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By: LazerKim             I read three news articles about Kim Hyun Joong,  that I intend to comment about but I’ll take this one after the other on my next daily article. First, there is an update pertaining City Conquest, which unfortunately is not a good news. I actually mentioned City Conquest in my article yesterday pertaining the changes in airing schedule and this morning the news came up that there’s actually a problem that brought the fans at twitter to a panic mode!! But may I say, calm down! Here’s that news in case you have not read about it:

Kim Hyun Joong’s City Conquest is unable to air on major TV channels

The new drama series City Conquest, which stars Kim Hyun Joong, will not air on the three major TV channels in Korea (KBS, MBC, and SBS).

On December 14, a staff member from the Drama Department in KBS reported, “KBS has recently decided not to air City Conquest.”

The staff member said, “Media Baek, a production company of City Conquest, recently expressed its intention to air the series on KBS. We’ve considered it from various angles, but we thought the series doesn’t suit KBS and declined it.”

Some of officials from the broadcasting industry say, “The production company of City Conquest has also expressed its intention to air the series on MBC and SBS, but the TV stations have decided not to schedule them to air on their channels. The reason is that the content and the production cost of the series are not acceptable for the major TV channels. As far as we know, the shooting of the series has been stopped.”

City Conquest is an action drama series about Baek Mir (played by Kim Hyun Joong) taking revenge on the society that has ruined him and his family.

The series has attracted a lot of attention by starring Kim, Jung Yumi, Nam Goong Min, Kim Seung Woo, Kim Young Ho, Kim Hee Won, Park Hyo Joon, and Choi Chul Ho.

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This news item is somewhat not so clear pertaining the reason why KBS declined to air City Conquest. As KBS explained that “the drama content and the production cost of the series are not acceptable for the major TV channels. As far as we know, the shooting of the series has been stopped.” Whatever that means, of course a lot of people has been waiting for this drama to be aired, it’s because Hyun Joong is in this drama as a lead cast. And I sure do hope we can hear further from Media Baek of City Conquest about their plans in this drama. Are they just going to throw it away just like that?

This may be frustrating to most of us of course, this is natural, but whoever is sad about this news it’s Hyun Joong of course who is affected. And I sure do hope Hyun Joong doesn’t need to explain since it’s not his fault but I would like to hear from the drama production management. Something has to be done here, if the drama cannot be aired in accordance to KBS reasons and decision which I respect, then it’s time Media Baek should explain. Other than explaining, I sure do hope they have a solution to the problem arising. Then I do hope Hyun Joong shall be given another drama project in case City Conquest cannot be shown or aired.

I still hope somehow something can be done to City Conquest. Whether the drama can be aired in cable TV channels or convert it to movie or turned it to DVD, whatever, I would gladly accept it. And I’m sure fans would support City Conquest no matter how, and what way it is being shown. For me, it’s Hyun Joong’s hard work that concern me and it’s not a joke to just throw a project being worked hard for. And yes the drama producer is bound to lose more, then control the loses! My point is just so simple, if there’s a problem then definitely there’s a solution, but not giving up or quitting on the project. Well, what do I know I’m just a fan!! There may be other chances or other drama projects and I sure do hope Hyun Joong shall be given more chances for drama.

17817_357910684304996_1327096077_n (1)


Many of Hyun Joong fans were hoping these are just rumors. I’m one of those hoping this is not true, but I have already felt something is wrong after the first promotion of City Conquest. The reason KBS have given, may have the basis in declining City Conquest and we fans cannot do anything about it. And as I recall in the past, it took Hyun Joong a year before he decided to say yes to this project. It somehow frustrates me because Hyun Joong worked hard for this project, and this is my main concern other than we fans are just waiting for City Conquest to be aired.

I’m still hoping something can be done here, or if not, I’m sure there are other drama projects that Hyun Joong can work on. I’m not losing hope, all I can think now is that, if this drama cannot be aired, then fine. I still believe there’s a reason for everything happening around at present. But I still believe there’s something brighter for Hyun Joong than City Conquest,  in case this drama won’t push through, then we have to accept. But definitely any drama for Hyun Joong has a high demand that I hope some producers have realize that now by now. Just seeing from the impact of City Conquest and how much this drama is being well anticipated.

We fans will never stop wishing for Hyun Joong to be watched on TV dramas. Or maybe not just wishing, but DEMAND for drama projects for Kim Hyun Joong. It’s alright if City Conquest cannot be shown in Korea actually!! These are some we encounter along the way as we travel the journey of Hyun Joong, it’s not always good news, although a lot of things may happen unexpectedly, there’s always a reason why it has to happen. But I always hold on to a belief for a brighter project for Hyun Joong, after City Conquest. That’s how I see it on the brighter side.



