Kim Hyun Joong… [Article] SAYING HELLO!


By: LazerKim                 Hello everyone! I’m LazerKim who’s totally at lost for almost four months and I’m glad to find my way back here in this blog of the Alien family! Oh you just don’t know how nice it feels to be back saying hello to everyone! May I just say I’m not here to write for updates since I got nothing at hand or I may have lots but not a good time to disclose. There’s a saying when you’re at lost or in pain and there’s nowhere you can go, there’s always a place called home to run to as your comfort zone.

This is exactly what I feel at this very moment that I would like to share with you, and as you read on further you’ll get to understand what I mean. I got three lengthy topics to touch because I’m afraid it would take time again to have the chance to write. But at the end of this article I hope I can make you smile even it’s less than about updates, but about unconditional love.


We all know that whenever there’s something sharp pointed to our chest, simply look for Kim Hyun Joong and pain just go away that you can smile again! I had that experience last year and this blog became that home for me to run to for cure or a habit for healing. Do you think it’s only us fans of Kim Hyun Joong has that in mind?

Well, may I just share that there are moments that Hyun Joong feels down and what relieves his feeling down is reading! Hyun Joong is very fond of reading articles about him, as he finds interest in what his fans wanted to tell him or what they feel about him being his fans. It is from his fans that he pulls out strength to move on whenever he stumbles down. And had that in one occasion but managed to pull himself up all because of his fans inspiring him heart and soul.



Needless to say that everyone already knew that Hyun Joong had a very successful concert series here in Japan and a very memorable one to each and every Japanese and lots of international fans who were there at the concert series here in Japan. I had the experience of watching Hyun Joong on stage just like a simple person, no make up still handsome and manly, no flashy outfit but simply himself and his music. These are just simple rare chance that I can never forget.

There were just a few production staffs seated at the audience gallery at dawn preparing for each big night concert. There was just a complete silence, no cheering, no big crowd but only the sweet voice of Hyun Joong and the band rehearsing. Hyun Joong has a very good eye contact and sings with all his heart out as if his audience are his lovers, even it was just a rough run thru rehearsals, I could feel his emotions. This is my favorite part of the entire concert series preparation because I finally have seen that simple man Hyun Joong was describing.

During the concert proper, I stood near the audio control area that I can watch Hyun Joong and his fans. And in every concert location, there’s one common ground, which I called a strong bond between an idol and his fans. Hyun Joong captured the hearts of his audience as his audience also captured Hyun Joong’s spirit as he performed in the highest peak of his adrenaline, that seemed to be an endless happiness to both Hyun Joong and his fans.

I wrote an article which I mentioned that the first and the last concert is the most important among the series. Overall concerts I would say the last one in Hiroshima that Hyun Joong left a lasting memory of his being a rocker. I was deeply moved by Hyun Joong losing control of his emotion that no matter how he tried to hold back, his tears just fell from his eyes. I can’t hold back my tears as well since being a part of the team for the last four months has been truly memorable having Hyun Joong there with us.

He was overwhelmed by how his audience showed their appreciation for what Hyun Joong made them happy the entire series. This guy is tough on the surface but deep inside he is soft specially to his fans. Now I would say, I got the right opinion about him. He’s more than what I thought and have seen more than what I expected from him being a star.



On one of my rest days, I had the chance to hit the internet, and for the first time in months I was able to visit my own blog with the article GREATLY IN-DEMAND which was my last article during the concert series. I would like to thank my regular readers for your endless concern about me at the same time may I apologize for keeping you waiting for what I can write.

I would like to grab this chance while I still have it, to clarify something pertaining my absence. I read from my comment box from Mr. Anonymous which may have the same opinion with others. I tend to ignore the comment since some of my regular readers defended me in my behalf and that I’m so thankful to them for their understanding and being considerate. Anyway, here’s the comment:

“its been a Whle! where is the bloggers? Ohhh i know…i think she get sick and tired ….of overrating ur so called alien prince….just handsome is nothing here in korea talent matters most…..PEACE TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!

Well this was written a month ago I think, and I would like to think I owe an explanation pertaining my absence even I had already explained from that article where I found this comment. Anyway, last year, I have been very active as a fan writer simply because I was blessed with generous time to research and write all about Kim Hyun Joong during my recovery, that I’m truly grateful for that chance to share my opinion, my thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, I was being recalled to report to my previous profession to assist in working on stage production here in Japan last January that gave me a very good chance to work, that I was made to choose between bringing Hyun Joong closer to his fans or my cherish profession.



Now going back to the comment, first, I never intended to overrate Kim Hyun Joong, specially at this time that I have already proven to myself who Kim Hyun Joong is in reality. I write whatever documented facts there are about Hyun Joong and share my opinion pertaining to what I have read and now seeing those that I have read from the guy himself I don’t think I have ever overrated Hyun Joong as a star and as a person.

Second, the comment stated “just handsome is nothing here in Korea talent matters most”. Pardon me for saying this, but, what’s with Korea? Whether Hyun Joong is popular in Korea or not, for me is irrelevant, he’s my idol and I will remain to be his fan no matter what happens. Does this mean if Hyun Joong isn’t popular in Korea then he doesn’t have the right to be popular in the bigger part of the world as he is at present?? Come on!! But I’m thankful to Mr Anonymous for reading my articles at least he’s aware of my absence!! LOL!! All the while I thought it’s only the Alien family that I miss!! But I also miss the insects!! Hey I’m still here to bug you off!!

I don’t have any intention to close down this blog nor placing it on hiatus because I still want to come back and write all about Kim Hyun Joong again in the future. Time is my problem since I have been extremely busy with work, that eight hours sleep became my precious chance to re-charge which is rare!! So I don’t think I can go back as regular fan writer at least not at this period yet, that I sincerely hope my regular readers would understand. I will never forget what Hyun Joong built within his family of fans or from the Alien world that this blog has already been my home with the Alien family and of course with Kim Hyun Joong.



I actually wrote the topics above in April 9 but had failed to publish it. This time as I continue this article, I would like to clear the air about something happened during my absence which I admit this may be another delayed reaction, but I just feel I have to do this. A regular reader of mine was kind enough to share what’s going on around the fandom, and shared a link from a blogger naming the blog Angel of the East Kim Hyun Joong. But what was shared to me was not an article about Kim Hyun Joong but, his best friend Kim JaeJong, under the said Hyun Joong’s fan blog site.

