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By: LazerKim          Most of us fans already have read the update that Kim Hyun Joong’s most awaited drama City Conquest is currently having problems in airing the drama as I have discussed in yesterday’s article. For the other fans who may think it’s rumors, I really hope it is, that I hope I would wake up one morning and reading the news that City Conquest is already airing. But I don’t think it’s just rumors! I was so cool yesterday thinking this news was just made up rumors, but it’s not, since the news is all over the internet. There’s indeed a problem with the Korean TV stations!

I read this translation last night which I believe City Conquest drama production is trying to resolve the problem, which has got something to do with the drama plot as the script writer had been changed and amending the script. Well, I think this is the least that can be done to push through with the drama which I think is the best that they can do. Here’s that update:


CC fails to air in KBS media 100 continues to discussion with KBS

Source: Nate ( Nate)
Translated by: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/
Please do not edit/alter the contents and credits when repost.  TQ! 🙂

It is expected that the upcoming drama that Kim HyunJoong is starring in ‘City Conquest’ might be unable to broadcast in the 3 major broadcasting channels (KBS, MBC, SBS) in Korea.

On 14th December, a representative from KBS broadcasting company revealed to StarNews that KBS will not be airing the drama City Conquest on their channel, stating, ‘The production company for City Conquest, Media 100, have recently sent in their statement letter to KBS for the drama broadcast slot request. However after considering the drama from various point of views, we have decided that the drama is not suitable to be aired on KBS’. 

It had also been revealed that the production company have also requested for the broadcast slot in MBC and SBS, however been rejected, given the reason being the storyline and the production cost are not compatible with the broadcasting stations and added that the filming for City Conquest have been halted.

On this matter, representative from Media 100 explained, ‘Currently, we are still discussing about the broadcasting slot for City Conquest with KBS & we did not send our request for MBC & SBS broadcasting slot. However on last November 3rd, we did received news regarding whether we might be able to get the broadcasting slot from KBS. We will be discussing the relevant subject further with KBS broadcasting company’s representative on 17th December’. 

Regarding the reason why City Conquest filming have been halted, the representative added, ‘As of now, the scriptwriter have been changed and we are amending the script, plus some of the casts are engaged with their busy schedules thus filming was temporarily stopped’. 

Posted 1 hour ago by  Stephanie ()



Last night I couldn’t sleep thinking about this translation and trying to convince myself positively over the reasons of KBS gave for rejecting City Conquest to be aired in the Korean TV station. There are many things playing  in my thoughts, if you remember right from the start, I couldn’t remember when but when Hyun Joong was still filming for City Conquest, there was a press release that the drama could not get an airing schedule since all three major TV networks were full the rest of the year.

This was the time I became doubtful, that made me think, are these Korean TV stations envy because City Conquest had already sold copyrights from outside Korea prior to filming or even the drama have not been aired in Korea as yet? I had that thoughts, because I have been watching Korean dramas for such long time and it’s my first time to ever read that copyrights had been sold prior to filming. But it was confirmed that Japan and China actually bought the copyrights prior to filming.

If you remember as soon as Hyun Joong was confirmed for City Conquest, Japan and China had already pledge and finally signed up for the copyright as soon as filming started. And all of these happened long before City Conquest submitted proposal for the airing in any of the Korean TV networks. Is it because of this reason as to why KBS gives so shallow reasons in rejecting the drama? No matter how I think about the reason given by  KBS saying the drama is not suitable to their station, I tried convincing myself, I just don’t buy it, and it bothers me a lot. The story line of City Conquest I think has a similarity with City Hunter, but City Hunter was aired.

It was also said that production cost is not compatible to the story line! I don’t understand this, for me this is short of saying the drama will not earn?? Oh so other countries can afford to buy the copyrights without even seeing the drama as yet, that upon hearing Kim Hyun Joong is in this drama, they grab it immediately? Is buying copyrights not suitable earning for the TV station? This is just so disappointing with Korea and it seems to me like a sabotage, oh this is absolutely a nightmare! Thousands of people have been anticipating this drama and yet cannot be aired.



