Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GREATLY IN-DEMAND!!


By: LazerKim             Last year 2012, Kim Hyun Joong launched his first single Kiss Kiss in Japan on January 25, 2012 and that’s the same day as today, meaning it’s his first year anniversary as a foreign recording in Japan. The Japanese version of Kiss Kiss and Lucky Guy was being launched successfully as this single made it to the gold record status under Oricon. This was such a memorable day to all his Japanese fans as support poured out from here and there making such a huge noise that attracted the international media and had brought further popularity boost on Kim Hyun Joong.

To Kim Hyun Joong and to all his Japanese fans may I extend my warmest Congratulations!! For the shortest span of time Hyun Joong has brought his music and love to all his fans not only in this part of the world but to the international community be it Japan’s neighboring countries in Asia but beyond its walls. As Hyun Joong started his Japanese debut in a huge success, this achievement did not stop from there but it still followed by another success in the mid-year 2012 4th of July as he launched his next single HEAT which again made it to the top of Oricon and eventually another record breaker to hit the gold record status.

And the latest is his first full album UNLIMITED which again marked number one at Oricon and another gold record hit!! Hyun Joong shall be continuing his Unlimited Concert Series tomorrow January 26 as he shall rock another part of Japan in Kagawa at the Great Hall Anabuki followed by another rocking series Fukoka on January 28 and 29. Hyun Joong started his Unlimited concert series on January 6th in six series, which evidently were all successful. At this time his fans are now awaiting for another round of rocking event as he reach out for his fans and deliver his kind of music that millions of his global fans have loved!

307566_328487877267040_1742853861_n (1)


I’m sure many of you have read a notice circulated by the Henecia Japan that there are certain restrictions pertaining the fans in taking videos and photos during the concert, in short fancams are being prohibited. Well this is so sad that I can’t do anything about it even I myself is at the venue even production staffs are being prohibited from taking pictures through cell phones or any other gadget and this has been our SOP since the start which is not only implemented in this concert series but in all the events we handle, which is strictly to be followed at all cost.

For the fancams the reason why the event organizers restricted on taking photos is to maintain order within the audience gallery. As a fan of course I disagree with the idea, sorry about that, but for me taking photos during the concert can help a lot as a free media coverage and I’m saying this because Hyun Joong fans for me are the best media reporters!! LOL It may sound funny but it’s true! I admire on how his fans brings in detailed updates on the events and helps a lot specially to those fans from afar in informing on updates.

Nevertheless, there are authorized personnel from DATV, KeyEast and other media entity who shall be doing this like taking photos and videos. BUT I really hope they can upload the said videos and photos during the concert ASAP as in the following day after the events!! Anyway rules are rules and fans has to abide to keep order within the audience gallery. Don’t worry we’ll have those news updates that I’m sure many fans who are attending the events shall post those updates.



Ever since Hyun Joong made his chain of success in Japan in making his Japanese music and being very active in bringing out the best that he can, it can be said one year of being active in his endeavor in Japan may not be enough but I do believe even his Japanese fans would follow him wherever he is. And so I don’t take this something to worry about because for sure he’ll be back to Japan which is quite easy for him after he had already establish his name and his music which had already marked in the hearts of every Japanese.

I think he’s up to pursuing his music in his own country Korea which I think he’ll be back and pick up where he left. There are also his Korean fans who are just so eager to have him back and I truly hope his Korean fans would really take care and protect him as he pursue with his plans in his home root, while we the international fans would watch over and support in the best ability we can. I may think after a year of marking history in the music industry in Japan maybe it’s high time he goes back to his grass roots after this Unlimited concert series.

As for us fans from afar, we shall be with him anywhere he is and remain supporting protecting him at all cost. Whatever music genre Hyun Joong shares with us and whichever way he presents himself to his fans, we appreciate with all our hearts because we believe in him and his ability to rise up to the fullest. I honestly got no idea whatever is going on in Korea but I still have this sentiments over his drama City Conquest and I got no idea how the Korean fans reacted upon hearing the news and what measures were taken in bringing out their sentiments over the drama.



