Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHEERS 2013!


By: LazerKim            HAPPY NEW YEAR ALIEN WORLD!  This morning two airports were crowded with Kim Hyun Joong fans, Incheon Airport in Korea and Nanjing Airport in China as Hyun Joong is on his way to celebrate the year end and welcome New Year in China! Unfortunately, Hyun Joong exits through the VIP and not at the airport lobby of Nanjing Airport where his fans were waiting to welcome him! Hyun Joong who was in his dashing black coat, muffler, black gloves and baseball cap that he looks so handsome as always! I think Hyun Joong has a new hair style!

Hyun Joong and Dong Hye took the same flight to China as both shall be performing at the same stage tonight. They were both spotted at the Incheon Airport lounge eating banana and drinking beer together while chatting with each other as they waited for their flight boarding time!! Hyun Joong was also spotted giving an autograph to one of the fans which I believe he’s already inside the airport.


How lucky Hyun Joong’s Chinese fans as they will be spending the year end with Kim Hyun Joong! Quite recently, Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans were also lucky to have spent their pre-Christmas holiday with him!! And lucky for us fans from beyond these countries for we have seen Hyun Joong from afar on his latest public exposure.

While I start writing this article, Kim Hyun Joong may be preparing himself on his way to China to attend the Jingsu New Year Concert. This will be the last performance of Hyun Joong for the year 2012 as he bids farewell to the year performing Breakdown and Please tonight December 31, 2012. While I write my last article for this year 2012 too!! I had the great year writing all about Kim Hyun Joong and the most memorable one among the years I’ve spent in my entire life, to be knowing a great person loved by millions around the world.

Hyun Joong performed at the Jiangsu Year End celebration at about 8 PM, all in black as he he sing and dance Breakdown and Please, he looks so handsome in his new hairstyle which I think has gone over with curly for this performance. The green light sticks representing the uzoosin fans were again spotted at the audience gallery and feels like I was there together with his other fans!! Gosh, I can’t help feel envy with his Chinese fans to welcome the year with Kim Hyun Joong!!  *sigh*



Kim Hyun Joong has a huge influence on me and to many of his fans as he spent his fruitful year bringing his non-stop chain of success, and this success runs down to every single global fan Hyun Joong has! As I always say whatever Hyun Joong’s success gains are is also the success of his fans, that brought us a tremendous pride being fans of a remarkable idol, who has been inspiring him all through the year as he present himself filled with love to his fans.

Life may have some natural ups and downs but whichever way we follow Hyun Joong, on bumpy road which made us stronger with him or generally smooth sailing, it’s a joy to be a part of his journey, knowing there is mutual love in between the fans and the idol. This is how I describe my daily journey with Kim Hyun Joong. Where love is being sincerely shared in good and bad times, that every events transpired the whole year round was shared with a lot happiness and memories of 2012 shall always be remembered.



I’m not really a believer of horoscope but this morning, the local news in my country brought up some of predictions for 2013!! It gave me the initiative to see if the predictions on Hyun Joong born in 1986 the Year of the Tiger, came true for the year 2012. Here’s that Chinese Horoscope for the year 2012, let’s see about his personal traits and predictions of 2012:

Year of the Tiger     (Kim Hyun Joong)      


Filled with courage, ambition and energy, Tigers are natural leaders and go-getters, yet they are also sensitive, loving and emotional. They are very competitive, more so when it comes to saving one’s honor or protecting a loved one. On one hand they love independence and on the other they like to dominate in relationships especially. They have a strong sense of dignity along with the strong desire to take up challenges.

These qualities make them born leaders. They are very alert and restless and alert. They are not afraid of taking up any risk for achieving what they want. The other traits of Tigers include honesty, generosity towards friends and passionate towards lovers. They also expect other people to be honest. Disapproval or criticism is something that upsets the Tigers.



If you are TIGER born, you can relax as lucky stars are gathering to stabilize your luck towards the end of 2011 and continue into 2012. The Dragon is going to be a good year as your life force has improved a lot, signifying good health and strength to receive the luck coming your way whilst facing head on or avoiding the challenges. Astrologically, you have the blessings of the Golden Deity Star in your home location with the Big Auspicious Star on your right and facing the Star of Earth Seal – help from heaven and earth!

Better yet, the beneficial influence of these stars is multiplied manifold by the presence of the #9 Magnifying Star (#9 Magnifying Star). This essentially means that in 2012, there will be guardian angels overlooking all areas of your life – be it career, wealth, health or love. Strengthen your wealth generating energy by inviting the Yellow or White Dzambbala into your home. To improve your luck further, display the 9 Ring Sword in your home sector, the North East.

