Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHEERS 2013!


By: LazerKim            HAPPY NEW YEAR ALIEN WORLD!  This morning two airports were crowded with Kim Hyun Joong fans, Incheon Airport in Korea and Nanjing Airport in China as Hyun Joong is on his way to celebrate the year end and welcome New Year in China! Unfortunately, Hyun Joong exits through the VIP and not at the airport lobby of Nanjing Airport where his fans were waiting to welcome him! Hyun Joong who was in his dashing black coat, muffler, black gloves and baseball cap that he looks so handsome as always! I think Hyun Joong has a new hair style!

Hyun Joong and Dong Hye took the same flight to China as both shall be performing at the same stage tonight. They were both spotted at the Incheon Airport lounge eating banana and drinking beer together while chatting with each other as they waited for their flight boarding time!! Hyun Joong was also spotted giving an autograph to one of the fans which I believe he’s already inside the airport.


How lucky Hyun Joong’s Chinese fans as they will be spending the year end with Kim Hyun Joong! Quite recently, Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans were also lucky to have spent their pre-Christmas holiday with him!! And lucky for us fans from beyond these countries for we have seen Hyun Joong from afar on his latest public exposure.

While I start writing this article, Kim Hyun Joong may be preparing himself on his way to China to attend the Jingsu New Year Concert. This will be the last performance of Hyun Joong for the year 2012 as he bids farewell to the year performing Breakdown and Please tonight December 31, 2012. While I write my last article for this year 2012 too!! I had the great year writing all about Kim Hyun Joong and the most memorable one among the years I’ve spent in my entire life, to be knowing a great person loved by millions around the world.

Hyun Joong performed at the Jiangsu Year End celebration at about 8 PM, all in black as he he sing and dance Breakdown and Please, he looks so handsome in his new hairstyle which I think has gone over with curly for this performance. The green light sticks representing the uzoosin fans were again spotted at the audience gallery and feels like I was there together with his other fans!! Gosh, I can’t help feel envy with his Chinese fans to welcome the year with Kim Hyun Joong!!  *sigh*



Kim Hyun Joong has a huge influence on me and to many of his fans as he spent his fruitful year bringing his non-stop chain of success, and this success runs down to every single global fan Hyun Joong has! As I always say whatever Hyun Joong’s success gains are is also the success of his fans, that brought us a tremendous pride being fans of a remarkable idol, who has been inspiring him all through the year as he present himself filled with love to his fans.

Life may have some natural ups and downs but whichever way we follow Hyun Joong, on bumpy road which made us stronger with him or generally smooth sailing, it’s a joy to be a part of his journey, knowing there is mutual love in between the fans and the idol. This is how I describe my daily journey with Kim Hyun Joong. Where love is being sincerely shared in good and bad times, that every events transpired the whole year round was shared with a lot happiness and memories of 2012 shall always be remembered.



I’m not really a believer of horoscope but this morning, the local news in my country brought up some of predictions for 2013!! It gave me the initiative to see if the predictions on Hyun Joong born in 1986 the Year of the Tiger, came true for the year 2012. Here’s that Chinese Horoscope for the year 2012, let’s see about his personal traits and predictions of 2012:

Year of the Tiger     (Kim Hyun Joong)      


Filled with courage, ambition and energy, Tigers are natural leaders and go-getters, yet they are also sensitive, loving and emotional. They are very competitive, more so when it comes to saving one’s honor or protecting a loved one. On one hand they love independence and on the other they like to dominate in relationships especially. They have a strong sense of dignity along with the strong desire to take up challenges.

These qualities make them born leaders. They are very alert and restless and alert. They are not afraid of taking up any risk for achieving what they want. The other traits of Tigers include honesty, generosity towards friends and passionate towards lovers. They also expect other people to be honest. Disapproval or criticism is something that upsets the Tigers.



If you are TIGER born, you can relax as lucky stars are gathering to stabilize your luck towards the end of 2011 and continue into 2012. The Dragon is going to be a good year as your life force has improved a lot, signifying good health and strength to receive the luck coming your way whilst facing head on or avoiding the challenges. Astrologically, you have the blessings of the Golden Deity Star in your home location with the Big Auspicious Star on your right and facing the Star of Earth Seal – help from heaven and earth!

Better yet, the beneficial influence of these stars is multiplied manifold by the presence of the #9 Magnifying Star (#9 Magnifying Star). This essentially means that in 2012, there will be guardian angels overlooking all areas of your life – be it career, wealth, health or love. Strengthen your wealth generating energy by inviting the Yellow or White Dzambbala into your home. To improve your luck further, display the 9 Ring Sword in your home sector, the North East.

With so much going for you, it may seem unlikely for things to go wrong, it is always better to err on the side of caution, especially since there is also the not-so-friendly Star of Yearly Conflict on your left. Crystal balls should do the trick as they have enormous capacity to absorb conflict vibes. A Red Fire Crystal Ball (Red Fire Crystal Ball) would be perfect – boosting the Earth energy of the north east as well as providing Fire element which is lacking in this year’s Paht Chee chart.

The Tiger’s presence in this year’s Paht Chee chart indicates you will continue to have significant influence on the people you connect with, both personally and professionally. Partnership established during the Dragon Year must be allowed to grow and be nurtured, if it is to succeed. Tigers, who forge ahead with courage, using imagination, creativity and wits, will find 2012 most enjoyable and rewarding.

As a final measure, remember to keep your Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend (Horoscope Allies and Secret Friend) close to you. With their help and support, obstacles will be less overwhelming, good fortune will be multiplied and success shared is so much sweeter.

Besides the influence of your bazi and animal sign, your luck for the year is also dependent on the locations of the monthly flying stars (monthly flying stars) which may bring help or hindrances. Due to the astrological flight of these stars, your luck for the year is not stagnant but will change subtly, depending on whether friendly or hostile stars are visiting. Things will be much easier if you take advantage of the luck brought by the beneficial stars whilst lying low and taking remedial actions when hostile stars come visiting.