Do you remember this photo above? It’s one of the scenes from Boys Over Flower and one of my favorites in the drama where I found Kim Hyun Joong for the first time as Yoon Ji Hoo. I came across this picture again yesterday as I was preparing to fly to Kagawa and I just can’t help feel sad and sentimental about what is currently going on. I have known Hyun Joong to be very professional and would not be affected by any set backs within his career but no one knows what he truly feels inside. And no matter how he shows his strength being on those stage as he performs his concerts and had brought huge success, a part of him may be feeling just the same with his fans.

Common sense can only tell, if a person aims to achieve for something he had been working so hard and couldn’t possibly push through as how he wanted it, it’s so natural to feel sad, of course. Specially that he’s doing City Conquest for his fans since there’s a huge demand for him to work on a drama project after being out from the screen for two years. Looking back, I can still remember as the producer of City Conquest was saying it took Hyun Joong one year to think about accepting this drama.

I can still remember last year as he wrote to his fans sometime in March or April, he was saying he was reading a book which he have not read before, and I was speculating it was script from City Conquest that he was reading!! Then followed by his announcement in Singapore on his first stop during his fan meeting events in May as he mentioned at the press conference that he’ll be working on a drama which happens to be City Conquest. It took time before he finally decided and now looking back it somehow gave me an impression similar to premonition!! Funny it may be but the fact that Hyun Joong felt hesitant back in time before he accepted the drama, so I don’t think he’s being Mr. Hard Headed that time!!

I’m just so glad the news about City Conquest was released after his first set of concert series. Or maybe he already had known about it but still keeping his composure which I truly admire. Hyun Joong just don’t put so much in one basket since he has a lot of options, but I’m not putting up an excuse just for us to feel better but instead we face any set backs with him. It’s rain or shine we are with him all through out.



Now this reminds me, these photos came from KBS2!! Huh what a co-incident that reminded me how Boys Over Flower brought in a remarkable TV ratings in Korea not to mention TV ratings from other countries as this drama was being aired! That time Hyun Joong was first discover as an actor and for his first drama project, this was a huge success. Admittedly in all fairness it’s the F4 and the character of Jandi that really brought a big shot in this drama, but it cannot be denied that Hyun Joong was one of the  biggest factor in its success. And the aftermath of the drama had proven it by facts that Hyun Joong gained his first international boost in popularity during and after BOF was being aired in Korea.

Then after BOF the following year Playful Kiss was aired as Hyun Joong’s second drama project which may have suffered low TV ratings for numerous reasons in Korea but had shown another huge success over at the internet as the drama was shown through YouTube. After two years comes City Conquest, now it’s being blocked for whatever unacceptable reason that I hope or I’m sure the problem is not with Kim Hyun Joong but it could be within the production management! I honestly find it hard to sit back and relax since I have been overwhelmed with eagerness to see Hyun Joong on dramas. I just feel something has to be done with City Conquest. I just couldn’t put this in a losing end.

Not that I couldn’t satisfy myself in seeing Hyun Joong in front of me which is just one arm length to reach out for him as a singer, but the fact that the guy is also an actor and a good one, that I just couldn’t let go. I really hope the handlers of Hyun Joong would put a good consideration that majority of Hyun Joong fans had known him first as an actor through BOF and PK so it’s so natural for us to wish he would be back on screen whatever drama, wherever it may be shown, nothing matters because we’re here to support him 100%.



Kim Hyun Joong had proven himself as a Concert King, he is so deserving having the power to gather thousands of fans so eager to have him as he shares his music in the most simple but unique ways. And beside this fact, he is an actor by all means, and it frustrates me that Hyun Joong tries his very best to provide what his fans needed from him yet some people could be so hard on in bringing what is suppose to be so in demand!! Gosh I just couldn’t keep my silence!! I would just like to bring out my demand, to make noise, to put on pressure to those drama producers how I wanted to see Hyun Joong on screen as an actor, hoping to be heard as a Kim Hyun Joong fan.

