Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHRISTMAS PACKAGE


By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong should be somewhere in Fukuoka Japan this morning and his fans were already at the venue waiting for Hyun Joong and still on his official fan sign event which ends today. Why am I so at lost about Hyun Joong’s where about?! I can’t help noticed that of all Hyun Joong’s event activities in Japan, I think this time his fans on-line gets lesser updates about Hyun Joong’s where about!! LOL this surprises me, or have I missed something here? Although we are all aware that taking photos were not allowed in the event venues, for security reasons.  Yesterday I read a post that says like this:

“KHJ Japan Official site has posted a request to fans to restrict themselves on chase and wait at the stations and venues to avoid accident.”

I read a similar post way back during Hyun Joong’s fan meeting Asia Tour in Taiwan or one of the cities in China I think, that Hyun Joong was being followed from the airport to his hotel upon his arrival from Seoul. Yesterday reading this post  gave me the impression that Hyun Joong was being tailed by some of his Japanese fans, and this is the first time for me to read such post from Japan! I really am wondering what’s going on??

I’m not really worried,  just as I wish there are more photos posted around and updates which other fans from on-line twitter are waiting for! I just feel something is different from this activities. Since taking photos were restricted I can assume the Japanese fans of Hyun Joong strictly followed the rules during the fan sign event, there were very few stolen fancam shots, which I understand.

But honestly, I missed a lot about this event that I always say these photos of Hyun Joong do help us fans in keeping Hyun Joong very near to us. But then set rules are rules to be followed and we can’t do anything about it.



Hyun Joong is known for keeping his friend intact as his precious treasures of his life, that he values them like a blood line brotherhood that he’s been keeping all these years. In one of Hyun Joong’s interviews, he mentioned that at meeting people within his circulation, he can easily identify whom he can be close with. But in general as people are so drawn to him because of his friendly personality I would say his being modest and honest makes it easier for him to win friends for keeps.

Majority of his friends has one common ground on how they sees him and that is his being modest, no air of arrogance and honesty in dealing with people be it his friends or acquaintances, Hyun Joong respects them equally. Hyun Joong mentioned recently that he’ll be spending his Christmas with his close friends as he normally does every year particularly with Kim JaeJoong and others. I got a news article this morning that I would like to share with you, a short list of Hyun Joong’s closest friends. Here’s that news article as follows:


[Star of the week] The Best Bros Kim Hyun Joong Could Ever have

CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

No matter how grand or amazing it may seem, the life of a celebrity can be a lonely one, but luckily for Kim Hyun Joong, he has plenty of best friends that keep him company.

T-Max’s Kim Jun

Once considered two of the four hottest guys at school, Kim Hyun Joong and T-Max’s Kim Jun appeared in KBS’ Boys Before Flowers. Their friendship blossomed and the two became great friends.

Kim Jun and Kim Hyun Joong, along with Kim Bum, another F4 member, appeared in tvN’s Star, Becoming a Rookie!, where they learned to become rookie employees in a company together.

Their friendship continued through the years despite their rivalry as singers. Kim Hyun Joong even made a special appearance in Kim Jun’s music video for Jun Be Ok.

Big Bang’s T.O.P

Surprising yet somewhat understandable, Kim Hyun Joong and Big Bang’s T.O.P were revealed to be best friends. Kim Hyun Joong spoke about the Big Bang members numerous times on various television shows, even imitating the way T.O.P speaks on a regular basis.

The two stars, who seemed too good to be true, displayed their close friendship when they appeared in MBC’s 32nd MBC College Festival in 2008. T.OP and Kim Hyun Joong put on a special stage, singing Seo Taiji and Kids′ As the Night Gets Deeper.

Kim Hyun Joong explained that they became close in middle school, when they lived in the same neighborhood and how strange it was that they both became singers to stand on the same stage.

We need to find that neighborhood ASAP.

JYJ & Kim Jae Joong

It’s no secret that Kim Hyun Joong is close to the JYJ members.

Whether it’s playing soccer or taking trips together, Kim Hyun Joong and all three members of JYJ are known to be good friends with each other, and out of the three, Kim Hyun Joong especially shares something special with Kim Jae Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Jae Joong hit it off so well that they’ve actually lived together for a year, opening up their innermost feelings to each other.

When Kim Hyun Joong was struggling, Kim Jae Joong handwrote an encouragement letter and left it by Kim Hyung Joon’s pillow.