710666371 (1)

VIEW POINT in 2012

The horoscope or prediction on the TIGER which is the Chinese sun sign of Hyun Joong gave me the interest that indeed the predictions came true!! I would take it just for fun out of my curiosity to look into it but what caught my eyes to read was this part:

This essentially means that in 2012, there will be guardian angels overlooking all areas of your life – be it career, wealth, health or love.”

Undoubtedly these angels are his fans, who have been following him wherever his journey takes him, and these angels has been growing huge in numbers everyday of 2012!! It’s true that Hyun Joong started his solo career as a singer in mid-year 2011 and continued on in the whole year of 2012 which was very fruitful. That in one year Hyun Joong had accomplished more than what was expected from him either by his fans or from the showbiz experts.

I can still remember, Hyun Joong started his year 2012 with huge explosion as he performed his first solo concert in Yokohama representing his first Japanese single Kiss Kiss, which is a truly memorable event for me to have witnessed the huge crowd of fans who attended the concert in February 5th. The growing number of fans didn’t stop from there as in the mid-year 4th of July Hyun Joong performed another concert representing his second single HEAT that heated up Japan even bigger than his first shot single Kiss Kiss. It was in this event that Hyun Joong created such a remarkably louder explosion!

Towards the middle of the year 2012, the ball started rolling as Hyun Joong was busy flying from one country to another in presenting himself in an innovated fan meeting concert series that gained a lot of global attention that even boost Hyun Joong’s popularity further. This year was very fruitful to Hyun Joong and so with his fans as it kept growing in numbers! Hyun Joong’s aim to reach out and get closer to his fans was his goal for the year and he was able to achieved with it successfully.



In the latter part of 2011, Hyun Joong drew a lay out plan for his career for 2012 as it was stated in his documentary made recorded at the beginning of the year. This lay out plan was successfully accomplished to mark his global market beginning in Japan that created significant history in the Japanese music industry. As I have mentioned earlier, Hyun Joong begun his significant event of the year as he released his first Japanese single Kiss Kiss in January and had made it to the number two rank at the Oricon Music Chart and had placed the single at gold record status. I would say it was an overwhelming success considering he had gained that much popularity boost in such a short period of time, from the day he debuted as solo singer in Seoul.

After he released his first two albums in the mid-year 2011, in six months his Japanese fans came out and visibly proved his overwhelming popularity as a solo singer, through his first concert held in Yokohama Arena. I would think the media and the Japanese showbiz community had underestimated the Hyun Joong event in February concert. Hyun Joong came back to Japan in the 4th of July right after his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert series to launched his second single HEAT collaborated with the Japanese legend B’z.

To everyone’s surprised the album hit the first rank at the Oricon Music Chart on its first launching day till weekly chart had maintained its status and had marked a history among the foreign artists as the third artist to hit the no. 1 rank, in which Hyun Joong had surpassed the giant Korean Kpop, other Japanese local and foreign artists, who had released their album at the same period as Hyun Joong did. His fans were all in cloud nine taking pride of their idol Kim Hyun Joong. I wonder what’s in store for Hyun Joong this coming 2013? He already has another lay out plan for the year that we can look forward to. But what can the Year of the Snake brings to him? Just for fun let’s see what his Chinese Horoscope tells, here as follows:




Of course the same advice doesn’t hold well for work, because this 2013 year of the black Snake you do have to work with a variety of personalities. It’s not OK for you to constantly be insisting on your ideas being used exclusively, though that’s what you’ll want to do. The Chinese 2013 horoscope for Tiger shows us that there are some very real struggles coming your way in the work place. There are two ways you can handle it.

Don’t be afraid to walk away if it’s not the right job for you. You know that you’re powerful, strong, and capable and you will be able to find something else. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be willing to compromise on certain things, but if you find that you’re constantly demoralized because your brilliant ideas aren’t being put into practice, then don’t be afraid to walk.

The other option is to win people over. The truth is that you’re a very likeable person and people naturally flock to you – when you make it that way. Too often you simply come on aggressively, which can work in many situations, but doesn’t always when it comes to work. In 2013 year of Snake you will need to be willing to take a step back and let someone else call the shots on occasion.



I was actually laughing when I was reading this Horoscope stated above! This is very much like Hyun Joong who’s very hard headed!! By nature Hyun Joong is a very independent type of person, and he likes to do things his way. He loves to innovate or re-invent himself and so with his craft too. We have seen a lot of those innovations in 2012 and honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he keep it up, since his innovations were very effective that earned a lot of good impressions from the showbiz experts.

He is not a self opinionated type, I’m not saying he doesn’t listen, but he listens to those with genuine wisdom. Hyun Joong is hard headed in such a way, one cannot control his passion over his craft and would work his guts out to achieve perfection. That no matter how others may say to take a rest, the guy is just too uncontrollably restless and would just keep moving around till he drop dead tired!!

What Hyun Joong wants Hyun Joong gets! If you remember the hi-five sessions in his fan meeting concert, everyone thought he was just joking to suggest that he wants to meet his fans up close and to shake hands with 3,000 fans. This incident didn’t end from there, because he was able to accomplished to hand shake with 5,000 fans in Tokyo!! I shall never forget this event at Odaiba Tokyo! Others said Hyun Joong doesn’t need to get to this extent, but he wants to and so he did it very successfully, that made his fans so proud and happy.



After Hyun Joong’s performance at Jiangsu Year End celebration at about past 9 PM, he went back to his hotel. At this hour my area is slowly becoming noisy with fire works and all kinds devices that makes noise! There’s also a street party in my area which is typical in my country during this New Year celebration. I’m sure Hyun Joong shall be enjoying his New Year as he welcomes the year with another bang and rock the stage again this time in China, joining his Chinese fans with open arms filled with love for this coming year!

