Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MATIC’S MASTER

31557_409630059108626_422792231_nBy: LazerKim              Today’s headline update news is not about Kim Hyun Joong, but his pet dog Matic! He’s not only the commercial model of Olleh but also the Maxim Coffee, by just giving another two barks from Matic!! In these two commercial ads it should have been more effective if Hyun Joong and Matic were together in it!! I’m sure even Hyun Joong’s fans who doesn’t drink coffee will patronize the product!! LOL! 

When I read Hyun Joong’s message the other night, I was laughing by myself that I can imagine how excited Hyun Joong was in telling us know that Matic has a TV commercial ad that he would like us to see! I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Matic already has his own fans just like his master!



At Hyun Joong’s documentary which was released early this year, it was said that: “Art & Matic are both nine years old. Because Hyun Joong was feeling a little lonely so he bought two clever Border Collie (Art & Matic) and he was not feeling so lonely anymore, plus he felt that he has a new responsibility. Because of the dogs, he returns home early, because they did not have any dinner, he have to wake up early to feed them. The PD said in other words, it’s his ‘lovers’.”

Apparently Hyun Joong is very much attached to his two pet dogs and he’s very proud to have two clever dogs to show off a good example of being a responsible pet owner or master. I was thinking Hyun Joong sends them to the dog school as if he’s raising them like his kids but even as his lovers!! It’s so nice to be watching a man who’s truly a pet lover and taking care of dogs and treating them like human being too!!

Well dogs are my security blanket and can’t live without them. Many people living by themselves tend to have a dog or a cat with them to keeping company. But Matic is also becoming useful to Hyun Joong’s career! Obviously Matic as a commercial model takes it from his master!!

This picture above should have been better if Hyun Joong is that man sitting on that bench! I can’t help imagining Hyun Joong to be playing with Matic on that scene! In his documentary he was saying that he really give time to Art and Matic taking them for a walk or play with them as much as he can. *sigh* Don’t you love this guy?



Yesterday Hyun Joong’s calendar of event for this month was posted stating that he has a fan sign event on the 11th and 12th of December in Japan, followed by another fan sign event in Busan on the 15th, then resume again in Japan on 21, 22, 23. All activities are fan signing event. Then all concert events shall be on January 2013. Unlike in July when Hyun Joong launched Heat, all events in promoting the album are at the same month. How I wish there would be at least one brief showcase during the first launching week of the album.

I can still remember the Heat launching in July that the atmosphere in Tokyo was so festive that really encouraged even non-fans to purchase the album. I wonder now what could be in store for the fans in the upcoming promotion? Well, Hyun Joong just make a spur of the moment surprises in promoting his album. It would be the best if we the international fans create the encouragement to other fans to support the UNLIMITED album.

I think it would be great if we fans can take part in advertising by simply posting on how others can purchase the album through on-line. Just to assure that Hyun Joong gets on top of the Oricon Music Chart for this memorable album UNLIMITED. This album is a dream come true for Hyun Joong showing the other side of himself as a rocker. Let us keep up with our support in this up-coming album. Hyun Joong’s Unlimited album has been the magazine covers in Japan which was published these past days. This is good in keeping the public’s awareness about the album.



I know not all of you are polls voting enthusiast, but please bear with me since I’m 100% involve in this voting scenario. Last night as I checked on the ranking of Hallyu Star Awards and I was surprised to see the ranking that JYJ surpassed on Beast and is coming up close to Hyun Joong, with the slim gap of 190 votes as of this hour 2am. We got two days to go to vote as the polls will close on the 6th Thursday at 4pm. May I appeal to everyone let us give our best shot in voting on these remaining last two days. We just need to maintain Hyun Joong’s current ranking if we won’t be able to race with that actor.

Honestly, I’m really just wondering how slow the turn out votes are and I can’t help ask myself if Hyun Joong Korean fans have ever notice this to take actions in calling the attention of the poll organizer! There were barely 20 votes counted from yesterday 12 noon until at this hour 2am! It just seem so unbelievable, but I just couldn’t give up on this polls no matter what. Although I think it’s just natural for me to feel irritated but I still want to keep cool, and just go on voting till the end. Fighting!!

At Yahoo Buzz we’re still doing good, we have six days to go to vote so let us keep on voting as much as we could. The organizer of Yahoo Buzz had already confirmed that Hyun Joong shall be attending the Awards Ceremony on December 17th in HongKong. Fans from HongKong you may expect Hyun Joong to visit your country, but please do not fail to vote for him on the remaining six days of voting.

And with that, I end my article for today. How I wish to talk more about Kim Hyun Joong as a master of two adorable dogs Art and Matic!!