I wouldn’t give any false hope nor any expectations about City Conquest, if this drama shall be shown somewhere else then it’s fine, if not then again it’s alright too. Who knows this may be the time Hyun Joong would attain his dream drama project one of these days!! What am I thinking? Well, the way I observe Hyun Joong, that anything he dreams of, it’s slowly coming true! If City Conquest is his dream drama, he wouldn’t let this drama plot sitting in his apartment unread for a year before he said yes to it! Remember?

Then what could be Hyun Joong’s dream drama? Well, it’s his favorite comic book that he’s been reading, One Piece. I remember in Japan he was asked what drama he would like to portray and he said, “if there’s a producer who can make One Piece as drama, I hope it would be offered to me and i’ll accept it.” I really wish there’s a good Samaritan producer who can make this possible for Hyun Joong.

I know feeling frustrated about the news on City Conquest can be so sad, then turn the negative to a positive! If only we can rally around and demand for it airing we should have done so, but again if it’s not meant to be then we just have to accept, knowing there’s something brighter than this drama, and who knows! We may be having mixed emotions pertaining what Hyun Joong had already worked hard for and he himself is just as excited as all of us in anticipating for this drama, but no matter what happens, we stay by Hyun Joong’s side and support as always.

There’s another update about Prince of Asia, I actually had started writing about it but this news about City Conquest is growing louder so I chose to discuss this first. Tomorrow we talk about the real Prince of Asia. And with that, for my parting shots……

Being a loyal fan of Kim Hyun Joong, rain or shine we’ll always be at his side. Fighting!! Cheer up everyone!!

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

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24 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PLAN DETOUR

  1. As I was reading the last part of the article, I found myself crying. 😦 So sad that if this problem won’t be resolved, all the hardworks and dedications they exerted will just be set aside. I just want to hug HJ tightly now. All things happens for a reason. Let’s just hope for the best and don’t lose hope nor quit. Aliens! Fighting! HJ, we’re always here for you no matter what. ^^

  2. so frustrating this news!!!the reasons are too shallow,anyone just can’t take it!!if Korea channels doesn’t want it then try to air it in Japan or China…if fans are disappointed,how much more with Hyun Joong??oh my!!

  3. Maybe if we signed an online petition and sent it to the major TV networks or to KeyEast demanding that they air it. I mean if these big guys air CC then it’ll be better for them as viewer rates will go up. I’m actually very surprised… Let me know what you guys think. I’m not really sure if I can post my email address here. A big thank you to Lazer Kim for posting this. Hopefully they’ll be a way around it.

    • Online petition doesn’t work. KHJ fans need to band together and go on strike to send a clear message. I will be cancelling my Netflix subsciption since City Conquest is not going to be shown in US.

      • I agree that strikes are effective… a family friend suggested taking these routes…. first he said that the fans could write to the major broadcasting networks individually but also at the same time… so we would be bombarding them….. give them the reasons for why we want it aired. Remember we are the viewers. If they do not see reason that’s when we start the strikes and boycotts. My friend also said that we could try petitions but like you he also said that it’s not so effective….

        By the way how much did the netflix subscription cost?

  4. I will be on strike. I won’t be watching any korean drama for a long time until they fix this issue. Obviously, this is a lame excuse just to sabotage his come back drama. To KHJ, we are behind you and will forever support you.

  5. I am so sad for HJ…. I just want to hug him tightly and tell him everything will be ok. I know the drama will probably air in other countries. What was all the buzz about pre-sales for 100m won if not? It will most likely be on youtube and all the drama internet sites like drama crazy and drama beans and probably drama fever. It may come out on dvd. If they turn it into a movie that would be awesome too.. I will buy the dvd… they just need to make sure to release a US version.

    Just so sad for all of his hard work and to not be supported in his home country. *sigh* unbelievable. I sometimes struggle to understand Korean politics… but, apparently you have to be really careful there… they are still very protective of what they allow to influence the citizens. Seems democracy is only useful when it comes to making huge profits for big corporations. Not so much when it allows people to think freely for themselves…. that’s all I’ll say. I hate political things… especially when it affects artistic expression.

  6. Hmp. The heck? Can’t they even understand how the productions doing while shooting CC?? Especially dear KHJ Oppa! Would they be considerate. I mean, its a lame excuse (sorry) but I do agree that CC isn’t the only drama that features about revenge, anything that includes a talk about politics, government, etc.. Cause frankly speaking many Korean drama revolves around this theme.. Why? because not all people can see the reality of the world, these drama exists for us to realize that the world we live in isn’t perfect. It isn’t as good as it may seem to be .

    [sidetrack] — maybe that’s the reason why Hyun Joong wants to be in outer space, to be free from any chaos/obstacles of the world ^^ Hahaha! Just a thought.

    i guess, these major tv channels should consider the hard work that every one exerted. How many sleepless nights they sacrificed just to perfect everything.