To Hyun Joong, I would like to say…

“More power to your powerful charisma in touching millions of hearts all over the world!! Keep up with your dreams and we fans will raise you up the highest heights of stardom! HAPPY NEW YEAR may you have more fruitful year in 2013!!”

To all Kim Hyun Joong fans…

“Let’s keep up with our strength, stay with the Prince as he reach for his dreams, and keep the love and support in all Hyun Joong projects for 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! More love, more success and more new fans to share with!”


                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY JOURNEY


By: LazerKim                      MERRY CHRISTMAS to Kim Hyun Joong and to all his fans all over the world!!  Today is a special day for me not only because it’s Christmas but because today I celebrate this blog first anniversary as I wrote my first article on the eve of Christmas last year 2011. I would like to thank everyone for sparing time to read my daily articles as I deliver to you my thoughts all about Kim Hyun Joong! THANK YOU very much for sharing your love to Hyun Joong with me and with all the fans from the different corners of the world! I had the happiest year 2012 together with you and our ONLY ONE!


Never did I expect that I have gone this far, although it was barely one year but it feels like it was more than that period of knowing who Kim Hyun Joong is. Last year 2011 when I open up this blog account, I was merely playing in my thoughts as I wrote my first article My Christmas Dream! I was like a teenage fan girl writing my fantasy on Hyun Joong’s daily life routine! It was fun that this blog kept me company with you when I was all alone in my thoughts. It was very effective for me in curing my own ailment back in time, until I felt being addicted to writing about Hyun Joong that kept me closer to him.

Writing articles have been a part of my daily routine as I pour out my thoughts and this experience will ever be my most unforgettable one year experience. I became so involved with the career life of Kim Hyun Joong and I learn so much in life through him that inspired me to do better, to be stronger and wise. I cannot complete my day without checking on Hyun Joong and writing about him. I would say I pull up my strength from him. It’s so mysterious feelings in learning to love a star this much and knowing I’m not alone to be feeling the love to ONLY ONE!



I think I have written enough about Hyun Joong that a fan ought to know about him, and I have nothing left to write specially at this time that Hyun Joong is taking a break. So I’m taking this chance to take a break too as I mentioned in my recent article. Many of Hyun Joong’s veteran fans said it’s so hard to break away from Hyun Joong and it’s true. It’s so hard to face the real world without him. Once we get caught by his magic spell, we all turn to be helpless that indeed Hyun Joong makes our day complete.

Writing about Hyun Joong for me is so irresistable!! Because this is one way of keeping him closer to me just like you that the more you read about him, the more love grows in such a mysterious way! My sister from US once said, you cannot stop being a blogger once you have started with it. It’s true, no matter how much my doctor advised me to stay away from my computer, well, it just feels like killing myself softly!! Although I was able to minimized and dedicate my reserve time writing instead of roaming around the internet in search for something to read!

I read from somewhere being a writer I have to get my own resources to write about instead of borrowing whatever I can find updates about Hyun Joong. Although my purpose of being in this blog is to merely spreading the news and thoughts about Kim Hyun Joong. But I sincerely hope I can have my own resources or info from my own effort to share with others and spread the good news about Kim Hyun Joong! How I wish to be a better writer for him that we can learn further through him. One of my closest fan friend said “follow your heart”, and yes, it will only be then we can make a better decision. Where can I be more useful and productive? Is it here or there?



Kim Hyun Joong said something like, “Dreaming big makes me a better person.” I kept his words in mind that I believe we can apply to our daily lives. Well being realistic about a dream can be reachable of course! What may seem to be a dream can sometimes happens that it is no longer a dream as Hyun Joong just kept working and go for his dream. He’s now a big star, that it cannot be helped that sometimes the path he is taking may create wary to others to the extent of blocking his way to rise up further. But no one can control the nature of his fate no matter which way Hyun Joong takes, he will be up there where he is ought to be.

Hyun Joong has so many dreams and big ones. We fans can make those dreams possible for him by 100%. By next year he’ll be facing the next phase of his career life and for us fans will be staying by his side as he accomplish his plans for 2013 which is just around the corner. We fans have the collective power in bringing him up to his dreams, we go for it as we sincerely support Kim Hyun Joong. The guy has dreams just like anyone of us who have every right to dream, but his dreams is just an arm stretch to reach out for. This is just a matter of pushing him up all the way.

I may be speculating or speaking my thoughts out for having a theory, I just notice something indifferent within Hyun Joong’s surroundings that I think we just have to be aware! I’m just speaking in general since this year 2012 Hyun Joong made a lot of noise that now the global community is eyeing on him. We all know that Hyun Joong’s chain of success is not a mere spur of the moment since he’s been in showbiz for over seven years now and he’s not a star who just popped out from nowhere. Many may attempt to put him down but no one can put a good man down. Let’s bear this in mind.



Hyun Joong has finally had this time to take a break, as he said he’ll be celebrating this Christmas day with his friends as he normally does every year. Then we spend this day with our family and love ones as a tradition on Christmas day. While Hyun Joong may take his break, he will be with us as soon as the year 2013 surface and look forward to it. What is in store for Hyun Joong is what he plans for us next year. This guy is such a remarkable star who would think much about his fans above anything else in his career life, a good provider of what makes his fans happy is what he thinks about whenever he’s out there in his public appearances

Cheer up everyone, spread lots of love as we end this year 2012 in five days from now! I had a wonderful year of meeting you in this blog and through ups and downs as we join Hyun Joong’s journey to stardom, we are much stronger fans for Hyun Joong and multiply in numbers. I had such unforgettable memories in bringing the Prince closer to us and I’m happy to somehow take part in your everyday life with him as I read and write all about Kim Hyun Joong. To this blog Happy Anniversary! To the Alien World, more power to all of us!

I’ll say it again, knowing Kim Hyun Joong is the best thing ever happened in my entire life for staying at his side in a Happy Journey of being a fan!!  MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

My apology I should have posted this article last night but I lost my connection and just got it back a few minutes ago!

