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By: LazerKim            The Tokyo Metropolis has been filled with huge billboards of Kim Hyun Joong pictures and his upcoming, most awaited album UNLIMITED. I think Japan is already waiting for Hyun Joong as he’s coming over one of these days before the official launching of his album on 12-12-12 December 12, 2012. I heard a news from my local TV channel that this December is a lucky month having five Sundays and five Mondays which only happens in every 800 years!

Well, I guess the Lucky Guy is going to have lots more luck until this year-end, then let us make it happen for Hyun Joong!! I think this is the best Christmas present we can give him by pushing him to the top of Oricon Music chart. Let us support the UNLIMITED as Hyun Joong’s first full album, and this is gonna be memorable to him. Here’s what Hyun Joong stated in his interview with Kboy Magazine:

“This year I could spend close to all of you (fans). Since the solo debut in Japan, I had much support, especially to the second album, “HEAT”. Having an opportunity to receive a song (both of lyrics and song) from B’z, a musician I have been longing for, I could challenge to a rock music, brand new genre for me to which you gave a tremendous support. From personal viewpoint, it was a specially fruitful year for me. I hope that the first album to be released in December will make a success as well, and thus I will be able to close this year in a fantastic way.”

Whatever success Hyun Joong attains is the same success we have as his fans. Other than the album, before the year ends, let’s give Hyun Joong an Award of Honor from the Yahoo Buzz which Hyun Joong is currently leading in the voting polls race, but we still have to keep on voting more to be able to maintain the gap from his contenders. Another voting polls is the KCEA Hallyu Star Awards, which is still questionable for me, but then we have to take chances in voting, just keep doing so. We got nothing to lose anyway, we just need to vote everyday, and we keep it as daily routine till the end of the polls.



Yesterday I have received two emails from my regular readers who have been indisposed for quite sometime now that I’m truly glad to hear from them. Then I read from my comment box from yesterday’s article, that really broke my heart at the same time had inspired me about how Hyun Joong indirectly had helped people be healed emotionally. I found a beautiful old song sung by a local singer from my country that I would like to share with you. Today is Sunday, so I would like to give this space for something light and inspiring. This song somehow dictates my heart as if Hyun Joong is saying this to us. Here it goes:


You give me hope, the strength, the will , to keep on

No one else can make me feel this way.

And only you, can bring out all the best I can do, I believe you turn the tide,

And make me feel real good inside.

*** You pushed me up, when I’m about to give up, You’re on my side

When no one seems to listen

And if you go, you know the tears can’t help but show, 

You’ll break this heart and tear it apart,

Then suddenly the madness starts.

*** It’s your smile, your face, your lips that I miss

Those sweet little eyes that stare at me and make me say,

I’m with you through all the way

Cause it’s you, who fills the emptiness in me

It changes everything you see, when I know I’ve got you with me…



This is the first time for me to share a song that jive with the song interpretation that can easily be understood, that Hyun Joong and his fans can share its meaning. I really do hope you can listen to this beautiful song (from video above). As I listen to this song it somehow gives me the idea that the lyrics matches the words of Hyun Joong or what he was trying to tell his fans, based from his many interviews and his personal message to his fans.

At the same time the lyrics of this song was exactly what I felt for Hyun Joong during the time I was all alone to spend Christmas last year, but I have him as I wrote my first article to realized how happy I was when I started following him. I’m sure many of you shares the same feelings with this song as we take Hyun Joong as our healer. I was deeply moved by two of my readers who shared their experience from my comment box yesterday that made me share this song and lyrics with them and to all fans of Hyun Joong specially those who are currently indisposed or who are getting through with some trials.

You give me hope, the strength, the will , to keep on. No one else can make me feel this way. And only you, can bring out all the best I can do, I believe you turn the tide, And make me feel real good inside.