I just hope Korea would hear the clamor all over the world how much City Conquest has been anticipated since May this year. Worst comes to worst, if YouTube grab this drama the result may even much better than Playful Kiss! If you remember this drama suffered a low TV ratings in Korea, but as soon as YouTube grab this drama and uploaded it Playful Kiss gained the highest global viewers in just a few days. Are we seeing the same scenario with City Conquest in the next few months?

Is there something political in this issue? This is just a drama based from a Korean comic book that most of Koreans I’m sure had already read! Is there something controversial about the story line that the Korean TV station rejected and refuse to air City Conquest? Well, maybe I’m ignorant about Korea, but is there something to hide within the story line? Now I’m getting curious! And if I were the City Conquest producer, I would put up this drama unedited in DVD, that I’m sure even the non-fans of Hyun Joong would buy it!

 How I wish someone would translate the City Conquest comic book and find out what’s wrong with the story, just to justify what KBS has been talking about the reasons why they refuse. We fans cannot do anything about it, it’s management decision. Fine. But at least give us something more valid reason aside from story line and production cost or whatever is not compatible to this TV network, acceptable enough to be understood and believable.

Otherwise I would just be thinking Hyun Joong is simply being envied about, having been globally popular, that other countries supported his drama prior to filming copyright had been sold outside Korea. I’m just wondering, Korea should be proud they have someone like Kim Hyun Joong who is being admired by millions of people all over the world and have known the Korean beauty as this country has been advertising.

Or have you not been convinced yet that the guy has certain power to conquer more than any other artists you have in your country. Think about it. If there’s no Korean TV network who can air this drama, then fine. Many other countries can gladly accept and welcome its airing.



Well I guess we have every reason to hope for and I’m just glad to know something can be done with City Conquest, by making some changes with the script and script writer was also being changed. We do not have any idea what could be in this drama that had been rejected by the Korean TV networks. I just hope for positive results after the changes had been made. Now everyone even grew curious whatever the drama plot is or how the filming went on. Well sometimes negative impact can turn out to be positive with everyone’s curiosity, the more this drama becomes popular, if you get what I mean!!

And because the three giant Korean TV network declined on airing City Conquest, I can smell some controversy over the story and how it was filmed, it only ignite a lot more eagerness to the viewers. As I have written yesterday’s article, no matter where this drama can be aired or shown whether in cable TV channels, DVD or convert the drama into movie, many people will still watch it. And now we have known about the problems, the more people gets curious about the drama. That I think even a non-fan of Kim Hyun Joong would be curious to watch and finding out what seem to be the problem by being rejected!!

Hmm… At times it is also good to be controversial!! Let us just put it that way, and hope for the best. The question now is, why does the Korean TV networks declined on airing City Conquest?? Honestly, I’m so curious, that even the script writer was changed!! Oh well, no matter what happen I still hope that City Conquest shall be aired even it takes more time than we expect.

Or should I say, it’s better not to expect anything at all, life is just full of surprises and I think it’s better that we take it that way! It’s not the end of the world yet, but I’m not simply giving up on City Conquest which ever way the drama can be shown. I’m just so sure Hyun Joong will pursue with his acting career no matter what challenges or even trials he’s facing at this time, people still is waiting for him to be in dramas. And I’m very sure the producers knows that pretty well!



To all Kim Hyun Joong fans, let us be the encouraging fans to our idol. Being an actor to Hyun Joong is as important to him as being a singer, to begin with. We shall stay at his side, we will be there for him whatever rocky roads he is taking, we travel with him at the same journey and stay. As I always say this blog is here to be a place we can breath on whatever we feel or whatever our thoughts are, to protect and defend Kim Hyun Joong. Now I realize it’s not only protecting him from his critics, but also from those who are trying to control his popularity boost.


To the drama producer of City Conquest, do the best that you can to be able to push through with this project and don’t give up. Hyun Joong fans are never quitters so keep up with your strength since many people has been expecting and anticipating for this drama.