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SNOW PRINCE


By: LazerKim           At last update pictures of Kim Hyun Joong during his recent event activities in Japan were posted from the media since the fans were not allowed to take pictures during the events.  I have mentioned in my recent article that of all the events Hyun Joong hosted in Japan, the last three days of fan signing ended up with less updates and fans from the venue were so enthusiastic to share whatever was going on in the event unfortunately they were not allowed to take pictures. This is due to security reasons and keeping a smooth and orderly event to transpire.

Oh well we can’t do anything about it, of course Hyun Joong’s comfort and security is priority above anything else during his public appearances. Nevertheless, we all know that Hyun Joong is doing fine, and his Japanese fans are surely happy during the three days event that went on successfully. It’s just that I know somehow many of us may wish we can view the event from afar because it somehow feels as if we’re also there with them enjoying the moment with Hyun Joong.  Isn’t he handsome? That’s always!!



As one of my readers said, posting updates and pictures are free publicity coming from the idol fans! Which is true, many Hyun Joong fans do share a lot of his pictures and updates to the extent of attending his events and even following him on his official activities and share the event news to other fans. I sincerely appreciate the fans who are very active in their postings. In fact Hyun Joong fans are even feed more credible info sometimes  even faster than the media!! LOL! Hyun Joong fans are always there with him and keeping track of his activities.

Other than the fact that it keeps Hyun Joong closer to us no matter how far he is from us. And with that, I’m so grateful and thankful to the fans from twitter that they do this all for the love of Kim Hyun Joong. Many of them have been posting updates for years that I truly admire their endless and tireless effort to bring in the latest updates about Hyun Joong. And how I wish to do the same.

This is all I have for now, I know everyone is busy with Christmas rush, just the same with me here! I hope I’ll be back tonight!! How will I spend my Christmas? I do hope we can keep each other’s company on the Eve of Christmas, specially to those who are alone by themselves and are away from your family! Maybe we can share our love for the Snow Prince Kim Hyun Joong for Christmas Eve with lot of LOVE to the world!! Happy Holiday!!

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHRISTMAS PACKAGE


By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong should be somewhere in Fukuoka Japan this morning and his fans were already at the venue waiting for Hyun Joong and still on his official fan sign event which ends today. Why am I so at lost about Hyun Joong’s where about?! I can’t help noticed that of all Hyun Joong’s event activities in Japan, I think this time his fans on-line gets lesser updates about Hyun Joong’s where about!! LOL this surprises me, or have I missed something here? Although we are all aware that taking photos were not allowed in the event venues, for security reasons.  Yesterday I read a post that says like this:

“KHJ Japan Official site has posted a request to fans to restrict themselves on chase and wait at the stations and venues to avoid accident.”

I read a similar post way back during Hyun Joong’s fan meeting Asia Tour in Taiwan or one of the cities in China I think, that Hyun Joong was being followed from the airport to his hotel upon his arrival from Seoul. Yesterday reading this post  gave me the impression that Hyun Joong was being tailed by some of his Japanese fans, and this is the first time for me to read such post from Japan! I really am wondering what’s going on??

I’m not really worried,  just as I wish there are more photos posted around and updates which other fans from on-line twitter are waiting for! I just feel something is different from this activities. Since taking photos were restricted I can assume the Japanese fans of Hyun Joong strictly followed the rules during the fan sign event, there were very few stolen fancam shots, which I understand.

But honestly, I missed a lot about this event that I always say these photos of Hyun Joong do help us fans in keeping Hyun Joong very near to us. But then set rules are rules to be followed and we can’t do anything about it.



Hyun Joong is known for keeping his friend intact as his precious treasures of his life, that he values them like a blood line brotherhood that he’s been keeping all these years. In one of Hyun Joong’s interviews, he mentioned that at meeting people within his circulation, he can easily identify whom he can be close with. But in general as people are so drawn to him because of his friendly personality I would say his being modest and honest makes it easier for him to win friends for keeps.

Majority of his friends has one common ground on how they sees him and that is his being modest, no air of arrogance and honesty in dealing with people be it his friends or acquaintances, Hyun Joong respects them equally. Hyun Joong mentioned recently that he’ll be spending his Christmas with his close friends as he normally does every year particularly with Kim JaeJoong and others. I got a news article this morning that I would like to share with you, a short list of Hyun Joong’s closest friends. Here’s that news article as follows:


[Star of the week] The Best Bros Kim Hyun Joong Could Ever have

CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong

No matter how grand or amazing it may seem, the life of a celebrity can be a lonely one, but luckily for Kim Hyun Joong, he has plenty of best friends that keep him company.

T-Max’s Kim Jun

Once considered two of the four hottest guys at school, Kim Hyun Joong and T-Max’s Kim Jun appeared in KBS’ Boys Before Flowers. Their friendship blossomed and the two became great friends.

Kim Jun and Kim Hyun Joong, along with Kim Bum, another F4 member, appeared in tvN’s Star, Becoming a Rookie!, where they learned to become rookie employees in a company together.

Their friendship continued through the years despite their rivalry as singers. Kim Hyun Joong even made a special appearance in Kim Jun’s music video for Jun Be Ok.

Big Bang’s T.O.P

Surprising yet somewhat understandable, Kim Hyun Joong and Big Bang’s T.O.P were revealed to be best friends. Kim Hyun Joong spoke about the Big Bang members numerous times on various television shows, even imitating the way T.O.P speaks on a regular basis.

The two stars, who seemed too good to be true, displayed their close friendship when they appeared in MBC’s 32nd MBC College Festival in 2008. T.OP and Kim Hyun Joong put on a special stage, singing Seo Taiji and Kids′ As the Night Gets Deeper.

Kim Hyun Joong explained that they became close in middle school, when they lived in the same neighborhood and how strange it was that they both became singers to stand on the same stage.

We need to find that neighborhood ASAP.

