Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YOUR STORY


By: LazerKim           Two years ago,  I read from some local magazine that the music industry had been in limbo in terms of CD units sales, meaning the sales is not as good as way back in years due to downloading of music specially the new releases through the internet. Since I have been a computer illiterate, I barely understand the relevance of internet to the music industry since I was not familiar with downloading back in time. Now I can understand the relevance, but still could not understand the technicalities behind.

Now I can understand and common sense would tell us if we can download music from YouTube, then why bother about buying the music. But with that thoughts from CD buyers the music producers tend to lose the sales from the person copying the music from YouTube or from other source instead of buying the music, not unless we pay for download or paying for the music we obtained from the internet. Honestly I’m quite at lost in this aspect about internet.



I’m sure everyone of us are all aware that the upcoming album of Hyun Joong Unlimited shall be released on December 12th, but last night I was so surprised when one of my silent readers emailed me and said that one of the cuts from the album was at YouTube! I could hardly believe it since the album is yet to be released, so I thought what she had seen was the album teaser. I opened my YouTube and the very first song appeared before me was the song Your Story which is a cut from the album Unlimited!! Then I started asking myself how did this happened?

Then there were lots of comments about the video requesting to delete the video clip of the song Your Story. Then others said the song is already available at itune for purchase! I can hardly understand this since there’s still a week before the CD album would be released. I honestly could not understand if this is legal or not. One comment said the song was purchased from itune. My question is that, is the music source coming from Universal Music Tokyo? Did Universal Music Tokyo deliberately released this song for itune to be purchased? The video clip was not being officially uploaded by Universal Music Tokyo.

I believe the upload does not have any bad intention but simply wanted to share the sound bite. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m writing this not to accuse anyone but simply asking for enlightenment, since I’m not familiar with rules nor even this modern technology of itune since I do not have iphone nor any advance handy gadget. I’m totally at lost actually! If this is legal, then fine. But I sure do hope the act of uploading the song to YouTube will not jeopardize or affect the CD album pre-sales and actual CD sales of Hyun Joong’s Unlimited. I do hope everyone would understand my intention of bringing up this topic. I would appreciate it very much if you could share with me pertaining rules in itune downloading or whatever it is being called. What are your thoughts about this?

This is just for awareness and guidance that I do hope you would share with me and other fans like me who are not so familiar with internet usage. I would appreciate it very much if we would be guided too.



Anyway, I have been encouraging everyone and still do, to support Hyun Joong’s upcoming album UNLIMITED. It would be best to purchase the CD album through the authorized on-line purchase, or pre-orders. I believe we fans has the same goal of pushing Hyun Joong’s name right on top of the Oricon Music Chart, so let us support his album. For those who have purchased the song from itune, I do hope you would still support the CD album Unlimited. I think it would be better to have the entire album in your hands instead of just one song, right? This is all I’m appealing for, buy the CD album as your support to Kim Hyun Joong.

I do understand that we all wanted and dying to listen to Hyun Joong’s new album, and I understand the feeling of excitement. There’s a week left to wait and we’ll be  able to hear from Hyun Joong singing his songs very soon. For those who have not placed your pre-orders please do so, I have been posting the link on where you can place your pre-orders since the announcement had been released. So far the pre-order sales has been showing good results and we have to keep it that way. The success of this album is not only Hyun Joong’s success but to all of us his fans. It feels good for all of us seeing Hyun Joong’s name right on top of the music chart and so let’s work it out for Hyun Joong.



This is the last day for voting at Hallyu Star Awards, let’s cast our last vote since the voting polls shall be closing down today at 4PM (Korean time). Kim Hyun Joong still at the No. 2 rank, as I have said there’s a panel of judges and 20% of our votes is one of the criteria in winning the award for Hyun Joong. Let’s wait and see how these panel judge each category, we did our best in voting and taking chances even we have seen some irregularities at KCEA voting polls on Hallyu Star Awards category.

At the yahoo Buzz Hyun Joong maintained the rank at No.1 with a huge gap, but we keep voting more until the last day which is on December 10th Monday next week,  therefore we still have four days to vote and I do hope we can spare some time to vote for Kim Hyun Joong to assure his rank till the end.

As a loyal fan of Kim Hyun Joong let’s keep supporting his albums and other projects he has because he’s doing it for us simply because it is what makes a fan happy seeing her idol’s continues success in bringing out the best in him that has been making us happy everyday! Let’s just consider what we saw at YouTube like sound bite of YOUR STORY. The upload may have not any other intention but to simply share. And I believe that, at the same time I would like to be enlightened about internet rules as well, nothing more nothing less.

