Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GREATLY IN-DEMAND!!


By: LazerKim             Last year 2012, Kim Hyun Joong launched his first single Kiss Kiss in Japan on January 25, 2012 and that’s the same day as today, meaning it’s his first year anniversary as a foreign recording in Japan. The Japanese version of Kiss Kiss and Lucky Guy was being launched successfully as this single made it to the gold record status under Oricon. This was such a memorable day to all his Japanese fans as support poured out from here and there making such a huge noise that attracted the international media and had brought further popularity boost on Kim Hyun Joong.

To Kim Hyun Joong and to all his Japanese fans may I extend my warmest Congratulations!! For the shortest span of time Hyun Joong has brought his music and love to all his fans not only in this part of the world but to the international community be it Japan’s neighboring countries in Asia but beyond its walls. As Hyun Joong started his Japanese debut in a huge success, this achievement did not stop from there but it still followed by another success in the mid-year 2012 4th of July as he launched his next single HEAT which again made it to the top of Oricon and eventually another record breaker to hit the gold record status.

And the latest is his first full album UNLIMITED which again marked number one at Oricon and another gold record hit!! Hyun Joong shall be continuing his Unlimited Concert Series tomorrow January 26 as he shall rock another part of Japan in Kagawa at the Great Hall Anabuki followed by another rocking series Fukoka on January 28 and 29. Hyun Joong started his Unlimited concert series on January 6th in six series, which evidently were all successful. At this time his fans are now awaiting for another round of rocking event as he reach out for his fans and deliver his kind of music that millions of his global fans have loved!

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I’m sure many of you have read a notice circulated by the Henecia Japan that there are certain restrictions pertaining the fans in taking videos and photos during the concert, in short fancams are being prohibited. Well this is so sad that I can’t do anything about it even I myself is at the venue even production staffs are being prohibited from taking pictures through cell phones or any other gadget and this has been our SOP since the start which is not only implemented in this concert series but in all the events we handle, which is strictly to be followed at all cost.

For the fancams the reason why the event organizers restricted on taking photos is to maintain order within the audience gallery. As a fan of course I disagree with the idea, sorry about that, but for me taking photos during the concert can help a lot as a free media coverage and I’m saying this because Hyun Joong fans for me are the best media reporters!! LOL It may sound funny but it’s true! I admire on how his fans brings in detailed updates on the events and helps a lot specially to those fans from afar in informing on updates.

Nevertheless, there are authorized personnel from DATV, KeyEast and other media entity who shall be doing this like taking photos and videos. BUT I really hope they can upload the said videos and photos during the concert ASAP as in the following day after the events!! Anyway rules are rules and fans has to abide to keep order within the audience gallery. Don’t worry we’ll have those news updates that I’m sure many fans who are attending the events shall post those updates.



Ever since Hyun Joong made his chain of success in Japan in making his Japanese music and being very active in bringing out the best that he can, it can be said one year of being active in his endeavor in Japan may not be enough but I do believe even his Japanese fans would follow him wherever he is. And so I don’t take this something to worry about because for sure he’ll be back to Japan which is quite easy for him after he had already establish his name and his music which had already marked in the hearts of every Japanese.

I think he’s up to pursuing his music in his own country Korea which I think he’ll be back and pick up where he left. There are also his Korean fans who are just so eager to have him back and I truly hope his Korean fans would really take care and protect him as he pursue with his plans in his home root, while we the international fans would watch over and support in the best ability we can. I may think after a year of marking history in the music industry in Japan maybe it’s high time he goes back to his grass roots after this Unlimited concert series.

As for us fans from afar, we shall be with him anywhere he is and remain supporting protecting him at all cost. Whatever music genre Hyun Joong shares with us and whichever way he presents himself to his fans, we appreciate with all our hearts because we believe in him and his ability to rise up to the fullest. I honestly got no idea whatever is going on in Korea but I still have this sentiments over his drama City Conquest and I got no idea how the Korean fans reacted upon hearing the news and what measures were taken in bringing out their sentiments over the drama.



