Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNLIMITED DAY


By: LazerKim                 Today is a special day 12-12-12 the UNLIMITED day for Kim Hyun Joong to officially release his first studio album which has been the most awaited event by millions of fans all over the world.  Hyun Joong set a festive mood yesterday in Tokyo prior to the album release. From Haneda Airport on his arrival from Seoul, to the streets of Shibuya surrounding the Shibuya Public Hall, these area in Tokyo were crowded by Hyun Joong fans yesterday!

The Premium event successfully transpired as Hyun Joong met with some 6,000 fans. The venue opened at 9:00 in the morning yesterday as his fans gathered while Hyun Joong was still boarding his flight bound to Tokyo! The event ended in evening with much joy seeing thousand of fans with their big smiles after meeting Hyun Joong in person! Here’s that news:


Kim Hyun Joong successfully holds a premium event before releasing the first album in Japan                                                             (Source:

Kim Hyun Joong recently held a premium event in Japan in celebration of the release of his first Japanese album.

On December 11, Kim arrived in Haneda Airport to attend the premium event, which was held at the Shibuya Public Hall a day before the album’s release.

At the event, which attracted over 6,000 fans, Kim released music videos of “Your Story” and “Save Today,” tracks from the album, for the first time. With his mature image and music, he received lots of favorable reviews from the fans. He also spent a good time with his fans, talking about the album and his life.

In a press interview, which was held in the middle of the event, such major TV stations and newspapers as Fuji TV and Nippon TV asked a variety of questions about the album, and Kim sincerely answered to the questions, saying thank you for the success of the single Heat and showing affection for the first album.

A person from a media source says, “Kim Hyun Joong is the only Korean solo artist who is currently popular in Japan from among lots of idol groups.”

Kim will release the first Japanese album, Unlimited, on December 12 and will go on a tour of Japan for about three months from January next year.




Yesterday the event started with the Music Video of Hyun Joong’s new songs were being shown in three separate sessions at the same venue, and a part of the event was the talk session with Kim Hyun Joong and two Japanese MC. Watching from the video clips of the event particularly this portion, there were always roar of laughter from Hyun Joong and the audience! A part of the talk session, the Miguhui Music Festival was discussed, which Hyun Joong was being awarded The Most Popular Overseas Artist.

Hyun Joong was asked: “Korea is very cold last week, were you okay?”  Hyun Joong answered: “It’s okay because I went to China at that time!!” Then he talked about the award he got in Miguhui Music Awards last December 8th, fans clapped hands to congratulate him!

After the Awards Night in China, the following day Hyun Joong had a chance to play, as he was asked  “What are you doing in China?” Hyun Joong answered: “I learned to play table tennis from a professional person, but tried only several times.”  Then he shown the poses of playing table tennis using his microphone! There’s also a scene that Hyun Joong showed his Breakdown choreography teaching one of the MC, that his fans screamed and really enjoyed that brief part!!

On the third talk session Hyun Joong kept moving all the time, that the MC noticed and asked him why he always move. Hyun Joong said he was feeling hot, since the venue was rather crowded and suddenly his fans chanted, “Take off”, meaning to take off his top coat! Then Hyun Joong was on the act of taking off his coat then hesitated since his fans were all cheering to take off his coat! He was teasing them, but eventually took it off showing in his white shirt but can’t help to notice his real sexy muscles!!

Towards the end of the talk session, Hyun Joong greeted his fans a Merry Christmas as he raise his arms and did the heart sign! He was so cute! Apparently Hyun Joong enjoyed the event as he was all laughing with his fans and smiling all through out till the end. I do hope someone can upload and translate this talk sessions which appears to be interesting and fun since most of the time during the talk session there were laughter and it feels as if I was there with the fans enjoying Hyun Joong’s talk!!



In my previous article I mentioned that one of the scenarios that I would love to see again is the festive atmosphere that we have seen when Hyun Joong launched his album HEAT. Although it was on the month of July which was summer in Japan, so the album promotion events were done outdoors. This time in promoting the album UNLIMITED, events shall be done indoors, like the event transpired yesterday and today, there shall be fan sign event at the same venue in Shibuya.