Yes it’s true it was I who recommended the blogger to my readers. Honestly, before the year ended last year I knew all along that I would be recalled in my previous job post that made me really worried that I might not be able to write again, considering the nature of my work schedule. And so I was encouraging some fans to open up their blog and share their thoughts about Kim Hyun Joong, as what I used to be doing in the past one year 2012.

I understand my readers have gone used to reading daily articles and I would like them to continue reading on to keep Hyun Joong closer to his fans. We bloggers have every right to write what we want, but I also have realized it’s not that easy as saying it. At some point being a fan writer, I was also crucified by other artist’s fans for being honest with my opinion of their idols. The same thing happened to Angel of the East, only it was worst to be misunderstood by other co-fans.

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Jae Joong may be best friends supporting each other but having been at the same field of profession on same Kpop category, they are still considered as competitors in the public eye. That’s showbiz in reality, no friends no neighbors simply showbiz in friendly competition.

Now here it is. I read or I saw the article about JaeJoong from the blog Angel of the East Kim Hyun Joong and without further reading the article my initial reaction to the blogger was this, “oh so she switched to JaeJoong.” I wasn’t affected knowing that anyone can support any artist any time. But later on I found out it’s not what I thought.  I didn’t bother to read the article since it’s not within my interest to read about the guy. A fan friend of mine wrote to me and mentioned about the article but I decided to brush it off my shoulder, since I didn’t have much time to stay at the internet and react to the article.

After a week another article was passed on to me from the same blog, but this time it’s about Hyun Joong’s album that appears to be comparing it with JaeJoong’s album. I ignored the article for the second time, but my eyes were caught by the negative comments to the article and that my name was also mentioned in the comment box. And so I read the article, to find out the reason for those negative comments.



A fan wrote in that article’s comment box as stated something like, “LazerKim would be disappointed in reading this article”, and I would lie if I say I wasn’t disappointed by the article. Anyway, I was reminded by an article I wrote entitled “Extra Thoughts” and I wrote a suggestion that in case any fan may have comments about Hyun Joong which is not so good to read, it would be better to come up straight to him through snail mail and address your comments to him which is I think the most professional way instead of posting it. This would avoid confusions or misunderstanding among the fans whoever may read a negative post from a fan.

I think some fans may not want to read such blog from a co-fan, but do they have a choice if the blog is tagged for Kim Hyun Joong, and after reading the article it’s not about him after all? It’s like misleading by first impression although unintentional!! And so I do understand the fans who wrote some negative comments about the blogger that created confusions. I believe the article was not meant to be harsh on Hyun Joong though as the blogger intended to review Hyun Joong’s Unlimited Album on her own opinion.

The article was not a criticism but comparison between the Unlimited album and  Jaejong’s album and stating his album is better than Unlimited in her personal opinion.  Although I believe the fans who made the negative comments to the blogger may or may  not be against Jaejong’s album, it’s just that the article I think was placed in the wrong blog site! This is just how I see the entire scenario, the blog title and the article doesn’t jive at all that seem to be misleading!!

Other than the fact that we fans have different preference in terms of music, meaning there’s nothing wrong about the music we want to listen to and it all depends on our own individual taste in music. So I just don’t believe in reviews in terms of music even the review was done by music experts. I guess the blogger have realized the mistake and finally made another blog site where she can pour out her feelings to another artist, which I think is a wise decision.

I just would like to point out in response to the recent article of Angel of the East as she stated that she has done the album review to encourage Hyun Joong to develop just like talking to a friend. I’m an artist too same as Hyun Joong on the same field, and if there’s something that I would like to say to a co-artist or a friend of mine, I would like to be honest in my opinion about him, BUT I would prefer to talk to him ALONE. If I care so much to encourage and develop an artist, I wouldn’t want others to hear what I have to say, specially if my opinion is somewhat negative to the other person. This is if I sincerely care. Oh well at the end of the day no matter what frictions there may be around we’re still family with Hyun Joong, and nothing else matter!



Speaking in general, we do not know what Hyun Joong truly feels, he’s a public figure and we do not know whether he’s hurt, or how sensitive he is, and all I know is that he’s fond of reading articles about himself and that way of boosting his strength by reading from his fans, truly inspires him. Well who wants to be criticized in public or to be compared whether it’s a project result, an album or whatever, in the first place? I think this is just a matter of putting ourselves into his shoes to understand him as an artist or just a person like us.

He’s a man, he himself has a natural man’s ego, and we may never know he might even be a jealous type of artist or merely sensitive being compared to his best friend. If we fans are just so sensitive whenever Hyun Joong being criticized, what more with him if he’s the person concern. Public figures may be used to be criticized but they are still human like us with feelings.

At the same time I’m not saying we cannot criticize Hyun Joong but let’s put it in the right way without bringing the guy to embarrassment as his fans or bringing other fans into misunderstanding. Not because Hyun Joong said he’s open to criticisms we would just post it anywhere! Let’s be a little considerate about the guy. Like I mentioned earlier, we can always write to him through snail mail and I’m sure he will appreciate it very much to address whatever your comments or sentiments are.

That’s Superman below!



A fan can always abandon her idol any time, but Hyun Joong can never abandon his fans no matter what pain he got. I’m not here to lead you all to blind admiration, as I have mentioned in my past articles I’m not in the position to criticize his talent ability since I believe he has a bunch of experts working behind him to do that job. So you’ll never get to read one from me because I like his style and his music right from the very start, specially now that I have watched him over and over again within his recent concert series.

But I would be very vocal directly to him if he’s on the wrong track in treating his fans, that I promise.  But this doesn’t mean I’ll be giving up on him as my idol. Just the same with Hyun Joong, he doesn’t know his fans personally that even we make mistakes or hurt him, he’ll just accept us and he’ll never give up on us as his fans. A typical unconditional love.

Is there a need to have a reason in loving a person? What if those qualities we love in that person faded, wouldn’t you love him anymore? Again I was reminded by my aunt’s admiration to her idol actress, which I have written the article “Life Line” as her idol turned to a drug addict, my aunt didn’t gave up on her even she faded from the lime light. As she said, you don’t leave your idol when he or she’s down, because it’s the time that your idol needs you the most and that’s the time he’ll personally recognize you when there’s no longer a big crowd blocking your way from your idol. I would like to be the same with my aunt. This I think is an example of unconditional love for an idol.