Do you remember this photo above? It’s one of the scenes from Boys Over Flower and one of my favorites in the drama where I found Kim Hyun Joong for the first time as Yoon Ji Hoo. I came across this picture again yesterday as I was preparing to fly to Kagawa and I just can’t help feel sad and sentimental about what is currently going on. I have known Hyun Joong to be very professional and would not be affected by any set backs within his career but no one knows what he truly feels inside. And no matter how he shows his strength being on those stage as he performs his concerts and had brought huge success, a part of him may be feeling just the same with his fans.

Common sense can only tell, if a person aims to achieve for something he had been working so hard and couldn’t possibly push through as how he wanted it, it’s so natural to feel sad, of course. Specially that he’s doing City Conquest for his fans since there’s a huge demand for him to work on a drama project after being out from the screen for two years. Looking back, I can still remember as the producer of City Conquest was saying it took Hyun Joong one year to think about accepting this drama.

I can still remember last year as he wrote to his fans sometime in March or April, he was saying he was reading a book which he have not read before, and I was speculating it was script from City Conquest that he was reading!! Then followed by his announcement in Singapore on his first stop during his fan meeting events in May as he mentioned at the press conference that he’ll be working on a drama which happens to be City Conquest. It took time before he finally decided and now looking back it somehow gave me an impression similar to premonition!! Funny it may be but the fact that Hyun Joong felt hesitant back in time before he accepted the drama, so I don’t think he’s being Mr. Hard Headed that time!!

I’m just so glad the news about City Conquest was released after his first set of concert series. Or maybe he already had known about it but still keeping his composure which I truly admire. Hyun Joong just don’t put so much in one basket since he has a lot of options, but I’m not putting up an excuse just for us to feel better but instead we face any set backs with him. It’s rain or shine we are with him all through out.



Now this reminds me, these photos came from KBS2!! Huh what a co-incident that reminded me how Boys Over Flower brought in a remarkable TV ratings in Korea not to mention TV ratings from other countries as this drama was being aired! That time Hyun Joong was first discover as an actor and for his first drama project, this was a huge success. Admittedly in all fairness it’s the F4 and the character of Jandi that really brought a big shot in this drama, but it cannot be denied that Hyun Joong was one of the  biggest factor in its success. And the aftermath of the drama had proven it by facts that Hyun Joong gained his first international boost in popularity during and after BOF was being aired in Korea.

Then after BOF the following year Playful Kiss was aired as Hyun Joong’s second drama project which may have suffered low TV ratings for numerous reasons in Korea but had shown another huge success over at the internet as the drama was shown through YouTube. After two years comes City Conquest, now it’s being blocked for whatever unacceptable reason that I hope or I’m sure the problem is not with Kim Hyun Joong but it could be within the production management! I honestly find it hard to sit back and relax since I have been overwhelmed with eagerness to see Hyun Joong on dramas. I just feel something has to be done with City Conquest. I just couldn’t put this in a losing end.

Not that I couldn’t satisfy myself in seeing Hyun Joong in front of me which is just one arm length to reach out for him as a singer, but the fact that the guy is also an actor and a good one, that I just couldn’t let go. I really hope the handlers of Hyun Joong would put a good consideration that majority of Hyun Joong fans had known him first as an actor through BOF and PK so it’s so natural for us to wish he would be back on screen whatever drama, wherever it may be shown, nothing matters because we’re here to support him 100%.



Kim Hyun Joong had proven himself as a Concert King, he is so deserving having the power to gather thousands of fans so eager to have him as he shares his music in the most simple but unique ways. And beside this fact, he is an actor by all means, and it frustrates me that Hyun Joong tries his very best to provide what his fans needed from him yet some people could be so hard on in bringing what is suppose to be so in demand!! Gosh I just couldn’t keep my silence!! I would just like to bring out my demand, to make noise, to put on pressure to those drama producers how I wanted to see Hyun Joong on screen as an actor, hoping to be heard as a Kim Hyun Joong fan.

