Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHRISTMAS DREAM


By: LazerKim               The Yahoo Buzz Awards night is still the talk of the town as other fans still are rejoicing about the news that we fans takes pride as Kim Hyun Joong received four trophies and has been his fourth consecutive years being awarded by Yahoo Buzz. Hyun Joong’s next activity shall be the fan sign event coming up this week end from December 21, 22, 23 to be held in Japan. Hyun Joong’s UNLIMITED album is currently on the third rank for weekly report at Oricon. Not bad at all, Hyun Joong is still on the top rank on top five of Oricon weekly releases.

I would like to take this chance to post my first article ever written in this blog just to put this article on its right place on record. This is one of the first articles that I have written in December 24th a few hours before Christmas of 2011. I remember I was testing on WordPress when I wrote this since it was the first time for me to use WordPress and the first time for me to be blogger!! I’m actually laughing at this article, first because I do not know how to use the blog site then I made a mistake since this space was written for quick post or short post only!!

And then the contents of this article is a funny fantasy of a first timer fan!! LOL! I felt like a teenage fan dreaming, really!  As I was reading it now which is almost after a year, I was asking myself, “what am I here a baby sitter, a maid or stalker??” LOL!! There are six articles misplaced that I would like to put into record and this is one of those articles. Now looking back I never thought I would go this far of writing over 300 articles starting from this article!! Today’s article is down below after Christmas Dream. Enjoy reading!  Here’s the article:


They said dreams are free, my Christmas dream is to spend just one day with Kim Hyun Joong!!  This Christmas I’m all alone without my family around, so I decided to spend my Christmas Eve in front of my monitor and spend it dreaming with my one and only Kim Hyun Joong!

In this photo above, it looks like Hyun Joong is sleeping soundly, but he’s actually working on photo shoot session. Gosh he works even in his sleep!!!  It’s nice to be staring at him, his handsome face so perfectly cut and his black hair that I miss so much…….Yah Hyun Joong ah wake up Santa is right there beside you bringing a bunch of trophies for 2012!!


Oh he must have heard me, he’s awake!! It would be nice to prepare breakfast for him cause he got no one to do it for him. Upon waking up the first thing he had in mind may be his work schedule for the day. We discussed his work his dance rehearsals and his music. It’s great to have someone to share with even simple schedule or work load.

ImageThere he goes, eating banana for breakfast is always good for his heart!!  He’s off to work with fully charged system ready to rehearse for six to seven hours.


Dancing Breakdown is not an easy task when he has to sing the song at the same time. But he got that stamina to endure rehearsals for hour at his studio. I love watching him during his rehearsals because he’s full of energy and a perfectionist to check on every details of his moves head to foot.


Hyun Joong can be quite serious with his work, but find time to joke around if his 4D personality strikes. Who could be more busier than him, if after his rehearsals would still attend to details about his album design layout, nonstop MV shoots, and pictorial sessions.


He’s on his way for a TV performance here, isn’t he cute? He’s back to short straight blonde hair again! Hyun Joong is so amazing and quite creative on how he wants noona to do his hairstyle.


Hmm….nice dinner from obento (take home packed meal)!!! Hyun Joong looks handsome in any attire, from tux to anything goes in shirt, short pants and slippers, he carries it perfectly.


At home at last! this is my favorite photo of his. The atmosphere is very friendly, it seems he’s really relax here. He’s a true friend who’s always gonna be there at my side to listen to me. He seldom smiles specially to strangers and strange places, but when he does it’s always genuine. I love the way he laugh and frown.


There you go, Hyun Joong is having a 4D attack attack again. How could be a perfectly handsome guy who’s so calm, gentle and well mannered in a moment and would just surprised you with this nuts or would spill out unexpected statements!!   Well that’s him Kim Hyun Joong.


Well, who wouldn’t fall in love with a person like Hyun Joong? He’s like an angel, everything about him is just perfect. He’s sleepy now…….


Hyun joong ah, it’s definitely be great to have someone to share with. But at this time, first things first, remain focus as you are now. There’s a lot to be done for next year, your bed side may be empty and cold, but there will come a time you’ll find someone you can cherish with.

And with that, thank you very much for your love, thank you for being you….Merry Christmas my one and only…………..

…….sssshhhhii,  he’s sleeping now…..I’m out of here ……..

This is my Christmas dream with Kim Hyun Joong, thanks for a one day dream with him…chao….!!    Merry Christmas to everyone!                   (Written: Dec.24, 2011)

elley (4)_thumb[2]


I’m all laughing at myself now, reading from this article last year as one of my first few ones!! I remember I was just testing this blog site on how it works with no single idea it would reach to a lot of people with the same thought with me! When you’re all alone in your thoughts and got no one to share with you tend to to talk to yourself just to bring out what’s on your mind. I’m sure some of us here had gone through on the first stage of being  addicted to Kim Hyun Joong, that all we can think about is that certain craving of wanting to know more about the guy!

It’s funny how I imagined Hyun Joong’s everyday life maybe just like any ordinary man who has definite daily routine as he spent his day from the moment he wakes up every morning, spend his day working and coming home exhausted and just time to go to bed and take his rest. I actually did not include the very first thing he does upon waking up is to brush his teeth before taking a shower!! I did not include that he was a heavy sleeper, that anyone may find it hard to wake him up!! Well I just found that out at the beginning of this year as I watched videos from his days with SS501.