With so much going for you, it may seem unlikely for things to go wrong, it is always better to err on the side of caution, especially since there is also the not-so-friendly Star of Yearly Conflict on your left. Crystal balls should do the trick as they have enormous capacity to absorb conflict vibes. A Red Fire Crystal Ball (Red Fire Crystal Ball) would be perfect – boosting the Earth energy of the north east as well as providing Fire element which is lacking in this year’s Paht Chee chart.

The Tiger’s presence in this year’s Paht Chee chart indicates you will continue to have significant influence on the people you connect with, both personally and professionally. Partnership established during the Dragon Year must be allowed to grow and be nurtured, if it is to succeed. Tigers, who forge ahead with courage, using imagination, creativity and wits, will find 2012 most enjoyable and rewarding.

As a final measure, remember to keep your Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend (Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend) close to you. With their help and support, obstacles will be less overwhelming, good fortune will be multiplied and success shared is so much sweeter.

Besides the influence of your bazi and animal sign, your luck for the year is also dependent on the locations of the monthly flying stars (monthly flying stars) which may bring help or hindrances. Due to the astrological flight of these stars, your luck for the year is not stagnant but will change subtly, depending on whether friendly or hostile stars are visiting. Things will be much easier if you take advantage of the luck brought by the beneficial stars whilst lying low and taking remedial actions when hostile stars come visiting.

710666371 (1)

VIEW POINT in 2012

The horoscope or prediction on the TIGER which is the Chinese sun sign of Hyun Joong gave me the interest that indeed the predictions came true!! I would take it just for fun out of my curiosity to look into it but what caught my eyes to read was this part:

This essentially means that in 2012, there will be guardian angels overlooking all areas of your life – be it career, wealth, health or love.”

Undoubtedly these angels are his fans, who have been following him wherever his journey takes him, and these angels has been growing huge in numbers everyday of 2012!! It’s true that Hyun Joong started his solo career as a singer in mid-year 2011 and continued on in the whole year of 2012 which was very fruitful. That in one year Hyun Joong had accomplished more than what was expected from him either by his fans or from the showbiz experts.

I can still remember, Hyun Joong started his year 2012 with huge explosion as he performed his first solo concert in Yokohama representing his first Japanese single Kiss Kiss, which is a truly memorable event for me to have witnessed the huge crowd of fans who attended the concert in February 5th. The growing number of fans didn’t stop from there as in the mid-year 4th of July Hyun Joong performed another concert representing his second single HEAT that heated up Japan even bigger than his first shot single Kiss Kiss. It was in this event that Hyun Joong created such a remarkably louder explosion!

Towards the middle of the year 2012, the ball started rolling as Hyun Joong was busy flying from one country to another in presenting himself in an innovated fan meeting concert series that gained a lot of global attention that even boost Hyun Joong’s popularity further. This year was very fruitful to Hyun Joong and so with his fans as it kept growing in numbers! Hyun Joong’s aim to reach out and get closer to his fans was his goal for the year and he was able to achieved with it successfully.



In the latter part of 2011, Hyun Joong drew a lay out plan for his career for 2012 as it was stated in his documentary made recorded at the beginning of the year. This lay out plan was successfully accomplished to mark his global market beginning in Japan that created significant history in the Japanese music industry. As I have mentioned earlier, Hyun Joong begun his significant event of the year as he released his first Japanese single Kiss Kiss in January and had made it to the number two rank at the Oricon Music Chart and had placed the single at gold record status. I would say it was an overwhelming success considering he had gained that much popularity boost in such a short period of time, from the day he debuted as solo singer in Seoul.

After he released his first two albums in the mid-year 2011, in six months his Japanese fans came out and visibly proved his overwhelming popularity as a solo singer, through his first concert held in Yokohama Arena. I would think the media and the Japanese showbiz community had underestimated the Hyun Joong event in February concert. Hyun Joong came back to Japan in the 4th of July right after his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert series to launched his second single HEAT collaborated with the Japanese legend B’z.