Hyun Joong was barely a rookie when he worked on with BOF and PK but a lot of potential was seen in him as an actor which I’m sure many of you agree. It would be great to have him developed further in his acting career, he can do so much within his ability that I really hope these producers have realized his power to conquer people’s heart. This is a win win artist we’re talking about here, and they got nothing to lose. I hope drama producers would think further from where they are, and not just Korea but the rest of the world where Hyun Joong fans are. Don’t you think there’s a better dollar beyond Korea? This is reality we’re talking about here if it’s just business we can think of, my dear businessmen!

I say it again, as a Hallyu Star I am made to believe that they are catered for international market and I guess this goes for the drama as well, then I don’t see any reason why City Conquest should be blocked by Korean TV networks and to the extent of suspending its filming. And yes I really want CC to be shown anywhere and show the results coming from Hyun Joong fans or non-fans since I’m sure others are already curious about this drama as to why it was rejected by other Korean TV network. And let’s see how the rating scale moves! It’s a challenge!!

At the same time, I’m still looking forward for the future drama projects of Kim Hyun Joong. I know this may create pressures even to the Prince but I for one will not give up on him as an actor. Be it playing the role of a flower boy or a real man, I do appreciate anything Hyun Joong does because I always believe he is capable of just anything he does and he does it perfectly. Period. LOL!! What can I do, these are facts that cannot be denied, we have a totally versatile star and a perfect artist who has the power to transform which very little artist has the same talent as Hyun Joong has. Don’t you agree?? It’s reality!!



Kim Hyun Joong shall soon be flying to Kagawa for another round of rock the stage as he shares with us some good memories again. Oh this is just so good Hyun Joong has these concert series to ease down some frustrations over City Conquest. So for the mean while let’s enjoy Hyun Joong, what he can currently share with us and make the most out of it. Hyun Joong lives by the day to day event as it transpires but he never give up on his dreams of being a good singer and a good actor.

Let us not forget that it is his fans who is the center of his thoughts in anyway he works to be able to achieve his goals in bringing happiness and wishes of his fans. This is Hyun Joong in reality, a truly artist by heart he is, a total performer who can only be satisfied by the love and support his fans are giving him, as he turn it back to them in many ways with honest heartfelt love. *sigh* What else can I say, he’s just so remarkable.

Oh well I just hope I can get over with the thoughts of drama for Hyun Joong and hope for some results in the near future. Kim Hyun Joong as a singer and as an actor, he is just so highly competitive and Greatly In-Demand that I am just so proud being a Kim Hyun Joong fan.

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!



55 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GREATLY IN-DEMAND!!

  1. I am human, and I make mistakes. I want Hyun Joong’s fans to know my heart regarding my missteps in the past. I especially want Hyun Joong to know my heart. Please go here to read if you were hurt or confused. I intend to take down the previous articles here that caused so much destruction and repost them as separate articles on my site. Comparisons are not fair, and I have realized now that I don’t care for them either. My new site will hopefully give us a new start, and rectify the wrongs of the past. Thank you for reading here. I hope you can enjoy all my past articles about Hyun Joong if you have not read them yet. There are links at the new site to help you read and catch up if you wish. Thanks again for all your love and support. I hope we can keep enjoying Kim Hyun Joong together long into the future. Please read my apology post here:



  2. Ok sis, is about time you came out of your hibernating period….. we really miss you here.,….hope you are ok…..:)

  3. Just checking in here to see if there are any updates. I have been trying my best to post more often on my blog and I’d like to invite anyone who is stopping by to join me over there. I really miss LK! I am starting to post more frequently as I hear news and find updates. Let’s keep each other well informed and supporting HJ! Looking forward to seeing him on a variety show???!!! I’m just looking forward to seeing him at all. I have missed him so much since LK has been gone! ;( Please return soon, sis. We really miss you!

