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 By: LazerKim               Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to board his flight at Incheon Airport bound to Chengdu China at  3:50PM today December 7th, to attend to the Miguhui Music Festival to be held tomorrow December 8th. Here’s our chance to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong at the airport again, don’t miss it!! I’m hoping to have a chance to watch the event at Chengdu tomorrow as Hyun Joong is expected to perform for the event. On the days to follow we’ll be seeing him again at the airport on his way to Japan for his album launching event on the 11th and 12th. The most awaited album Unlimited shall be released very soon!

There’s an update yesterday revealing a secret charity donation of 50 million won to Red Cross and belatedly known coming from Kim Hyun Joong that even KeyEast had no knowledge about it. This was the second time that Hyun Joong donated to charity without having the mass media known about it, until much later been revealed by the beneficiary from whom the donation was coming from. Hyun Joong is a type of person who has been helping the less fortunate, that need not broadcast his gesture of helping unlike other celebrities who’s using charity for publicity, Hyun Joong is different. Here’s that update:

Kim Hyun Joong Donated 50 Million Won to the Red Cross Anonymous Belatedly known

Second only to last year. Agency “do not know” (AGI) reality, anonymously donated 50 million won to the Red Cross for the recent Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong to be too late entertainer known entertainment industry officials, “Kim Hyun Joong written for the needy when he asked had heard of anonymously donated 50 million won to the Red Cross, “he said. “” has delivered donated 50 million won to the fact that in the past three days, celebrities visit the official Red Cross said the Red Cross officials “do not want the name of strenuously that the donors themselves known can not reveal,” In this regard, the agency added. KeyEast side “we do not know,” he said, “Kim Hyun Joong ‘s manager did not confirm it,” he said last year, Kim Hyun Joong agency also sneak to the Red Cross has donated 50 million won belatedly known that (



We spent a lot of memorable events with Kim Hyun Joong this years 2012, as he stated that this year is a fruitful year for him. We have enjoyed many moments of meeting Hyun Joong in person during his Asia Tour Fan Meeting which highlight this year meeting him in person on the series of successful concerts, being his aim to get closer to his fans. But among all these events each of us his fans may have one memorable moment with him even those who has been following Hyun Joong from afar. What could be that special event that we shall never forget for this year and a scenario that you would like to witness once again?

As a fan for me the most memorable event watching Hyun Joong from afar, was the launching period of HEAT in July. I think many of those events were Hyun Joong’s first time to attained something that showed an unexpectedly overwhelming success. The entire weeks of promoting the album is one event that I would like to see once again. Apparently Hyun Joong may had full packed schedule during this period, since he was doing his singing and acting projects as the same time. But what highlighted this period was seeing Hyun Joong in his happiest moment.



Looking back in July as we reminisce, Hyun Joong hosted the hand shake event at Odaiba attended by 5,000 fans on one rainy day brought a huge global attention! Hyun Joong may have done a series of hi five and hand shake session in his fan meeting concert in different  countries prior to this event in Japan, but what caught my attention at Odaiba was that the fans fall in long line that despite of the continues rain, the fans stayed put and waited for their turn to have the chance to meet Hyun Joong up-close.

On that day Hyun Joong wasn’t expecting such a huge crowd to meet him at the venue but he had kept his composure tireless from the first fan in line will the very last fan from the line, Hyun Joong accomplished all 5,000 fans at the hand shake session successfully. I shall never forget this event and gesture of Hyun Joong that actually he does not need to go to this extent of meeting his fans up-close. But what Hyun Joong wants, Hyun Joong gets! He wanted to meet his fans in person as if he wanted to memorize the faces of each and every fan he has!!



Other than the hand shake event, the following days of album promotion was the street dance performance or the Guerrilla, an event that is a spur of the moment that Hyun Joong danced outdoor together with his dancers the Artmatic which was truly enjoyable for him and his fans who happened to be at the venue. Hyun Joong was asked, What was the most impressive in 2012 and he stated this:

“Your question reminds me of so many things I had experienced in Japan like panorama. I particularly remember guerrilla live performance more than anything else. “Guerrilla performance” means that I show you performance at the venue where the conditions for performance are not satisfied, nor no security is assured. However, I could feel what I cannot feel on the stage. Fans also felt close to me. It is a pity that I can only see them in a very short time, but I appreciate them for their passionate support they give each time I visit Japan.”

I remember Hyun Joong was saying Lucas his dance master was suppose to be on his honeymoon that time he performed in Osaka and Nagoya but had to postponed since Hyun Joong requested for a guerrilla performance which as not in his original event plans! Hyun Joong would just give in to whatever his fans enjoys and happy surprising his fans!



It was in this album HEAT that Hyun Joong first showed his other side of himself being a rocker in his solo career that turned out in a huge success, bringing the album to the top rank of the Oricon Music chart on its first day release and the entire week. It was also Hyun Joong’s first Japanese collaboration with the legendary B’z, that Hyun Joong will never forget the honor entrusted to him by the Japanese legend. Hyun Joong worked hard on this album as he always does in every project that lands on his lap.

