Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SNOW PRINCE


By: LazerKim           At last update pictures of Kim Hyun Joong during his recent event activities in Japan were posted from the media since the fans were not allowed to take pictures during the events.  I have mentioned in my recent article that of all the events Hyun Joong hosted in Japan, the last three days of fan signing ended up with less updates and fans from the venue were so enthusiastic to share whatever was going on in the event unfortunately they were not allowed to take pictures. This is due to security reasons and keeping a smooth and orderly event to transpire.

Oh well we can’t do anything about it, of course Hyun Joong’s comfort and security is priority above anything else during his public appearances. Nevertheless, we all know that Hyun Joong is doing fine, and his Japanese fans are surely happy during the three days event that went on successfully. It’s just that I know somehow many of us may wish we can view the event from afar because it somehow feels as if we’re also there with them enjoying the moment with Hyun Joong.  Isn’t he handsome? That’s always!!



As one of my readers said, posting updates and pictures are free publicity coming from the idol fans! Which is true, many Hyun Joong fans do share a lot of his pictures and updates to the extent of attending his events and even following him on his official activities and share the event news to other fans. I sincerely appreciate the fans who are very active in their postings. In fact Hyun Joong fans are even feed more credible info sometimes  even faster than the media!! LOL! Hyun Joong fans are always there with him and keeping track of his activities.

Other than the fact that it keeps Hyun Joong closer to us no matter how far he is from us. And with that, I’m so grateful and thankful to the fans from twitter that they do this all for the love of Kim Hyun Joong. Many of them have been posting updates for years that I truly admire their endless and tireless effort to bring in the latest updates about Hyun Joong. And how I wish to do the same.

This is all I have for now, I know everyone is busy with Christmas rush, just the same with me here! I hope I’ll be back tonight!! How will I spend my Christmas? I do hope we can keep each other’s company on the Eve of Christmas, specially to those who are alone by themselves and are away from your family! Maybe we can share our love for the Snow Prince Kim Hyun Joong for Christmas Eve with lot of LOVE to the world!! Happy Holiday!!

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SNOW PRINCE

  1. merry Christmas LK and enjoy the season. May the spirit of this season fill us all with joy and peace. All the best of the season. God bless to you and your loved ones.

  2. Hi Lazerkim, it’s been a long time since i commeted..that’s because i’d been very busy but don’t worry i manage to read ur articles everyday..even though there’s a lot of power outage going on in my country. Though I’m not a Christian and do not celebrate Christmas as u guys do..I can feel the excitement and festive mood everywhere …Christmas is probably the most infectious festival all around the world..and I would like to wish u and all the frens here a very wonderful Christmas and may Christ bless u with all the joy and happiness in ur life.

  3. Merry Christmas everyone!!! It’s about 11 hours and 45 min until it’s Christmas where I live! ( Minnesota, USA! ^^) So I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas on the other side of the world!

  4. Merry christmas sis,may god bless always with your family.Wish lazer kim blog unlimited stay with us.I like to greet also to our dear frieds Razor,Noya,Anon,Blueribbon and all alien family…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! more…more love for our the only one.SNOW PRINCE.God bless sis,see you…I moved in kyoto,hyatt regency.

  5. dear lazer
    thanks for your help as soon as I read the way to vote I did , now again and again, about these securities I am sure that it was not for hyun joong. It could be for the goverment issues , because fans turn crazy in july making a lot of noise then and I think they try with this to control in any way the reaction of fans, unfortunately we dont have news by videos of the events so sad for us, I thinks also that hyun joong staff would record something to share in the internet, officially later when they find these kind of restrictions.
    well I want to wish you a happy Xmas and a beautiful new year.

  6. Merry X-mas! Well, I must buy some last-minute gifts! XD I’m supposed to be up by 10am and it’s 9.46am xd I didn’t sleep a bit xd lol Well, you know rules are meant to be broken XD so if I had been there (at his fansigns), I would have taken secret shots, or I would have got an accreditation of course xDD lol I bet hj will spend x-mas drinking sth with a buddy and/or his manager xd rofl

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