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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Yahoo Buzz:     Dec. 4, 2012

Nominees:                                      No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                       934,635
  2. Super Junior                              299,908
  3. Jang Geun Suk                           79,614
  4. Luo                                              47,198
  5. Park Yoo Chun                            45,198

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                               7,210
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                           2,560
  3. JYJ                                                2,406
  4. Beast                                            1,258
  5. Infinite                                              773
  6. TVXQ                                               364


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21 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MATIC’S MASTER

  1. Just a question though.. There’s this line from His [BREAKING DOWN] ” the intro saying “S.L once again.. and —– ” i can’t understand the next line. Correct me if i’m wwrong but is it ” ART MATIC ?? 🙂

  2. well dear
    the first thing I did was to the 2 comercials of Matic, I wrote a comment too, I think that these have many visitors since KHJ ask pali,pali see Matic only for 2 seconds and I did, I dont know what else I will do if he asks to do something.
    Really adicted I am wowwww

  3. Hi Lk. it seems like Father like son…Matic now is earning money! lol, can’t stpo loving this guy.
    By the way as Anon says Hallyu STar votes – stinks..but the Yahoo is getting ok.
    I have bought my Unlimited album via this as My Heat Album – if you get to 1st page just search for KHJ – they have also Calendar and books:
    isn’t he just gorgeous in those new pics?! yummy, i hope quite a site for your eyes (just look at him and you will be better…) Take care. 🙂

  4. Hi LK! Hope your eyes are doing well… such a short article makes me worry for you. I have been voting ceaselessly for my Hyun Joong… I think the comment above may be right. It seems the international fan votes are not counting. I still click on the vote button everyday hoping. Yahoo buzz is another story and I have fun voting off and on all day! Like the “snow” on your site! It’s cute! Oh… and Matic… what a good boy making money for Himself! I may have to see if my Sango baby can do something like that! LOL! She doesn’t eat much, but her vet bill sometimes gets a little hefty as I have to have her teeth cleaned! LOL!

    • Hello Angie! Forgive me I just easily strain out with my eyes these past days leading me to head ache and blurred that I have to stop from time to time can’t stand longer than 30mins. Oh poor Sango, try changing her dog food from time to time it might work, and vitamins. I use gel paste for their teeth no need to brushing, it helps change their appetite.
      Take care everyone! I miss chatting with all of you! See you again God bless…

  5. Hi friends!
    I don’t believe in voting anymore as they can be manipulated!!! There are cheats everywhere,however,for our KHJ,I’ll continue to vote.How ironic!
    Hyun Joong will rise among the giants!!! God bless everyone!

    • I thought the same, it seems that all votes from foreign countries are no count, so i feel that i was losing my time, anyway i continue voting in both till the end even it is no count

      • Fighting! Keep those votes up and let us not lose hope. Winner or not, Oppa Kim Hyun Joong will always be number one! :))) Right?

  6. will I be lucky to see him on the 17th??just a glance at him and a lil photo,that would make my xmas merrier…i am not only voting ms. LK,nanga2mpanya p po ak,keke…6 more days…
    And 4 more days for HENECIANS PHILIPPINES’ CHRISTMAS CHARITY PARTY!!enjoy guys…missin’ that event…
    Thanks again for the space ms. LK..stay safe..Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!(~_~)

    • aww. please update 😦 What’s with the 17th??

      Aaaaand! The Henecian’s Philippines’ Christmas Charity Party?

      I’m from the Philippines and been dying to meet even one Henecians of our own 😦

  7. I m really confused with hallyu star vote. How they count come the vote could getiing up n down easily each day with very big gap..
    U can compare poll between today n yesterday so much different..
    Yesterday n today no 3JYj raised up from 1248-2406= so about 1158 in one day.
    No 4 beast drop from 1974-1258=so it drop 716.
    N KHj just raise from 2482-2560=78 votes.
    I think the system error since candidate no 1 appeared into the category.
    I hope the judge can be fair to make the final decision. KHJ deserves to be no 1.

    • Oh thank you for noticing, I thought it’s my eye defect only seeing the drop in Beast score!! I also noticed the drop in scores, actually it happened twice. Then the huge jump in the scores for JYJ. I really think this is system error so let’s just keep up with voting. And you’re right, KHJ deserves to be at No.1. Fighting!

  8. I love Art and Matic. They’re so cute! Though Art seems more shyer, Matic will help bring in doggy goodies from his commercials. ^^ I finally figured out what was ‘tattooed’ on HJ’s chest! New York City…wow I’m slow. Eh. Can. Not. Wait. For. Unlimited! Let’s get it to # 1 on Oricon – I heard Shinee was releasing their album/single the same time I believe as HJ! Even though it’s a good song HJ must be # 1!!!! ^^

  9. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MATIC’S MASTER | LazerKim

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