Yesterday the atmosphere was really like a circus going on since Hyun Joong fans were just euphoric over the event from morning till the evening! I’m was just watching from afar but the feeling is so great as if I was actually there together with the thousands of fans, who doesn’t mind the freezing cold of winter in Tokyo! A long line of fans was spotted to get into the venue and all you can see are faces from the excited fans waiting for Hyun Joong and tirelessly till the end of the event everyone was smiling as they enjoyed being there with Hyun Joong.

Yesterday morning pictures of huge posters and billboards of Hyun Joong’s UNLIMITED were posted every where around Tokyo, it’s like seeing the entire city filled with Hyun Joong’s face!! It was so amazing seeing this and the crowd of fans every where, it feels like a national hero’s day!! And then the huge container truck carrying the UNLIMITED billboard roam around the streets as early as 8am yesterday playing the song of Hyun Joong attracted the public, as if saying Hyun Joong is coming!!



My hats off to Universal Music Tokyo in conducting their advertising schemes very effectively for their public awareness program in advertising Hyun Joong’s UNLIMITED album. As I mentioned in my previous articles, advertising and promotion is very important even in showbiz. Be it in music events, dramas, movies or any activities of an artist, that no matter how good an artist may be but with the lack of advertising promoting his activities, then it somehow affect the popularity boost of an artist. The public has to be notified of the artist’s existence and his activities.

In the news it was said that kim Hyun Joong is the only Korean solo artist who is currently popular in Japan among the many Kpop idol groups. I agree with this statement and it is so obvious in any Music Chart that it’s only Hyun Joong who has the power to race over the other giant Kpop groups! The UNLIMITED launching is not only being watched over in Japan but also being watched by his fans all over the world as Hyun Joong’s international fans actively support this album as well. Yesterday’s Premium Event was all over the print media in Japan and the news has been circulating over at the internet, showing Hyun Joong’s popularity boost and this much anticipated album.

Today marks the official release of UNLIMITED and today can be a long day for Hyun Joong as today is another promotional event for the album. Oh how I really envy his Japanese fans, Hyun Joong is so easy to reach out for! This must be another exciting day for them as it is for us who are watching over at Hyun Joong from afar! It really feels good to be watching people crowding around Hyun Joong anywhere he goes, there’s a long long tail of fans following him! It feels great to seeing how much he is being loved and supported in any project he holds. The feeling of getting involve and participating with Hyun Joong’s activities is so amazing that no distance can be a hindrance in keeping him near to us fans!



When it comes to Kim Hyun Joong fans, there’s no bound to the unlimited love we have for him that it seems we don’t get enough of him no matter how often we watch him from afar and the feeling is so contagious! Last night after the Premium event the euphoric atmosphere carried over till late last night as nearby restaurants and pubs in Shibuya was filled with fans coming from the event from Shibuya Public Hall and talks were all about Hyun Joong! Reading from so many post last night brought me to think of how contagious Hyun Joong is, having that feeling as if I was there with them!

Many fans now are waiting for their copy of UNLIMITED album to be delivered coming from the pre-orders. Again for those who have not ordered for the CD album go grab some copies now! It was said that this album is very competitive since there are artists who are also scheduled to release their album today. I think this has got something to do with the 12-12-12 for luck!! Let’s keep praying for Hyun Joong’s album, but of course we also have to take part in buying the album.

This is the right time we can show our love to Hyun Joong bu pushing him up to the chart and we fans has that power to raise him up. Then let’s use it as we unite our support and unlimited love for Hyun Joong. From this day onward, we shall be watching over at Kim Hyun Joong and his album UNLIMITED, get involve, and let us support this album as our Christmas present for him.

GO GO GO Aliens grab the UNLIMITED love from Kim Hyun Joong!!

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!



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17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] UNLIMITED DAY

  1. Hallo lk,my nervous swept away.,I was so so happy.HE is #1 top oricon single chart.God will always lead HIM in the right time And right way,God bless to HIM.HE looks so happy while surrounded by HIS fans…look at HIS eyes sis, sparkling. To night I fly to japan,osaka but our prince back to korea,it’s ok I still can feel HIS body smell around japan. See you sis,god bless.

