Kim hyun Joong…[article] UNLIMITED SPIRIT


By: LazerKim           Well I got a couple of good news for everyone! Kim Hyun Joong shall be coming to Chengdu China on December 7th Friday to participate in the event Miguhui Music Festival” to be held on December 8th Saturday evening. Hyun Joong shall be boarding the China Airline Flight 436 departing at 15:50 from Incheon Airport, arriving  Shuangliu Airport, at 21:15. So we’ll get a chance to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong at the airport and hopefully we can get to watch the event he’ll be attending in Chengdu china. Another good news, this time from UNLIMITED on-line pre-order here’s that news:

Kim Hyun Joong’s First Japanese Full Album ranked No.1 Sold Out at the Shinsei

Booking No. 1 above, at the same time sold the notched ahead of Kim Hyun Joong’s first album, released in Japan ‘unlimited (UNLIMITED)’.

Already conducted reservation online through the sale Kim Hyun Joong’s ‘Unlimited (UNLIMITED)’ Japan influential record shop ‘Shinsei’ online reservation ranked # 1 ranking. In addition, the Limited Edition came out two albums each 5 ranks above 7 is able to realize its popularity. In addition, the album ‘Unlimited (UNLIMITED)’ Both species sold achieved

Through Universal Japan Official YouTube channel last month on the 28th, Kim Hyun Joong has released a teaser video of the new song ‘Your Story’. Teaser showcased the new look rocker as charismatic and aejeolham further raised the expectations of the fans at home and abroad. On the other hand, 12 days ahead of the first album, released in Japan, Kim Hyun Joong will disclose the source of the 5th new song ‘Your Story’.

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Premium Event

Kim Hyun Joong Premium event to be held at Shibuya Public Hall on December 11 to celebrate the album launching of UNLIMITED. The official music video of the album contents such as Your Story, and Save today shall be shown in big screen and talk session with Kim Hyun Joong. There shall be three sessions in showing the music video at 15:30, 17:15 and 19:00. Purchase of UNLIMITED A version and B version shall be held at the same venue, on first come first serve basis.


The Universal Music Tokyo has set some rules for the fans to strictly follow to maintain peace and order in conducting the event. Sale Booth shall be installed and Limited Editions of Unlimited shall be sold starting from 9:00 and event ticket shall also be distributed to the first purchasers of the album from the venue.




A week from now Hyun Joong’s shall make way in launching the most anticipated first full album Unlimited as now I can feel the noise is starting to gradually surface hitting the first rank for pre-sales of the album. For those who have not made their pre-order, you got six days to do so to catch up on its first day release album sales to be counted at the Oricon Chart. Let’s get our acts together in join force in pushing Hyun Joong up to the Oricon top rank, I strongly believe we can make it, let’s make it happen as Hyun Joong’s music dream come true a memorable one, as he shares his music with us.

I truly envy Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans! In July he was with them for a hand shake opportunity, the surprising guerrilla event and series of concerts! This time the fans shall have a chance of having his autograph signing! Then again by the beginning of the year 2013 Hyun Joong shall be having more series of concerts also in Japan!! To the Japanese fans or to whoever international fans who are in Japan within this period, I sincerely hope you’ll be able to take advantage of every event Hyun Joong has in your country. This may be a rare chance as I sure do hope he would be able to continue hopping from one country to another to reach out for his fans!

Nevertheless, fans from Japan, we are with you in every step of the way that Hyun Joong takes everywhere he is, as it feels like we fans from afar joins you in keeping company with Hyun Joong, and shares the same joy and happiness as you do. In all the events as it unfolds, we are with you in making it as memorable as it can be, for Hyun Joong treasure every moment he’s up on stage to share his music with us, we shall keep it locked up in our hearts. I would keep the encouragement to other fans in supporting Hyun Joong’s music specially those from the other side of the world, his album is one way of keeping him closer to us any time we need him, he’ll be there to keep you company.



