Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY JOURNEY


By: LazerKim                      MERRY CHRISTMAS to Kim Hyun Joong and to all his fans all over the world!!  Today is a special day for me not only because it’s Christmas but because today I celebrate this blog first anniversary as I wrote my first article on the eve of Christmas last year 2011. I would like to thank everyone for sparing time to read my daily articles as I deliver to you my thoughts all about Kim Hyun Joong! THANK YOU very much for sharing your love to Hyun Joong with me and with all the fans from the different corners of the world! I had the happiest year 2012 together with you and our ONLY ONE!


Never did I expect that I have gone this far, although it was barely one year but it feels like it was more than that period of knowing who Kim Hyun Joong is. Last year 2011 when I open up this blog account, I was merely playing in my thoughts as I wrote my first article My Christmas Dream! I was like a teenage fan girl writing my fantasy on Hyun Joong’s daily life routine! It was fun that this blog kept me company with you when I was all alone in my thoughts. It was very effective for me in curing my own ailment back in time, until I felt being addicted to writing about Hyun Joong that kept me closer to him.

Writing articles have been a part of my daily routine as I pour out my thoughts and this experience will ever be my most unforgettable one year experience. I became so involved with the career life of Kim Hyun Joong and I learn so much in life through him that inspired me to do better, to be stronger and wise. I cannot complete my day without checking on Hyun Joong and writing about him. I would say I pull up my strength from him. It’s so mysterious feelings in learning to love a star this much and knowing I’m not alone to be feeling the love to ONLY ONE!



I think I have written enough about Hyun Joong that a fan ought to know about him, and I have nothing left to write specially at this time that Hyun Joong is taking a break. So I’m taking this chance to take a break too as I mentioned in my recent article. Many of Hyun Joong’s veteran fans said it’s so hard to break away from Hyun Joong and it’s true. It’s so hard to face the real world without him. Once we get caught by his magic spell, we all turn to be helpless that indeed Hyun Joong makes our day complete.

Writing about Hyun Joong for me is so irresistable!! Because this is one way of keeping him closer to me just like you that the more you read about him, the more love grows in such a mysterious way! My sister from US once said, you cannot stop being a blogger once you have started with it. It’s true, no matter how much my doctor advised me to stay away from my computer, well, it just feels like killing myself softly!! Although I was able to minimized and dedicate my reserve time writing instead of roaming around the internet in search for something to read!

I read from somewhere being a writer I have to get my own resources to write about instead of borrowing whatever I can find updates about Hyun Joong. Although my purpose of being in this blog is to merely spreading the news and thoughts about Kim Hyun Joong. But I sincerely hope I can have my own resources or info from my own effort to share with others and spread the good news about Kim Hyun Joong! How I wish to be a better writer for him that we can learn further through him. One of my closest fan friend said “follow your heart”, and yes, it will only be then we can make a better decision. Where can I be more useful and productive? Is it here or there?



Kim Hyun Joong said something like, “Dreaming big makes me a better person.” I kept his words in mind that I believe we can apply to our daily lives. Well being realistic about a dream can be reachable of course! What may seem to be a dream can sometimes happens that it is no longer a dream as Hyun Joong just kept working and go for his dream. He’s now a big star, that it cannot be helped that sometimes the path he is taking may create wary to others to the extent of blocking his way to rise up further. But no one can control the nature of his fate no matter which way Hyun Joong takes, he will be up there where he is ought to be.

Hyun Joong has so many dreams and big ones. We fans can make those dreams possible for him by 100%. By next year he’ll be facing the next phase of his career life and for us fans will be staying by his side as he accomplish his plans for 2013 which is just around the corner. We fans have the collective power in bringing him up to his dreams, we go for it as we sincerely support Kim Hyun Joong. The guy has dreams just like anyone of us who have every right to dream, but his dreams is just an arm stretch to reach out for. This is just a matter of pushing him up all the way.

I may be speculating or speaking my thoughts out for having a theory, I just notice something indifferent within Hyun Joong’s surroundings that I think we just have to be aware! I’m just speaking in general since this year 2012 Hyun Joong made a lot of noise that now the global community is eyeing on him. We all know that Hyun Joong’s chain of success is not a mere spur of the moment since he’s been in showbiz for over seven years now and he’s not a star who just popped out from nowhere. Many may attempt to put him down but no one can put a good man down. Let’s bear this in mind.