I’m not sure though if he’s still a heavy sleeper since he’s not 26 years old and hearing from him from his interviews that 3 or 4 hours sleep is enough for him to be fully recharge. A person tends to change his biological clock as he matures. Hyun Joong is a natural night owl because of his work. He spends more time outside his apartment since he has been living by himself with his two dog Art and Matic to keep him company.

elley (5)_thumb[2]


He has that kinda lifestyle of a typical bachelor who spends his time being pre-occupied by his work load schedules. Hyun Joong was saying since he’s now within the premise of his limits night out, he usually brings his friends to his place for a drink or late night cup, which he does not mind at all because his friends are within the same showbiz circle too! Is he lonely having this lifestyle? I guess not because he had already embraced his life from the time he stepped on his career path.

Many young Korean celebs or idols still stays with their parents but Hyun Joong chose to live by himself ever since he started. Although he lived with his members when they started as a group. There was a video of his quarter when he was still with his members and Hyun Joong is typical teenage who can be so messy around his private quarter!! There’s an area where he kept his guitars and music equipment as he was saying he spends most of his time in that room whenever he’s home. I definitely have seen one video of his apartment having a large living room with a white grand piano, but the place was neat. I would assume it was one of the places he bought after his solo debut.

I surely enjoyed writing this first article on Christmas Eve last year, as my Christmas treat for myself in a totally different way. And I would like to say it again, never in my wildest dream did I imagine that I can do this everyday writing for a year and had written over 300 articles!! For those who have stumbled upon this blog since it started I would say you read about Kim Hyun Joong that much!! There are more to talk about since the guy never stops, there are more to write and there are more to read. I’m just taking this chance to go back to my past on how I started with this blog since there’s not much update to write about!



I wonder what’s in store for us this Christmas? Definitely I’ll be writing on the Eve this Christmas 2012, but definitely it’s not a dream that I’ll be writing, at least not a dream of being a baby sitter!!LOL!!  Hyun Joong shall be spending a few days with his fans before Christmas and I envy his Japanese fans, and how lucky they are to have such chance to spend at least one moment with Hyun Joong as there are schedules of fan autograph signing!

Well the important thing is we’ll get to see him even from afar, that Hyun Joong will be out there as least we can also have that chance to see his photos and videos during the event. Dreams are free, I guess many of us have one common ground or one common dream, and that is to have a chance to see him in person perform, attend to his event activities, which I believe we will be able to get our chance. In short these dreams are reachable and not impossible at all.

Hyun Joong mentioned a part of his plans for next year 2013, that would be series of concerts to start in January which we are already aware of his schedule beginning the 2013, he plans to release his Korean album in June or July, and the biggest wish is his world tour towards the end of the year 2013. These are his plans in terms of music.

Hyun Joong is definite in greeting his fans as an actor therefore there’s also a plan for a drama. Be it the City Conquest or other new drama is gonna be a surprise to all of us next year, and how I wish a new drama aside from City Conquest!! Am I greedy!! I think I am! After the setback these past days, the more I get so eager to watch more dramas from Hyun Joong! Contrary to what his critics are saying, Hyun Joong fans NEVER get discourage over trials, on the contrary the more we are encourage to stay and look forward for more about Kim Hyun Joong

For my Christmas dream this year, I wish for more concerts, more albums, and more dramas from Kim Hyun Joong for 2013, that I wish Santa Clause would bring these three gift packages under the Hyun Joong’s cozy Christmas tree!!

                                                                                                            LazerKim writing here

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11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHRISTMAS DREAM

  1. YEEEEAAAAHHH!!!!! GAAAAAA!!! I got my UNLIMTED CD today! Just as I was walking out the door to go to work the mailman came and delivered it! I am so happy. I just stared at the CD and sort of caressed it lovingly! I am hesitant to even open it and spoil it’s perfection! I also got a beautiful poster and postcard. I am truly happy! I have sort of put cc aside for now and focus on his success with this album and Yahoo buzz! Hurray Hyun Joong!

    LK… if your eyes permit… you should stop by my newest post b/c I put up a photo album of Hyun Joong in airports just for you! 😉 Hope you are well, as we celebrate the end of a great year with you and Hyun Joong.

    • LOL! Angie you’re like a kid so hesitant to open up a gift from Santa Claus!! Congratulations you got CD, enjoy it!! Oh you’re so thoughtful thank you, I’ll drop by your blog. I’m still doing ok so far, I’m counting on the days till the eve of Christmas! Take care and see you again! god bless..

  2. miss you sis,first time I open your blog during my stay in japan.Iam in sapporo now sis,it freezing…I felt very sad with the cc news,may god bless always with HIM.I wish there is a good news that I can read tomorrow .see you sis and god bless all alien family.

    • Hello sis! You surprise me!! I miss you girl! Hey you take care keep yourself warm always, and stay away from catching colds. Gosh I really do hope you can stay longer in Japan HJ will be in Tokyo tomorrow and I think he has a concert sched too somewhere in the North that i hope you can have the chance to attend to one of his concerts there, if you’ll be staying till next month! Take care always, and God bless.. love you love you!!

  3. Jesus,Woman you are killing me with those pictures…trying to continue my work day….hard as hell now…imagination on overdrive here…love it:):)

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