and some had guarded it that I truly appreciate it very much. I’m so happy and it’s really nice to be back home, seeing all of you guys whom I truly missed.

I had a minor accident a few days ago from my work place or from one of our venues, so that gives me a few days to take a rest from my work. I would say, thanks for the accident I’ll be able to write and focus here for a while!! LOL not that I’m trying to escape from work but I just miss writing so much!!  I’m perfectly fine though, I’m just too accident prone ever since! Just like many of us does, we search for the healer Kim Hyun Joong, that’s why I’m here, a home to run to in times of pain and joy. This time it’s physical pain! LOL! But if this accident happened during Hyun Joong’s concert, I wouldn’t care about the pain and surely be there in front of him LOL! He’s my pain reliever anyway!



While I was away, I think Hyun Joong gained another set of new fans that many had emailed me which I apologize for the delayed reply. If you have ever read my first few articles I have written the history of this blog site, how it started and what pushed me to create this blog site.

For the new fans or my new readers I would like to share these objectives with you, but before that, may I thank you, the new fans and new readers for reading my articles and to all who have patiently waited. I checked on my wordpress record and many are doing their marathon reading even I wasn’t around. Allow me to welcome the new comers, please feel free to leave message or comment and surely I will acknowledge or my regular readers will as they normally did during my absence, thank you.

I set some objectives before I started this blog after my research about Kim Hyun Joong. What made me create this is that I got no one to share my thoughts about Hyun Joong. And since I was a first timer fan in 2011, I got no place to go where I can pour out my thoughts of him.

There were a lot of critics lingering around when I was very new being a fan and it feels I got no space to defend him. This really pushed me to write instead, in defense for Hyun Joong. But as I wrote my first few articles, for some reasons I just felt I was being filled with love instead of hatred to his critics. Maybe because it’s Hyun Joong whom I write about that I just felt being loved even I don’t see him. In my research and reading about him made me fall for him even deeper than my first impression of him.



1.) To have a home in Hyun Joong fans filled with love and sincerity – Many of you might have experienced just the same as what I had as a first timer fan, that you got nowhere to run to and pour out your thoughts about Hyun Joong. And there was even a time I asked myself  “am I normal? Is this how it is to be as Hyun Joong fan? I can’t get him off my mind!!” Before I knew it, I was already addicted to him! I search on his other fans just to find out if I’m alone in my thoughts and feelings!! I’m so glad I’m not alone.

This was why I created this blog site as an open blog that anyone can leave anything, feelings or thoughts in my comment box. Anyone is welcome in this blog. Even the insects I welcome them too since I know they’re becoming my regular readers too! But may I warn those insects to refrain from messing up with Hyun Joong or we’ll fleet you out!!

There are times as we browse the internet and come to read some not so good read about Hyun Joong coming from his critics that it hurts us, we look for a space to burst out our disappointment over what we read from them. And so I welcome all fans who has that feelings and experience. Other than this a lot of times we feel like falling for him again and we got no one to share with, so I’m giving this space for you to pour it out. It doesn’t matter what language you use for as long as it’s not publicly improper.

2.) To bring Kim Hyun Joong closer to his fans – Last year I was active in writing that I made this article writing on daily basis, I was addicted to writing all about Hyun Joong that it became a daily dosage to my regular readers and to me as well being a fan writer. By staying closer to him brings us daily joy that Hyun Joong became our stress reliever. If I would be asked as to what is the best thing about being a Kim Hyun Joong fan? I would just say this, “he’s my healer.” The best thing that ever happened to me is knowing this guy that I was filled with so much inspiration in anything I do. Hyun Joong has been a part of my work, he’s been my daily companion as seeking updates about him gives joy whenever I’m out from work on my leisure times. I have learned so much and I’m sure you will learn a lot from him too irregardless of age or experience.

Under such unavoidable circumstances I have to cut it down because of my work. but I was just so glad that I have written what I ought to, enough to know who Kim Hyun Joong is, before I came back to work. This blog has been creating a good interaction among my readers and from there we do learn from each other, that somehow keeps Hyun Joong closer to us that he can read from us too. As the new comers go on with their marathon reading all about Kim Hyun Joong, I’m sure they too will experience a certain closeness to him just like all of us had experienced.


