Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MISSING ROCKER


By: LazerKim           Kim Hyun Joong safely arrived in Chengdu China yesterday afternoon as his fans crowded the airport lobby as they waited for him supposedly to warmly welcomed his arrival. Some Chinese grandma fans were also spotted at the lobby together with the crowd of fans, joined in with other fans in waiting for Hyun Joong’s arrival. There was excitement among other younger fans as they chant Hyun Joong’s  name to greet and welcome him!! Hyun Joong shall be performing tonight at the Miguhui Music Festival.


Hyun Joong did not used the VIP exit but instead he was escorted at the main airport lobby. It was crowded with fans and a bit disorder but anyway he has security personnel who protected him being squeezed in by the crowd, since there were some uncontrollable fans in the airport in Chengdu yesterday. Again there were some young fans who were overly excited to see Hyun Joong and had forgotten how to behave that caused commotion and disorder! As a result instead of fans getting or enjoying a better view of Hyun Joong in taking pictures and videos that can be more appreciating, they have seen so little of him instead!

THINK AGAIN! Kim Hyun Joong’s protection and comfort should be the fans priority anywhere he goes. He doesn’t need overly excited fans to be squeezed in by his own fans, think of his comfort. We fans should consider this as our priority over everything else about Kim Hyun Joong. It happened in China before and it’s happening again at the same scenario in the airport.

In a more positive scene, while boarding his flight bound from Seoul to Chengdu China, it was said that Hyun Joong did not eat his flight meal but instead a Chinese mother who boarded the same flight as Hyun Joong, gave him his favorite Japanese banana cake and ate it!! Hmm so Hyun Joong  likes baked products too! Hyun Joong took a bit rest and attended to his rehearsals last night for the show event. I hope he had a good night rest last night, honestly he looked a bit haggard yesterday at the airport.



This morning I watched an unusual video, meaning not normal scene at Incheon Airport, the same scenario was spotted as Hyun Joong arrived, his fans waited to see him off at the airport lobby and hand in their letters and presents. There’s a scene that Hyun Joong and company seemed to lost their way inside the airport. I was laughing all the way since his bodyguard lead Hyun Joong and his manager in the wrong way!! They laughed at themselves too!!! Then a fan hand in a pocket book to Hyun Joong and upon receiving Hyun Joong flip the book that gave me impression to check out if there’s a letter inserted in the book.

Hyun Joong do read letters from his fans, as he confirmed this in one of his interviews when he was asked about his impression about them! And what caught his attention was a wrote to him saying she loves Hyun Joong more then her own husband!! That was hilarious!! Some fans would say, “Hyun Joong I will marry you!!” This I’m sure this coming from teenage fans!! Hyun Joong said, “if you find a nice guy pali pali marry him!!” He also eats what his fans gives him, and that example happened yesterday while boarding his flight coming from a Chinese mother fan.

He appreciates anything coming from his fans. Although it’s a bit alarming! I read from somewhere that an idol was hand in a bottle of water, he drunk it and later he suffered from stomach pain that it was found out that the bottled water contained something harmful and was done by the idol hater to pretended to be a fan. That’s the worst thing anyone can do to an idol and a bad joke, no matter how bad the idol may be, this is wrong. So far, Hyun Joong have not experienced any horrible thing from his haters. Hyun Joong is a good man and even his haters knows it. As to why they hate him is so unbelievably childish!!



I would like to take this advantage in posting this article to follow which I found from my file. I have written this article in April 11 this year that I have not posted since it’s kept in my draft files. It was during around this month that Kim Hyun Joong was busy in his cocoon preparing for the Asia tour Fan Meeting concert. It was during this period that fans get together at twitter sharing each other’s boring days of waiting for Hyun Joong to get out of his hiding place!!

I couldn’t remember why I did not post this article or maybe we got busy to start advertising Hyun Joong’s fan meeting. All I know is that I need to take a break this weekend as doctor’s advised to stay away from my computer for a while!! He must be joking!! I remember those days how the fans at twitter spent their time making fan arts to share with other fans and some shared their sentiments over the past, and sharing memories too. Here’s the article:


There are a lot of times we feel restless that we do not know what to do, we do not know what to think or we do not know why we feel restless!! And before you know it, there’s just something missing in our daily routine. Quite recently, updates about Kim Hyun Joong became scarce again!! And one day, I just noticed at the twitter, the fans of Hyun Joong went busy with their posting and movement were just as fast as if there were news updates coming in.

I opened each and every post, and postings were creatively done fan arts!! And then there were exchanges of post putting up captions that will really make you laugh.!! One example is the photo above!!! And it came out about two days of none stop exchange of fan art post that will really make your day bright!! I had then concluded, these guys are obviously getting bored!! But they put that boredom into something that will let you feel light and for reasons, you just feel happy to be viewing photos of Hyun Joong in a different creative way.