JYJ & Kim Jae Joong

It’s no secret that Kim Hyun Joong is close to the JYJ members.

Whether it’s playing soccer or taking trips together, Kim Hyun Joong and all three members of JYJ are known to be good friends with each other, and out of the three, Kim Hyun Joong especially shares something special with Kim Jae Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Jae Joong hit it off so well that they’ve actually lived together for a year, opening up their innermost feelings to each other.

When Kim Hyun Joong was struggling, Kim Jae Joong handwrote an encouragement letter and left it by Kim Hyung Joon’s pillow.

“I still keep that letter safe,” Kim Hyun Joong. Kim Jae Joong said he also kept Kim Hyun Joong’s letter as well. The fact that two grown boys handwrote letters to each other mean something special.

Their friendship was so beautiful that even netizens declared that the two stars were best friends for life.

Bae Yong Joon

While they may formally have a boss and employee relationship, Bae Yong Joon and Kim Hyun Joong are actually more than that.

As his mentor, Bae Yong Joon has given a lot of encouragement and support towards his junior, and in reply, Kim Hyun Joong has become a confidant.

On SBS’ Strong Heart, Kim Hyun Joong revealed that Bae Yong Joon had gone to Busan by himself. Without hesitation, Kim Hyun Joong headed down and the two spent a couple of days together, talking about life away from the spotlight.

Not only that, Bae Yong Joon, who is known to be mysterious, actually made a special cameo on the show through a phone call, surprising everyone in the audience. Bae Yong Joon had nothing but compliments to say to the singer.


There’s no way we can forget the members of SS501, because this is where it all started with five young boys, aiming the same dream.

Although it’s been a very long time since all the members stood on stage to perform, it’s very clear that they mean a lot to each other.

Even with their busy individual schedules, all the members rearranged their activities so that they can all make it out to Kim Kyu Jong’s final fan meeting before he went to serve in the army. Kim Hyun Joong also made surprise visit when one member was participating in a musical.

Having lived together in the dorm for many years, the SS501 members have exchanged plenty of words and feelings (and maybe even fists) that we may never know or understand, but that’s why this friendship continues to this day.

That cherished connection that they share will hold them together for many years to come.

Photo Credit: KBS, MBC, DSP Entertainment, Management Madein




Stated above article are Hyun Joong’s closest friends from the showbiz circle. TOP of  Big Bang I think is one of his long-time friend since his high school days. Of course Jae Joong and TOP are his best friend for life, as I remember in one talk show Hyun Joong actually imitated the manner of speaking of both and called each other bastard as a joke!! That’s how close they are with each other! And of course his boss Bae Yong Joon whom Hyun Joong sees as his elder brother whom he confides with.

In another talk show Hyun Joong also revealed being close with the previous original five members of TVXQ as there are times that Hyun Joong sleeps in their dorm too!! Well, Hyun Joong maintains being friendly with the other idol groups too up until at present. His members with SS501 of course will always be his brothers as they took care of each other for five years and still maintaining the brotherhood among them even they work separately on their individual activities.

In addition to the list of friends Hyun Joong has, we are all familiar with his longest friendship and now business partners of Jaksal whom are from the non-showbiz circle. They are Hyun Joong’s friends from his elementary days, that show a lot that Hyun Joong indeed keeps his friends intact all the years of his life which remained unchanged until this day. This is how Hyun Joong is in terms of friendship, a truly great friend whom can be valued and treasured with.


Oh well, one thing I’m very sure is that the Japanese fans of Hyun Joong have been enjoying the event being closer to him in his current activities. Today is the last day for the fan sign event I believe, then Hyun Joong will be taking a short break to spend the Christmas holidays in his private time. This also gives me the chance to take a break too! Tomorrow shall be the Eve of Christmas and it’s my big day to celebrate my first year anniversary as a fan writing, since it was a special day for me to have written and posted my first article all about Hyun Joong on the eve Of Christmas last year!

After which I would like to inform everyone that I’ll be taking a short break too same as Hyun Joong and be coming back next year or the year-end to post on Memories of 2012 just as I did last year. I remember I posted the article Memories of 2011 minutes before New Year 2012, as my whole country started making New Year’s noise on count down, I was still writing my article for the year-end! Then I remember the first time I felt kinda fan jealousy when Hyun Joong performed at the year-end presentation 2011 seeing him kissing a member of an idol girl group, which was a part of the dance routine he performed with the group!! I was laughing at myself whenever I read that article!!

Oh well those were the days! I felt it’s been a long time ago but actually it was only 12 months ago. But a lot of good things and memories happened back then in the past months that I shall never forget being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong! But of course not all of the news were good news which is natural, that I would say there were only a few setbacks but there were more than favorably good news and significant once. We are more than happy the whole year round for this year 2012, as it is as fruitful as it is for Hyun Joong.



The other night I spent my time listening to the new songs of Hyun Joong all smiling since I got my Unlimited CDs to be given to some of my special friends who are music lovers and started wrapping the Unlimited CDs for Christmas. I shop till drop yesterday and started wrapping gifts! But there’s only one gift that I cannot wrap, and that’s my gift to Hyun Joong! It’s my heart that I cannot wrap!! LOL! Anyway, Hyun Joong has it endlessly everyday as I share my love to him everyday for one year!

One year for me seems to be too long as if I have known Hyun Joong all my life! I guess many of you share the same feeling, as if he’s just so close to us, reachable enough to know him much better. This is what I have experience in this short span of time, but everyday of knowing Hyun Joong feels so precious. I even experienced being condemned by some of my fan friends to defend and protect him for having different views, which is very natural in any community. But it’s all in the past and I came to realize this is also a part of being a fan.



Christmas is giving as the old song says “Give love on Christmas”, but in this blog everyday is giving love to Hyun Joong!! Maybe if only we can all wrap our heart for Hyun Joong, oh he shall receive millions of gift package containing lot of love from his fans in so many different countless ways! It has been our daily routine of sharing love to Hyun Joong with other fans too.