3.) To protect Kim Hyun Joong at all cost – There is no way for Hyun Joong to protect himself from his critics. He’s the type of artist who would just remain silent even mud had already been thrown to him. He’s a public figure so I can’t blame him, other than the fact that the guy is well-mannered at any given circumstances, he’s not the type who would go after his critics.

Who would ever get hurt from his critics other than Hyun Joong, of course we, his fans. So defending him is just like defending ourselves because we are his mirror. What we are reflects on him, whether we like it or not. Tell me who your idol is and I’ll tell you who you are. I may be sensitive over his critics and I think it’s my right to be and defend. So be it his anti fans, his critics or even his own fans who might have lost their way, I would defend him at all cost in the most civil way regardless of who they are.

4.) To win new fans for Kim Hyun Joong – Any star or any celebrity with no exception has the prime aim of winning more fans. One way of helping Hyun Joong in this area is to help Hyun Joong in expanding his network of fans by simply being accommodating to the new comers. Generally speaking, majority of Hyun Joong’s fans are matured, friendly and very accommodating. So for the new fans feel free to approach them and they will help in the best way they can, in search of Kim Hyun Joong. You may find many of his fans at the tweeter or Facebook who are active in sharing updates, photos, videos all about him.

Be it from this blog or other blog sites, Hyun Joong has many fan bloggers focused on sharing that you may read from those sites too in getting to know him better. Whatever help you may need in seeking for Hyun Joong, feel free to open it up, my comment box is open any time and I will respond to you or you may email me at If in case I won’t be around I’m sure my regular readers shall come to your rescue. I realized that losing one single new fan is not our lost but it’s Hyun Joong’s lost. I wouldn’t want this to happen, I would want him to gain more, having a big family in Hyun Joong is merrier!

These are my prime objectives as a fan writer for Kim Hyun Joong. For the last one year I think I have accomplished these objectives with the help of my regular readers and those fans at the tweeter who are endlessly sharing updates about Hyun Joong, and with that I’m ever thankful to you all. I would like to maintain these objectives as it is, taking it by heart. Fans do come and go, but I would like this blog to stay to be a home for us that we can come back to any time to refresh our memories how we were able to share Hyun Joong’s moments with his fans as he continue his journey to stardom with all of us.

hyunbar (1)_thumb[2]


I have been a fan blogger of Kim Hyun Joong for a year and half, for the new fans may I clear it up that I don’t belong to any fan club, I’m just an ordinary fan like anyone else who writes about Kim Hyun Joong. Since it was the first time for me to be a fan of a one specific artist, I really didn’t know how it is to be a fan! In fact I was even doubtful at first if I was already a fan of Hyun Joong!! I just realized I was already following what his other fans were doing on line! I remember the unforgettable voting poles at Mnet in 2011 as Hyun Joong won the Best male Artist for the year 2011.

My support to Hyun Joong started from that voting poles, I was just silently observing the movements of his fans and felt the unity among them. And I enjoyed it by just reading tweets from them at the tweeter and when Hyun Joong won in at that polls and was awarded, I felt as if I also won the award! It was fun feeling the challenge and won! Until such time last year my deeds escalates to monitoring the voting polls and shared the voting records to my regular readers, and encourage them to vote for Kim Hyun Joong.

My support was followed by purchasing his albums for the first time that I wasn’t aware my purchase was counted at the music chart! And finally, creating this blog that at first I just want to have a space to write on my thoughts about Kim Hyun Joong without realizing this is another way of supporting him, because little by little I was gaining readers and gaining new fans for Hyun Joong until such time they became my regular readers.

These are my way of supporting Hyun Joong, in short I was never obliged to do these things, it was all on my own intention of helping him as his fan. Fans are not oblige to support everything we do for Hyun Joong, these are within our own individual decision or choice. There are many ways of supporting him, in fact with just merely watching his TV shows, dramas is already a support.

Attending to his concert is another one, other fans may not have the chance to do this specially those from the other side of the world but by merely watching his video footage at YouTube is already a support. There will come a time that Hyun Joong will come and visit his fans to that other side of the world. Now we keep our fingers cross that he would be able to achieve his intention of world tour and that his fans may be able to take a glimpse of him or even watch his concerts.