Let us keep with our support to Kim Hyun Joong, let us keep up with our goal as his fans joined together in supporting his music particularly this up-coming album UNLIMITED. This is just one of many ways of showing him our love and support.

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!



Yahoo Buzz:     Dec. 6, 2012

Nominees:                          No. of Votes Yesterday                        No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                        961,931                                  989,974
  2. Super Junior                               331,311                                  362,891
  3. Jang Geun Suk                            81,129                                    82,306
  4. Luo                                               48,248                                    48,527
  5. Park Yoo Chun                             46,389                                    47,277

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                7,662                                    8,479
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                            2,596                                    2,602
  3. JYJ                                                 2,528                                    2,532
  4. Beast                                             1,282                                     1,284
  5. Infinite                                               806                                        811
  6. TVXQ                                                381                                        381


YAHOO BUZZ>(!/vote/cat=3&id=79)

TOP HALLYU STAR click here>


Here’s a tutorial guide on how to vote for Top Hallyu Star CLICK HERE>
OR YOU MAY TRY THIS click here>

HyunniesPexers page for tutorial on how to register first:


NOTE:   For pre-order of Kim Hyun Joong Unlimited go to Yes

YES ASIA LINK click here>(

CD JAPAN  – if you get to 1st page just search for KHJ – they have also Calendar and books:
Link click here>(



15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] YOUR STORY

  1. just finished my last round of voting for Hyun Joong today as I am about to go home from work and log off the computer…. Kim Hyun Joong has 1,063,848 VOTES! Over a million votes! That is just incredible! I think it is because of us international fans. I know Super Junior has some international fans as well… but, I think mostly Korean fans are voting for them. Hyun Joong has the most loyal fans! We love him so much we vote all day long! We have to keep it up and I hope to see him pushed up to 1.5 million votes before poles close Monday 12/10.

    We should do another Twitter party Sunday and vote all day like crazy to get him up to 1.5 million! Go Alien Family! Go Kim Hyun Joong! Fighting! Aja! 😀

  2. Hi LK! About downloading music… there are a number of sites on the internet where a person can upload a song and share with others for no cost. These are called file sharing sites. I have to admit, I have downloaded some of Hyun Joong’s songs on these sites in the past because they were not available for digital purchase. I had read that the actual CDs were not the right format to play in American CD Players. I later found the same songs for purchase through Amazon in a digital format and bought them because I wanted to support Hyun Joong.

    I plan to buy the CD Unlimited, and I hope it will play for me in my American equipment. If not, at least I have a keepsake, and I’m sure I will be able to buy the digital version soon on Amazon. As far as uploading to youtube, it is sort of a grey area. If you own the music, you are allowed to upload. But, the music you upload has to be labeled clearly that it is not your artistic or intellectual property. You are not supposed to be able to copy any music from youtube, but people who are tech savvy can find free software online that will allow them to do so.

    So, sharing is one thing (legal)… copying and distributing is another (VERY illegal). The share sites are there so people can listen to the music others have purchased, but you can download it in a format that will play on your portable devices (phone, mp3, computers) very easily. It is sort of an honor system that obviously people are not going to honor if they are cheap and don’t want to spend money to buy music. *sigh*

    Hope this was informative, and I agree that as fans we want to support and push Hyun Joong to the top. It would be shameful to enjoy his music freely and not give anything back to him for his hard work. As artists, we understand this…. others don’t think this way, and it is sad. Some people believe music is just music and if they can get it free, they will. They have no consideration for the artist and that the purchase of his music is his bread and butter.

    Hope you’re feeling better! Thanks for this article… I appreciated you explaining why we need to support him buying his album.

    • Thanks you to share support and push Kim Hyun Joong to the top.
      It is our duty as a loyal fans to give our dear great artist a little bit of respect!
      As much he is generous with us, as much we have to show him our cares.

    • Same one!! I ‘ve purchased KHJ unlimited album too in Yesasia,it said the format original cd is not able on Australian region CD player. .but I don’t care, I ordered it anyway. Now can’t wait for his album release n deliver.
      I feel sorry to the people illegally do downloading. Hope KHJ fans are fully supporting him to buy his album not matter what.
      Ang just got news ,KHJ secretly donated to Red Cross he is so kind heart person. Love him more…
      My December wish, hope this coming KHJ album on 121212 got big hit n could top oricon chart at .1 Amen.

  3. We’ve lost 50,000 votes to Super Junior in a little over an hour at Yahoo Buzz. There is only a few days left but I sure hope people don’t think we’ve got this won already. Super Junior has a strong fanbase and they never stop voting. We have to keep voting! Please keep voting!

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