Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TOP ORICON


By: LazerKim              As expected Kim Hyun Joong’s UNLIMITED first studio album ranks NO.1 at the Oricon Music Chart on its first day released yesterday December 12, 2012  gaining 56,473 CD copies. I was so happy and relieved reading this news last night although I was already expecting the album would rank No.1 since the album has been ranking No.1 on pre-order sales chart, weeks prior to the official release.  Now that we had accomplished hitting the top rank for the first day release, I’m hoping we can still achieve on the weekly top rank and let UNLIMITED stay on its current ranking.

I’m not so familiar with his other artist contenders who have released their album at the same time as Hyun Joong, but I read yesterday, Shinee was ranked at No.2. Apparently Hyun Joong again is racing with an idol group! When Hyun Joong released his single HEAT in July 4th this year, it was another Japanese solo singer Yamapi whom he raced with, having a huge gap in unit sales the entire week, until the album was placed at Gold status back in time!

Hyun Joong now is becoming a top rank hitter at the Oricon as this is the fourth among his music releases in Japan, not to mention his first two Korean mini albums which he was released last year. In short, Hyun Joong made an excellent start as a solo singer last year and was able to maintain a top rank hitter until this year.



Yesterday Hyun Joong was busy in Tokyo, in record store hopping that he officially marked his presence in the record stores as he affixed his signature on the huge posters of UNLIMITED particularly at the Tower Records. The store was filled with his fans to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong that caused traffic within the streets of Tokyo where he was!! And to my surprise yesterday, he was already boarding his flight back to Seoul!! I can’t help to feel sad as I was saying to myself  “oh no, you’re not going home yet!!” I actually wanted to cry out and say to him, “can’t you stay for another day?”

It appears Hyun Joong just threw a bomb the other day and yesterday in Tokyo by setting a big noise out of his appearance then gone with wind again!! Just as fast as that, I felt his Japanese fans were just as bewildered and probably now at the state of being mesmerized  by a one day affair!! LOL! Well we have to get used to it, no matter how much time given to us fans to see Hyun Joong, it’s never gonna be enough!! We still want to see more after seeing him once or twice, we fans can’t just get enough of him! That’s just it!!

Apparently Hyun Joong has other commitments, and one of it is in Busan fan sign for Center Pole on the 15th, but he’s coming back to Japan on December 21,22,23 for another fan sign events. Then we’ll see him again on the 17th in Hong Kong for the Yahoo Buzz 2012 awards night, although I don’t see this date in his schedule or I might have missed it, but the organizer of Yahoo Buzz had already confirmed his attendance for the event. So for those who are in Hong Kong, take advantage in attending the event but make sure Hyun Joong will be there!!



Hyun Joong was asked about his plans for 2013, and he mentioned about his Japan Tour Concert Series starting from the month of January to March. Hyun Joong also mentioned that he would like to greet his fans as an actor, pertaining to City Conquest which is still on the stage of filming. I won’t pretend not to notice the changes in airing schedule, but let’s just take it as indefinite airing! I may be dying to watch City Conquest but these unexpected delays is normal. There may be some internal problems that we do not know about the drama production or with cast schedule conflicts, but these things normally happen.

There’s a Chinese drama project stared by a Korean popular actor which was filmed in August last year 2011 that ended in November the same year. But it has not been aired even in China until at this time!! After knowing about this drama I felt relieved, although I honestly hope it won’t take that much time for City Conquest to be aired!! But hopefully it will after Hyun Joong’s concert series. Well, no matter how long the drama would take we still be waiting for it to be aired next year.

Hyun Joong also mentioned his plans of a World Tour Concert which might be possible towards the year end 20013. By that time for sure Hyun Joong would be able to release more new music. Oh I just hope Hyun Joong would be able to attain his dream world tour so that he can visit many of his fans outside the boundaries of Asia. Particularly in US since Hyun Joong has a growing popularity in US, and many of his fans are really waiting for a chance that Hyun Joong can visit them! Well, we just have to wait and see whatever projects Hyun Joong has, his fans will always be at his side to support him anywhere he is



Hyun Joong was confirmed to attend to the year end celebration in China the Jiangsu TV to be broadcast in December 31st 2012. The TV taping for the show is yet to be announced on when Hyun Joong will fly to China for this TV show recording. It was said that Hyun Joong has been learning the Chinese language so that he can somehow communicate with his Chinese fans. It was also said that Hyun Joong shall be preparing two different images. He was pertaining to his costume to be worn during the show. I think he’ll be performing two numbers for this event.

Anyway, while waiting for Hyun Joong’s long term plans for 2013, there are still events awaits for Hyun Joong to attend to end his year 2012. And still Hyun Joong needs our support for his album UNLIMITED which was released yesterday. Again for those who have not gotten their album orders yet, you may do so as other who have made their pre-orders are now excitedly waiting for its delivery from on line purchasing web sites. So grab your copies of  UNLIMITED album now!

This is all I have for today’s dose, as promised I’ll be here everyday, it’s just that my time of posting have been changed since my body clock also changed!! I’m starting to refrain from being a night owl!! LOL! In the next few days I’ll start posting my old out of line articles which were not officially recorded at Word Press, please bear with me I just have to do this before Christmas!

Let us continue loving and supporting Kim Hyun Joong as he share his music with us, let us acknowledge his hard worked music which are meant and dedicated to all his fans. Allow him to get into your life, to be closer to you through his music shared with all his sincere love to all of us.