Hyun Joong once said this, “I don’t want to be number one because number one can be number two, but I would like to be ONLY ONE.” This is his aim among his fans, but read between the lines and judge for yourself what he meant. I mentioned this once but may I say it again. We fans have every right of choice whomever we want to support, but Hyun Joong embraces whoever is in front of him watching him as he performs on stage irregardless whoever she is or whomever artist they support other than Kim Hyun Joong. In short, while we all have the choice, Hyun Joong doesn’t have that choice in terms of people admiring him or criticizing him.

As I mentioned earlier Hyun Joong pulls out his strength from his fans. In his last concert in Hiroshima, he broke down again and I was deeply moved knowing he’s so overwhelm by what his fans showed to him at every concert series. Do you know the old saying, in an artist, simply hearing his audience applaud and seeing them happy by his performance is such a huge reward beyond words to describe an artist feeling. Hyun Joong is one good example in this old saying. If he was able to make his audience happy, count that a hundred times to Hyun Joong’s happiness after every concert. And that’s very true to Hyun Joong, the stage is his soul whenever his fans are right there in front of him.

And so for those who may accuse me of overrating Hyun Joong, I don’t think that’s right to say at all. Now that I have realized how much he had shared with his fans about himself in reality. Just read on to those articles I have written in the past, specially for those new fans and know more about him. It’s so rewarding for me to have an idol whom I can always be proud of on and off camera.

47784_395295720566492_2049785546_n (1)


My apology for taking so long to write again after Hyun Joong’s concert series, but I’ll be back. And my apology if I seem at lost this time pertaining updates about Hyun Joong that I used to share with you. It may take time again before I can ever come back, although I’m still hoping I can write during my rest days. But please do not forget to PROTECT THE PRINCE always. At this time I think he’s in Jakarta if I’m not mistaken, for his TV show Barefoot Friends, gosh this is all I know and it makes me really sad that I don’t even have the time to browse at the internet as often as used to!! Oh and also please don’t be mislead, I allowed my niece to handle my facebook account, just for those kiddie games! Don’t worry she’s harmless!

I sincerely hope that my absence would not cause any misunderstanding, again may I specifically clarify that I’m still with Kim Hyun Joong as a loyal fan as ever and will remain as ONLY ONE in my life as my sole idol.  Time and work may have taken my presence but never my heart which only belongs to Kim Hyun Joong as his fan. No matter what others may say, there’s that definite and unconditional love I got or we got for our idol. It’s like magic that we barely know the guy personally but the attachment is so undeniable.

Oh by the way, may I just mention, when my pet dog Jaya died in April 2 I was crying and since I got no one to share with since everyone at work were so busy to listen, I thought about the Alien family and coming home for a shoulder to cry on! My readers became someone whom I can share with and that I will never forget. I wasn’t with my dog when she died and that was so sad, but I have to work that it even hurt badly since I have to hold back my tears and be professional! She may just be a dog who have been keeping me company for 14 years but she was so precious to me. This was what I was pertaining to at the beginning of this article, another unconditional love for a pet dog! May I just say this….Hyun Joong please take care of Art and Matic, I don’t want you to lose them, itai yo!


Well, I say No to farewell, but I want to say SEE YOU AGAIN!! For the new fans, there are about 350 articles which I have written last year that you can read on. I sincerely hope these articles are enough for you to read until I come back. For my regular readers, what can I say, I miss you all so terribly!! Please forgive me if I have chosen my profession this time, but I’ll be back. And also please keep eye on insects!! LOL I miss them too!! I wonder if they miss me too!!

And also Hyun Joong I think is quite happy with his new TV show although it’s sad to think knowing he loves the stage to perform live that he’s currently taking a short break from it, but the stage is just waiting for him to rock it again!!. In the meantime I do hope you guys would enjoy watching him on Barefoot Friends since Hyun Joong had been away from the small screen for one year so I think it’s about time he gets back bouncing on those games again the way we watched him in the past years.

Lastly, I would like to thank my regular readers again for waiting and thank you very much for your concern over me. I’m doing just great even with hectic work schedule, but this work cannot be an excuse for me to go far from Kim Hyun Joong, which is very unlikely to happen. On the contrary it made me stay connected on facts all about Kim Hyun Joong.

It’s so exciting to say Hello to everyone, but so sad to say… see you again next time!!

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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  1. hey , thank you so much for righting about our blessed angel kim hyun joong , I have a question I wish some one can answer it it sort of bothering me why did kim hyun joong had the stylist and one of the female dancers and the trainer and not the other ss501 didn’t

  2. Hy,lazer,hw iz glad u re back.please I nid u 2 give me kim hyung joong home address nd mobile contact as well.

  3. Oh dear, you are back. How come, I miss this post. Just really miss you. Your article is like a fresh rain drop to relief our thirst. Thanks and thanks again.

    • Thank you so much I’m sorry to keep you waiting but I’m so happy to be back. I miss you too I miss everyone here! Take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless…

  4. Oh my GOD!!!!!! You are BAAAAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!! HUGS!!!!
    You don’t know how happy i am lazer to know that you are writing again. I became a huge fan of you already actually , to the point that i always visit this blog everyday just to see if your writing again. And here you are unni!Im sooooo HAPPY!

    • LOL Hello Seoran! It’s been a while, how are you? Yeah I’m so glad to be back even just briefly. I’m happy to hear from you again! Take care, have a nice day, and see you soon!! God bless…

    • Hello Maria!! It’s been a while I miss you! How are you? I sure do hope you’re doing ok, I’m ok too! See you again and take care…God bless..

  5. the only thing I could say you is that I was entering to this blog EVERYDAY , really couriuos about your job there since i know you were there with KHJL. I read others blog instead but noone writes as you did , we miss your touch, there are many blogs with his information but like you NOOOO…. i am sure he read your blog because I feel he did what we want, remember the time I write here saying I would like him singing CREEP again and he did, I was so surprised. I know that i was not the only want who liked it but seems he listened us. AS him you are the only one let me tell you, I always open this blog before to read others, So today I can describr how happy I was reading your new article , AHHHHH… i couldnt stop to smile until I wrote it I was smiling.
    thanks to not abandone us, May I ask you to write at least every 15 days…….. Jajajaja. Hope yo can do it , not every day and no longer but at least every week or month yessss??
    I really miss you so much.

    • Hi Jasu!! LOL Yeah I remember you left that request CREEP from my comment box! I was already aware that he’s been reading since last year, and it’s true he listens to us from here.

      Lately little by little he’s trying to surface behind our back, without us being aware and trying to hide behind my skirt but he’s here always!