Every time Hyun Joong has a new project and in the process of working on it, he’s always worried, specially in his drama projects. He always say his fans is his strength, all his doubts and worries just washed out as soon as his fans respond positively to his every projects that gives tremendous success that he never expect to be that high. Hyun Joong’s chain of success went on from last year till this year and still on the coming year.



You pushed me up, when I’m about to give up, You’re on my side when no one seems to listen  And if you go, you know the tears can’t help but show, You’ll break this heart and tear it apart, Then suddenly the madness starts.

This reminds me of those times when Hyun Joong was just about to debut as a solo singer, as he struggled being alone to perform for the first time in June 7, 2011. Do you still remember when he read his letter to his fans? During his preparation for breakdown he admitted that he was scared, then he felt weak and small knowing there were fights among his fans. We somehow can feel how he does being left alone. But despite of the storm Hyun Joong had gone through, his fans did not leave him, on the contrary, he even gained even triple number of fans, after he had launched his first album.

There are a lot of times in our lives when we are being faced with problems and sometimes it seems too heavy to carry on. To the point that sometimes we feel we’re alone and there’s no shoulder to lean on. I do experience it from time to time, being alone can be so lonely, but I’m lucky I have this blog to think about that helps me ease the burden of being alone by simply thinking Hyun Joong is there and needs me to share about him to keep him close to you. Then I forget whatever feels heavy inside! He is a big help for me.



It’s your smile, your face, your lips that I miss. Those sweet little eyes that stare at me and make me say, I’m with you through all the way. Cause it’s you, who fills the emptiness in me. It changes everything you see, when I know I’ve got you with me…

Every time Hyun Joong performs his concerts, his adrenaline instantly rise up upon hearing his fans chanting his name before the opening number of the concert. He’s full of energy seeing those smiles and happy faces of his fans enjoying his performance. After the successful show, he said “I feel more happy than feeling tired.”

Hyun Joong has dedicated himself to his career knowing many depends on him, as he brings a lot of happiness to his fans. There was a time when Hyun Joong was feeling bored and he wrote to his fans simply saying he’s bored and would like to be on stage to sing and dance for us! Whenever Hyun Joong feels worried, it eases down whenever he thinks about his fans being happy with what he is preparing for them to look forward to. For as long as we’re all here at his side, everything is gonna be alright with him. He pulls his inspiration from his fans in bringing the best in him and this is true.

Hyun Joong’s smiles are rare, but when he does it’s like magic, and addicting, specially the sound of his laughter! This song is right, Hyun Joong indeed fills in the emptiness in me on my gloomy days, simply listening to his music, makes my day. Or by just looking at his pictures can cure my boredom!! Each morning that I wake up I always look forward for the day whatever it brings me, but it’s writing about Hyun Joong everyday that makes me smile before sleeping at night time that completes my day.

We do share Kim Hyun Joong among ourselves and we are ever be thankful that we followed a more than deserving idol and allow him to inspire our lives for the better.

There’s only one thing that I want to say to Kim Hyun Joong…

                                                                     “I’m with you all through the way, and only you”

                                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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Yahoo Buzz:     Dec. 2, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                       806,833                             861,675
  2. Super Junior                             182,999                              234,945
  3. Jang Geun Suk                           75,248                               76,832
  4. Luo                                              44,335                               46,349
  5. Park Yoo Chun                            42,349                               43,290

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                 5,898                               6,481
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                             2,406                               2,482
  3. Beast                                              1,184                               1,228
  4. JYJ                                                     731                                  830
  5. Infinite                                                660                                   722
  6. TVXQ                                                 326                                   392


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7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ONLY YOU

  1. So touchfull..i’m Speechless,it come my tears.Thank U so Much for the article..For me,Hyun Joong is my Happiness,My Angel,My Everything.Hyun Joong is meant a lot to me. Let’s Always Support Him.^^

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  3. make me cry ms. LK,OMG!!dq alm kng anu sa2bhin q..bsta kng anu nla2man ng article m ngyn,un n un…can’t find my words…

    Stay safe ms. LK!(~_~)

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