Hyun Joong was barely a rookie when he worked on with BOF and PK but a lot of potential was seen in him as an actor which I’m sure many of you agree. It would be great to have him developed further in his acting career, he can do so much within his ability that I really hope these producers have realized his power to conquer people’s heart. This is a win win artist we’re talking about here, and they got nothing to lose. I hope drama producers would think further from where they are, and not just Korea but the rest of the world where Hyun Joong fans are. Don’t you think there’s a better dollar beyond Korea? This is reality we’re talking about here if it’s just business we can think of, my dear businessmen!

I say it again, as a Hallyu Star I am made to believe that they are catered for international market and I guess this goes for the drama as well, then I don’t see any reason why City Conquest should be blocked by Korean TV networks and to the extent of suspending its filming. And yes I really want CC to be shown anywhere and show the results coming from Hyun Joong fans or non-fans since I’m sure others are already curious about this drama as to why it was rejected by other Korean TV network. And let’s see how the rating scale moves! It’s a challenge!!

At the same time, I’m still looking forward for the future drama projects of Kim Hyun Joong. I know this may create pressures even to the Prince but I for one will not give up on him as an actor. Be it playing the role of a flower boy or a real man, I do appreciate anything Hyun Joong does because I always believe he is capable of just anything he does and he does it perfectly. Period. LOL!! What can I do, these are facts that cannot be denied, we have a totally versatile star and a perfect artist who has the power to transform which very little artist has the same talent as Hyun Joong has. Don’t you agree?? It’s reality!!



Kim Hyun Joong shall soon be flying to Kagawa for another round of rock the stage as he shares with us some good memories again. Oh this is just so good Hyun Joong has these concert series to ease down some frustrations over City Conquest. So for the mean while let’s enjoy Hyun Joong, what he can currently share with us and make the most out of it. Hyun Joong lives by the day to day event as it transpires but he never give up on his dreams of being a good singer and a good actor.

Let us not forget that it is his fans who is the center of his thoughts in anyway he works to be able to achieve his goals in bringing happiness and wishes of his fans. This is Hyun Joong in reality, a truly artist by heart he is, a total performer who can only be satisfied by the love and support his fans are giving him, as he turn it back to them in many ways with honest heartfelt love. *sigh* What else can I say, he’s just so remarkable.

Oh well I just hope I can get over with the thoughts of drama for Hyun Joong and hope for some results in the near future. Kim Hyun Joong as a singer and as an actor, he is just so highly competitive and Greatly In-Demand that I am just so proud being a Kim Hyun Joong fan.

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GLOBAL CONQUEST


By: LazerKim                   I guess the sad news about City Conquest is now at the internet and news spreading that finally KBS officially decided not to air City Conquest.  We have all been aware that this drama have been in limbo for months and finally the long waiting for a word from KBS has been out! At least this is clear enough for me as I have already suspected pertaining to internal problems. This must be very frustrating to most of us fans, of course, as initial reaction which is just but natural. But hang in there, this is a better news than having false hope, right? It’s easier to think and say, it’s no use crying over a spilled milk!! But before I stop crying, it can be a help to air out my sentiments, forget about it and look forward for another Kim Hyun Joong drama project!


City Conquest should have been a come back drama for Kim Hyun Joong, he had worked hard for this drama but then again no matter how we wanted to watch the drama it’s just not for us at this time, for whatever reason we accept since there’s nothing we can do about it. As I  have mentioned in my previous articles, it’s better not to expect anything about it since there had already been problems lingering around the drama to begin with. I think we fans had already done our part to pour out our sentiments pertaining KBS’s intention of rejecting the airing of this drama with whatever reasons they have with or without sense!!

Was the drama being sabotaged? Was the drama been an object of jealousy since prior to airing Cit Conquest in Korea, there were already pledge of sales on its copy write? KBS gave some conditions to the production management to change some of the parts in the drama which is short to say, change the entire plot!! Is this fair, after filming almost half of the series? Hyun Joong had already layed out his effort in filming, investments had already been poured out only to find out KBS would just simply have it straight to the trash can?? These are just a few of questions lingering in my mind for months which I have already suspected that I’ll probably won’t get the answers!! Fine!!

This is just a wild idea, but maybe if City Conquest producer would really like to put this up, maybe it would be possible to finalize its filming in Japan and have it aired at DATV just to save its further damage. I mean this is just for the sake of millions of fans who have been eagerly anticipating city Conquest to be shown. Actually the choice is within the production management. Korea is just Korea, there are still a lot of countries worldwide who are waiting for this drama.