  2. HI LIK! So glad for your update on the events yesterday! I AM SO EXCITED FOR HYUN JOONG! 😀 I know we put him up there at #1 on Oricon. Let’s keep him there so he can break his own record! Your Story… I am in love with this man all over again. It is so emotional and beautiful Haven’t seen Save Today yet… will watch later and see what I think. Can’t wait for mp3s to be available on amazon. It might take a few months… it was almost a year before Lucky Guy, Kiss Kiss and Breakdown were available. *sigh* I will just have to watch and listen at youtube until then. LOVE AND HUGS TO EVERYONE and a special bear hug for my Angel, Hyun Joong! Congratulations Jagiya!

  3. OMG! Your Story!!!!! Favorite MV! The song is number one with Save Today coming second. I love the emotion he put into making that MV a little drama – like Save Today! I can’t wait to see him play the guitar on stage, I’m praying he keeps the number one spot on the Oricon, his album sales triple, and I’m going to miss this look/image of his once he’s done (which we still well over a month to enjoy! ^^ ) because, to me, it screams Kim Hyun Joong. I love his dancing and urban/ballad songs but I love his [soft] rock image the best. Saranghae!

    Still waiting for new pics and teasers/promotional posters, etc for CC. It’s really starting to become around that time. And I have calculated and CC can’t air until the begging of Feb/late Jan. So that gives him time. Looks like CC will only be a month a part in airing between Korea – Japan. Interesting…

  4. Hello! LK…Today is a meaningful day in my life, because KHJ release ” UNLIMITED ” on 12/12…It’ s my birthday…I think this is a special gift for me fr KHJ!…Thank U very much….U re the wonderful thing in my life….U re the strength that made me go ahead…U re my faith that made my love alive…..God Bless for U to success, healthy & happiness…..God Bless for LK & Henecia in the world…have a nice day ….TOGETHER!!!

  5. 12.12.12…finally the most awaited day by all the fans of hjl. Like everybody else I am excited as well. Tq Lk for the highlights. Wonderful as always. Now the mv of the two songs are out, fans are debating which mv is better. Lol. I love reading the comments by fans. Some want his old hairstyle back others prefer the new look. But one thing good about hj’ s fans is that they are all hj bias. It comes down to … we love u in whatever shape or look you choose..
    Someone asked me the same question as to which mv i prefer..I love listening to your story n the mv too but I really really like the boyish and innocent look he potrays in save today and I cant wait for your man…
    My bday is coming this month and tq hj for the early present. Have a pleasant day Lk. Tq.

  6. Yeay!! Congrates to KHJ for releasing the Unlimited today 12.12.12! May u have brighter & joyful day in future as well as cherish loves from all over the world! We are always anticipating like about anything of your upcoming projects either in music or in acting or even in variety! Kekeke.. Oh I wish if there is any video of documentary on how was today going for him. Like how he looked nervous on the night before, how he woke up this morning, how he being prepared to the venue & how he completed his day today! 12.12.12 is the last wonderful date which we could face as there is no date like this anymore. As soon as his Japanese album launched today brought a meaning that his work will soon started in Japan for about couple of months in 2013. I’ve looked into his schedule on Jan (regardless on December) that he will fly to Japan in 16th Jan which is my flight to Incheon! -__-” Really wish he will be in Seoul around his break so at least I can feel nearer to him since I’ll be there for 16days. 😉 Btw, I got an email from FedEx, my parcel which contained Unlimited albums Jacket A,B, & C (which I bought from CDJAPAN last month) are already in my country for custom inspection. Hope to get them so soon!! 🙂 Hee.. Those who still have not yet purhase the albums, I am suggesting to buy from CDJapan coz cheaper & please use FedEx coz it is soooo express! Take about 2-3days! 😉 Sorry for typing a lot here but I cant hold my happy feelings toward this release. Have a nice day to all!

    • Hi Nadia, si agreed with u. They should make hj’ documentary.
      Lucky your order has been sent, i ordered from yesasia. When i checked my yesasia acc this morning , it said waiting for i dont know how long it take arrive to my country.

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