We learned to love a lot many strangers from different nations, different races, different ages and walks of life through Kim Hyun Joong. And for me this is the most significant experience that I have never done in my entire life! All because of the LOVE for Kim Hyun Joong. Such a mysterious feeling that even the one we love is also a stranger since we do not know him personally, as Hyun Joong doesn’t know anyone one of us yet unselfish love do exist that cannot be denied!  Well, love doesn’t need to have a reason for as long as it is being felt.

As we start delivering our Christmas Package, we deliver it with sincere love to everyone as we deliver LOVE to our ONLY ONE Kim Hyun Joong!!

                                                                                                               Lazerkim here writing

Before I go, may I inform that there’s a voting polls going on entitled “2012 Star” Hyun Joong is under the STAR category and he’s at No.1. Let’s vote for him as he deserves to be at the top of all stars.

Link for voting 2012 STAR:


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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DAY BREAK


By: LazerKim               Kim Hyun Joong successfully accomplished yesterday’s fan sign event in Tokyo as many fans were at the venue to attend the event and to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong. Since photos were being restricted, there were just a few shots taken from the event venue. There’s one shot that Hyun Joong approached a fan in a wheel chair and signed autograph for her.

Seeing from the few photos from the venue, I think the atmosphere within the venue is festive, which is already expected that anywhere in Japan that Hyun Joong goes, he is being followed by crowd of fans every time he’s there! Today Hyun Joong shall be in Hiroshima for another fan sign event in accordance to Hyun Joong’s calendar of events.

I seem to have missed a lot of updates yesterday, then I tried checking out this morning on Hyun Joong’s updates, but the only photos I got were from the airport. Someone posted as Hyun Joong said, “Please expect my tour next year!”  I’m a bit at lost this morning actually! Just as I was looking for Hyun Joong, I think his done with autograph signing scheduled for this morning in Tokyo. Now I don’t know what’s next!!



Yesterday I read a news that Hyun Joong’s best friend Kim Jae Joong will soon release his solo album, and guess what, Jae Joong is on to rock genre too! Hmm does this follows that Hyun Joong is becoming an effective leader in the music trend? If I’m not mistaken Hyun Joong started with the rock genre among the Kpop stars from his single HEAT  composed by the Bz and currently from the UNLIMITED album such as Your Story and Save Today both of which are rock genre songs! Both of which songs were composed by Steven Lee and music arranger Kim Sun-il.



You won’t believe it but this is all I have for today, and I call this day for a break, actually I’m on Christmas shopping rush!! I finally got my Unlimited CD units, I spent my whole night just listening to the album! I really hope we can hear more about Hyun Joong’s today’s activities! I think this is the shortest article I have written so far!! I’m sure many of us are busy with Christmas preparations too, well, this is the Christmas spirit roaming around my area, specially the shopping malls! Please forgive me I gotta run!!!

“Hyun Joong shi please allow your fans to take your photos so that your fans can have updates as to your where about!! Watching you from afar keep you near to us!”

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHRISTMAS PRINCE


By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong shall be playing Santa Claus this Christmas holiday by holding a fan sign event in Tokyo and Nagoya today December 21, tomorrow December 22 the fan sign event continue in Hiroshima, December 23 Sunday Hyun Joong shall be in Fukuoka, this is his schedule in accordance to his calendar of events for this weekend.

While I’m writing this article Hyun Joong was already spotted at the Gimpo Airport taking an early morning flight to Haneda. Looking handsome in his fur coat and his favorite cap in this freezing winter early morning! Oh what an early morning to wake up seeing such a handsome guy can start my day in real good mood!!

His fans were already at the Gimpo Airport so early to see him off, as usual many fans handed their letters and presents which I’m assuming could be gifts and letters for Christmas. At the same time his Japanese fans were waiting for Hyun Joong to welcome him at the Haneda Airport, all crowded airport lobby!



In another update, Kim Hyun Joong’s wax figure by Madam Tussauds Busan finally was completed as it was unveiled yesterday and shall be on display starting today December 21. It was said that the wax figure cost 200 Million Won or approximately 186,000 US Dollars!! Madame Tussanuds had created 13 wax figure of celebrities from around the world and Hyun Joong was among the few chosen ones to model for a wax figure, as the hottest Hallyu star.

The wax figure though was a bit different specially the eyes which is a bit smaller than Hyun Joong’s eyes,and the shape of the face is a bit thinner. Honestly, I want to cry out loud “That’s not Kim Hyun Joong!!” LOL!!  Nevertheless, it’s a work of arts, time and effort to work on the wax figure is much appreciated of course. Here’s that news as follows:

Video clip at Madame Tussauds:


Kim Hyun Joong’s wax figure revealed to have cost $186,000 USD

He previously had measurement done for a figure to be displayed at Madam Tussauds Busan. Madame Tussauds Busan said, “Starting from December 21st, we will be holding Kim Hyun Joong’s wax figure on display.

Madame Tussauds Busan had previously displayed wax figures of Bae Yog Joon, Nichkum, and President Lee Myung Bak, but this is the first time that Madame Tussauds Busan had chosen Kim Hyun Joong for a figure. The figure displayed is wearing Kim Hyun Joong’s outfit from his Asia Tour, and even has accessories he wore during the performance that were donated to the museum.

The figure was built after 500 measurements were taken, and the total cost of the figure was said to be 200 million KRW (approximately $186,000 USD). Madame Tussauds said, “The fact that there are Korean celebrities and famous figures in the 13 Madame Tussauds all over the world means that there is a lot of interest in Hallyu stars. Kim Hyun Joong especially is a leader in spreading hallyu globally. He wrapped up his Asia Tour successfully and ranked #1 on Japan’s Oricon Charts.”