Who would care wherever TV station it can be shown? Anyway Hyun Joong is now an international star. If he can’t make it in his own country, fine there’s Japan and China waiting since copy writes had already been sold, that I then hope there won’t be any political motivations since this is simply a drama for entertainment which is very much anticipated and people would just want to watch it, because Kim Hyun Joong is the star of the said drama. If Korea is too conservative and sensitive with the drama plot content to the extent of blocking its airing, fine, this is even more interesting to Hyun Joong’s fans or even to non-fans watching out of curiosity!! I wonder where could be the losing end here?



I may be jumping in a wrong conclusion after all the incidents with KBS transpired but since then I have stopped expecting too much out of City Conquest. It’s like saying if it can be aired, well that’s great, but if it’s not possible then I have been wishing for another chance for Hyun Joong to have another new drama project. For me, with a project which had already been tainted, I would prefer to watch Hyun Joong in a new set of drama project and count City Conquest to experience. But definitely I would push him to pursue in his acting career which is very much in high demand. These are just set backs that any artist do experience that I believe something brighter awaits for him other than City Conquest.

I have read a comment in my box, saying Hyun Joong is not popular in Korea, well it’s her opinion but as I responded, Korea is just a small part of the entire world. Hyun Joong may be more popular in Japan or China, but this is precisely the essence of being a Hallyu Star, they are groomed and catered for international market. Evidently Hyun Joong is being successful as a Hallyu Star which he had achieved his goal being so. I just hope Korean  TV stations would be more supportive to their artists particularly Kim Hyun Joong since it’s not only their local viewers who would benefit but a bigger part of the world.

I would love and so eager to watch Kim Hyun Joong as an actor in TV dramas, it’s been two years since his last drama Playful Kiss and it’s high time to get him back on the screen. There were already incidents that showed the high demand on him as an actor and this fact can not be ignored nor blocked. Kim Hyun Joong is loved by millions and for those who are so jealous about his success, then think about it twice since he got what it takes to rise up higher than what he had already attained these past few years as he started up playing solo and that’s a fact that cannot be denied.



Upon hearing the news about City Conquest and had checked at internet I couldn’t help but grab a laptop from one of my crew and opened up my blog!! I’m sure many of my readers may be feeling frustrated about the news. My apologies for my longest absence since Hyun Joong had started his Unlimited concert series here in Japan, I have been quite busy not only in his concert preparations but other events assigned to me. I would like to thank you for your concern for my sake and please forgive me for letting you wait for too long to read from me.

It’s so unfortunate that coming to Japan to work as a production staff limits my time to write and limits me being a fan to write insights behind the scene on Hyun Joong’s concert series. I’m having so much fun at work since this has been my interest not to mention the chance to work on this particular set of production. All I have are just memories and maybe one day I’ll be able to share with you when time comes that I’m free from my job post and profession.

I now open this space for everyone to air out their sentiments pertaining City Conquest and face another brighter tomorrow with kim Hyun Joong. As he said we’re family and this is how he had built his world with us his fans. Hyun Joong mentioned he is very fond of reading articles about him, although he doesn’t read criticisms!! LOL well who would want to read something which is too heavy on the chest of course specially unjustified ones made by insects!! As we all have the daily habits of having daily dosage of relief, Hyun Joong has that too, specially on times whenever he’s down, it’s his fans that lift his spirit up.

This is all I have for now, I can’t promise when to be back but surely I will. Kim Hyun Joong shall be coming back on stage on Saturday January 26 in Japan as he continues to rock the stage with his music to share with all of us.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROCK KOBE!


By: LazerKim              I was on my way back to work as I boarded my early morning flight to my work venue which started yesterday and I can’t describe my feelings of excitement after leaving my post for almost a year, I’m finally back in action! As I disembarked and walked towards the immigration, there were series of long line which means the airport where I have been was rather unusually busy!