    • I am human, and I make mistakes. I want Hyun Joong’s fans to know my heart regarding my missteps in the past. I especially want Hyun Joong to know my heart. Please go here to read if you were hurt or confused. I intend to take down the previous articles here that caused so much destruction and repost them as separate articles on my site. Comparisons are not fair, and I have realized now that I don’t care for them either. My new site will hopefully give us a new start, and rectify the wrongs of the past. Thank you for reading here. I hope you can enjoy all my past articles about Hyun Joong if you have not read them yet. There are links at the new site to help you read and catch up if you wish. Thanks again for all your love and support. I hope we can keep enjoying Kim Hyun Joong together long into the future. Please read my apology post here:



  4. hala kapatid! wala ka na ba talagang balak balikan kami? its been 2 months na,hnd mo ba kami nami-miss? we miss you na esp. like this no update about him.hope ur ok.

    • Naku ms LK asan ka na ba? May naligaw na nman na insekto dito sa blog mo. Hayun tuloy ang aliens family to the rescue. Naku lola kumakalat na nmn ang mga kalaban. Ms wagas ano gawin ntin dyan sa naligaw na insekto?!

      • dedmahin lang yan…hayaan mo yan mamatay sa inggit! sayang tsinelas kung ihahampas q sa kanya…matutunaw din yang ogag na yan…promis! siguro itong si ms LK may lovelife na’to kaya iniwan na tayo.kapatid walang ganyan huh!

  5. its been a Whle! where is the bloggers? Ohhh i know…i think she get sick and tired ….of overrating ur so called alien prince….just handsome is nothing here in korea talent matters most…..PEACE TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s right! Only being handsome is nothing! Talent and hard work are needed, elements which both apply to Kim Hyun Joong! That’s no secret, you can see it yourself if you search without negative prejudice. But if you don’t want to do this, I think there is no reason for you to write this kind of comments, I guess you have better things to deal with. Just a friendly comment, I don’t have any intentions of fighting.

    • no she is not tired and sick of khj, she is just busy with her work.unlike you who just sit your ass all day in front of the computer. Most of KHJ fans are actually professionals with jobs to tend to in our daily lives. Thats one of the reasons why he is actually the best because he inspires us fans to do the best in our chosen fields . I should know because i met a lot of his fans who are incredibly smart and makes sensible opinions. Unlike you who criticize him without even knowing him first, goes to show the kind of stupidity and ignorance that you possess. Overrating? He is not overrated because all of the success he gains , he is very deserving of those and even more. And yes he is so handsome thanks for noticing the obvious .

      But more than his looks. Is a guy who is good even great both in singing and in dancing , not to mention is smart , athletic , generous ,funny , kind and loving. If you are just gonna troll around then GTFO. The last thing we need here is a stupid b*tch with a level of ignorance that is beyond the human capacity to handle.

    • hey, did you forgot your red pills or something?! just trolling around and making nasty remarks?! If you’ve had the decency to read the blog and the comments you would have known that actually LK is working in the production team of KHJ in Japan. Oh and by the way KHJ is really way out of your league of whom ever you fancy, lately he became the Prince of Latin America, but what you will know?! in your small world. Yes he is Handsome and Talented and giving his best and working his ass for where he is because he is making it big Very BIG all over not only in SK. So yes Peace to all but don’t insult LazerKIm and more don’t insult KHJ because he is where he is because he deserve it and millions of fans is the proof.

    • It’s Quite surprise to see this kind of comment here. One importance thing you should know is….. just handsome is nothing apply everywhere… not only in Korea . I hope it will not hurt you too much to point out that Hyun Joong is quite special than any others because he is not only has talent and the look but he has more. His super-charming personality is outstanding that why he is called alien prince , Asia ‘s prince , 4D prince , prince charming etc…… In the case of Hyun Joong his look is just the surplus of all star ‘s qualities he possessed. ……PEACE TO YOU.

    • Wake up girl!you talk about talent with KIM HYUN JOONG who is MASTER PIECE on this.Dont joke aroumd!!!be gpod fan to whoever your bias.We are peace in here…stop drooling around !or..we can just say get loss!!!

    • if you don’t like him !! why are you here in the first place ?!
      really!? i heat this kind of people .. PEACE TO YOU , or maybe NOT ..