There were four series of concerts performed by Hyun Joong for two days, that all of these performances were successfully attended by some 60,000 fans on separate concert session. It was in one of these concerts that Hyun Joong was rushed in the hospital hours prior to the actual concert that he almost lost his voice due to over fatigue, yet the concert still turned out a great success despite of his discomfort on stage to perform. This is one was so memorable to his fans as Hyun Joong broke down to tears being overwhelmed by joy and physical pain. Although I wouldn’t want Hyun Joong to experience this same incident of feeling discomfort from over fatigue again.

It was during this period of promoting his album and first filming days in Japan of his up-coming drama City Conquest that we have seen Hyun Joong enjoying his work despite of his very tight schedule. I shall never forget the scene of Geisha Prince, when Hyun Joong was spotted in Geisha costume during the filming that he was all laughing at himself while wearing the costume! We also have seen Hyun Joong’s playfulness behind the scene during the filming. He was able to work on two projects at the same time such a short period of time but both projects gained huge attention.



What you have just read are memorable scenarios transpired in HEAT promotion. I’m sure many of us may want to see the same scenario in terms of number of crowd in Hyun Joong’s UNLIMITED since this again is his memorable first full album. Hyun Joong shall be sharing another different music in this rock genre. In promoting this album, Hyun Joong set another approach in promoting and this time his fans shall have the chance for his autograph signing on his first launching days on the 11th, 12th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd of December. Then this shall be followed by series of concert in the opening year 2013 that Hyun Joong shall be exploding rock in at least 10 series of concerts in  set on different cities in Japan. Hyun Joong said this in his interview:

“As I have always been communicating to you, there is no change that I want to be your “Only One”. However, I would like to go further, not staying at the same place, but in order to continue to show you new style, I will do my best.”

Huge billboards of UNLIMITED are currently on display in various commercial areas in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. I can smell a festive mood in Japan again although the cold winter season may not allow the same activities as Hyun Joong had with Heat in summer, but this time activities shall take place indoor autograph signing. There’s nothing that Hyun Joong cannot give to his fans and sharing a part of himself as an idol as he always does whatever pleases us fans.

“This first album consists of three new songs as well as those released before. I picked up the songs I am specially attached to. I also wanted to select what all of you like the best.”

In the lyrics of “ I’m Yours “, “ you “ means all of you, fans. The reason I can be here now is thanks to all of you. 



This weekend, I would like to encourage everyone to spare some time in voting at Yahoo Buzz since we got three days left to go to vote as the polls shall be closing on December 10 Monday. Hyun Joong’s contender has a huge fan base and their votes were starting to come up fast. Like yesterday they were able to gained 50,000 votes in just a matter of few hours.

Let us beat that numbers, even Hyun Joong has still a huge gap, his contender can go even close to Hyun Joong. SJ gained 89,000 votes in 15 hours while Hyun Joong gained 70,000 votes in 15 hours. Let’s give our best shot this weekend in voting full force!! Cast more votes as we can, spend some time and take advantage this weekend by voting more than usual can make a big difference. It’s would be nice doing this all together! Fight!

We cherish a lot of memorable moments with Kim Hyun Joong as we follow his journey to stardom. What more can be cherishing than taking part in supporting Hyun Joong in keeping him up to his ladder and keeping him on top all the time. It is we his fans who has that power in bringing him up to the heights. Fighting!!

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, MsD, thanks!



Yahoo Buzz:     Dec. 7, 2012

Nominees:                          No. of Votes Yesterday                        No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                         989,974                                   1,069,177
  2. Super Junior                                362,891                                     455,963
  3. Jang Geun Suk                             82,306                                       83,481
  4. Luo                                               48,527                                         49,159
  5. Park Yoo Chun                             47,277                                         47,982


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10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHERISH MOMENTS

  1. I think that you are right about his donation but it is true that the media pressure is heavy and they would be really curiuos of the name of the anonymus donor,whoever is, so say the name is a great new even if it wasnt KHJ. It is another misunderstood new from some haters and a very good new for us. because, didnt you feel proud and happy to know it ? I did. well today I was reading some information about KHJ carrer and found a very early act of KHJ in NONSTOP5 ep 208, in this link:
    you can see a young boy acting , he looks as always handsome, enjoy it.
    God bless him this December I will be there supporting

    • Omo! thank you for this. He was soo young but still as handsome as he is now, so he already worked with go hye sung even before. Now thats new info for me. Thanks!

  2. I JUST ORDERED MY UNLIMITED ALBUM!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!! OMO! Breathe, Angie, Breathe! LOL!

    Vote like crazy Aliens…. perhaps we should raise our goal to 2 million votes! Let’s push him up! Fighting Fighting Fighting!

  3. why did they spill out that it was hyun joong? doesn’t it jeopardizes the trust of the donors if the benefactors cannot secure their anonimity . Beacause haters say that if its anonymous then why was it revealed..haters make it sound like it was some publicity stunt. And i know its not because KHJ is genuinely generous. I hate it when people accuse him of that so how was it exactly revealed?

    • I agree… I like hearing these nice things about him… but, I’m also offended that they can’t respect him and protect his privacy. It does make it appear like a publicity stunt… which I KNOW it is NOT! I just wish they’d keep it private and let it be between him and the beneficiary and God. I am feeling protective! The mama bear is coming out \\\\! My claws are threatening! Haaaa! Those haters better run and HIDE! LOL!

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