At the far end from where I was, I saw a stunning tall guy in black coat and wearing a black baseball cap yawning while walking! I felt my face blushed and smiled and said to myself, the sleepyhead still sleepy this early morning but soon he’ll be rocking the entire Japan and shall spread another explosive event all over the world to start today! This is a word from a fan!!

Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight yesterday morning bound to Kansai Airport Osaka Japan to start his Japan Tour Concert series at the World Memorial Hall in Kobe. This time I have noticed an additional bodyguard with him whom I recognized to be his boss personal bodyguard! I guess Hyun Joong’s handlers are now aware of the incident happened recently as he was mobbed by some of his Korean fans at Incheon Airport.

At least this time we do not have such scene at the airport lobby but as Hyun Joong reached Kansai Airport in Osaka, a huge crowd of fans welcomed him on his arrival. However his Japanese fans were well behaved and just cheer out his name that gave him  something to smile about and wave at his fans!



At noon time yesterday the ball started to roll as Hyun Joong attended to his rehearsals at the venue in preparation to his first day UNLIMITED concert together with the band the Downhell which shall be held tonight! After months of rehearsals, hard work and late hour jamming with the band, finally Hyun Joong shall be on stage again to share his music with his fans who have been so eager to be captured by Hyun Joong’s charisma on stage! This is another explosive show that we have not seen from Hyun Joong in his recent concerts since he’ll be bringing out another brand new Kim Hyun Joong as a rocker!

Well what could be in store for us from this concert? That would remain to be seen but since we all know very well that Hyun Joong has always been in his best self with his quality music every time he’s on stage, this is gonna be a spectacular show. We may have seen him singing with the live band but I think this one is entirely different even shall we say he’ll be with the same band, but it feels like a different Kim Hyun Joong from the last time we have seen him in concert with the band. This time it will surely rock your heart out with his simplicity yet capturing aura as a star singer!

In concert series similar to Hyun Joong’s Japan Tour, the first day show is always the most important among the series and the last one, because it is in these shows that has always been highlighted. The success of the first show can lead to further word of the mouth from those who are able to see it first and at times the same audience comes back to watch the second or third show. The media normally are given the chance to watch the concert and from there publicity about the concert begins other than the advertisements publicized prior to the show. The last show is always been remembered as a basis for the future concerts an artist can perform.



Hyun Joong had already marked prestige in his recent Asian Fan Meeting Concert in mid-year of 2012 and all of those concert events were successful as he innovated the stereo type fan meeting as he was the first among the Kpop idols who have ever presented a different show or had changed the concept of fan meeting events. Hyun Joong had already gained the good reputation in performing concerts in giving the best quality of shows an artist can ever perform, through his creative ideas and different concepts every time he steps on the stage and he truly worked hard for it.

Each concert may take two or three hours to perform for the audience to watch, but the effort in preparing for it takes months to achieve perfection and that’s how Hyun Joong works for his concerts. In which everything within the show is well planned out, carefully conceptualized and time consuming continues rehearsals to bring out the best in entertainment. Hyun Joong by nature is a perfectionist, he never get to content himself unless he satisfies himself and making sure he is able to capture his audience the minute he stands on the stage till the end of every concert he performs.

Everything matters to Hyun Joong in terms of preparation for his shows that every single detail is important to him. It doesn’t matter if it would take the whole night till the wee hours at dawn to rehearse his repertoire, for him it’s simply saying as “better do it now while time allows it than be regretful for ignoring such small details.” That’s him, and he has that endless energy to work on every details within the concert he planned that has to be materialized as planned and to make it as perfect as he can.

Hyun Joong is such a contagious person that his passion over his concert preparation can pour down to the production crew’s enthusiasm to work hard with him too!! And this is another thing which I find very interesting in him, his charisma is not only for his fans but those whom he worked with behind the scene, from the top to the lowest rank in the production! Hyun Joong is a special artist that anyone would wish to work with because of his passion to his craft and being a hard worker can be so inspiring in bringing out the best in any show production. Hyun Joong is very much encouraging in the production and it’s just so contagious!