    • and even did this anonymous, what a shame, girl we really love him by ourselves, dont need any help, but we enjoy reading everything about THE LEADER , wherever it comes. if you dont like him , WHAT A HELL ARE YOU READING THIS BLOG
      well it is democracy, think you are just jealous. We like his style even if he is not a tenor or baritono , who cares, we love his tone of voice just because it is SOFT, AND WARM, even if we appreciate other Koreans singers like his friends of SS501, we prefer him. that is the true, and what is your problem, we continue supporting him. He is our favorite singer, actor,dancer and model. WE LIKE HIM IN ALL THESE FIELD.

  6. wel dear Lazerkim we are really missing you, there are too much to tell , KHJL was in brasil and peru as always successful performances. hope that you are collecting info to tell us, we are facinating watching videos of him in southamerica, too much to coment hope your commnets , now he is in his coocum resting of that tiring trip. hope he had enjoyed his crazy Peruvians fans.
    write soon ok
    love him so much and you too.

    • Jazu – the HJ is now also the Prince of Latin America has HOT Peruvian fans, I think they were the best, (fanaticas – they were called) they were singing along with him all his songs, HJ was enjoying every minute as well, He gave his best there. The atmosphere as you can see from all the fancams was just one big party were all were having fun.
      Yes miss Lazer, but she is still in Japan, i hope she will finally write some snippets from HJ concerts when she will be availble. 🙂

  7. Sis please comeback…our WACKY PRINCE roaring so far away!he is now PRINCE OF PERU!see him so healthy and firm really make me realitef and happy.God bless for him.dont you miss us sis? Write something ok’?take care

  8. Sis kelan ka ba magpa-paramdam? nakita mo ba ung new hairstyle ni hj?whoaaaa…ung gusto nating buhok nya…ang waf sis! sarap pag-pagsamantalahan hahaha! stay safe,hope to hear soon from you!

  9. Manila Bulletin – Fri, Feb 8, 2013 3:29 PM PHT

    Kim Hyun Joong will be flying to Brazil this month to take part in the “2K13 Feel Korea” event to mark the 50th anniversary of Korean immigration to the country.
    The star will perform at a concert on Feb. 24. together with Ailee, Baechigi and Ongals.
    The next day, Kim Hyun Joong will be in Lima, Peru for a fan meeting.

  10. Hi Lazer Kim,

    I’m a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, and I’m writing from Singapore. It seems for the last 2 mths there is not much articles written by you on yr blog… I’m jus wondering the reason for the quietness.. Is everything fine out there? I must say I truly enjoyed reading your blogs abt KHJ.

    You take care and hear from you soon!!

    Best regards. Yvonne

  11. Hi razor…sorry,wish you are arround here. May I ask you sis,by any change do you know where is lazer kim?please sis we miss her article.thanks razor,wish zsee you arround.

    • Hello sis! My apologies for neglecting my blog, I’m still in Tokyo busy working with so many valentine events here & still waiting for HJ as he’ll be back next month here in Tokyo. I’m doing great and yet missing HJ!! I’m not really sure as to when I can come back to write again, honestly I wasn’t expecting too much work here but I’m enjoying it, specially looking forward to HJ’s next concerts up North I miss everyone here! I really do hope I can write again soon but this is one thing I couldn’t promise as yet.
      Do take care sis and to everyone belated HAPPY VALENTINE!! Hope to see you soon!! Take it easy and God bless..

      • Hey Lk, as much as I am Happy for you doing what you love and the interaction with HJ, woman, don’t forget WE the ALIENS family miss you! So spare some time with snippets from Hj’s concerts for US. Miss you girl and of course hope this Valentine was full of joy for you. 🙂

  12. Where are you LK ? Really miss your article. I always think of you and your articles whenever I miss our the only one. Please come back soon when you are free.