      Thank you so much for the compliment, I appreciate you very much, that gives me further inspiration in writing. Thank you!
      Jasu Never will I leave Hyun Joong and his fans, even I may stay silent for some professional reasons, my heart stays with him and with all of you, but will always come back home in this blog.
      I know you’re always here, and thanks for guarding this blog site as others do which i appreciate, and the fact that you have not forgotten me is such a huge reward for me as Hyun Joong’s fan writer.
      Now i realize how convenient it is to have a laptop that i can bring with in my work to stay connected with you guys!!! I should have done so in the past months but to focus on Hyun Joong’s project was my priority that time.
      Anyway I’ll try to do what you have suggested but I won’t promise. I’ll just be
      popping in anytime. Back to work now, again thank you so much, I’ll see you again, take care and God bless…

    • Hello sis lng! I’m really sorry I know you’ve always been dropping by even I wasn’t around and sincerely thank you so much for your concern about me but I’m really sorry for making you worry. I’ll drop by now from time to time. It’s nice to hear from you, take care always, and see you again…God bless…

  6. Well, I’m a translator and graphic designer xd but I don’t work as that (don’t like it as much so i’m just a freelancer). I’m actually a vdj xd I rent clubs/venues and throw big parties XD and I’m also working as a co-promoter with a friend, but I’m my own boss actually (plus it’s just 1 or 2 concerts per month) xd And I don’t like sleeping, so that’s how I get to have a lot of free time. xd I just came back from a party I threw at one of the most renowned clubs here in Santiago (Chile’s capital city). It was a success, ppl were all crazy, singing and dancing but I won’t go to bed yet even though it’s 6.32am xd I’m so happy that I feel like watching vids and k-dramas, being on twitter and facebook, playing games, playing guitar lol xD kkk that’s what i do for a living xd just like what HJ said once, I’m not the type of person who can work fr. 9 to 5pm xD Plus being connected is a must for me, i’m always online xd I do hope u can at least tell us that u r alive, so we don’t light a candle in your name xd lmao! XD

    • It is great dear, you are “unlimited” as much as HJ is with his powerful energy! 😉 Wishing a lot of funtime on your surfing on Internet and joyful moments to share..kekeke 🙂

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    • Razor where have you been?? when I wasn’t around you’re always here, now that I’m here you nowhere to be found!!!LOL I have to content myself this time I miss writing so much! How are you girl? Now talking about tweeter I don’t know why it is so hard to get in this time and it kept hanging I was there last night just briefly. Ok I’ll do that nest time dropping by to say hello! . My work keeps moving around from one venue to another, I’m always on the road or on air. * sigh* My two days rest is over TTT I’ll be back to work again.
      Take care Razor, I miss you! see you!!

      • Wait a minute. Razor you mean to say, you don’t have a profession or a job? How can you live? Even the wealthiest man in any part of the world are the busiest at work. Even I was stranded back home to recover, my mind is still working for my real estate and construction. You’re still young, go work Hyun Joong likes working girls!! That’s why I can’t handle this blog as regular as I can because if I work I remain focus at work, when I write I remain focus as a writer.

  8. Happy to hear from you, dear Lazer Kim. You were never far from our hearts because we are united by an indestructible chain. Our common affection for our Only One is a deeply established link between us. We learned to appreciate your wonderful articles. Your blog is a light that heats up and brings us this freshness of authenticity and credibility so necessary to have a real approach of which revolves around our Idol KHJ. Thank you to give us from your news today and to keep holds us hands. The distance is nothing when we’re on the same wavelength. We are sharing our unconditional love and support for Hallyu Star and Magnetic Leader Kim Hyun Joong forever! We love and respect him for what he is like a special human being as well as the great and unequalled shining artiste. Just keep in mind that we are looking in the same way and still always your faithful friends. Everything regards you affects us. We share your joys and your sorrows, and we support you always. Stay always like you are the same sweet and delicate person with your nobility and your loyalty and clearness principles that inspire respect. Get my best wishes in all fields. Looking forwards to see you back here again. Take care of yourself. God bless you…

    • You know what? This is so beautiful and meaningful, you’re so inspiring really. Thank you so much and this is very true, I really felt that seeking for home right here because we think in one direction towards Hyun Joong that we get to understand one another no matter how far we are we know where to go and distance never matter. *sigh* You’re so right. Hyun Joong would read this from you and I’m sure he’ll be very happy with what we built having him as our inspiration.
      Really thank you so much for waiting and for understanding of my situation. I’ll be back and really looking forward to it. Taeborum I shall keep your words in my heart while I’m away. But I’ll try my best to open my blog as often as i could, just to greet everyone. Take care and have a pleasant day ahead of you, see you soon, God bless…

      • Thanks you very much my dear friend LazerKim for all your kindness and sweet words! i’m very happy to become a member of your exceptional Blog! This is an inestimable gift that i fully apreciate!!! Best wishes from Beirut. Always in my heart. Have a plenty of great time in all circumstances…enjoy your days and be healthy and wealthy to raise continious powerful energie of love! Wonderful Hyunday~

  9. Saludos cariñosos desde Guayaquil, Ecuador…Bienvenida LazerKim… mi gratitud, porque a través de tus artículos conocí mejor a Kim Hyun Joong, soy su mas ferviente seguidora, ojala podamos disfrutar de su concierto en mi país. Cuidese!!! comprendemos su ausencia…

  10. こんにちは LazerKim!!!!

    I think this is my first post ever on your blog but I have been reading you for quite a long time now… I missed your articles so I’m happy that you’re back… I understand that work claims you for now so I’ll wait patiently for the next article… I understand your passion for your job since I am also very passionate towards mine… so I guess we’re both very fortunate to be able to work in what we like just like KHJ said in the last episode of Barefoot Friends… ^^

    I am very sorry about your dog. I have never had one so I can’t possibly imagine how you must be feeling… However, I’m truly sorry.

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words… you’re truly like a role model to me… More fans like you are needed… I’m trying my best to be a good fan for KHJ but sometimes I feel the distance between him and me is way too big and that there’s not much I can do to support him from Spain… To me the best way to show my love and admiration to an artist is by attending concerts but it’s impossible with KHJ because he has never come to Europe for that so I feel kinda incomplete/lacking as his fan… I guess the only option for now is to just keep buying his cds, watching his shows online and reading sites like this one to give him my full support… However, knowing that there are fans like you in the Alien family makes me feel better… I just want all the fans in Korea and Japan to know how fortunate they are to have such an exceptional person like KHJ so close…! Our Prince is really an awesome person.

