Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MR. UNIVERSE


By: LazerKim           Allow me to share some global news pertaining politics, S.Korea have a newly elected the first female President ever elected as President is Park Geun Hye. Congratulations Madame President. If I’m not mistaken, I think she was one of the government officials who handed Hyun Joong’s award of honor or appointment as endorser from the United Nation S. Korea.

In another news update Miss Universe Beauty Pageant was being held that i would like to share with you and to congratulate the winners representing their counties, Miss Universe is USA, 1st runner up Miss Philippines, 2nd runner up Miss Venezuela, 3rd runner up Miss Australia, 4th runner up Miss Brazil. Congratulations to all the winners!!

If ever there shall be a Mr. Universe Pageant, I would vote for Kim Hyun Joong, since he is the original Alien and the Prince of the Universe! A truly perfect handsome man from head to toes, inside out!! Hyun Joong got it takes to be Mr. Universe, star of all superstars!!


Watching a big star in showbiz shining so brightly can be perceived as someone so high and unreachable as if they are extra ordinary human with their beauty, talent and fame. That in fact we don’t normally see them on the streets except when they have an official event that calls them to be outdoor. Then they are being perceived to big shot guy who could so choosy or picky in their ways even in the food they eat, the ambiance of where they dine must be in a fine dinning restaurant!

Everything is with class, and this is very normal to showbiz celebs. Seeing Hyun Joong who stands out within the crowd of stars in his perfectly handsome physique, with a character of an elite personality that no matter how simple his ways are, he simply outshine others. Hyun Joong’s strong charisma or his X-factor, a real crowd head turner can be so intimidating to other stars, that is if you barely know the guy Kim Hyun Joong! With all those unique qualities Hyun Joong has, he is also such a unique star who is so down to earth beyond expectation from a big star like him!



Have you ever seen or heard a big star having his meals in a fast food self service of a public dining area in an airport just like any other ordinary airport passenger? Kim Hyun Joong is one of those very few stars who lives in a normal humble life where he truly enjoys. A star who doesn’t mind what other people may think for as long as he lives his life honestly with no false pretense!

At the airport on his way to Busan for his fan sign event last Sunday December 16, a day before he flew to Hong Kong to attend to Yahoo Buzz Awards Night, Hyun Joong was spotted eating odon on his way to Busan while waiting for his flight and even bought a box of cup cake which I have mentioned in one or my recent articles. A fan from the airport at a dining room took this shot that I’m sure Hyun Joong wasn’t aware of.

Although Hyun Joong knows the nature of being a star that is always been watched, just like the saying the walls have eyes and ears! But Hyun Joong has always been himself be it anywhere he is, he’s simply naturally ordinary, a star whom you can easily reach for, a star who is so down to earth, and so humble.

Here’s the link on that scene Hyun Joong eating udon, just in case you haven’t seen it yet:


Last night one of my readers shared an interesting video clip of Hyun Joong at the Hong Kong Airport coming back to Seoul. Hyun Joong ans his bodyguard was somewhere outside the airport main entrance at the loading area. Then a lady or maybe a fan just popped out from nowhere was almost hit by a tourist bus passing by the drive way and Hyun Joong just took her by her arm to protect her from being possibly hit by the bus passing by in front of them. Hyun Joong is a real gentleman in protecting a complete stranger from the danger of being hit on the street. A very unusual gesture for a star who cares for some stranger.

The link below is the video clip of that incident: Thanks for sharing!




Kim Hyun Joong a Yahoo Favorite

Kim Hyun-Joong has proved he’s got what it takes to be a Hallyu star again by taking home four awards at this year’s Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards at the Hong Kong Convention Center on Monday. Kim was the winner of the 10 Years’ Popularity Award, Asia’s Top Buzz Artist Award, Hong Kong’s Top Buzz Award and Taiwan’s Top Buzz Award.

The first of the awards mentioned was an especially big win as it tracks entertainers who have consistently remained in the spotlight from 2003 when the Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards was established. Kim received about 1.3 million votes, three times that of other nominated artists.