Sharing Hyun Joong with others is by all means a part of supporting him, that by this way it helps in keeping Hyun Joong closer to his other fans specially those who are outside Asia. It’s a fan dedication to Hyun Joong and their way of supporting him which we at the receiving end appreciate their tireless effort in bringing Hyun Joong closer to us. As the saying goes, sharing is loving. Being a sincere fan what we have is an unconditional love for Hyun Joong that we do share with his millions of fans all over the world. Now this can bring us a good unity in supporting him.

Be it the tiniest way of supporting Hyun Joong is well appreciated by him, it’s the thought that counts. Whatever makes us happy in supporting him stay with it because it brings a lot more happiness to him be it big or small in effort. What Hyun Joong cares about the most is what his fans makes them happy, and nothing else matter.



Whenever Hyun Joong performs on stage he may recognize some fans who have been following him during his Japan Tour Concert Series this year or his Asia Fan Meet last year, but he doesn’t know any of his fans personally. Whoever is in front of him or attendees during those concerts or any performance he embraces them all with no exceptions. He doesn’t choose whoever wants to watch his shows or whoever supports him. For him he sees his fans equally the same regardless of nationality, color, culture, age, religion or whatever have you.

For Hyun Joong the important thing is that we are with him at his side supporting him with all sincerity in any way we can be it the tiniest way of support or big once it doesn’t matter, just as we stay with him, whether we may just be in his home country, within Asia or at the other side of the world. Just the same this blog is open to everyone regardless of anything. I see all my readers to be the same regardless of nationality, well of course insects are different species of course!!

It was quite recently I realize that among my readers there are some who interact through my comment box who were having political disputes in the real world, but it is in this blog that they shared their love with Kim Hyun Joong! All of us may have differences but for once we all have our common ground which having the same admiration and addiction for one single star. Kim Hyun Joong indeed has the power to bring people together to share and love through him that can bring peace.

I believe in UNITY, I believe it is in unity among fans setting aside differences that we can bring Hyun Joong to the heights of his success and a stronger foundation to stay strong in him. I do believe Hyun Joong has the power to unite people for peace. There are some countries which may be currently at war or having disputes in the real world. But for once leave the real world and just enjoy even just a little while with Hyun Joong. And I think we can feel better facing another day in our lives.



I would like to re-affirm what I have written in the past as I wrote the article UNITY IN ONE as my parting shots for this article.

“I was trying to visualized like, in a room Hyun Joong being there, and his international fans, God knows how many different nationals there are, granting none of them can speak English same as Hyun Joong. They may not understand each other but they all have the same purpose to be in that room.”

“No one would speak because no one can understand language, as Hyun Joong stand in front of his international fans as he sings that can not be understood, but the fans sings with him, as he dance they followed him, the fans smiled at each other and cheering for Hyun Joong in different languages. As soon as Hyun Joong stops to sing, what everyone can hear is his breathing, as the fans breath with him. There’s only one thing common in that room including Hyun Joong, and that is LOVE.”

TONIGHT we have a date with Kim Hyun Joong, don’t miss his album!!

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TONIGHT


By: LazerKim                I have been waiting for this news to come out and finally it’s out at the internet circulation. Kim Hyun Joong shall soon be launching his third Japanese single TONIGHT here in Japan under Universal Music. So we have something to look forward again in Hyun Joong’s music and I’m sure most of you have already read this news. Just in case you have not read about the album yet, here’s that news as follows:


KIM HYUN JOONG Release photos from his upcoming Japanese Single Album

Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Source: E News World (http://enews24.interest.m..original article )

Kim Hyun Joong teased the release of his upcoming third Japanese single Tonight with photos from the album.

Key East released through a press release on May 2 photos from Kim Hyun Joong′s upcoming single.

“Images from Kim Hyun Joong′s album, to be released in Japan on June 5, have been revealed. The photos show his strong and powerful charms,” the release read.

The photos show the main still and a few covers from the five different versions of the album.