    Lots of love from Spain!!!


    • Hello there! It’s good to hear from you thank you very much for dropping by and for waiting for my article I really appreciate you. You know what, you’re not alone in your thoughts, many fans of Hyun Joong at the other part of the world had that thought same as you. Actually there are many ways of supporting Hyun Joong and many fans doesn’t realize we all started from smallest way of support from the time we have found Hyun Joong. Like we started probably watching him at BOF in one episode, got attracted to him and followed by watching him on the next episode until we have done with watching. That itself is already a support. You may have watched him on local TV, the support you gave him is that TV program ratings. Then we started craving for more like watching him on line at YouTube, that’s also a form of support. Supporting doesn’t always mean we have to spend that much on attending his concert away from the country where we
      are, if it’s not possible within our capability. I still believe each and every Hyun Joong fan will get her chance to watch his concert, if we cannot come closer to him, then he will eventually go and reach out for his fans from afar. We may never know.
      Maybe by staying connected around his atmosphere is one best way we can support, tiny it may be but it’s our sincerity that counts nothing more.
      Oh I should have put this in an article in reminding his fans again! Anyway I’m sure everyone can read this.
      I fully agree with you, Korea is very lucky to have an artist like Hyun Joong in their
      country and I hope they realize that. I don’t know I just feel sad about Korea. There will come a time Hyun Joong will be adopted by another country!!! Well that’s possible it happened to his boss, if I’m not mistaken, correct me if I’m wrong.
      Oh well thanks again for sharing your thoughts that made me think again! I hope to hear from you again when I come back, again thanks for waiting. Take care, have a pleasant day and God bless..

  11. Hi! Its my first time to comment here,but i do read ur article ever since. Miss ur daily article en of course the writer too.nice article as always. en i commend u for being bold en courageous in defending KHJ. Thanks for ur effort in doing so.keep up!

    • Hello there! It’s nice to hear from you and thank you so much for reading my articles and for waiting. Oh how i wish to be back so that you can read more but then I myself is empty handed about Hyun Joong’s update. I guess I got lots to research on updates when I come back! Defending Hyun Joong at all cost is the prime objective of this blog other than getting to know him better, since it’s the critics who first pushed me to open up this blog. But everything here is built up with love. I appreciate your compliment thank you so much. My readers are a part of my inspiration and of course Hyun Joong. See you again, take and God bless..

  12. Thank you Lazer Kim! I am reading with misty eyes and a lump in my throat. I have missed your articles so much. In response to your thoughts about my blog… As you know I have posted an apology write up here: and I am posting that link with your permission.

    To all the fans who read my previous articles and were upset… please read this post on my new website. I hope it explains my heart on this matter and that you will be able to begin healing with me. Thank you.

    Back to Lazer Kim! I love you so much sis, and I am SOOOO PROUD of you! You are living your dream. KHJ is just an amazing man… and I am always proud of him no matter what. I tend to not be a black and white type of person. I see the world in shades of gray and can see all sides when people are on opposite sides. I am often misunderstood because I don’t take a definite stand. *sigh* we live and learn, and I have learned a lot from being Hyun Joong’s fan and writing my blog to hear comments from fellow fans. I appreciate your blog and you so much and the fellow fans who are not afraid to say what they think. Stay well and keep going with KHJ… we will be here right beside him and you! Blessings.

    • oh… and about Jaya… I am so sorry. I know how it feels to lose a beloved pet. It is like losing a close person in your family. It is really hard. I pray you will be well and when your life allows, you can get another loyal and faithful friend. There is no other relationship like that of a dog and his human. Unconditional love in it’s purest form. I am grieving with you.

        • Angie I just want to say, we’re family here in this blog. We just don’t read this article but let’s read between the lines, let’s read with all our heart and you’ll get what I’m trying to say. And what Hyun Joong is trying to achieve for his fans.
          There’s that saying, we can’t serve two masters at the same time. If this is so, we’re bound to failure of what we want to achieve being a blogger. Again if we say ONLY ONE literally we get the meaning of LOYALTY. Right?
          It’s your choice and leave you with it. Anyway we have a mind of our own. Have an objective and stay with it. I’ll just be here.

          As for me being a blogger, here’s my objectives first, is for Hyun Joong’s fans to have a home in him that is filled with love and sincerity. Second to bring Hyun Joong closer to his fans, Third, to protect him at all cost be it from his critics or from his own fans who might have lost their way. Lastly to win more new fans for Hyun Joong, to expand his network and for those who would like to know him better in reality and not publicity.

          This is what LazerKim All About Kim Hyun Joong is all about. Nothing more nothing less. Take care, I’ll just be around…God bless..

  13. Welcome back darling LK, she is back she is back…..yupeeeee….thanks for this, missed you lots, like a good friend who just went udnerground. I knew you are busy but still a line, just a line..”I am Ok”, would have been great, sister.
    I somehow think the remark on your blog with broken English “its been a Whle! where is the bloggers?”… maybe KHJ wrote that?! just to put us in a spin?! haha, knowing his funny nature maybe he done that?! You’ve said he is reading articles about himself. It’s been awhile, but so good to hear you are enjoying and enjoyed KHJ concerts, your wish came true, may all other wishes will come true as well.
    I didn’t read that article, frankly don’t want to, but still as you’ve said Healing Idol/Prince, oh boy Hj really is, just a look at his kind smile and feel better, share the thoughts with our Alien family with positive energies from all and instantly the mood is uplifted.
    Yeah BFF is a super show, HJ just being and proving who he really is, our Idol and the Only One.
    Sorry to hear about your beloved dog, after so many years understandable the pain and loss, but that is one part of your life that passed darling and keep the fond memories.
    Good luck in what you do, don’t forget about us, drop a hint/a line/a smile from Hj will be nice and if you have the chance to chat with him once just tell him about our Aliens family (who humbly request him to open a bloody TT account as we don’t understand Weibo…kekeke). God Bless and missed you a lot gal 🙂

    • Hahaha you guess…either him or Lucas, my two crazy boys, teasers!! Just playing safe LOL!!! Hello Noya good to hear from you,email me if you want that smiley LOL i miss you so much i’m really happy almost everyone is here! Yeah it’s a dream come true so i didn’t mind having my eye bug down to the floor on sleepless nights at the venue, it’s such a rewarding experience. Don’t worry he always drop by he still owes me half of the articles i wrote!! He’ll soon sign up as an addict too like us, with me in writing with you in reading!! He has that daily dose, once he had read everything probably that’s the time I have to go back with no choice!!LOL!
      One time I had an attack of vertigo that i couldn’t see anything that i have to pretend to my crew i’m ok, then I bump my head at the wall of the wing at the backstage, and i can’t help but laugh even my head hurts!! Gosh what an experience!!
      Thank you for your concern about my dog TTT I miss her too. I still have one Japanese Spitz back home, she’s younger though now she’s being spoiled ever since Jaya died. Dogs do have attitude too!!
      Take care dear, have a nice day and see you soon!! God bless..