Kim, who also won four awards last year, said through his agency he was again stoked by his wins. “It’s such an honor to be acknowledged four years in a row,” said Kim, who said he’d take the triumph as encouragement to become a better musician.

Starting next month, the Hallyu star will set off on a Japanese tour that will see him perform for fans in 10 cities.                                               By Carla Sunwoo





Kim Hyun Joong won the award for Most Popular of the Decade, for winning in four consecutive years from 2009 to 2012. This is a special award given to Hyun Joong who has been an exception winner all these years non-stop! This is another proof that Hyun Joong just doesn’t gain his fans in spur of moment, but the fact that Hyun Joong fans truly stays with him. To gain should I say is easier than making fans do stay for years with the same degree love and support if not still develop a greater love.

Hyun Joong proves to be a long lasting star for keeping his status intact or even get him to the highest peak of his career as an artist. I read from somewhere that Hyun Joong fans do take care of him. I would say it’s a mutual caring between Hyun Joong and his fans. The Yahoo Buzz is an Asian popularity award, and it is in this polls that we have seen the effort of his fans in voting for him. But not only in the polls that can prove Hyun Joong’s rise  but also in his albums, concerts, and dramas as they rate so high.

As his fans takes care of him, Hyun Joong provides what his fans needs and never neglect to give importance to them. There are a lot of stars whom you get easily tired of seeing the same face and hearing the same type music they sing. What makes Hyun Joong even shine brighter is his unique ability to transform himself in so many different characters, as much his ability to innovate and re-invent his craft that one can never get tired of him, on contrary we couldn’t even get enough of him! With these unique abilities he has plus his humbleness can be foreseen as someone who is a long lasting star.



I read a post at the twitter pertaining to City Conquest that states like this:

Re: City of Conquest, Production co asked media to correct the article as they did not deliver the truth.

Regarding City of Conquest, I understand that you all worry about it…. it is a pity that I cannot talk in details now. You read many articles via internet, but I can clarify that Production company asked the media to correct the articles as they wrote a wrong story.

It is true that it took a long time to edit the episodes since they started shooting in Japan and that is why all of you feel uneasy, wondering what’s going on, which triggers another rumors.

I am afraid that as of now I cannot tell you any more detail, but you will hear a good news like Christmas gift for you soon. That is all I can tell you now.

source: (



Upon reading the post stated above over and over trying to understand the post contents, I can’t help ask myself, “what’s wrong with the news that KBS declined the airing of City Conquest?” This matter do happens in reality if the drama has enough grounds for censorship to reject the drama. Although the reason of KBS for rejecting City Conquest has got nothing to do with censorship. It was said in that post that “the media wrote a wrong story”, so what’s the truth behind the story? Details were not disclosed from that post, so what is that post for??

The news about City Conquest has been sitting there at the internet for days and yet Media Baek did not state anything pertaining the news to contradict, therefore I consider the news to be the truth. And I’m glad that this news was brought out into open even it was frustrating and disappointing, otherwise we fans will go totally blind to the fact that City Conquest indeed is having problems. Bringing up this news can at least stir off a bit of our expectation towards further frustration, and at least we’re given the chance to defend Hyun Joong’s drama project, to state our demands for it, instead of waiting aimlessly!

Whether we hear a good news or bad news, the important thing is we were informed about whatever was going on around. If what we read about City Conquest is not the truth then I think it is best that Media Baek or KBS release statement that the news is not true which I think is credible enough to believe. Instead of trying to put up a damage control, just to keep us silent with the true scenario! The post stated “you’ll hear a good news like a Christmas gift for you soon.” Well I sure do hope to hear the good news. But it’s better not to expect anything rather than having false expectation, and that can only create stress even to Hyun Joong.