Tip: Muriel                                                             source: allkpop by: jennywill

68844_361147837314614_1754262684_nBACK IN JAPAN

As soon as Hyun Joong arrived Haneda Tokyo, it was said he went straight to the event venue and wearing a black suit. Watching from Hyun Joong’s video clip at Gimpo Airport he looks very fresh and well re-charged to board an early morning flight! As someone posted that Hyun Joong shall be in Tokyo and Nagoya today for the fan sign event, then I would assume he’ll be having a long day today!! Will that be from Tokyo flying over to Nagoya??

At the venue it was said that there was no handshake, no photos and fans cannot hand in presents to Hyun Joong, therefore this event is purely autograph signing only. This probably for security reasons and considering the crowded venue and time. But even though, the fans can have a better up close look at Hyun Joong while he’s signing! I can already imagine another festive mood to where Hyun Joong is right at this moment! Japanese fans are truly lucky and all we can do now is to watch over him from afar as if we’re also there with him.

After these three days event, the next is China again for the year end celebration, then back to Japan for a month concert series in ten cities. Hyun Joong shall have the chance to take a break before the concert series. Hyun Joong also mentioned that he’ll be spending his Christmas day with his friends as he normally does every year.

Well I guess Hyun Joong now playing role of Santa Claus in Japan giving his autograph and meeting him in person up close as his present to his fans! That’s a real great Christmas present for every fans who were at the venue. Many fans from afar surely envy the chance and that include myself!! This is a real big Christmas treat!



In my country Christmas is a the biggest holiday in a year that everyone gets busy with shopping and preparing for the big day as it has always been celebrated with family as traditionally done. Some families with kids the eve of Christmas December 24th, the kids still do believe Santa Claus placing gifts for them at their bedside. I did experienced it when I was a kid my mom wakes me up at the middle of the night finding some gifts at my bedside! Then we have midnight dinner spent with the rest of my family members and relatives.

I sure do miss those old times. When my parents passed away and my other brothers and sister migrate to US, it’s different that I have to spend Christmas by myself, and had gone used to it.  Last year 2011 was exceptionally special that I spent Christmas eve in front of my monitor writing my first article about Hyun Joong. I was all alone but I never felt it having Hyun Joong occupying my thoughts researching about guy!

There’s also an unusual Christmas Eve story about Hyun Joong as he was relating his sad experience back in time when he was still working in a restaurant. Do you remember that story? It was one of the busiest evening that the restaurant was full house, Hyun Joong was on duty, after the restaurant closed he brought the garbage down to the ground floor and at the stair the garbage spilled out all over! Hyun Joong spent that night picking up the garbage from the stairs with his bare hands!! Then he asked himself, “Do I have to live like this all my life?”



While other people rejoice and celebrating for the coming of Christ, Hyun Joong simply was working on the eve of Christmas! Well, now he had gone through those times! What Hyun Joong picks up on this time are all success, probably something he had never imagine back in that time on that certain sad Eve of Christmas. Now Hyun Joong is blessed with so much goodness and comfort in life at the same time receiving so much love from millions of people from around the world. God is so good to him because he is a good man with a big heart to everyone.

What makes a fan happy is normally the success of her idol. A bonus happiness comes from having a chance to taking even just a glimpse of his face in person. Yesterday one of my readers shared her brief experience of seeing Hyun Joong at the Hong Kong airport after waiting for him at the airport for seven hours! And with just some very brief glimpse of Hyun Joong passing by the airport lobby, made her the happiest and could not forget a simple encounter. Many of us had the same experience whether we have watched Hyun Joong in his concert, fan signing, or for just a short encounters mean a lot to us that we can treasure for the future to be remembered as always.

Whether we have already met Hyun Joong or not, consider ourselves blessed for being fans of Kim Hyun Joong for we have chosen the right star to follow, who is more than deserving of our love and support. Isn’t it great to spend this Christmas holiday with Kim Hyun Joong? Indeed we are all blessed this Christmas!!

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MR. UNIVERSE


By: LazerKim           Allow me to share some global news pertaining politics, S.Korea have a newly elected the first female President ever elected as President is Park Geun Hye. Congratulations Madame President. If I’m not mistaken, I think she was one of the government officials who handed Hyun Joong’s award of honor or appointment as endorser from the United Nation S. Korea.

In another news update Miss Universe Beauty Pageant was being held that i would like to share with you and to congratulate the winners representing their counties, Miss Universe is USA, 1st runner up Miss Philippines, 2nd runner up Miss Venezuela, 3rd runner up Miss Australia, 4th runner up Miss Brazil. Congratulations to all the winners!!

If ever there shall be a Mr. Universe Pageant, I would vote for Kim Hyun Joong, since he is the original Alien and the Prince of the Universe! A truly perfect handsome man from head to toes, inside out!! Hyun Joong got it takes to be Mr. Universe, star of all superstars!!


Watching a big star in showbiz shining so brightly can be perceived as someone so high and unreachable as if they are extra ordinary human with their beauty, talent and fame. That in fact we don’t normally see them on the streets except when they have an official event that calls them to be outdoor. Then they are being perceived to big shot guy who could so choosy or picky in their ways even in the food they eat, the ambiance of where they dine must be in a fine dinning restaurant!

Everything is with class, and this is very normal to showbiz celebs. Seeing Hyun Joong who stands out within the crowd of stars in his perfectly handsome physique, with a character of an elite personality that no matter how simple his ways are, he simply outshine others. Hyun Joong’s strong charisma or his X-factor, a real crowd head turner can be so intimidating to other stars, that is if you barely know the guy Kim Hyun Joong! With all those unique qualities Hyun Joong has, he is also such a unique star who is so down to earth beyond expectation from a big star like him!



Have you ever seen or heard a big star having his meals in a fast food self service of a public dining area in an airport just like any other ordinary airport passenger? Kim Hyun Joong is one of those very few stars who lives in a normal humble life where he truly enjoys. A star who doesn’t mind what other people may think for as long as he lives his life honestly with no false pretense!

