Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WAITING BAEK MIR


By: LazerKim            By the time you read this article Kim Hyun Joong might already be on his way to Hong Kong to attend the Yahoo Buzz 2012 Awards Night as his flight arrives Hong Kong at 12:50 today December 17th. Hyun Joong has been receiving awards from Yahoo Buzz for four consecutive years from 2009-2012 being the Best Male Artist in 2009 and 2010, receiving three trophies and last year 2011 Hyun Joong received four trophies. This is something we fans take pride again as he steps up to the stage to accept his award for this year, as we rejoice for Kim Hyun Joong ever deserving the honors.

Hyun Joong’s flight was changed to KE601 departing at 13:45 today, fans from twitter said Hyun Joong might have over slept!! Many fans are already waiting at the airport in Hong Kong to welcome him. We may watch tonight at the Yahoo Buzz page for live broadcast tonight at 8:00 PM. A fan from my comment box suggested to the fans who shall be attending tonight’s event to chance “City Conquest” while Hyun Joong receives his award, so that the media would capture the voice of his fans for demands to air this drama!



Honestly, I couldn’t bring myself to write positively because what has been occupying my thoughts is all about City Conquest. The meeting between Media Baek and KBS is scheduled today at 1:00 PM, and I can’t deny that I’m worried. I can only hope and pray there’s a positive news after the meeting. But most of all I do hope we can hear from either of the parties to disclose if City Conquest shall be aired and resume its filming or not.

Now that the problem was already known about this drama, I think it is just right for us to know further about the meeting and this is a simply “yes or no” for an answer just to confirm. If KBS finally agrees to air this drama, then it’s a good new. But if KBS remains to be stubborn in their rejecting the drama, then I sincerely do hope that the production company would be kind enough to inform Hyun Joong fans about it.

It’s better to be truthful about it rather than leaving us fans hanging up, that may only result to a negative impact against the Media Baek as it already has with KBS these past days. This is if they do understand how eager we are and waited for months for this drama. And beside if this turns out to be negative result from the meeting today, then we fans can still wait for any alternative that can be done to City Conquest and we can understand, for as long as we are informed immediately.



I was re-watching the teaser of City Conquest and looking at some stills from the location shooting in Japan, that I couldn’t help think about how Hyun Joong was first worried on his first shooting days as he disclosed his feeling during his concert in Saitama. And watching from the teaser seeing a different Kim Hyun Joong had ignite the eagerness of his fans to watch City Conquest. I remember the geisha Prince as Hyun Joong wore the geisha costume and he was laughing at himself all the way! He truly enjoyed the filming that time, that now as I think about it I ask myself, “will I be able to watch this scenes again?”

Hyun Joong truly enjoyed his filming for this drama and really had gone out of his way to learn more skills that he have not done before in his previous dramas. We have seen how he worked hard even to the extent of doing two projects at the same time, his series of concerts and filming that he even almost lost his voice due to over fatigue. But what did he say after the concert, “I’m more happy than feeling tired!” Because no matter how tiring he feels he enjoyed what he was doing, knowing he’s doing it for his fans.

I remember Hyun Joong wrote to us before the first City Conquest promotion in Japan, he was excited about showing us the first teaser of this drama. Then the latest message he had, his advance Christmas greetings, he said not to worry about him if we do not hear anything from him. He may be pertaining to this incident, but actually Hyun Joong is not in the position to say anything to us about this incident, since the problem doesn’t fall from him, but to KBS. Why do these Korean TV stations can be so cruel?? I’m really wondering! I just hope these TV stations can be considerate enough. I think now I do not have to wonder as to why many of Korean stars prefer to be working abroad than in Korea.



I read from somewhere that some insects are celebrating this setback about City Conquest. Well, let them it also adds to advertising the drama, the more it is being talked about the more the drama becomes popular if not controversial that can even bring  curiosity to others!!

I’m wondering, is City Conquest story line so immoral and violent? What about the drama Iris with the same director with more action scenes? What about Pink Lipstick which tells about an innocent girl toying at three men for power and revenge?  Gosh I’ve been talking about City Conquest for three days now and still can’t get over with feeling disappointed and down! Oh I just hope for some good news these coming days.

Come on it’s Christmas next week and I think this is better bursting out frustrations at this time than feeling blue on the big day!! I’m probably on the period of some uncertainty since everything seems to be hanging up. What shall we do if nothing has been done to City Conquest? Make noise and defend what Hyun Joong had worked hard for. Oh I would surely encourage this act if KBS decline again, not to beg to them but to hear us out that what they’re doing is just so unfair. KBS or any Korean TV channels do not have the idea how much this drama is being anticipated so we will just let them know.

For now we wait again, as 1:00 PM today the meeting shall be held, then we’ll see the out come, as I have said earlier, I do hope Hyun Joong fans shall be informed officially pertaining the latest development on City Conquest. I would appreciate it very much to hear from Media Baek or KeyEast too whatever they can disclose to us. I just think this has to be done the soonest possible time.

This is all I have for today’s dosage, the atmosphere around Kim Hyun Joong fans may be a bit tensed, filled with uncertainty that covers the Christmas mood, but we face this matter head on. Rain or shine we just have to stick together and patiently wait for Kim Hyun Joong as  BAEK MIR!

                                                                                                       LazerKim here waiting

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks! Fan Arts by Mama Lina thanks!

I think this message or quote below is meant for Kim Hyun Joong! Baek Mir fighting!! We will rally behind you to PROTECT AND DEFEND…


7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WAITING BAEK MIR

  1. Good Job to all KHJ fans: He won 4 awards thanks to all his fans who voted for him. He was asked who he wants to work with an international star in a movie if given a chance. He gave a very smart answer. He said he wants to work with John Woo who is a very famous action film director, producer and writer. He said he watched a lot of John Woo’s movies.

  2. TO MY DEAR READERS if you have twitter account do join other fans in trending #WeWantCityConquestOnKBS” Come on guys let’s do this for KHJ this is the least we can do for the mean time while they are on meeting MAKE NOISE!!

  3. If you have Twitter, include #WeWantCityConquestOnKBS in your tweets. Trying to show fan support for the drama and Media Baek.

  4. Good morning :), am also worried but at the same time believing that this will pass and we will all overcome. whatever happens, we support KHJ. Things may look dark but we know that there’s always light behind it. For the insects, celebrate ur premature victory. for we know that things will fall into its right places. this doesn’t make us less supportive of KHJ, actually this makes us more united for the ONLY ONE. let’s continue to believe and to pray for him and for CC. Aliens Fighting!!!!

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