Kim Hyun Joong is the most influential star and highly contagious person I have ever known to be!! Highly contagious, do you believe that?? Well I do!! I have been staring his Christmas tree ever since I have posted that article Christmas postman. Yesterday I was suppose to do my grocery but I found myself buying blinking Christmas lights and lots ornaments!! Now I’m setting myself to decorate my house today!! Honestly, I actually felt the Christmas spirit from Hyun Joong’s tree! These past days I have been writing about Christmas present that we can give for him but have not felt that actual mood or spirit for this season until I have seen his Christmas tree and felt his excitement over Christmas and Matic!

Hyun Joong was actually awarded as the most influential star at Mnet 20’s Choice in 2010 and Kang Hodong called this guy a trend setter, a fashion leader then I would call him an excellent leader of all leaders in the Kpop. Well I guess we have seen a lot of proof to this fact that in any chart of top top or even top five he’s always in line with the giant Kpop group. Be it competing on talent in terms of music  like album releases, and in terms of beauty considering Hyun Joong is one of the most handsome man in S.Korea, he is 100% competitive in so many aspects that everyone can look up to.

I think Hyun Joong being awarded the most influential star is the most deserving to him. Hyun Joong affects the lives of many in a very positive way, I think majority of his fans can attest to the fact that Hyun Joong can touch lives of others in so many aspects. One excellent aspect is charity. He has a great power to lead people in helping others who are less fortunate. Another aspect is, he has the power to gather people from different nations and speak of only one word in different languages and that is LOVE. He has the power to bridge people all over the world to be as ONE in Kim Hyun Joong.



We all may have different religion and belief, we may speak of different languages, and definitely have different opinion and different thoughts. But I’m definitely sure we all have one single common ground and that is what we all feel for Kim Hyun Joong. I’m sure we all share the same love for him. We may have different ways on how we support him but we all have the same reason as to why we support and that is all because of love to him. But how does Kim Hyun Joong affect your daily life? How does Hyun Joong help you that I’m very sure he doesn’t even have the single idea that he is indeed helping us?

As the song says, “And only you can bring out all the best I can do, I believe you turn the tide and make me feel real good inside.” These words describe how Hyun Joong helped me everyday of my life ever since I found him. Hyun Joong can inspire so many people by his presence, his music, and him as a person, his life story his attitude towards life and how he face it. He is a healer to the sick, whether physically or emotionally, he touch others lives giving them hope, strength and the will to live. Hyun Joong doesn’t know all of these, and so he would probably be wondering how. Then open up and let him know how. By this way, he’ll be encouraged further.

Wishing Hyun Joong for more music, more dramas, more exposures for he is making a lot of people all over the world happy as ever. I wish many producers would realize what power Hyun Joong has. That he has a strong affection in touching many people’s lives. 

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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Yahoo Buzz:     Dec. 5, 2012

Nominees:                          No. of Votes Yesterday                        No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                       934,635                                     961,930
  2. Super Junior                              299,908                                     331,311
  3. Jang Geun Suk                           79,614                                        81,129
  4. Luo                                              47,198                                         48,248
  5. Park Yoo Chun                            45,198                                         46,389

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                               7,210                                        7,662
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                           2,560                                        2,596
  3. JYJ                                                2,406                                        2,528
  4. Beast                                            1,258                                        1,282
  5. Infinite                                              773                                            806
  6. TVXQ                                               364                                            381


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3 thoughts on “Kim hyun Joong…[article] UNLIMITED SPIRIT

  1. let me tell you dear that i dont know what happened but I cant vote today, it is blocked, I am really sorry but seems that my count was blocked. but I continue voting in yahoo, hope that it could not be a trick in order to help other artist. or maybe is it finished? well after all he is the first one abroad. I was there to vote for him always that I can.
    thanks to let me tell you what is going on abroad.

  2. Hi LK! I am so happy that Hyun Joong’s album is doing so well. I intend to order my copy this weekend. I just haven’t had the money until now. I hope I can get a copy! It may just be SOLD OUT! I envy those Japanese fans too! SOOOO LUCKY! I am getting anxious for Hyun Joong to rock the USA! I don’t think that will happen for at least one more year… maybe two! *sigh* I may just have to appeal to Henecia to be charitable with me and get me to Japan or China somehow to see a concert! LOL!

    I am getting in the Christmas Spirit too. I am working on handmade jewelry and gifts for my family! Can’t WAIT! 😀 Happy Holidays!

    luv you sis!

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