Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNIVERSAL PRINCE


By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong attended to the Center Pole fan sign event in Busan yesterday, being the official endorser. As expected the store was filled with his fans taking the opportunity for an autograph signing and chance to meet Hyun Joong in person! There was a video clip of Hyun Joong buying a box of cup cake and a scene of Hyun Joong eating at some restaurant! He was so cute like a kid talking while chewing!!

The other day the hottest news was about City Conquest and together with that news another update attracted my attention was about the Prince of Asia. The media had given many title name to Kim Hyun Joong and the most popular one is the “Walking Statue”. In every title given to a star has every reason why the title was given to him. For obvious reason as he was called the Walking Statue is because of Hyun Joong’s perfection in his physical aspect having a perfect physique.  An article was posted saying Kim Hyun Joong may be the new Prince of Asia. I’m pertaining to this news below in case you have not read it here it is:

Kim Hyun Joong May Be the New “Prince of Asia”                    (source: Hancinema)

Prince of Asia, aka Jang Geun Suk better watch out because another Hallyu singer is about to take his place in Japan.

The contender is none other than Kim Hyun Joong, who topped the Oricon chart with his debut album “Unlimited” on the day of its release.

The new album, which was launched on Dec. 12, proved to be a success with 56,473 copies being sold on day one. Nana Mizuki and Flumpool trained in second and third place with 36,779 and 20,449 sales.

Kim’s record is even bigger than Jang’s Japanese album, “Just Crazy”, which was launched in May and sold 53,000 copies on day one.

Kim only made his debut in Japan this year and released two singles there before “Unlimited”.

By Carla Sunwoo []

Source :… ( English Korean )

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As I read this news update, the very first thing that popped into my mind was, “Come on Jang Geun Suk is a self proclaimed Prince! Is there any other contender for Kim Hyun Joong being as a Prince of Asia?” I answered my own question, NONE, there’s no other artist among the Kpop who can be qualified to be called Prince!! Simply because Hyun Joong is beyond comparable. Many fans do not agree whenever Hyun Joong is being compared, but then how can be we differentiate or justified someone specially given a title if we cannot compare, which one is black and which one is white.

In this news update, apparently the basis of saying Hyun Joong may be the new Prince of Asia due to his popularity based on the charts shown every time there’s an album release. Well I would agree, the chart can be a credible record showing popularity. Hyun Joong has been always on top ranks of the Oricon Music Chart on all albums that he has been releasing from the time he debuted as a solo singer, be it in Japan or Korea, Hyun Joong always is at the top rank. Obviously Hyun Joong is so deserving to be called Prince of Asia, and no doubt about it in all terms. But for me, Kim Hyun Joong is a Prince of the Universe, which is a much higher title!!

In the Variety show in China Happy Camp, Jang Geun Suk also guested in the show this year before Hyun Joong appeared in the same show. I remember watching that Happy Camp episode guested by Jang Geun Suk, the MC said to JGS something like, “You always would like to be called Prince of Asia” and JGS said “Yes”, with an air of arrogance shown in his expression!! Well, it’s his right whatever he wants to be called. But for me, it’s a TURN OFF!! I used to like this guy, but somewhere along the line I just was turned off. And I was right in my opinion about him.

If Hyun Joong is to be asked similar question about title given to him, Hyun Joong would always say, “that’s how people called me”, and he simply acknowledge and thank the people giving him the tile. I don’t remember Hyun Joong proclaiming himself to any name title, in fact it even surprises him whenever he’s being called Mr. Perfect! He doesn’t know why he was being called so because for him, he’s not perfect and no one is. However, people cannot just ignore the fact that Hyun Joong is a unique individual and very near to perfection as human being, head to foot, inside out, by heart and soul.

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There are many reasons why a star is being liked by many people. We may have different taste on how we qualify a star, but for a star being a public figure is someone we look up to although it doesn’t necessarily mean he has to be perfect, since no one is. No matter how popular a star is, I still consider the star’s credibility more than anything else. At present, among the soloist Kpop star Kim Hyyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk exist among the most popular with almost the same category being singer and actor. I don’t see JGS as a dancer although he’s trying to be one, and that’s he’s right.

Hyun Joong has been a role model and I would like to say he is a role star of all stars, that I sincerely hope other celebs would see for themselves how Hyun Joong is as a star and as a person in reality. Because what I admire most in Hyun Joong is his modesty and being humble all the time. He doesn’t have any air of arrogance or he’s never a conceited artist. This is quite obvious even from view point of his co-artists in the Kpop community, he maintained being friendly and treated everyone with equal respect, be it the rookies or his seniors.

What else can I say, Kim Hyun Joong is ONLY ONE, that no matter what he does, he simply shines anywhere, anytime. And I think this is the best quality of a Prince Star can have to be given the title. A true role model that no limit to age can look up to in terms of reputation, Hyun Joong is highly respected. How does he do it in gaining popularity from all ages of the society? Well, Hyun Joong is simply being himself as a person, a hard worker in his profession and simply humble that no matter how the heights of stardom he may reach, he simply is being modest all the time, keeping his feet firmly on the ground. What more can I say? He’s simply is the BEST.