To everyone’s surprised the album hit the first rank at the Oricon Music Chart on its first launching day till weekly chart had maintained its status and had marked a history among the foreign artists as the third artist to hit the no. 1 rank, in which Hyun Joong had surpassed the giant Korean Kpop, other Japanese local and foreign artists, who had released their album at the same period as Hyun Joong did. His fans were all in cloud nine taking pride of their idol Kim Hyun Joong. I wonder what’s in store for Hyun Joong this coming 2013? He already has another lay out plan for the year that we can look forward to. But what can the Year of the Snake brings to him? Just for fun let’s see what his Chinese Horoscope tells, here as follows:




Of course the same advice doesn’t hold well for work, because this 2013 year of the black Snake you do have to work with a variety of personalities. It’s not OK for you to constantly be insisting on your ideas being used exclusively, though that’s what you’ll want to do. The Chinese 2013 horoscope for Tiger shows us that there are some very real struggles coming your way in the work place. There are two ways you can handle it.

Don’t be afraid to walk away if it’s not the right job for you. You know that you’re powerful, strong, and capable and you will be able to find something else. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be willing to compromise on certain things, but if you find that you’re constantly demoralized because your brilliant ideas aren’t being put into practice, then don’t be afraid to walk.

The other option is to win people over. The truth is that you’re a very likeable person and people naturally flock to you – when you make it that way. Too often you simply come on aggressively, which can work in many situations, but doesn’t always when it comes to work. In 2013 year of Snake you will need to be willing to take a step back and let someone else call the shots on occasion.



I was actually laughing when I was reading this Horoscope stated above! This is very much like Hyun Joong who’s very hard headed!! By nature Hyun Joong is a very independent type of person, and he likes to do things his way. He loves to innovate or re-invent himself and so with his craft too. We have seen a lot of those innovations in 2012 and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he keep it up, since his innovations were very effective that earned a lot of good impressions from the showbiz experts.

He is not a self opinionated type, I’m not saying he doesn’t listen, but he listens to those with genuine wisdom. Hyun Joong is hard headed in such a way, one cannot control his passion over his craft and would work his guts out to achieve perfection. That no matter how others may say to take a rest, the guy is just too uncontrollably restless and would just keep moving around till he drop dead tired!!

What Hyun Joong wants Hyun Joong gets! If you remember the hi-five sessions in his fan meeting concert, everyone thought he was just joking to suggest that he wants to meet his fans up close and to shake hands with 3,000 fans. This incident didn’t end from there, because he was able to accomplished to hand shake with 5,000 fans in Tokyo!! I shall never forget this event at Odaiba Tokyo! Others said Hyun Joong doesn’t need to get to this extent, but he wants to and so he did it very successfully, that made his fans so proud and happy.



After Hyun Joong’s performance at Jiangsu Year End celebration at about past 9 PM, he went back to his hotel. At this hour my area is slowly becoming noisy with fire works and all kinds devices that makes noise! There’s also a street party in my area which is typical in my country during this New Year celebration. I’m sure Hyun Joong shall be enjoying his New Year as he welcomes the year with another bang and rock the stage again this time in China, joining his Chinese fans with open arms filled with love for this coming year!

To Hyun Joong, I would like to say…

“More power to your powerful charisma in touching millions of hearts all over the world!! Keep up with your dreams and we fans will raise you up the highest heights of stardom! HAPPY NEW YEAR may you have more fruitful year in 2013!!”

To all Kim Hyun Joong fans…

“Let’s keep up with our strength, stay with the Prince as he reach for his dreams, and keep the love and support in all Hyun Joong projects for 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! More love, more success and more new fans to share with!”


                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!  Happy New Year!



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  1. I loved his perf at Jiangsu tv. It was a w e s o m e! I was so happy to see him! ^^ XD I slept just 3hrs to watch that, had to wake up by 7.30am to watch it xd lol It’s 2am now xd I’m partying \o/ 2hrs ago I went out to see the awesome fireworks xd I can’t part from my smartphone so I had to come here and give a huge virtual hug to all of you, dear lazerists xd Have a wonderful 2013 everyone!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR SIS…I was WOW!!!read this article.thank you so much,love all of you alien family and more success for our dear HARD HEADED PRINCE.God bless.

  3. Thanks for all the wonderfull updates and story,s ! It made my days! I always start the day with checking your site!
    Thank you very much ❤
    Good bye 2012.
    Welcome 2013.
    Happy New Year !
    A successful new year for Hyun Joong and All.

  4. happy new year LK. saw a message in FB i think that City Conquest will be airing in KBS2? is that true? hope so. anyway, looking forward for all of us this new year, new hopes, new dreams, new goals to achieve. God bless KHJ and all henecians.

  5. Happy New Year. So happy to watch HJ clip on this New Year Eve.
    Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year
    Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year
    Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year
    Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year Happy New Year

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