Hyun Joong has finally had this time to take a break, as he said he’ll be celebrating this Christmas day with his friends as he normally does every year. Then we spend this day with our family and love ones as a tradition on Christmas day. While Hyun Joong may take his break, he will be with us as soon as the year 2013 surface and look forward to it. What is in store for Hyun Joong is what he plans for us next year. This guy is such a remarkable star who would think much about his fans above anything else in his career life, a good provider of what makes his fans happy is what he thinks about whenever he’s out there in his public appearances

Cheer up everyone, spread lots of love as we end this year 2012 in five days from now! I had a wonderful year of meeting you in this blog and through ups and downs as we join Hyun Joong’s journey to stardom, we are much stronger fans for Hyun Joong and multiply in numbers. I had such unforgettable memories in bringing the Prince closer to us and I’m happy to somehow take part in your everyday life with him as I read and write all about Kim Hyun Joong. To this blog Happy Anniversary! To the Alien World, more power to all of us!

I’ll say it again, knowing Kim Hyun Joong is the best thing ever happened in my entire life for staying at his side in a Happy Journey of being a fan!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

My apology I should have posted this article last night but I lost my connection and just got it back a few minutes ago!

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!



26 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY JOURNEY

  1. Hi!! It’s me again, I guess you must be having a wonderful time in the tour!! Lucky! I was wondering if it would be possible if you could explain me then how to get the tickets for his fanmeeting on the 2nd of February. Please!! Sorry for bothering you again… And thanks again in advance!

  2. Hi!! Thank you so much for the info and effort you put to let us know about Kim Hyun Joong 🙂
    I was wondering if you could let me know as well how could I buy the tickets for the unlimited concerts his making now in Japan. I don’t know any Japanese neither I have any experience in buying tickets but still I will really like to make it this time at least to one of his concert. Could you help me guiding me a bit please?
    Thank you so much in advance!!

  3. A million thanks to you. Your updates on HJ helps us fans get updated on his comings & goings. Especially, the ones who are as far away the US.

  4. Happy New Year to All.
    Dear Lazer Kim, hope all things are right with you.
    I miss you and your articles.
    God bless you.

    We will see our prince soon. How happy.

  5. Sorry this is late but Happy Anniversary of your amazing blog!!!! And Happy New Year everyone!
    Who all thinks that Hyun Joong is one naturally, good looking sexy beast? I’m jealous of that octopus…^^

  6. Hello LazerKim, Happy anniversary for your blog, and of course Happy New Year 2013 to you and to all Alien family who are part of your blog, (you’ve created quite an united front here after all). Gdo Bless:) and lots of events with KHJ.:):) (lots of beautiful pictures of course):)

  7. Hi Aliens,
    Pls continue to vote for KHJ @ the Korean star awards!Let’s give him the first award of 2013!Happy Boxing Day to All!

  8. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY LAZER KIM BLOG…MERRY CHRISTMAS and thank you sooo much sis to bring us closer to our the only one…PRINCE CHARMING.God bless and always miss you.

  9. hi ms. LK!!happy anniversary!!i must admit ur blog really made me closer to our ONLY ONE..i don’t always leave my comments but i do read ur articles,everyday..remember nung nwlan ak ng connection??nung nbuksan q,ngmarathon reading n ak..keke..i wish ur blog will be here as long as there’s 1 fan still standing for HYUN JOONG,..i bet it will be until the last day of our happy to be part of ur blog,keep it up ms. LK!!aja!!

    Belated Merry Christmas my Alien Family!!i wish everyone to have a fruitful 2013…God bless!!stay safe.. (~_~)

  10. Happy anniversary my dear friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the wonderful articles that you have written. You have no idea how those articles have cheered me up in so many beautiful ways. Happy new year!!!!

  11. Happy Anniversary to ‘our blog’! lol this is like a second virtual home for us fans xD I do hope you all had a wonderful christmas! I wish it lasted longer though… Gosh, the streets look so beautiful these days… xd and omg, I couldn’t help but think about HJ and his latest snowy vids these days xD so ‘christmassy’ lol I’m gonna enjoy these days buying things with awesome discounts xD oh, new year’s is just around the corner! damn, I enjoyed writing 2012… 2013 is gonna look ugly, I just don’t like the number 3 xD

  12. happy anniv to your blog. it indeed helped me to find and learn more about KHJ through you. i pray that you will have more years of writing ahea of you. all d best of the season and God bless. Merry Christmas. i just want to say i love your passion for writing. keep it up 🙂

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