  14. LZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, its been too long,,,,,, but am glad that you are back and well and though still going to get more busy, u had time to write again 🙂 i miss my dose of your article each day. u take care and whenever possible, drop a line, a long article like this one or even just to say hello 🙂 all i can say is that people are given a mind of their own, if they cant stay loyal to one then they cant expect loyalty as well on themselves fr others. hope everyone is doing well, KHJ is having fun with BFF and he’s showing off more sides of him. so for all of us continue to shower our love for KHJ, reaffirm again and again our loyalty to him coz he deserves it. so so much. love u all guys bec of all of u i learn more about him and can talk about him and my happiness about his each and every accomplishment. let’s continue to be a blessing to each other as KHJ is a blessing to us. KHJ fighting!!

    • Helooo it’s been a while!!! Glad to hear from you again! how have you been doing? Yeah you’re right I’m here to reaffirm my loyalty to Hyun Joong and his fans who may be wondering where i’ve gone. It’s nice to be back even just for a short while. I’m actually taking advantage of this time to look around since I have been at lost!
      Thank you for dropping by and for not forgetting this blog of the alien family even it has been silent for months. I appreciate this. You take care of yourself too, I’m hoping to be back again soon and hoping to hear from you too! Have a nice day and God bless..

      • am doing well. thank you for asking. am just like you, busy at work 🙂 but glad that i have still time to read articles about him, get updated and watch what KHJ has been up to these days. our Henecia friends are so good at following him and updating all of us, whether he is playing a game, arriving or departing fr somewhere, shooting barefoot friends and all. we are one family, we feel all the joys of KHJ’s accomplishments, we share them with each other as if it is our own accomplishments. we cry with him, we laugh with him and most of all weall cheer for him. you are one blessed person who can be this close to KHJ, that is why what u write makes it so personal. that is because you are there, seen all of it. remember u will always be our representative out there for those of us who cant be at his each and every event 😉 hang in there. ur work is tiresome i know. but am sure it has perks that makes it worthwhile. am sure also that whenever you see and work with KHJ, ur tiredness is being overpowered by ur joy. we are glad that ur back. though literally u just popped out and now gone again 🙂 u take care of yourself.hope by this time, u feel a bit better with the loss of jaya, there’s really no word that is enough to comfort a person when she loses someone she loves. we miss you and hope to hear again from you soon. take care. and i hope ur eyes are better now. i will never and can not forget this blog. ur blog are one of the first that taught me a lot about KHJ when i was starting to learn about him. so whenever u get the chance, go and get ur laptop and write again. we are here always waiting. our boy is soaring higher and higher and am just proud that he is proving more and more to the world how versatile he is as an artist. so LK, fighting!!!! when u get a chance to see him, give him a hug from all of us 🙂

        • Thanks for this, honestly, before I came here in Japan I did a lot of mind conditioning to forget being a fan for a while, that I’ll be working with him and stay professional as much as I can. And it was effective, I was telling one of my fan friend the atmosphere here helped me forget being fan and start building a working relationship with him and his entourage. So I treated Hyun Joong just the same as I treat any other artist whom I work with and no favoritism.

          But when all the light were out, time to pack our equipment and leave the stage while Hyun Joong was on his way back home to Korea from his last show in Okinawa, it was only then that everything sink in to me being a fan. I don’t know but for some reasons my tears just fell, having both joy and sadness feelings. And I had that feeling of staring into an empty space that I was trying to remember everything transpired during the entire series, for a while I couldn’t remember the show because my mind was clouded by the thoughts transpired behind the scene of how wonderful this artist is in reality. That’s all I can remember!

          And then coming back home in this blog again I realize I didn’t change at all
          and I was filled with more love to my only one!! *sigh* it’s all worth it, but we’re not done yet he’s coming back soon and am very much looking forward to it.
          Thank you again, I was caught up by your comment that made me look back from those months and I can’t help not to reply to you. Well see you again! I’ll just be popping out!!

          • wow lazerkim, cant stop myself fr replying though i know that ur busy but i know u will be able to read this whenever u find d time. i juz cant help but to feel so proud of KHJ.when i read ur above comments, as i said before ur comments and views about him is so personalcoz u experienced being with him, working with him. thanks for sharing it always with us. what u have written above, its like u have brought me to Japan as i can feel ur joy/pain when u shared all of this. its like i am crying with you and cheering with you. knowing that what our ONLY ONE was able to accomplish.

            kudos to you for being able to compartmentalize being a fan and a professional. cant say the same if i am you. this blog will be always like ur home. u can always go back to and know that the people u left behind will still be there. continue to do what u love, breath and recharge from time to time, take a break and drop us a line. i so love ur blog and may u continue to inspire all of us with ur articles. u take care and God bless.

            • Hello ayen1977! Glad to read your comments in this wonderful Blog! LazerKim is most noble and kind person in the world, always bringing us to a magical and warm atmosphere to share our Only One life! i’m so grateful to have that inestimable chance to become a member here and to be a little part of your great family! KHJ’s charisma is really soaring higher as you said not only as an unequalled Hallyu Star Shining artist but also as a beloved Idol to all parts of the world. i admire and share all your thoughts and coms because you’re so true with your love and support for him. Every single word here and where i have the opportunity to read you is a source of joy for my heart! Living so far from any contact with HJ’s awesome activities, it is a consolation to have at least precious articles about him… Thank you very much for all powerful energy of inspiring comments. God bless our exceptional KHJ, our dear great Lady LazerKim, and you, my sweet ayen forever!^^

              • Taeborum, thank you. i dont know what to say but thank you for your words. it humbles me that you find them good and for u to even write and comment about it. what i share is what i only have in my heart. its like what flows overflows. i think i am a frustrated writer 🙂 so whenever i get the chance to write, i do so 🙂 when the subject is KHJ, i cant seem to run out of things to say 🙂 the love that i have for KHJ inspires me to write about him and commend the people who loves him as well. we are one big family and KHJ had brought us together. am glad that our hearts beat as one for our ONLY ONE. let us continue to see him as our inspiration, give him the support he needs whenever we can, and love him no matter what. KHJ deserves all of this. for me, know what makes me so hooked on him? it is not his looks, but of course it is the “bonus” 🙂 but more of the depth of personality of KHJ. he has a heart. a genuine heart. so lets all spread goodness and make our lives an inspiration to each other. lets live up to our name of Henecia, let’s be a blessing to each other.

