Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHRISTMAS POSTMAN


By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong started to sprinkle Christmas spirit to his fans, and he wrote his 21st letter to us posted last night together with the picture of his Christmas tree which he made by himself! This is really very thoughtful of Hyun Joong to be writing to us as he made his early Christmas greetings, knowing he’ll be busy this month of December on his public exposure which i think he’ll be having a hectic schedule again. Here’s Hyun Joong’s letter to his fans as follows:

The 21st Letter from Kim Hyun Joong to his Fans

kekeke How’s going everyone? Recently I’m doing preparation and exercise for the coming concert. I think a lot about many different thoughts. Although it’s cold in Korea, I made a Christmas tree by myself. I guess maybe I’m the first person in our country who has Christmas mood kekekeke   Merry Christmas Happy New Year! Soon I’ll write something seriously!

Aha Matic shooting a CF for Olleh find Matic out! pali pali pali! only 2 seconds! Matic seems more capable than his master making money by himself. I don’t need to worry about him.

In a word, this is Christmas time I made for this year! Be careful of yourself, don’t catch a cold, let’s be happy together!

                                                                                        (credit: @crazyhyun66, thanks!)



Now I can feel the Christmas spirit, Hyun Joong’s Christmas tree is beautiful and cozy that I can’t help but stare at it for a while!  I can imagine Hyun Joong getting that dried tree from the cold outdoor into his apartment and placing those beautiful Christmas ornaments with those blinking lights! This is a typical cozy bachelor’s lifestyle in his Christmas mood to spend with his pet dogs Art and Matic!

Hyun Joong is like a proud dad, reading from his message he seemed excited about Matic’s new job as a commercial dogie model!! Hyun Joong now doesn’t have to worry about Martic supporting his own dog food!! And Matic can support his wife Art!! This is really so hilarious, Matic now is a super model like his master Hyun Joong!! And maybe even better, since Matic just barked for 2 seconds and that’s it, instant gold came!!

Actually Art and Matic were already celebrities when Hyun Joong brought them to his fan meeting concert in Seoul in January, as  Matic showed some tricks on stage!! Oh that was fun that Hyun Joong was so proud of his pet dogs as part of his family keeping him company, since he’s been living by himself. I remember when Hyun Joong got Art and Matic they were still puppies, he was saying there was a time he felt lonely that’s why he got them to take care and keep him company.                 (Picture of Matic at Olleh below)



I read a post that Hyun Joong shall be holding a fan sign event for Center Pole Busan on December 15th at 4PM.  Hyun Joong’s album release in Japan shall be on December 12th then he’ll be in HongKong for Yahoo Buzz on December 16th, then probably back to Japan before December 21, 22,13 for fan sign event. I guess we’ll be seeing many airport pictures of Hyun Joong this December! Oh I love that, his airport photos are my favorite shots!!



Now this is getting into my nerve! At the voting polls of KCEA Hallyu Star Awards that I have been closely monitoring, yesterday at 12noon Hyun Joong’s score was 2,482, and at this time which is 3AM the score is 2,525, which means Hyun Joong got only 43 votes meaning this are the only number votes he got for the last 15 hours??? This is just so ridiculous!! While Hyun Joong’s contender who’s ranking at No.1 had already gained 410 votes at the same time!!

I would just like to say to KCEA, if this organizer wants this actor to win in this Hallyu Star category, why else put up a polls?? This is voting polls is so unbelievable that even the idol groups who have huge fan bases gets even lower and slower scores!! I was hoping that this actor’s name was just misplaced or there might be a technical error, but until now his name is still there! Now I believe we got 3 days left to vote, but then again, whatever happens we just have to take chances and still keep voting.

The important thing that we can consider is that we did our part in voting for Kim Hyun Joong. Don’t lose hope, let us just keep on voting, anyway there’s a panel in judging the winners. Let’s just see how they judge this Hallyu Star Awards. The game is not over yet, we will not give up on Hyun Joong we’ll go on voting till the end.



At Yahoo Buzz, Hyun Joong still maintains his rank No.1, last night the fans at the twitter joined forces in voting from 8PM to 12AM. Oh I enjoyed voting the entire period, and I would say good work everyone! It was Sunday yesterday so it’s good to take advantage of time in voting.

The target was to be able to reach 900,000 votes, as of this hour 3AM Hyun Joong scored 899,230 votes! We still have a week to go to vote, so let’s keep this going everyday until December 10th, to give Hun Joong’s rank a good cushion till the end.

If Hyun Joong is the Christmas Postman bringing his Christmas message to us, then let us be his Santa Claus for this Christmas, that we can place his trophies and highest rank at Oricon under his Christmas tree as our surprise present to him!!

Let’s give Kim Hyun Joong the Merriest Christmas this year 2012!!   How about that?

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing 

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!                   email (



Yahoo Buzz:     Dec. 3, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                   861,675                                  907,827
  2. Super Junior                          234,945                                  273,750
  3. Jang Geun Suk                        76,832                                   78,126
  4. Luo                                           46,349                                   47,419
  5. Park Yoo Chun                         43,290                                   44,263

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                 6,481                                  6,893
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                            2,482                                    2,534
  3. Beast                                             1,228                                    1,974
  4. JYJ                                                   830                                     1,248
  5. Infinite                                               722                                       760
  6. TVXQ                                               332                                        349


YAHOO BUZZ>(!/vote/cat=3&id=79)

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10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHRISTMAS POSTMAN

  1. I can enter to vote for the Hallyu i could get a count but I dont know if my vote is register beause the numbers didnt change and seems like I didnt vote , well I continue doing it but o dont know if it works really So I am worried that what I do didnt help him
    the worried

    • Hello everyone!! Please try voting at Hallyu Star Awards, JYJ is coming too close to KHJ. We got two day left to go, don’t give up we just have to maintain Hyun Joong’s current rank. Thank you and God bless us all..

  2. I was really shocked at his x-mas tree cause I was expecting either a real or fake x-mas tree!!! So when i saw it I laughed, not at the tree, but at myself for thinking our 4D Alien Prince would have anything but the x-mas tree he decorated and posted for us. I seriously love this guy…
    And Matic is soooo cuuuutttttteeeee!!!!!!!! I’m a proud cyber mama! ^^
    Fighting HJ for Yayoo Buzz #4!!!

  3. xD You don’t know how much I laughed at the x-mas tree pic when I saw it yesterday lol kkk it’s unique! ❤ I like HJ's own 'touch' on it xD I actually beat KHJ at x-mas mood. My x-mas tree has been decorating my apartment for 3 yrs in a row xD Mwahaha xd with all the ornaments and lights .-. Plus I've drank the X-mas flavored Starbucks coffee many times already xD
    Lol HJ's doggie is really cute lol though HJ's barking is even 'cuter' xD Have a nice day!

  4. can we make it A MILLION before the end of voting in yahoo buzz???kekeke 🙂
    I felt so excited ng mlman q may new letter from HJ!!kh8 gnu xa kbusy he takes time tlga to write to us!how sweet of him..
    Thanks again ms. LK..Stay safe…(~_~)

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