His Japanese fans and many of the international fans have been eagerly anticipating this Japan Tour Concert Series as a part of his commemoration of his first album UNLIMITED which majority of his fans had already gotten the album. Some of his fans from nearby countries in Japan and some were coming from US and other western countries, had gone out of their way to travel just to watch Hyun Joong’s Unlimited Concert Series. Knowing that Hyun Joong always brings something new every time he performs, one cannot just get enough of him even it was only six months ago that he rocked Japan by his HEAT, now he returns to a new rocker image that can excite everyone by his spell!!

Well, Hyun Joong had a long day yesterday in his rehearsals who is completely focused, totally inspired, and pretty much excited for tonight’s concert as his first night to rock Kobe and pretty much enthusiastic to rock our hearts out even those from afar!! So stay tune, I’m sure many of his fans out there are just as excited as Hyun Joong is, in updating tonight’s event! You won’t believe this but I’ve been writing this article from yesterday morning during my breaks through a laptop which is foreign to me and at last I’m done!! I just can’t help the feeling of being excited of being back to work on my first day!! Busy but very inspiring!



Oh before I go please keep on voting for Kim Hyun Joong at the Star of the Year. Don’t give up simply because Hyun Joong’s rank dropped to no.2, the more we should vote and just enjoy playing games with the robot!! Nothing matters, we are fans and we cannot just let Hyun Joong’s name displayed without growing numbers!! FIGHT for he deserves to be up there!

Please do allow me to just mention this matter, the other night a new fan was in search of Kim Hyun Joong and she asked some questions which gave me the impression that she was at lost in search about Hyun Joong, the voting polls and she had encountered some rudeness from another fan. I feel sorry for her which I understand, since I was once like her too when I was very new being a fan and using the twitter. I hope we can be a bit considerate with the new fans specially those who may find it hard to express themselves in English specially at the twitter.

At the same time there are others who pretend to be fans of Hyun Joong but actually they have other motives in getting info which I have encountered such  insects too! So let’s keep with our awareness around us. Now there are some insects who send me email and writing negative info about Hyun Joong, and I call these people coward so I ignore. Sorry girl I don’t write anything without basis. I don’t mean to be rude but just stating my opinion!

By the way, there’s another voting polls conducted in Japan which I just found out last night, although I have already voted I still have not read the nature of the voting polls. All I know is that Hyun Joong is being nominated in four different categories and that you may vote once a day through twitter and facebook or I’m not sure if a voter can subscribe through the poll site. Anyway, you may check this out if I’m right that we can still vote.

JpopAsia Music Awards (Link below)

Star of the year (Link below)

And with that, this is all I can share since I still got tons to do at work and I’m back as a night owl again!! See you all as Kim Hyun Joong ROCK KOBE and the whole Japan!

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] VOTE MOVEMENT

309440_366706646758733_1683021119_nBy: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong again has been nominated at the Star of the Year 2012 and voting polls shall be conducted until January 13. This polls has been going on actually, and have been voting silently although I have mentioned about this polls in one of my articles. Now we got 10 days to vote and so I would like to invite everyone to join in the voting. Kim Hyun Joong had been sitting at the first rank under the Star category for weeks until last night he was being swept to second place so fast with a slim gap of over 1,000 votes and as of this morning  KHJ is behind by over 2,000 votes.!

There were eight categories in this popularity voting polls and I have noticed that among all the nominees, it’s Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Jung Ki has the highest votes of over 100,000 vote compare to the other nominees which barely reached 70,000. Come to think of it, many of the stars being nominated has huge fan bases specially the idol groups that came to my surprise have not reached half of votes for the two stars Kim Hyun Joong and Lee Jung Ki!! Is this competition just the two of them or what??



Hyun Joong has always been nominated in many polls which only goes to show that these poll organizers knows how popular Hyun Joong is and how pro-active his fans are in voting.  But at the same time I hope these organizers have realize that Hyun Joong fans also closely monitoring the voting systems. I would admit, last night as I was monitoring the voting polls in my observation a robot is trying to manipulate the system, which I sincerely hope I’m wrong!!

