Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FOREVER WINNER


By: LazerKim              Isn’t he so handsome in that rust orange sweater from that photo above? Doesn’t he looks so fresh and fully re-charged? That’s the man of the hour, Kim Hyun Joong on his way to collect his winning crown in Hong Kong!! Wouldn’t you die for this handsome man, all confident, composed as he smiled and wave to every fans he met at the airport? Yes that’s the man of the hour and will forever be the winner of the decade!

Kim Hyun Joong receives four trophies from Yahoo Buzz 2012 last night at the awards night! Hyun Joong was the last artist to be called and awarded as the star of the awards night. As for the finale, right after Hyun Joong called on stage and was awarded, followed by the traditional champagne toast was also done together with all other awarded artists, joined Hyun Joong on stage.

It was Hyun Joong’s fourth champagne toast shot since he has been a Yahoo Buzz winner for four consecutive years and had already took home 14 trophies since 2009 till this present year 2012. CONGRATULATION to Kim Hyun Joong, likewise CONGRATULATION to all his fans who have been loyally supporting him at the polls, you are all well rewarded for the great effort you have spared, all for the love of Hyun Joong!! As always, whatever Hyun Joong’s success is, is also the success of every single fan!

Four awards that won by Kim Hyun Joong:

1.) Most Popularity Awards for the decade

2.) Asia Most Popularity Awards

3.) Taiwan Most Popularity Awards

4.) HongKong Most Popularity Awards

May I just share, last night after the awards night, a fan from twitter, posted and said something like, “if there’s a fifth award, it should be, the most polite, the most humble, and most mannered to be given to Hyun Joong!!” I laughed at this statement, all the most and all the best, Hyun Joong got all of them!!



I didn’t seem to notice any other Kpop stars this year at the awards night, or am I missing anything here? Anyway, we will be able to find that out clearly who were the other winners. Last year Hyun Joong was with the Super Junior being the last to be awarded, but I think this time Hyun Joong monopolized the popularity awards title! He gained the highest votes of over 1.3 Million at Yahoo Buzz voting polls among over all artists. I think this year has the most peaceful and credible voting polls ever and thank God for that!! Hyun Joong’s fans votes were well protected!

At the backstage interview, KHJ said he is very happy to receive YBA awards again & got the chance to meet Hong Kong fans again, recently he is busy with his UNLIMITED album. In the upcoming Christmas, he will be spending with his friends & hope everyone have a great Christmas as well. In upcoming 2013, he will be working on his new songs & drama. (

Yesterday afternoon upon Hyun Joong’s arrival to the Hong Kong airport, his fans were waiting for him that the airport lobby was all crowded. There was a bit commotion around the lobby area, that because of the crowd of fans that filled the airport lobby, other passengers could not get through to the main exit gate! Some airport security personnel put the other passengers into halt to avoid being squeezed into the crowd of fans, and giving way to Hyun Joong to get through the exit onto his hotel car service. However the crowd was under controlled but fans were just so excited to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong.

77044_360437657385632_747577047_n (1)


Well I guess we fans have accomplished our goal in giving Hyun Joong our special Christmas present to him with all our love through our united effort in raising him up! We got four trophies awarded to him at Yahoo Buzz which is a significant combined effort of all Hyun Joong fans voting for him at the voting polls. And we were able to raise him up to number one rank at the Oricon Music Chart on its first day release on 12-12-12 December 12, 2012 which is another significant day for Hyun Joong as he released his first studio album that made it to the top rank.

We may not able to maintained the UNLIMITED album on No.1 for the weekly chart, nevertheless the important thing here is the first day release, signifying the huge anticipation of the album. Kim Hyun Joong now is a certified Recording Star. In his interview last night he mentioned that he’ll be working on his new songs for 2013. Which means we have more music to anticipate and I read from somewhere, he’ll be doing Korean songs next. Actually many of his fans were also wishing for new Korean songs from him, since this year Hyun Joong focused on Japanese market.

In the next few days we shall be seeing Hyun Joong after getting back home from Hong Kong, I think his next destination is getting back in Japan for his three days fan sign events, which is I think still part of promotion for UNLIMITED. Originally this album was schedule for its release on Christmas, I remember he revealed it first during the first promotion of City Conquest. Then it was changed to December 12, 2012, which is a significant day since 12-12-12 only happens in every 800 years!

And so for Chinese and Japanese this day is a lucky day!! Well indeed it was a lucky day for hitting the top of Oricon!! And I guess this is a great present we gave to Kim Hyun Joong by showing visibly our endless support to him and his projects! Let us continue supporting Hyun Joong and his other upcoming projects whatever it may be. We all know very well, that no other soloist deserves the love and support we can give because there is ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong.