“I still keep that letter safe,” Kim Hyun Joong. Kim Jae Joong said he also kept Kim Hyun Joong’s letter as well. The fact that two grown boys handwrote letters to each other mean something special.

Their friendship was so beautiful that even netizens declared that the two stars were best friends for life.

Bae Yong Joon

While they may formally have a boss and employee relationship, Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong are actually more than that.

As his mentor, Bae Yong Joon has given a lot of encouragement and support towards his junior, and in reply, Kim Hyun Joong has become a confidant.

On SBS’ Strong Heart, Kim Hyun Joong revealed that Bae Yong Joon had gone to Busan by himself. Without hesitation, Kim Hyun Joong headed down and the two spent a couple of days together, talking about life away from the spotlight.

Not only that, Bae Yong Joon, who is known to be mysterious, actually made a special cameo on the show through a phone call, surprising everyone in the audience. Bae Yong Joon had nothing but compliments to say to the singer.


There’s no way we can forget the members of SS501, because this is where it all started with five young boys, aiming the same dream.

Although it’s been a very long time since all the members stood on stage to perform, it’s very clear that they mean a lot to each other.

Even with their busy individual schedules, all the members rearranged their activities so that they can all make it out to Kim Kyu Jong’s final fan meeting before he went to serve in the army. Kim Hyun Joong also made surprise visit when one member was participating in a musical.

Having lived together in the dorm for many years, the SS501 members have exchanged plenty of words and feelings (and maybe even fists) that we may never know or understand, but that’s why this friendship continues to this day.

That cherished connection that they share will hold them together for many years to come.

Photo Credit: KBS, MBC, DSP Entertainment, Management Madein




Stated above article are Hyun Joong’s closest friends from the showbiz circle. TOP of  Big Bang I think is one of his long-time friend since his high school days. Of course Jae Joong and TOP are his best friend for life, as I remember in one talk show Hyun Joong actually imitated the manner of speaking of both and called each other bastard as a joke!! That’s how close they are with each other! And of course his boss Bae Yong Joon whom Hyun Joong sees as his elder brother whom he confides with.

In another talk show Hyun Joong also revealed being close with the previous original five members of TVXQ as there are times that Hyun Joong sleeps in their dorm too!! Well, Hyun Joong maintains being friendly with the other idol groups too up until at present. His members with SS501 of course will always be his brothers as they took care of each other for five years and still maintaining the brotherhood among them even they work separately on their individual activities.

In addition to the list of friends Hyun Joong has, we are all familiar with his longest friendship and now business partners of Jaksal whom are from the non-showbiz circle. They are Hyun Joong’s friends from his elementary days, that show a lot that Hyun Joong indeed keeps his friends intact all the years of his life which remained unchanged until this day. This is how Hyun Joong is in terms of friendship, a truly great friend whom can be valued and treasured with.


Oh well, one thing I’m very sure is that the Japanese fans of Hyun Joong have been enjoying the event being closer to him in his current activities. Today is the last day for the fan sign event I believe, then Hyun Joong will be taking a short break to spend the Christmas holidays in his private time. This also gives me the chance to take a break too! Tomorrow shall be the Eve of Christmas and it’s my big day to celebrate my first year anniversary as a fan writing, since it was a special day for me to have written and posted my first article all about Hyun Joong on the eve Of Christmas last year!

After which I would like to inform everyone that I’ll be taking a short break too same as Hyun Joong and be coming back next year or the year-end to post on Memories of 2012 just as I did last year. I remember I posted the article Memories of 2011 minutes before New Year 2012, as my whole country started making New Year’s noise on count down, I was still writing my article for the year-end! Then I remember the first time I felt kinda fan jealousy when Hyun Joong performed at the year-end presentation 2011 seeing him kissing a member of an idol girl group, which was a part of the dance routine he performed with the group!! I was laughing at myself whenever I read that article!!

Oh well those were the days! I felt it’s been a long time ago but actually it was only 12 months ago. But a lot of good things and memories happened back then in the past months that I shall never forget being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong! But of course not all of the news were good news which is natural, that I would say there were only a few setbacks but there were more than favorably good news and significant once. We are more than happy the whole year round for this year 2012, as it is as fruitful as it is for Hyun Joong.