I don’t know what’s going on but as I always say wherever and whenever Hyun Joong’s name is being displayed on the voting polls as nominee, we are given the liberty to vote. Again this is not obligatory among fans, and those who are enthusiastic in voting may vote. I’m just here to inform about the existence of the voting polls conducted and encourage fans to join in and vote. Manipulation may be irritating but we just have to play their game, fine, what have I got to lose I’ll simply be voting for Kim Hyun Joong and enjoy the challenge of racing with the robots!!



Let’s keep our cool, as we give time to Hyun Joong in voting in this polls while waiting for him to come out from his cocoon since his event activities in Japan is just around the corner. I happen to came across this post from twitter pertaining Hyun Joong’s schedule for January.                                                               (Lestari, thanks for sharing!)

Well, we have so much to look forward to about Hyun Joong as he’ll rock every concert stage in Japan this month of January. I’m still on holiday with article writing but I would just want everyone to know that I’m still here dropping by from time to time if needed. It surprises me that many new fans are doing their marathon reading with my previous articles and I would like to welcome all the new readers, thank you for sparing time reading all about Kim Hyun Joong.

This is one best way of keeping him close to us while knowing more about the guy, how a great star Kim Hyun Joong is, deserving our love and support as always.  He is one bright star who is completely irresistible in so many ways.

For the fan voters, let’s enjoy the challenge in voting, let’s turn the negative to positive vibe and go on voting everyday till the end. Remember, we are voting because we know Kim Hyun Joong deserves to win the Star of the Year, in fact he is the Star of all Seasons. No doubt about it, no one else deserves that sit on top except Kim Hyun Joong.

Don’t you miss this guy?? Well, I do!! So irresistible!

                                                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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Here’s how to vote:   Star of the Year 2012 

1. Scroll down to the category STAR.   (

2. Click the button below KHJ picture.

3. Scroll down, click on the left box. The page changes, then click on OK. Then you’ll see the voting score.

Go VOTE for Kim Hyun Joong!! Fighting!!




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By: LazerKim             After the spectacular night spent to welcome the new born year 2013, Kim Hyun Joong is on his way back to Seoul as I’m writing this article, as my first one for this year! A crowd of  fans were already at the Nanjing Airport  to see him off before boarding his flight on new year’s day! Hyun Joong was wearing the same coat and muffler as he arrived in China yesterday, now he’s just about to leave the big crowd of Chinese fans who are completely mesmerized by his presence last night that I feel like singing One Night Only!

For a brief recap, last night at the Jiangsu New Year’s Eve Presentation 2013 Hyun Joong came back to the stage to join the other performing artists in the count down minutes before 12 midnight. Hyun Joong was stunning in his tuxedo and as usual he outshines again as the most handsome and brightest star of the night on stage! Hyun Joong greeted the other Kpop groups who were also at there on stage with him.

Some stage effects were shown during the count down, that to me looks like a UFO coming down from the sky reminded me of the Uzoosin God of the Universe as it exploded presenting the new born year 2013! I can’t help think that indeed the Prince of Universe Kim Hyun Joong is there on stage and shall be sending another explosive episode on his career life for 2013!

I think this is the way that Hyun Joong welcomes the New Year as he initially rock the stage of China and shall begin his first explosive performance of the year in Japan! The ball shall start rolling on January 6, 2013 meeting his Japanese fans for his concert series as another image of a rocker shall be on stage.



Last night, in my country there were loud fire crackers and fire works display in the sky for full 30 minutes from 11:45 pm to 12:15 am as sign of the yearly count down to open up the New Year with a bang! I watched Hyun Joong’s video clip during the count down scene and I was wondering, what could be in his mind for 2013? Although his lay out plan for the year had been revealed, to start off with the concert series in Japan, towards the end year he’s planning to pursue with world tour concert. But he specifically stated he would like to greet his fans as an actor.

I was so relieved to hear from him about mentioning intention in pursuing as an actor, which means there’s still hope for City Conquest to be aired. I do not want to forget this and I would like us to be reminded about it. This morning as I woke up to greet the first day of new year, a group from the Latin America posted a video clip last night December 31st signifying their demands on City Conquest, that I would like to support. As I was watching the video I was smiling big, that it somehow gave me the impression that it may be their way of making noise to welcome the New Year, that I find it interesting!