                • Thanks ayen1977 for all your kind words! i’ll keep their warms in my heart♥ Yes, we are one big family and KHJ had really brought us together. i love him for the same reason and appreciate his nobleness… Have a WonderfulHYUN day! 🙂

  15. Glad to hear from you unnie.. All the very best and happiness to you.. May Triple Gem Bless you always… Have a HYUNderful time!!! 😀

    • Hello Dinu! It’s been a while, i truly miss you girl, how’s emily? I haven’t email you guys forgive me please, I’ve been so dead busy, but I’m truly happy to hear from you. Gosh i miss the old days we had at the tweeter and if only i could back those days i should have done so! Still hoping for the near future that i can get to tweeter chat again! Take care please send my regards to Emily! See you again and May the Triple Gem bless you… I miss this too!

      • It’s okay unnie as long as you are doing fine =) Emilyyyy here Lazer unnie is talking to you.. hehe.. Bad me I couldn’t even talk to Emily for a long time.. but we do send emails time to time.. I too miss twitter unnie.. Hope everything settles as i was.. anyway happy to read unnie’s reply.. Thank you so much.. Love you..Take care always and May Triple Gem Bless you..

  16. annyeong LZ~~its been awhile, my dear!! Reading your article today made me realize just how much I miss your writings & our little chats^^
    Knowing that you’ve chosen the right priority( your career) & that you’re not sick or anything has given me a big sigh of relief!!
    It’s also reassuring that your love for our ONLY ONE~has not diminished one single bit!!
    Take care & ‘hwaiting’ for your “comeback” 🙂
    Ms. D

    • Gosh I really miss all of you!! Ms D forgive me I forgot the credit hold on i’ll edit this again! You won’t believe this I have even forgotten how to publish at wordpress!! LOL My God, please bring me back!! It’s so hard to get away from work honestly and I wasn’t expecting it to be this hectic unlike the previous years. Anyway, I’m here now at least I got this chance to explain otherwise many would be wondering and i was right!
      No Ms. D I will never change Hyun Joong your baby will always be my one and only idol no matter what happen. And i will always be his defender just like anyone of us here. Oh I miss our chats at the tweeter too and how I wish to come back too.
      Thank you so much for finding your way here again and that I wasn’t forgotten too!! thank you really i appreciate this. Ms D nothing has change I’m still the same and my love for your baby have not change a bit. Trust me! Take care and keep up your good work, I’ll go visit your garden again and pick some Hyun Joong’s photos!! Love you Ms D! See you soon!! God bless..

  17. Sis gusto q maiyak huhuhu….miss you so much! ilang araw na tong trangkaso q pero ngaun im ok na.thanks for coming back.

    • sis sorry about salamat binanggit mo ung tungkol dun sa blog na may pakpak ilang buwan na aq asar jan…gusto q rin hampasin ng tsinelas natutuwa daw sya pag kinukumpara nya ung 2 sa palagay nya lahat natutuwa sa ginagawa nya? ewan q sa kanya.

    • O sis cool ka lang Na miss ko tsinellas mo LOL!! Mail kita wait lang! Naintindihan ko damdamin mo kaya hindi ko na rin matiis. Now you take care I know you’ve always been here kahit wala ako, thank you for guarding. Na miss kita sobra! pki hintay sulat ko, sorry kagigising ko lang din at wala ako tulog mula pa kahapon I want to save this day exclusively for this blog so I skip my sleep last night to write till this noon today. See you sa mail! Take a rest for a while, I’ll be with you later, promise. See you!

      • sis ikaw na! sa dami talaga ng naka miss sau, ano sinabi ng united nation sa blog mo kekeke naglabasan lahat! ung isang walang pakpak jan nag promote na naman ng new blog nya…ewan! na miss ka naming lahat…promis!

        • Hahaha asul na laso kung tlgang magalit ay wagas! Halika pagtulungan na ntin tig isa tayo ng tsinelas.
          Sino ba yan hahaha. Buhay pa ba yan?!
          Grabeh nose bleed ako sa haba ng comments.pwede na isali sa guinnes book of record. Iba ka tlga Ms. Lk! Ano kya reaction ni hj dito.

          Happy that ur back sobrang luv ka nmin! 🙂

  18. hello lazerkim welcome back. i missed reading ur articles. im a huge fan of khj. so sad to think that there are bashers bugging u. its alright juz dont mind them. if i wil be given da opportunity 2 travel korea with my 6yr. old daughter, i wud definitely grab it. i wud gladly want to know more about khj. what about city conquest? hope they will air it soon..goodluck.

    • Hahaha.. well actually i miss those buggers too!! I’m hoping they would drop by so I can say hello to them too!! Oh if you have the chance to travel to Korea grab it right at once just make sure HJ is around the country. Oh so regretful I think it’s high time for us to forget about City Conquest, I’m really sorry but probably next year there would be a chance for Hyun Joong to have his drama, that I pray so hard. I would like to watch him on dramas as well since I have been a drama addict before I started writing about Hyun Joong. I haven’t given up though I know there’s a right time for him to act again.
      Thank you so much for dropping by I sure do hope to see you here again . Please take care, have a nice day and see you again! God bless..

  19. Hello, Lazer!

    Welcome back, girl!…miz you so much…no news from you since our last chat on email…very much worried & don’t know if there is something happened to you…sorry for the sad news about your love dog……..I feel what you feel…..losing someone you love really hurts…

    Many are asking me about you, but I cannot give any right answer to them, always “I DON’T KNOW”….now that you are back, we felt relieved….you are here again writing article about to our only one, KHJ!

    Thanks for the nice article & hope you will continue to write like before….we miz you so much!!!