Instead of looking for something that would fill in the gap of missing Hyun Joong by viewing another artists, like watching other dramas that is currently showing over the internet, they simply stay put, doing the natural daily routine of posting about Hyun Joong. The difference is, it’s not update news that they are posting since updates are limited. And so Hyun Joong fans content themselves into creating something different out of Hyun Joong photos and share it with others.

I said to myself, wow these guys are just so amazing!!! I would say these are the best results of missing someone and getting bored of his absence!! Still, it’s Kim Hyun Joong that occupying their minds. As one of the fans said “A world without Kim Hyun Joong”.!!! This is it as you can see from the photos.

I know some of Hyun Joong fans who are starting to do fan arts that they don’t normally do, but had start learning the fan arts, and came up to a good result of arts. And sometimes out of boredom, the fans joke with each other out of their fan arts that would somehow entertain themselves that would give you a good laughter!! The photo below has a caption that says “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most handsome of them all!”. And then someone replied, “it’s good the mirror didn’t break! with that sexy personality”!!


Whenever you miss somebody, I think it’s just natural to think of his past, how he smile, how he talks, how he joke around and sometimes you get to reminisce how he was back in the past. This is exactly what I have in mind right now. Hyun Joong is still in his cocoon, his fans are making themselves busy of doing something they can share with other fans specially the new ones. Having Hyun Joong in their thoughts while working on fan arts is such a productive way of filling in the gap between the rare updates and still spreading the name Kim Hyun Joong with his photos through their own creative way.

This photo above really makes me crazy!! It’s Hyun Joong tying his shoe lace!! This is another 4D attack, which just pop out from him!!  I wonder, when can I see his 4D attack again?? And I really wish Hyun Joong can have a chance for another reality show again that would show his real and his 4D. That I really miss so much.

There are many ways we can share our support to Hyun Joong, even at this moment that we seldom see him, his fans will always do something to remind us about him. Even just in his photos that can make us smile or make us laugh the way he used to, whenever his 4D calls for attack!! Sometime fans do make creative joke out it, and what more can make our day brighter these days when everyone can miss him so much. And sometimes days without Hyun Joong can really be so boring. And so his fans uses this boredom in a positive way of bringing smiles your day.


This photo above shows four different image of Hyun Joong in one package!! What more can you ask for if you have everything in one package!! A unique individual can just change his image in just a matter of a glimpse. We do miss Hyun Joong so much, we get so bored without him around, there are so many ways to ease that feeling for boredom over the internet.

Why not give yourself to chat around at Twitter and see for yourself how his fans find their way to ease boredom. They do share just about anything that reminds them of Hyun Joong. And before you know it , it’s bed time, and you had pass by the time either laughing or simply smiling at the experience of others.

To the new fans, these are just a few things that other fans who’s been supporting Hyun Joong for years uses their leisure time. Having Hyun Joong in their thoughts, has inspire them to work on something they can share with you. It’s fun to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong!!

You win friends out of strangers, that can be a good stimulant for socializing. And before you know it, you’re already building one big family out of the strangers you met through Kim Hyun Joong!! There are lots to be said, lots to be heard and lots to learn from one another. But there is only one thing very sure in the community of fans in Kim Hyun Joong and that is Love…….

We get bored simply because we missed someone we love so dearly, and that is the one and only namja of our daily lives….Kim Hyun Joong…. turn those thoughts around and make it productive. As we wait for him on his return with the same degree of Love..

We may be so engross with Hyun Joong being in China for the Meguhui Music Festival but at the same time let us not forget to vote at Yahoo Buzz, we got TWO DAYS left to vote! Go go go!!! LET’S VOTE!!                                 

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Photo credits as tagged, thanks for the wonderful work of arts. Ms.D, thanks!



Yahoo Buzz:     Dec. 8, 2012

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  2. Super Junior                                455,963                                    577,531
  3. Jang Geun Suk                              83,481                                     85,159
  4. Luo                                                 49,159                                     49,598
  5. Park Yoo Chun                               47,982                                     48,790


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3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MISSING ROCKER

  1. Dear Lazer Kim,
    Do you still have problems with your eyes?
    Hope they are right soon. Please rest well.

    I think our prince needs good rest too.
    He looks a little tired today.

  2. when boredom strikes.. all i do is listen to his songs and try my best to memorize it.. and so far all i could sing are the chorus part.kekeke^^

    this may be a bit exaggerated but his songs truly ease my mood.. whenever i feel alone and sad all im gonna do is tune into his songs.. and sing along with him.

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