The Aliens go for one love, one goal in bringing Hyun Joong to the top and for ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong ….Go for the UNLIMITED!!

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!



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22 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] TOP ORICON

  1. Hello everyone! i already wrote and posted my article pertaining City Conquest entitled PLAN DETOUR. I would just like to burst this out. i will not be begging for any of Korean TV network if they don’t want to air City Conquest, there are other ways of showing this drama in other countries. HJ worked hard for this drama, and the Media Baek should do something about it which I believe the script writer is making necessary changes and I think this is one of the solutions they can take just to air the drama in Korea. I think Korea is too conservative!

  2. Ive read from a site that City conquest will not air link:
    Is this FINAL?!! my heart really sank upon reading this, I think Im gonna go cry now. KHJ put soo much effort in it and now it will be gone to waste. Can we do something about this, I am really hurting for him right now.(T.T)

    • i guess its still undecided. I’ve read that too (but from another post). I hope its just a rumor coz it aint fair for all the production staff especially to dear Oppa who plays the major role 😦

      • Yes it would be really unfair! Urgh! I am really crying right now. It would be so sad as well as infuriating if this is true. I mean how can they decline a drama with so much potential just like that. =(

        • They should make City Conquest into a movie rather than a drama. They don’t need to rely on these 3 TV stations. KHJ should not give up his dream role. I hope he will start venturing out into China and Japan markets for movie role. Those 2 markets are much much bigger than South Korea.

          • What!!??!!!?? *stares at screen in total shock…. …. …. *

            CC has to air! It can air in Feb! I agree to the movie idea as well! KHJ should also venture into the bigger markets as well…like the US, ^^. First is Japan and China though…

            *bursts into tears! * If this is true…poor oppa. Poor cast mates and staff. Poor us! 😥

  3. Oh wow, there was traffic jam coz of Oppa?, cool! Japanese fans do love him that much. Haha. I kinda like the MV of Your Story especially the meaning of the song.. Its reigning with so much emotion. Kinda edgy but with so much emotion! whaa, Oppa ur so cool 🙂

    Whenever I hear it and read the translation, i sometimes conclude maybe it was a song for a very special person in his past. Hahaha. Well it was just a thought, anyways I don’t wanna break my heart so there. maybe it was just written and inspired by someone as it was said that [YOUR STORY] was a song written by him and S.L. (correct me if i’m wrong, I read that from other articles)

    SO there, to everyone lezz keep on supporting Oppa by/ through purchasing a copy of his UNLIMITED album!

    Leggooooo Alieeeeensss! 🙂

    PS. To dear LK, Thank u for your posts, by now I’m one of those people looking up for your follow-up articles/ blogs about Oppa. Hehehe. Under subscription. But please do take care of yourself too. More power to your blogs! Aja 🙂

  4. I am so in love with the new music! A lot of people are commenting on other blogs that they like the song Save Today better than Your Story… I just don’t see how that is possible! Your Story is obviously the song in his heart as he delivers it with such emotion! I am captured and mesmerized just as I was listening to ‘Creep.’ I definitely love the video with him playing guitar… so beautiful and sexy. Your Story is definitely my favorite… of course I am listening to both… but, I listen to Your Story several times before I listen to Save Today one time! Haaaa!

    Hope your health is doing well, LK! Thanks for keeping up with the release activities this week! It is much appreciated… I don’t have to comb the web for news… I know I can just land here and get all I need! Love you sis!

    • Agree whole heartedly with you! I love Your Story! It’s my favorite song – and MV – of his!!!! Emotional, guitar playing sexiness, just hottness over all, and it’s sung really well! Maybe because Save Today sounds more like popish-rock song? The one thing I don’t like about the song is the over repetitive of ‘save today’ … yeah I tend to find it annoying after awhile but I still love the song and songs…there’s a lot that over repeat and no verses really. Eh).

      • I know! Wahhh! I read that just a few minuets ago and I’m all shocked, worried, praying…though I don’t think this will really bother KHJ but still! I have some ideas why this is – like other competitors, album only having three new songs while all his other songs are in again, more expensive, download off the internet…

        Yes! We really need to get him back to number one if not two! He deserves it and I really don’t want to read non-fans gloats…KHJ fighting all the way! ^^

  5. Dear LK, Hj done it again, this album is so much more than what Hj done till now, it just show how much Hj grown this past years as a better musician, better quality and I must say that I love this the most. He never cease to surprise us and he is proving his words that he always working, making new musci showing what a versatile musician/artist he is. How can you not Respect him for this only, and how can you not love this truly amazing artist, who is giving you such joy everytime he shows his face/persona …even the dead tired (with the eye bags till the floor)…but still the most handsome man…I know I am biased here, but what to do, it seems he captured us (Aliens) under his spell and we are there with him. So God Bless dear 🙂

  6. Well he did say that he will make a comeback as an actor next year, I’ve read it from a site. I just hope that if City conquest would be delayed at least it wont be for far too long, but if its for the betterment of the drama then its more than fine. Hyun joong said on one of his interviews that he’d like to go to the phils. on december for a trip cause he wants to go fishing. Oh! I hope he will really go here. KHJ’s sched seemed to be so full for the next year, I hope that he will stil get enough rest. Sometimes i cant help but feel bad for him being overworked , I just hope Oppa will not forget to take care of his health. Anyways , its such a great news that he got on top chart again, lets keep him on top! Power to the Alien fans.

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