    Take care & God bless you always^^

    • Mamaaaaa….!!! I miss you!! I was trying to email you but you got a bunch of email ad now I don’t know which is which!! LOL but I got your email I’ll respond to you promise. Thank you for your patience ma, I’m really sorry I’ve been dead busy even after HJ’s concert I’ll make it up with you. I haven’t change a bit mama I’m still the same loving and ever loyal to your bunsoy trust me. I honestly hope I can go back to regular writing but I have to finish my work term. I’ll try to do this again on my rest days I hope. Thank you mama, I’ll email you tonight.
      Please take care and God bless.. see you later!

    • Hi mama lins! Nice to see u here. Sa wakas si Ms LK na MIA for months ngaun back in action na. Hnd na tyo magtatanungan kung nsan sya hehehe. Nakaka worried din kc pg hnd sya nagpaparamdam. Ang daming nagmamahal kay ms Lk pra na ding si bunsoy mo.

  20. Hello LazerKim.
    Welcome back! Miss you and your articles!
    I’m so sorry about your loved dog. I love cats and dogs : I understand your loss.
    Hyun Joong is and will be my only one. He is the best. Even his colleagues and competitors in showbiz like him also. I think he is not overrated but underrated in Korea. I don’t understand why!
    Well, glad to read your articles again.

    • Thank you so much for your concern, i knew it many of Hyun Joong fans are pet lovers like him. Actually co-artist of Hyun Joong and himself are friends by nature specially at the kpop category and they get along well. But then as i have mentioned in this article it cannot be helped in the public eye they are still competitors, it’s just that it purely friendly competition which is also good.
      You know what? You’re right i think he’s underrated in Korea, actually many Korean artists are even actors. So the tendency these actors tends to go out of their country. There will come a time there won’t be anymore artists left in Korea!!! LOL, just joking!!
      Thank you so much for reading, have a nice day, take care and see you again!

    • Thank you so much for your concern, I’m actually saving this day for this blog which i have neglected for some time, I’m sorry about that, But I’m hoping to be back again soon I just don;t know when!! Take care, and I’ll see you again, God bless..

  21. Hi Lazer!
    Welcome back! Glad that all have been well for you!!!
    Really miss you and your articles!

    I’m so sorry about your loss…. *saying a prayer for your beloved pet*

    Take good care of yourself alright??

    Love Ya! *hugs & muacks*

    • Hello avis! Thank you so much, she’s my dearest pet dog! Yeah I’m doing just great, thanks for your concern. Take care, have a pleasant day and see you again, I truly miss writing honestly. God bless..

    • Thank you so much for dropping even during my absence, Oh I truly miss everyone here! I’ll try my best to catch with updates little by little and I really hope to come back soon. Take care Fanjoong have a nice day and don’t forget Barefoot Friends!! See you again! God bless..

  22. LazerKim!!! You touch my heart with your writing again, it’s been a while… *grab my kleenex* anyway, it’s good to get a notification email of your new post, something’s empty in the corner of my heart since you stopped updating your blog. The fact that nothing’s change and we still get amazed by this one person is not something new. He’s been in my country for few days and living like a local people, I follow the news quietly since I’m nowhere to be accepted in fandom world. If you get some times you really shud watch Barefoot Friends… this variety show is amazing and I just can’t believe we got to see uri Hyun Joong as a ‘common people’ with his bareface simply outfit and no bodyguard. Hyun Joong is always my ‘hallyu star’ so it’s kinda shocking transformation for me LOL. But seems like he enjoys it, I hope he really have a wonderful time experiencing local tradition in every country he visit thru this show. I just read K-netizen comments about him and it’s all positive, yay! That’s all. Thank you for this post, have a wondelful life, Unnie =D

    • Hello! It’s been a while, I haven’t seen you around twitter before I came back to work. What happened to you? I hope you have recovered I remember you had an ailment last year. Hey if even the insects come and visit this blog why wouldn’t i welcome a veteran fan. There’s no place like home for comfort. It’s nice to hear from you again! Now take care and hope to hear from you again.
      I’m trying to catch up and it’s nice Hyun Joong is in your country and surely I won’t miss to watch Barefoot Friends even just through Youtube later on. Take it easy, and see you again! God bless.. Love you girl!

  23. Lazer Kim I missed you soooo much!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING BACK even if u are going to disapper again. Wow, loved what u said..KHJ IS MY ONLY ONE TOO. love u guys for clarifying things this clearly though i haven’t seen nor heard the article u mentioned in that another blog. i’m going to check it now!!lol!! please come back again and please take care of yourself.

    • I miss you too Kryrroo! Oh this is nothing serious just a bit misunderstanding, yeah you can visit her blog too she had written some good articles focus on Hyun Joong. Thank you for dropping by, I sure do look forward in coming back. take care and have a great day! God bless… see you soon!

    • Hello Hanz! Overwhelm I really miss you too, thanks for dropping by even I wasn’t around. Today is my rest day so I dedicated this day to my blog which has been neglected!! i’m sorry about that! But I do hope to be back sooner than I expect!! Love you girl, have a nice day take care and see you soon! God bless..

      • Sa tagal ng pagkawala mo kung anu-ano na lng naisip nmin ni ms wagas. Akala nmin busy ka na sa lovelife mo.
        I even thought u gave up on hj. Pls forgive me. Nothing could explain the happiness i felt upon knowing that ur back in alien world.
        Ang daming nagmamahal sa u lola graveh and im one of those. Kakaiba ang bonding ng alien family sa blog mo. Praying for you always girl…. 🙂

        • oo nga,kung ano ano na lang iniisip namin kekeke.ang lola parang celebrity daming fans.plsssss wag ka na mawawala ng ganun katagal o gusto mo tsinelasin din kita…..jokkkkkkke! kasi naman na miss ka namin sobra.

    • Hello Leo! You’re the first to retweet my article thank you so much that’s really fast of you!! LOL Oh I’m completely at lost what’s up at tweeter? I couldn’t stay longer at tweeter I was so sleepy after writing and posting this article!!
      Have a nice day girl and hope to see you again soon! Take care! God bless.

    • Yeah this really is a good news to know Hyun Joong visited your country again, I can’t fail to watch Barefoot Friends. Oh that’s sad that can’t visit him in his location shoot, but don’t worry i”m sure you’ll get another chance. Thank you for reading, it’s really nice to be back even just for this article but I’m still hoping to be back soon probably just right timing is all I need. Take care have a pleasant day and God bless..

    • Hi Cindy! Thanks for dropping by and thanks for waiting! I’m so happy to be back even just for today but still hoping to be back again soon! Take care have a great day and God bless..

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