If you guys believe in the power of Hyun Joong to conquer, then do what you can, if this drama can be aired in other countries, and so be it. Then better have that way, because we fans will be supporting Hyun Joong no matter where he is. To be in demand may be too harsh, but we have waited for this drama ever since it was announced that Kim Hyun Joong is the lead for City Conquest, I do hope you’ll push through and we will support you.


To the Korean TV networks, I really could not understand the reasons behind the rejection of this drama to be aired, since it’s too broad to say, that City Conquest is not suitable to your network. Fine. Even we do not know your basis of being “suitable”, we fans will accept that since we can’t do anything about it. It’s your LOST KBS, and not Hyun Joong’s lost, and I’m very sure about that.



I’m sure Hyun Joong knew all along about the problem with City Conquest, but just like what the other fans say, Hyun Joong doesn’t seem to be bothered by the problem. He is a professional and he will allow himself to be affected by the problem.  Hyun Joong by nature is a worrier but realistic at the same time. I know what he’s worried about, it is his fans since he knew all along that his drama project is very much anticipated.

To Kim Hyun Joong, rest assure that your fans do understand and will be waiting for your drama project no matter what happens. Whether City Conquest may push through or not, your fans will stay by your side all the time. So relax, don’t worry, everything is gonna be alright. We fans know what your dreams are since you have shared it with us, and we are here to support and make those dreams come true.

This is all I got for today, It’s weekend, tomorrow is Sunday I do hope we can all say a little prayer for Hyun Joong drama project. At the end of the tunnel there’s always a bright light even brighter than we expect. Together we hold on, all for the love of Kim Hyun Joong, our ONLY ONE Prince of the Universe…

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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14 thoughts on “Kim Hyuun Joong…[article] CITY CONQUEST

  1. In Thailand is it possible that can we see a city conquest which have Thai sub or English sub it doesn’t matter .How can I contact and order for this series?

  2. i’m so glad i found this site & so glad to see all the hope & support Lazer & ALL US DIE HARD FANS are still pushing forward with. You are sooo right!!! I will be here ready to support & watch City Conquest even if Korea never picks it up. KHJ has literally sOO much talent acting AND musically.. it would be insane to deny him.. but the saddest part is that I know KHJ has experienced some controversy before & it really hurts him as a person.. so even tho he is & will be strong along the way.. i know, he is affected. NO WORRIES KHJ >> WE GOT YOUR BACK !!!!!! ..always.. ❤
    ~ 샤니

  3. Yesterday I found the big surprise about what happened to city conquest, I have not stopped wondering what gonna happen, I remember the fact that the series was already sold in other countries and thought about why the biggest TV Networks of Korea refuses to broadcast the series, so anticipated by the fans.
    It’s a shame of the Korea Networks miss the chance to get a good action serie, that I we can watch on the web
    But I’m sure that Prince will be fine at the end of this, if we do not see in Korea, anyway I think his fans will see on DVD, or movie or another country channel. But It’s true that we missed him on TV, but he always finds a way to get to us.
    We have to continue give support to the Prince in all his projects especially, now that it has finally out his anticipated album, and his tour the next year and all projects, we will be here waiting for each of them.

    Last of all I agree what you said that all this controversy will serve to generate more anxious to see the show, I think the show is already popular before has a network transmits in Korea

    Thank you very much for catching up on the prince news from the perspective that only a fan can do, I read u soon ☺

  4. It’s a nightmare as you said X_X I was silent, for 2 days and I can’t believe it, I admit I was looking forward his music instead, but c’mon he’s put so much effort into that, the diet, the training EVERYTHING, it makes me feel sad for him X_X The tv stations might find the drama a bit violent maybe?! I dunno X_X gaaah, KHJ should sell himself to the system and just do romantic dramas LMAO xD
    I do hope that a miracle happens, and maybe it can be taken by a sat tv station. ahhhh I know khj has money, I bet he could put all his money in this to make it work… but I guess it wouldn’t be enough? X_X aaaaahhhh

