Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROCKER WINNER


By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight bound to Haneda Tokyo this morning while his fans waited at the airport lobby to see him off around past 10AM. Hyun Joong wearing all black with his necklace with the cross pendant, as his guidance! As usual many fans were at Gimpo Airport to hand in their letters and presents to Hyun Joong.

While at Haneda Airport, a crowd of fans were at the airport lobby of Haneda to welcome Hyun Joong’s arrival since early this morning. Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans have been waiting for this album launching and promotion, I guess all fans from around the world have been anticipating the UNLIMITED to be released.

In Shibuya, Tokyo, an unusual festive mood was spotted within the streets of Shibuya on a regular working day! Kim Hyun Joong is expected to arrive at the venue which is Shibuya Public Hall this afternoon to the attend to the fan sign event. Since yesterday preparations had been done for this event as booth sale and huge screen was set up at the venue.

As early as 9:00 Am, the booth sale were already opened and some Japanese fans were already at the area waiting for the event. Tonight at 22:00 Hyun Joong shall be guesting at Nico Nico, a Japanese TV show for an interview, as a part of his album promotion UNLIMITED, which shall be officially released tomorrow December 12.

544005_357609304335134_1028651121_nVOTE WATCH

The Yahoo Buzz voting polls closed last night December 10th that as expected Kim Hyun Joong topped the polls garnering over 1.3 Million votes. Hyun Joong has the largest number of votes among all artists nominated even from other categories. The official announcement Yahoo Buzz may not have made yet, but seeing from the number of votes, Hyun Joong had maintained his rank at No.1 with the huge gap from rank No.2. The effort of his fans in voting everyday had resulted to an excellent voting scores that none of his contenders had ever surpassed Hyun Joong’s vote from day one till the closing day of the polls.

I would say it’s a job well done by Hyun Joong’s fans who have actively participated in the voting polls. We shall then be waiting for the official announcement of winners from Yahoo Buzz before we rejoice!! The important thing here is that the unity among Hyun Joong fans was once again proven in the voting polls. And it feels good that finally the effort of every fan who voted paid off as we did the voting religiously everyday!!

We voted not because we have to, but because we know Kim Hyun Joong is the most deserving artist to receive an award of honor. The Yahoo Buzz Awards shall be held in Hong Kong on December 17, Monday evening. Congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong and to the Aliens Congratulations, the unity in ONE again prevailed as Kim Hyun Joong indeed is the winning Prince!!



The Migihui Music Festival is still the update post within the crowd of Kim Hyun Joong fans, I have watched the video clip of Hyun Joong’s performance of Breakdown and please, and I admit I missed watching him dance! Now I spent my day listening to his previous visual music and imagine him dancing again! Hyun Joong has been dancing for seven years and now he has change into a rocker which had attracted a huge attention when he did HEAT and currently on the process of promoting his new album UNLIMITED which is very much anticipated.

Will Hyun Joong be coming back to dancing again? Well I can only speculate, since being a dancer has been a part of his career profession so it’s very likely he will be coming back to dancing but I think in a brand new image again! He will try to heat up being a rocker for the meanwhile, but he said he doesn’t stay in one field that on the contrary, he always re-invent something new that he usually something he have not tried as yet. So there are a lot more to look forward to in Hyun Joong’s ability to create.

Hyun Joong excel both as a singer/dancer and singing live with a band as a rocker, these are the things he loves doing in terms creating his music. Both are equally challenging in different ways but as Hyun Joong said, dancing exert more physical effort which is obvious of course. But singing with a live band can push Hyun Joong in further enhancing his ability what is already existing in him as a good singer and develop his talent since he always challenge himself in innovating something new all the time.

The best thing about Hyun Joong is that he has the ability to do a lot of different types music that I admire from him the most in terms of music. Whether he’s a dancer, a rocker or even an actor, Hyun Joong is just simply the BEST in anything he does! Any of his fans can choose from whatever any of his talents to perform, he’s always there to perform it for his fans. There no way we can ever get tired of him on the contrary, we could not even get enough of Hyun Joong, he’s just so unique as an artist and as a person that we love him more and more everyday! *sigh* He’s simply the BEST!!