The other night I spent my time listening to the new songs of Hyun Joong all smiling since I got my Unlimited CDs to be given to some of my special friends who are music lovers and started wrapping the Unlimited CDs for Christmas. I shop till drop yesterday and started wrapping gifts! But there’s only one gift that I cannot wrap, and that’s my gift to Hyun Joong! It’s my heart that I cannot wrap!! LOL! Anyway, Hyun Joong has it endlessly everyday as I share my love to him everyday for one year!

One year for me seems to be too long as if I have known Hyun Joong all my life! I guess many of you share the same feeling, as if he’s just so close to us, reachable enough to know him much better. This is what I have experience in this short span of time, but everyday of knowing Hyun Joong feels so precious. I even experienced being condemned by some of my fan friends to defend and protect him for having different views, which is very natural in any community. But it’s all in the past and I came to realize this is also a part of being a fan.



Christmas is giving as the old song says “Give love on Christmas”, but in this blog everyday is giving love to Hyun Joong!! Maybe if only we can all wrap our heart for Hyun Joong, oh he shall receive millions of gift package containing lot of love from his fans in so many different countless ways! It has been our daily routine of sharing love to Hyun Joong with other fans too.

We learned to love a lot many strangers from different nations, different races, different ages and walks of life through Kim Hyun Joong. And for me this is the most significant experience that I have never done in my entire life! All because of the LOVE for Kim Hyun Joong. Such a mysterious feeling that even the one we love is also a stranger since we do not know him personally, as Hyun Joong doesn’t know anyone one of us yet unselfish love do exist that cannot be denied!  Well, love doesn’t need to have a reason for as long as it is being felt.

As we start delivering our Christmas Package, we deliver it with sincere love to everyone as we deliver LOVE to our ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong!!

                                                                                                               Lazerkim here writing

Before I go, may I inform that there’s a voting polls going on entitled “2012 Star” Hyun Joong is under the STAR category and he’s at No.1. Let’s vote for him as he deserves to be at the top of all stars.

Link for voting 2012 STAR:


Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!




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  1. Hello, LazerKim! Thank you for your articles! If it is possible for you, could you please give some instructions about voting for Kim Hyun Joong in the star category? Because after picking the picture of Kim Hyun Joong, I don’t know what else I have to do to make the voting process complete. Do I have to click somewhere else or write anything?
    And a second question: Do I have to vote in the other categories also in order for my vote for Hyun Joong to be counted?
    I can’t find out what I have to do exactly as I don’t understand Korean and also I couldn’t transform the language of the page into English. I don’t know if there is any such possibility.
    And most of all I am asking all these, because, if I am not wrong, I think that our favourite Kim Hyun Joong is at the second place at the time being, so he really needs our voting. And I also think that other fans who don’t understand Korean have the same problem. So, although we want to help in voting, we can’t. Maybe we are many. It’s really a pity! Sorry for the long message!

  2. Merry xmas ms. Lk, ms wagas asan ka na? And to all my alien family! Have a joyous xnas ever! Got good news and some articles finally CC will be aired!!! Hope its true!

    • hello hanz! and2 lang aq sa tabi-tabi…nagtatanggal ng kabag q nung dec. 17! merry christmas and happy new year hanz enjoy ur holidays! aq sobrang enjoy na gusto q na nga buhusan ng mainit na tubig sarili q para matanggal na ung excitement sa sistema q kekeke! ingat!

        • kasi hnd tau magkakilala kekeke…at saka hnd aq naghintay ng 7 hours ksi ina-update q ung flight nya through this blog,so i left shatin at around 12 noon eksakto lang ang dating q sa airport…kalmado pa mga tao hahaha!

  3. You know, I’m running out of wrapping paper since I won’t wrap only my heart, but my whole self xD Lol! You know I was also mad at the fact that pics and vids weren’t allowed in his fansigns x.x that’s stupid xd ‘cuz that’s free publicity, and they’re not getting much lately ._. and that’s sad! x.x I would be happier if he were to appear in year-end tv shows as he did last year u.u xd booo XD Have a nice day, Lazer! ❤

    • hahahahahaha now i really miss a big laugh and i miss you razor!! Oh I thought I was the only one who noticed we have very little update photos about KHJ! I agree with you it would be great if HJ would appear on TV station yearly presentation just like last year, but I think he’ll be in China instead.
      Happy holidays!! see you!! take care girl!

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