For me it’s a good reminder that City Conquest is meant to be aired this year 2013, it’s a hanging project of Hyun Joong, it’s his come back drama and apparently it is important to him and of course this drama is important to all of us his fans. I think this is gonna be our first assignment for the year!! We may be enjoying Hyun Joong as he present himself to us in every activities he has, but let us not forget that there is still unfinished business that KBS and CC production management that has to be settled. Let’s just be aware whatever surrounds Kim Hyun Joong.



Am I reading this right? At Incheon Airport on Hyun Joong’s arrival from China this afternoon, there was a crowd of fans and had mobbed him!! Well, this is something new and first time did I ever have read such incident at any airport in Korea! We have seen such scenario in China, Japan and other Asian countries but never in Korea and this is the first time! I can only speculate that this day is holiday in Korea so fans have their chances to see him at the airport since Hyun Joong has lesser activity events in Korea.

And the fact his hanging drama project which was suppose to be his come back drama was blocked by KBS, so what do we expect? His Korean fans are so eager to have him on screen but giving him a hard time to have that chance! I wouldn’t wonder if his handlers would place him in other countries where liberty is given to have his activities most welcome. Come to think of it, among the other Asian airports security has always been tighter whenever he visits other countries but never in Incheon or Gimpo Airport. Now we have witness how he was being mobbed by his Korean fans. Does this mean anything?

But as I have watched the video clip, I think Hyun Joong is alright, it’s just that there was a bigger crowd of fans surrounding him even outside the airport lobby, although the volume of fans being at the Incheon Airport today was a bit unusually crowded. But Hyun Joong was concerned with the fans who were there being squeezed in by the crowd telling them to be careful. There may be security lapses at Incheon Airport, simply because this crowd was unexpected.



In short, Hyun Joong’s popularity should not be under estimated anymore, whether in his home country or other Asian countries and beyond! Can you imagine Hyun Joong is a Korean and yet his Korean fans are watching him from afar? I can understand how his Korean Fans may feel, but this isn’t Hyun Joong’s fault. In fact, Hyun Joong can be anywhere he is most welcome. Then I hope the Korean showbiz industry can understand this fact that Hyun Joong’s popularity continue to grow by volume everyday!

At the Weibo (Chinese Site) it was said that Hyun Joong’s followers are increasing rapidly which is at over 2 Million followers already! Every time Hyun Joong has an official visit to China, his Weibo account increases its number of followers which only shows that indeed his fans are really growing in such huge numbers! Hyun Joong shall be back to Japan within this week to perform his Japan Tour Concert series and this time sincerely do hope his Japanese fans would be given the chance to catch up with Hyun Joong, specially those who have been active in sharing updates.

However, let us always remember in every Hyun Joong’s event activities, his comfort and protection should be priority. Over excitement of any fan may lead to discomfort both to Hyun Joong and to the other fans. Being just relax in taking his pictures and avoiding being squeezed in or pushing each other, we can have a better view of him and enjoy the view of welcoming him or seeing him off at any airport or anywhere Hyun Joong may be.



As we welcome the year with open arms and being with Kim Hyun Joong at his side all year round is such a joy in collecting another chain of memories with the Prince. Just like last year Hyun Joong started with a huge explosion in Japan, he’ll again start this year hopping the cities of Japan! We have so much to look forward to that no matter how far he may be from some of us, there is always a way of keeping him near to us. This is another year filled with excitements as it has always been where ever Hyun Joong is.

We keep up with our support to Hyun Joong all year round as our journey continue in another phase of Hyun Joong’s career life for this year. He been preparing for the series of concerts that will bring another set of surprises for his fans to start up with the year. At the same time I sincerely do hope his hanging drama project would soon come to light and confirm its airing date. I’m sure majority of Hyun Joong fans are still eager to see him on dramas and we’ll not give up.

This is all I have for this new year’s first day, it’s really great to have Hyun Joong with us on this day, that will inspire us again to begin with his new episode with us being at his side all the time and in any place. Kim Hyun Joong shall always be in our hearts. May we all have a joyful year with him and start collecting our pieces of memories with our ONLY ONE! Happy New Year 2013!

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!