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It was said in the news yesterday that talks about City Conquest between the production management and KBS shall resume tomorrow December 17th Monday. Let’s hope for the best positive results about City Conquest. Yesterday at the twitter fans sharing comments about the drama, which KBS and other Korean TV programs rejecting its airing. I was thinking of ways we can help to push this drama to be aired. The news may be so irritating but I was thinking these TV networks I believe do listen to their TV viewers clamor.

I was thinking since the problem arises in Korea I think the best people who can help push with the drama are Hyun Joong’s Korean fans as we the international fans can only support. Korean fans are the nearest to KBS and other TV network of course in terms of language they can be understood better. I sincerely hope the fan clubs of Hyun Joong can do something about letting the voice of his fans be heard, then we international fans will support. For the mean time, we wait whatever results may be there after tomorrow’s discussion about City Conquest between KBS and Media Baek as the production management. So let’s keep our fingers cross and hope for the best.

At the same time, I sure so hope Media Baek would disclose to us whatever the outcome of the meeting as honest as they can. My point here is that, majority of Hyun Joong had waited for the drama to be aired, while we do understand this internal problem, I think we ought to know what is going on. Another thing is, I have mentioned in my previous article that Hyun Joong had already worked hard for this drama and we have seen how he went through with the acting school, the under water scuba training ect. I just could not ignore the effort Hyun Joong had laid for this drama and just give up without a fight!

Something has to be done here, if KBS and other TV network still decline, fine, we do not need to beg for them since it’s their lost and not Hyun Joong. I’m sure there are other ways for this drama to be shown, that I really hope the Media Baek can think of something else other than airing this drama in Korean TV stations. And letting Media Baek be known that this drama is so important to every single fans all over the world. The eagerness, anticipation, and enthusiasm is too high demand that cannot be just ignored. And we will support City Conquest no matter what happen.

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For a lighter mood, I actually have forgotten that last year Hyun Joong released his Christmas present to his fans which is the song Marry Me! I remember Hyun Joong came from US as he was spotted at the airport and should I say, he skipped from the back door that no one seemed to noticed his departure to US!! Then after a few weeks, he was spotted at the airport at night time coming home from US!!

And then at the same night at 12 midnight of his arrival from US in December 15th, Marry Me was all over at YouTube!! I remembered that time, his fans spent the whole night listening to marry Me! That was a memorable night for me as a new fan, while I joined the other fans at wee hours at night listening to Hyun Joong’s Christmas present to us fans!! That was the first time for me as a new fan, to realize how thoughtful Hyun Joong is as an idol thinking a lot about his fans.


Kim Hyun Joong shall be boarding his flight 02723 bound to Hong Kong tomorrow December 17th to attend the Yahoo Buzz Awards night arriving Hong Kong at 12:50 PM. this is something to look forward to as Hyun Joong won the top rank at Yahoo Buzz recent polls voting. Tomorrow we will find out the award to be given to Hyun Joong, the most deserving Prince of the Universe as we take pride being his fans!

I can’t help think with all the good news we have been receiving the past weeks can just be swept away by one unexpected bad news. Well, that’s life, sometimes we’re up, sometimes we’re. This also applies to our daily life with Hyun Joong, but it doesn’t really matter since we’re not alone in this journey, and for as long as we’re together with Hyun Joong and stay with him. Challenges and trials can strengthen even to his fans, I think we just have to laugh it out whatever, and remain positive.

It’s Sunday, and it’s Church day, no matter what our religion is, let’s join together to say a little prayer for Hyun Joong and City Conquest. I always believe prayers can move mountains, so let’s spend even a little time to save a space for Hyun Joong in our prayers.

This is all of now, tomorrow is another day for us to face, be it with joy or sadness, let us  stay together with Kim Hyun Joong. Fighting!!

                                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

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16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNIVERSAL PRINCE

  1. When KHJ top Oricon chart with his two singles and people said that he’s the King of Hallyu in Japan. JGS fans said that the sale number of single can’t compared with album so now we clearly see that who is the real King right.

  2. To KHJ Fans: What do you think of this ? If KHJ is going to attend the Yahoo awards today in Hong Kong. The best publicity for City Conquest will be if his fans chant City Conquest when he is accepting his award. You get media attention right away.

    • OMG! I didn’t think of that! Yes please, fans who are lucky to go, please chant KHj and City Conquest!!! Someone post it on Twitter. I don’t have a Twitter account. Please LK, read this fast enough to spread the word! ^^

  3. Hye LK! Would you mind to give the link which shows HJ eating the cake?? Seriously i wanted to watch him!!! 😉 Or anybody here has any link of him in Busan yesterday? Please help me. 😉

  4. He deserves to have the title of Prince of Asia, no doubt about that.. He captures the heart of all the people in all ages. World known wide. Hehe.

    AND i do agree.. Khj Oppa is indeed a humble and modest person with a generous heart..

  5. Ms. LK,
    i just want to ask. if city conquest is having trouble in airing time and station in korea, will it affect its airing in japan on march? thanks…

      • Yes it’s very likely that airing of CC in Japan might be affected too. Well filming in Japan may be possible too but too many complications since we already know the situation in Japan for Korean dramas. I think the safest place to film and air is in China, of course this is just my opinion.
        Oh I just can’t get this out of my mind! Let’s just remain positive as much as we can.

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