  5. EXACTLY my POINT. I dont get why they cant air a drama who has a lot of potential, japan and china already bought copyright sas well as others . Isnt that proof enough of the huge sell this drama could be?..This is one of the reasons why i find that KHJ’s homeland is so ungrateful to him despite of all the success and pride that he has brought to his country. And these futile reasons why they can’t air CC irks me more. Not that I wanna see CC for selfish reasons but because I know how he worked so hard for this drama and I wanna witness him do what he loves. If they wont air it in their country then i still hope they’d air it on those who bought copyrights , I wanna see those three big stations see the huge blessing they let slipped away from their hands. And them feel all the remorse. But more than that I’ll be with alien prince no matter what!!! FIGHTING!!!

  6. I don’t understand why am I writing a comment here after a long time, because we enjoyed lot of great news so far and this is kind of interruption 😦 HJ would definitely worry about his fans waiting to see him on small screen, but Hyun Joong-ssi PLEASE don’t worry we can wait and we are strong as just like you.. Everything will be alright..whatever happens don’t forget that you’re always and forever OUR ONLY ONE!!! 😀 FIGHTING Aliens!!! FIGHTING Hyun Joong-ssi!!

    Thank you Lazer unnie.. May Triple Gem Bless you, my aliens and OUR PRINCE of the WORLD KHJ… Have a HYUNnie Day,,, 🙂

  7. I for one really want to know what’s “not suitable” to air CC. First we desperately need English speaking Koreans to go in depth about what CC is really about instead of the generics. They have probably already filmed enough to be a short series or a long movie! With the news of the changing of the screenwriter…I’m actually sort of glad because she apparently didn’t write her past drama well enough (I think. Correct me if I’m wrong!). We really, really need KHJ/Key East, and/or Media 100 (did I remember the company’s name right?) to make official statements on what’s really going on! They better not be trolling because he’s been in Japan most of this year and not in Korea. I’ve gotten the feeling, that even if he’s a lot of fans in Korea – and has won a lot of award in music, it’s his international fans that support him the most with his acting; think PK. Does anyone know if Fiji will still air CC? It was suppose to air in March and they can still film and air the show in Japan/China, etc – online too of course! It will be Korea’s lost – except for the companies who will be making the big bucks – while the international market will win.

    Well Playful Kiss movie version comes out at some point…I think it comes out the 17 or something? I’m actually rather curious on how it plays out!

    Praying and Fighting CC/KHJ! You worked hard, you’ve been looking forward to this – to prove to all haters that you can act dammit! – and it maybe a bump in the road but with us, your fans from around the world, will help you to be strong! ^^

  8. What the heck!!!!! NOT SUITABLE???? I dont buy their bullsh@#$&t excuses!!!!!! The main reason behind all these simply because of what you called Politics! Enviness! These people can not accept the fact that khj is very popular overseas! That is why they are monopolizing the popularity of khj. We may not know the requirement of korean tv networks for dramas to be aired but fans of khj are not stupid!!! To understand what is going on right now….
    Im sorry Ms LK but i just want to release my depression and disappointments regarding these matter with our one and only. This is really too much to take! Maybe this is the reason why hyun joong mentioned in his recent letter telling ” Dont be worried if you dont see me coz im okay” i think that is two days after i read the breaking news.
    Kung malapit lng ang quiapo nag novena na ako…

  9. Lazer unnie,ur article gives me hope n encouragement.Actually i am crying while reading ur article.i don’t know why i am crying. Why is it so hard for hyun joong concerned with his acting career while others are doing easily? Hyun Joong ah,be strong for us. We,fans too will always be with you forever.

  10. we’ll definitely stand up for u KHJ. We will support you all the way, God bless you. Thanks again LK. let’s all continue to be as one for our ONLY ONE. God bless everyone. God bless City Conquest, cast, production people and even the KOrean TV :).

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