In some photos, Kim Hyun Joong sings in a simple yet classy suit, showing off his more stylish and charismatic side.

Another photo shows him standing in a pop art-like setting with vivid colors, while yet another has him perched on a motorcycle in leather.

Kim Hyun Joong′s third single album Tonight will contain three songs, including the title song Tonight and a track titledCappuccino. All three songs are in different genres.

In the meantime, Kim Hyun Joong is busy preparing for the album, and has been appearing in the SBS variety showBarefooted Friends.


I was all smiling upon seeing one of the CD jacket and I can’t help notice this photo above that in an instant it reminded me of Hyun Joong in 2011 when he was guested in a talk show as Hyun Joong pretended to be drunk singing, since there’s a bit similarity in his expression that I can’t help laugh and search for that photo again. Until now every time I see this photo or watch it’s video footage, I still laugh. Oh this guy is just so adorable!! Here’s that photo below:



I’m writing this article about Hyun Joong’s upcoming Japanese single and making sure that everyone has been notified about this. Seeing from the CD jacket it seems to be projecting Hyun Joong’s versatility and one of a kind unique personality. Just the same in his music, Hyun Joong portrays his kind of music in so many different ways that makes him special. He doesn’t stick to one style of music and was able to maintain variation in concept.

It would be nice if each of us would have a collection of his CD from his first album to the latest, and see for yourself how his music differ from one another, that you won’t get tired listening to it over and over again. Hyun Joong knows his fans came from different age bracket and of course we have different taste or different moods of what music we want to listen to in one particular moment. Hyun Joong almost has it all, from pop, ballad, RNB and rock. This time he has another new concept and that’s what we will be waiting for which is coming up very soon!

Again this is one way of supporting Hyun Joong and his music and we have a month to prepare for its release so go get your pre-order. You may visit Hyunnies Pexer Blog on how and when you may purchase the CD through on-line pre-order, although I believe this is not open yet but let’s keep our awareness, bookmarked on Hyunnies Pexer’s Blog so we can catch up. Hyunnies thank you very much for sharing.

Link: click here> (

936260_116094695259211_27163461_nCHAIN OF SUCCESS

It really feels good to be watching Hyun Joong from where he started as solo artist and seeing him in different image every time he has a new project, as he matures the more he shines. Everything may change in him from head to foot and his career status but his heart remains the same as ever. Time fly so fast, it was in June 2011 when he launched the most memorable album for me which is Breakdown, as Hyun Joong wears his black short hair that I was wishing to see him in person with that same hair style, and wish come true again! Among his hairstyle this one is my favorite that’s why I never intend to change my blog wall! He’s back with it but in a different aura.

I can still remember during his first TV appearance in performing Breakdown, he said this, “I want to show my manly side to my fans, and I hope they will like it.” He was still catching his breath after dancing Breakdown when he was interviewed and yet it’s still his fans that he was thinking about! That’s the guy! I really couldn’t forget that image that shook the entire universe, since it was a 180 degree turn on his image! From that time on until at present he just kept going up his ladder.

And despite of the setback in City Conquest, he immediately rose up in no time as he performed his Japan Tour concert series, I said to myself, this guy is really unstoppable in gaining his career success. And in no time we’ll get to see him again with his new music.

Oh well, whatever success Hyun Joong has, it’s also his fans success, we shall always remember this, as we shall continue supporting his upcoming single TONIGHT. For those fans who are actively posting at tweeter, thank you very much for your effort, you are very well appreciated by all of us, please do keep up with your good work in posting TONIGHT and spread the good news about Hyun Joong’s Japanese single to keep the fans well informed and by this way we can again place Hyun Joong at the top of the Oricon Music Chart. Fighting!!

For my parting shots, well, I’m still laughing about that photo Hyun Joong pretending to be drunk singing!!! LOL how I wish to share further! How would you not love a person like Kim Hyun Joong?? He has such a remarkable sense of humor beyond expectation for a perfectly handsome man!

We may be all busy with work, count me in, but let’s not forget TONIGHT with Kim Hyun Joong, it’s a date!!


A very good Samaritan shared us the link for pre-order, thank you so much Noya for sharing.

LINK click here> (

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