    To our dear HJ Oppa, this won’t be a major problem, you and the staffs will get through this.
    We, ur dear Aliens, will pray for CC’s success of airing. Shall we?

    With God by our side, nothing is impossible. God bless everyone! 🙂

  7. kbs reason is so lame cc is not the 1st kdrama whose theme is about revenge,common kbs gve us 1 good and solid reason and not a lame one.

    feels like some one is sabotaging hyun joongs drama,just hope that this issue will soon be solve asap…..

    kim hyun joong fighting don’t be discourage take it as a challenge….

  8. I allways feel that Koreans didnt support him as well as his foreign fans did , do and will do . Hope that CC will be airing in Japan, China and on internet for all of us. It will happen as with Playful Kiss, it was no well recieved in Korea but well internationally, Hope that it will turn in a movie , that could be better for him ,thought that they are jelous for his success abroad. Are they punishing him for working more abroad this year ………. hope not. Heat and Unlimited are Japanese, he didnt do any Korean versions of these new songs. I think that they all expected to be the first to get those. A reason why he was not nominated in music (no new for them) and they put a contender of another category in the polls to stop him being first. Jelousy that is all. I feel as other fans , I wuold say him ” KIM HYUN JOONG move to another country . We are waiting for you here, hope to see you in any channel, if the biggest dont like you, choose a small one and we will do it great just to support you.”
    Internet is the option he will do through it.

    • correct me if I’m wrong [PLAYFUL KISS] aired on youtube due to public demand right? I agree with what you said, Internet will do the bidding.
      if he can’t get through the hearts of his own people then its a rescue for us foreign fans to make him be on top. For him not to lose the NO.1 PLACE.

  9. he said that he worked very hard for many days for this project… they shud either produce in form of dvd’s.. many of us will watch just for him!!

  10. Hello LK, they are f…ing unbelivable in Korea, why exactly they can’t air CC?! I mean the real reason, what they gave is lame and shamefull, I do hope some fans from Korea can go deeper searching and put some light on this (I mean they sure can get hold of the real reasons …rumors/chats…whatever). What I’ve noticed is that is either they are against HJ and the question is why? or the KE why as well, maybe they have their differences as they produced the drama well before airing and that is a new trend? Scared of the new inovation, why they can give praise to their own Star that brings them such pride outside SK?! Maybe KE should start their OWN channel. I feel for Hj, for his hard work and passion he put in this, but i do hope that maybe they can sell thi CC abroad as this made headlines prior going into production.
    this is for KHJ:
    They say that whatever does not kill you it makes you stronger…so to our dearest Star – be strong we do love you and support you from Alien world. You don’t have to prove that you are a good singer and actor…YOU are a good singer/musician/actor/model and that is why you fan base worldwide is getting bigger, for the person you are.
    God Bless and hope for a better day..:(

  11. He will come out victorius in this another challenge, let’s all get together as one in praying and supporting him. Hope he is not disheartened. Remember when a door closes, a window opens. So let’s hope for the better. KHJ were never disappointed us in the past and since he promised, we can be assured that he will keep it. this is just another small “bump” in this stage, but when we come out as one, we will all know that things that happens for a reason will come out a lot lot better than we expected. Let’s all fight!!! prayers for KHJ that he is going to overcome this :). God bless every alien 🙂 Let’s hope for the best as always for KHJ. He deserves our love and support.

  12. Hi lazerkim>>> i alwayz read ur articles…it somewhat make me feel good reading ur articles…2day i was so depressed n sad till i can’t even stop thinking abt it…i am very depressed bcoz of d news abt CC…why the 3 big channels refused to air CC? it is d most anticipated drama…it is a promising drama…every1 will sure knw if they watched d teaser only…but then why? i juz can’t understnd…its not abt we d fans hv waited soo long for it..but as wat u’ve said…think abt HJL…who worked sooo hard 4 it…we all knw how much he trained for lots of new things..such as martial art n everything…he worked day n night for d drama…he even risked his life for dangerous stunt..(remember motorbike scene?) n suddenly…if d drama needs to be cancelled…soo ridiculous….i am soooo irritated….abt waiting…i can wait..even if it is for 1 year…n im sure all TS n henecians will wait as well..but this is abt HJL…how bad he must felt? but still he smiles n put his best for his unlimited album…im sure he is well aware of d prob abt CC…but still he didn’t show anything 2 us…during event of unlimited that recently held in Japan…that’s Kim Hyun Joong…n that’s d reason why we love him crazily….n me too hope everythg willl be fine…n i believe that everythg happens must hv its reason…i juz hope tht HJL will be fine…we all r there 2 support him no matter what…

    • YES! No matter what we will support you dear HJ Oppa^^
      according to a song it says, “there’s a rainbow always after the rain”\:)

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