I think Japan now is well prepared for the coming of Kim Hyun Joong as the record stores in Tokyo has been filled up with Hyun Joong’s UNLIMITED pictures. Hyun Joong now arrived in Haneda Airport at around 2:00 PM Japan time, as his fans who have been waiting for his arrival since this morning cheered and welcome him with all the warmth as always. Well, I guess the rock fever starts from here, we shall be monitoring today’s event at the Shibuya Public Hall where Hyun Joong shall start with his album promotion this afternoon.

Again for those who have not placed their pre-order of the album UNLIMITED and would like your purchase to be counted at Oricon Music Chart on the number of pre-sales, this is your chance to do so as you still until tomorrow. Pre-orders does not stop though, only for those fans who would like Hyun Joong to immediately place him at the top rank of the album first day release sales record that I think majority of us fans would aim for the top rank at Oricon. We shall be monitoring the chart as sales comes in and tomorrow December 12, is the big day, 12-12-12!! Good Luck to all of us!!

Let us make this happen for Kim Hyun Joong, it is only us fans who has the power to push him up to the high rank. Let us make this Christmas season a memorable one for Hyun Joong as he shares the UNLIMITED album with us with his unlimited love for us, then let us show our unlimited support and love for the Prince. GO GO ALIEN!!

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, Mama Lina thanks!!


Yahoo Buzz:     Dec. 11, 2012

Nominees:                          No. of Votes Yesterday                   FINAL NO. OF  VOTES

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                      1,318,936                                  1,347,763
  2. Super Junior                               717,695                                     737,244
  3. Jang Geun Suk                             86,288                                       89,249
  4. Park Yoo Chun                             50,904                                       51,531
  5. Luo                                                50,321                                       50,446


NOTE:   For pre-order of Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited go to Yes

YES ASIA LINK click here>(

CD JAPAN  – if you get to 1st page just search for KHJ – they have also Calendar and books:
Link click here>(



9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROCKER WINNER

  1. You know what,I am so nervous sis…pray for HIM. Anyway I will fly to japan on 13 dec.I wish I can see HIM in osaka.for the Fourth time in yahoo buzz,Wow!HE is our boy.thanks for all sis,god bless.

  2. I guess the Rocker thing is Oppa’s dream.. I remember him singing his version of Creed’s song though i forget the title 🙂 he performed it twice on a radio station and in one of their concerts way back the ss501 days 🙂 thats why i conclude this maybe a dream come true for him.. Oppa u really strive for the best! Fighting 🙂

  3. First?! XD I’m so glad that finally Dec 12 has come! LOL This and last week have been the best!!!!! So many new pics, ap pics, teasers, MV, etc I’m so happy!!!!!! =D =D =D xD
    For some reason the snow u put xD it makes the sliding bar get slower LMAO xD aaaaah I’m so happy! X-mas is coming!!!! and I’ve walking the whole city looking for that X-mas spirit xDDDD I’ve found a few places where I can feel it xD
    Omggggg can’t wait, this week is gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!!

      • What snow flakes???? I am missing something here. How come I didnt see it??? Lol. I felt left out just becos of that snowflakes…good nite Lk. Cant wait for 12.12.12.

        • hahahaha…. I was so sleepy but I lost it when i read your comment!! LOL There’s some small dotes that looks like snow flakes pouring on this blog i think it’s wordpress Christmas treat!! Yeah I can’t wait for tomorrow’s big day! Start crossing our fingers we have to hit the top!!

          • That DAY has finally come! Yehey! Though I think my own copy would come a bit late. But i hope it wont get too delayed. Let us all support Oppa for his album [UNLIMITED] Fighting! ^^

            And oh, LK.
            I was a bit lost with the comment you’ve written earlier — WP.

            My mind’s been searching what WP means.

            WP is word press right?


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