  13. Hi LK! Thanks for the article.they showed some korean dramas in our TV chanels in Sri Lanka,bt i wasnt interested.So when my cousin forced me to watch BOF,i refused.But oneday while i was at her place i accidently saw KHJ in an episode and fell in love with him!! I thought his acting skills can touch us in our hearts.So i searched for his other dramas and found out that BOF is his first drama!I was shocked to hear that coz he did great in it.I loved PK too.I was thrilled to hear that he would be acting in CC.But they are not going to air it!! I am frustrated,not just because i cant watch it,but how it must be affecting KHJ.He must be depressed.Yes like u’ve said its good he is in japan doing concerts,so he doesnt have to worry about it just now,but in the pics u’ve posted he look sad.May be its just my imagination! Lol.But i really miss his sweet smile.Anyway he knows that we always love him no matter what.I’ll definitely watch the drama even if i had to hack it from somewhere 🙂 Pliz sis keep writing!! <3<3

  14. Hey I’m back! LOL. I was really pissed when I hear about CC. I hope it continues filming and just aires in Japan, China, etc. I’m glad he’s doing so well and I can’t wait for his Korean comeback this summer and world tour! I can’t wait to see him live…in person -ish. Maybe his next project will be here in the States, or a Japanese drama/Chinese one. Or movies too! ^^

  15. “If they say they are keeping your camera or film, ask for or call the police. Your camera and film are your property and they cannot be seized without due process. The venue can offer to let you stay, if you give them your film or erase the images, but they cannot demand that you give them your property and let them keep it”
    Sometimes I wish HJ didn’t go to Japan at all lol I hate the lack of info, it sucks… I know the reasons why the promoter doesn’t let ppl to take pics but it isn’t illegal actually…. I THANK chinese and korean fans who dare to take pics, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t know what’s going on with HJ in Japan.
    It’s easy to find someone who’s not a fan to take pics xD and if they kick her out, it doesn’t matter xD ‘cuz she’s not a fan but she can keep the pics kekekekekekekeke
    That’s why J-pop is not known across the globe LOL and will never be LMAO
    K-pop has so much free promotion from the fans that it rocks the world right now. It’s not a smart decision to not let fans to take pics,,,.

    PS I’m a rebel LMAO xDDDDDDDD doing things which aren’t allowed is exciting… they make you feel alive ROFL
    Plus I can’t help but remember when HJ thanked his fans for taking pics asjdhjsadh XDDDDDD I’m sure he’s happy when the fans take pics even when it’s not allowed =D XD

    and about the CC thing… gah, what a waste of time… tv stations are just like that and it sucks….

    • Hi Rzr! Miss you lil sis! You and I both would be tryin’ to sneak pics! If you don’t use the flash it would be hard for them to catch you… but, it would also come out dark and hard to see! Too bad tho… I know we’d be having youtube updates right now if not for that stupid rule! Ahh… well… some fans are a bit intrusive and it makes the rest of us suffer!

      Have fun being that rebel! Rulz are made to be BROKEN! LOL! ;D

  16. Hi LK, sweetie! Glad you had some time to share with us. Of course, no matter what we are by his side! I hope he knows just how many fans he has all over the world. If SK cannot support him… we will gladly. Even if it costs us a subscription price to watch his drama we will gladly pay! I do hope the production company can think out side of the box and get this drama to his fans who are loudly crying out!

    I am glad he is doing so well with his tour there in Japan. I do hope he has some time to get quiet by himself and process what’s happening. I know if he puts his brilliant mind to it and lets his heart lead the way he will find his way out. He is a great man, and a smart man. He will find his way to sharing his talent with his adoring fans no matter what!

    About no photos or videos from fans… it is really hard for us fans who are across the globe, and I hope his production team can post things at his youtube channel for us. We need to see him and hear about his success! It is not nice for them to keep us away when they have pushed him as hallyu and we are now addicted! NOT NICE AT ALL! LOL!

    Well, stay well, and keep up your great work. What a meaningful way to spend your time with KHJ! You are truly blessed! Love you!


  17. hi unnie!i miss ur articles!!are u working with HJ again??
    A rocky road for him and Henecia,but for sure we’ll be with him no matter what!!
    Fighting Hyun joong!!nothing can put a good man down..let’s keep our faith..

    Thanks again ms. LK,Hope to hear more from u soon,take care unnie…

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