Hyun Joong has truly matured, that at present no matter how bumpy road he’s getting through, he face his future head on, with all his smiles as if everything is alright and under control, a very positive attitude as an artist, knowing we fans are all there for him to support. As I have always written Hyun Joong pulls up his strength from his fans and this is why he give a huge importance to his every fans. No doubt about this, everyone can testify how he had gone out of his way to show his love for his fans and showing how much he is being inspired by us fans.

Hyun Joong is a man of few words, he may not show what he feels inside, we can only read between the lines of what he is saying and hear from his heart. Needless for words we now know what he needs from us, when he needs our support, and this is the role of every fan to her idol, just as much as he understands what our needs are being his fans. And he provides those needs that is making us happy. Hyun Joong has so many plans for the future and he’s taking his steps one after the other as he gradually materialized those plans. He doesn’t allow setbacks to affect him personally but takes it as a challenge and move on to his other plans.

Ever since Hyun Joong started as a soloist, he never run out of projects as if time is too short for him get done in each of his projects, that he never stops. These are the scenarios we have been seeing from Hyun Joong this year 2012. As Hyun Joong mentioned next year he’ll be working on his drama, I was totally relieved reading this interview last night. He may be pertaining to City Conquest or another new drama for next year but at least there’s still something to look forward to in terms of Hyun Joong being an actor on dramas which is highly in demand. But still, let us not be caught off guard about City Conquest.



These past few days we have been feeling down, frustrated and disappointed, yesterday at twitter everyone voiced out sentiments over City Conquest with this trending “We Want City Conquest On KBS”. It was the least we can do that collected voice from Hyun Joong fans can be heard. The trending came up during the time when KBS and Media Baek was on meeting, now I hope we can hear from either of the parties about the results of that meeting. We shall be still be waiting but keeping our awareness in active mode!

Last night there was another trending among Hyun Joong fans as “4th time winner KHJ YBA”, just the same as in yesterday afternoon’s trending many fans participated with. This shows the strong support of Hyun Joong fans that should not be underestimated by those who are trying to block Hyun Joong’s global popularity boost. And that no matter how others may wish to twist Hyun Joong’s fate, he is meant to be on top of stardom and this fact cannot be controlled by anyone.

Cheers to the man of the hour! Cheers to his fans! Kim Hyun Joong is meant to be a long lasting, forever a winner in the hearts of million all over the world!!

                                                                                                        LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!                            email (



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17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] FOREVER WINNER

  1. a very late comment here ms. LK..I got my christmas present too!!i’m still a bit lost,still thinking about the very short glimpse on HYUN JOONG..i waited at the airport for 7hrs..haha..but the long waiting is really worth it,i saw him so close!!12-17-12 will always be a special day for me!!:-)
    Thanks again ms. LK..Stay safe…

    • Hello jen! I’m so happy for you I guess you’ll have this merriest Christmas ever since you finally got your CD, which I wold like to enjoy it and treasure, then you have seen HJ in person at the airport! Gosh 7hrs waiting was really something you’ll never forget! Congratulations!! Merry Christmas!! Have a nice day and take care, see you!

      • haha..until now nsa airport prin ang feeling q..keke,it’s so sudden,n prang anung nangyare?i’ve been there for 7hrs taz in 2-3 minutes he’s gone..but i’ll treasure 12-17-12 forever…i’ll wait for the 2nd chance,d n ak tuliro nun,i know the feeling n..hehe

        • Hay nako jen pag naiisip ko yun Feb event na nka work ko si HJ hangang ngayon pinag sisisihan ko nag resign ng napaka aga! Sana nka work ko pa sya sa Saitama! hay nako nasa huli tlga ang pag sisisi!! so I understand quite clearly how you feel super hang over!! LOL

          • u work with him??tlaga po??how lucky nman…pero sayang nga po,maybe nging friends p sna kau..but the thing is u have worked with him!and that makes u a lucky one!!!

              • oh yes!!1st things 1st,and that must be our health…kmusta n nga po pla yang mata nu?i hope ur doing better..thanks for ur articles,it really makes me closer to Hyun Joong..

  2. yeah, this was our X-mas present to him ❤ I'm glad we did it wheeeeeeeeee!!!!! =D =D =D =D =D
    He looked adoRKable in that sweater XD My sis couldn't help but laugh at it ahahahdjsahd she said it was horrible xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LMAO
    Have a nice day, dear!

  3. Congratulation to our one and only mr.perfect. he did it again. So proud of you.!!! Keep praying for all your success to remain strong whatever trials that comes on your way. We your fans all around the globe will be at your side at all cost.
    Salamat ms. Lk.

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