I think City Conquest production management was being truthful when they first stated that it was not possible to air this drama this year and that it may be aired early next year. Which again may not also be possible seeing from Hyun Joong’s schedule set for him from January to March, until this news about KBS rejections came out lately, which I’m glad the problem was disclosed. We just have to be realistic and face some facts

If we hear a bad news, and so be it, anyway we are all matured to face any problem that may come along Hyun Joong’s way, but to cover up just to please everyone with false hope I think is not right. If City Conquest had settled with their problem with KBS then that would be a good news. If not, then we face it head on, this is not the only drama Hyun Joong can have anyway, although what we are defending is our right to watch City Conquest since Hyun Joong had worked hard for this drama already. I still believe Hyun Joong would even rise up and come up stronger after this setback which he’s been handling this so positively matured.



I just read some comments from the article about Hyun Joong next Prince of Asia, like Jang Geun Suk Versus Kim Hyun Joong. I wrote about this article and as I always say Hyun Joong is beyond comparable. The article was written by the media proving the rapid rise in Hyun Joong’s popularity since all his albums has been on top ranking. For me Hyun Joong will always be the Global Prince or the Prince of the Universe and not only a Prince of Asia.

I remember Hyun Joong was stated in one of his video interview when he was still with SS501, and he was saying to his fans something like, “In the future there will be another new face, new star who can be more talented and powerful, and you’ll soon forget me.” What  Hyun Joong stated came true, that there will be a new star whom we can get crazy about and that new star is Kim Hyun Joong when he started performing solo! Back then Hyun Joong didn’t have the least idea that he’ll be where he is right now and to be performing solo.

Hyun Joong is being truthful and realistic about the fact that there shall always be a new star in showbiz. In fact we get to see a new star every time Hyun Joong has a new project which comes out at lead twice or thrice a year in his constant changing image! The only thing that doesn’t change in Hyun Joong is his heart, which will forever be dedicated to his fans. That’s a fact and that is reality in his career life. Kim Hyun Joong is an absolutely unique star of all stars of the Universe!! Do you have anyone else to compare him with?

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MR. UNIVERSE

  1. I do like your blog.I really wonder if Kim Hyun Joong a man he presents everyday .But I still like seeing him going to work here n there.Hope he will get enough rest.

  2. whatever happen with cc,we always stay with our darling boy.we do believe that HE is tough and matured to handle this problem…may god bless always with him. yes the new star will come over and over but we only have one star who always shine and no others can replace HIM.we love HIM.sis really cold here snowing never stop.god bless and seeyou.

  3. there will be a new star coming,but i guess Henecia and all ur fans will stay with u forever HJ…Nobody can replace u,no one can ever treat his fans the way u do..u really make a way to be close to us and i experience that last 12-17-12…i just wanna THANK U for everything…u are the reason why ur fans are so united,bond together to support and love u..

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Alien Family!!!let’s wish for a brighter 2013 for everyone,specially to our “THE ONLY ONE”..keep on sharing KHJ love…stay safe everyone”

  4. “I remember Hyun Joong was stated in one of his video interview when he was still with SS501, and he was saying to his something like, “In the future there will be another new face, new star who can be more talented and powerful, and you’ll soon forget me.” What Hyun Joong stated came true, that there will be a new star whom we can get crazy about and that new star is Kim Hyun Joong when he started performing solo! Back then Hyun Joong didn’t have the least idea that he’ll be where he is right now and to be performing solo.”

    ~ Your words have never been truer! I’ve never thought of his statement this way…it was like he was sub-conciously predicting his future! ^^

    I really hope we hear about CC soon. It would be one of the best Christmas gifts knowing CC will air…

    • I really hope Hyun Joong can read this statement, I’m sure he never dream to be this big, and it was quite unexpected for him to quit SS501 since he treated DSP ceo as a father. He wasn’t aware he was predicting his future back in time. I think that video was sometime in 2007 i’m not so sure though. the vid is still at YouTube.
      Yah I do hope we can hear something definite and positive about CC, i haven’t lose hope for this drama. Thank you dear, have a nice day and take care. Gosh I miss my comment box!! see you!

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