At the airport on his way to Busan for his fan sign event last Sunday December 16, a day before he flew to Hong Kong to attend to Yahoo Buzz Awards Night, Hyun Joong was spotted eating odon on his way to Busan while waiting for his flight and even bought a box of cup cake which I have mentioned in one or my recent articles. A fan from the airport at a dining room took this shot that I’m sure Hyun Joong wasn’t aware of.

Although Hyun Joong knows the nature of being a star that is always been watched, just like the saying the walls have eyes and ears! But Hyun Joong has always been himself be it anywhere he is, he’s simply naturally ordinary, a star whom you can easily reach for, a star who is so down to earth, and so humble.

Here’s the link on that scene Hyun Joong eating udon, just in case you haven’t seen it yet:


Last night one of my readers shared an interesting video clip of Hyun Joong at the Hong Kong Airport coming back to Seoul. Hyun Joong ans his bodyguard was somewhere outside the airport main entrance at the loading area. Then a lady or maybe a fan just popped out from nowhere was almost hit by a tourist bus passing by the drive way and Hyun Joong just took her by her arm to protect her from being possibly hit by the bus passing by in front of them. Hyun Joong is a real gentleman in protecting a complete stranger from the danger of being hit on the street. A very unusual gesture for a star who cares for some stranger.

The link below is the video clip of that incident: Thanks for sharing!




Kim Hyun Joong a Yahoo Favorite

Kim Hyun-Joong has proved he’s got what it takes to be a Hallyu star again by taking home four awards at this year’s Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards at the Hong Kong Convention Center on Monday. Kim was the winner of the 10 Years’ Popularity Award, Asia’s Top Buzz Artist Award, Hong Kong’s Top Buzz Award and Taiwan’s Top Buzz Award.

The first of the awards mentioned was an especially big win as it tracks entertainers who have consistently remained in the spotlight from 2003 when the Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards was established. Kim received about 1.3 million votes, three times that of other nominated artists.

Kim, who also won four awards last year, said through his agency he was again stoked by his wins. “It’s such an honor to be acknowledged four years in a row,” said Kim, who said he’d take the triumph as encouragement to become a better musician.

Starting next month, the Hallyu star will set off on a Japanese tour that will see him perform for fans in 10 cities.                                               By Carla Sunwoo





Kim Hyun Joong won the award for Most Popular of the Decade, for winning in four consecutive years from 2009 to 2012. This is a special award given to Hyun Joong who has been an exception winner all these years non-stop! This is another proof that Hyun Joong just doesn’t gain his fans in spur of moment, but the fact that Hyun Joong fans truly stays with him. To gain should I say is easier than making fans do stay for years with the same degree love and support if not still develop a greater love.

Hyun Joong proves to be a long lasting star for keeping his status intact or even get him to the highest peak of his career as an artist. I read from somewhere that Hyun Joong fans do take care of him. I would say it’s a mutual caring between Hyun Joong and his fans. The Yahoo Buzz is an Asian popularity award, and it is in this polls that we have seen the effort of his fans in voting for him. But not only in the polls that can prove Hyun Joong’s rise  but also in his albums, concerts, and dramas as they rate so high.

As his fans takes care of him, Hyun Joong provides what his fans needs and never neglect to give importance to them. There are a lot of stars whom you get easily tired of seeing the same face and hearing the same type music they sing. What makes Hyun Joong even shine brighter is his unique ability to transform himself in so many different characters, as much his ability to innovate and re-invent his craft that one can never get tired of him, on contrary we couldn’t even get enough of him! With these unique abilities he has plus his humbleness can be foreseen as someone who is a long lasting star.



I read a post at the twitter pertaining to City Conquest that states like this:

Re: City of Conquest, Production co asked media to correct the article as they did not deliver the truth.

Regarding City of Conquest, I understand that you all worry about it…. it is a pity that I cannot talk in details now. You read many articles via internet, but I can clarify that Production company asked the media to correct the articles as they wrote a wrong story.

It is true that it took a long time to edit the episodes since they started shooting in Japan and that is why all of you feel uneasy, wondering what’s going on, which triggers another rumors.

I am afraid that as of now I cannot tell you any more detail, but you will hear a good news like Christmas gift for you soon. That is all I can tell you now.

source: (



Upon reading the post stated above over and over trying to understand the post contents, I can’t help ask myself, “what’s wrong with the news that KBS declined the airing of City Conquest?” This matter do happens in reality if the drama has enough grounds for censorship to reject the drama. Although the reason of KBS for rejecting City Conquest has got nothing to do with censorship. It was said in that post that “the media wrote a wrong story”, so what’s the truth behind the story? Details were not disclosed from that post, so what is that post for??

The news about City Conquest has been sitting there at the internet for days and yet Media Baek did not state anything pertaining the news to contradict, therefore I consider the news to be the truth. And I’m glad that this news was brought out into open even it was frustrating and disappointing, otherwise we fans will go totally blind to the fact that City Conquest indeed is having problems. Bringing up this news can at least stir off a bit of our expectation towards further frustration, and at least we’re given the chance to defend Hyun Joong’s drama project, to state our demands for it, instead of waiting aimlessly!

Whether we hear a good news or bad news, the important thing is we were informed about whatever was going on around. If what we read about City Conquest is not the truth then I think it is best that Media Baek or KBS release statement that the news is not true which I think is credible enough to believe. Instead of trying to put up a damage control, just to keep us silent with the true scenario! The post stated “you’ll hear a good news like a Christmas gift for you soon.” Well I sure do hope to hear the good news. But it’s better not to expect anything rather than having false expectation, and that can only create stress even to Hyun Joong.

I think City Conquest production management was being truthful when they first stated that it was not possible to air this drama this year and that it may be aired early next year. Which again may not also be possible seeing from Hyun Joong’s schedule set for him from January to March, until this news about KBS rejections came out lately, which I’m glad the problem was disclosed. We just have to be realistic and face some facts

If we hear a bad news, and so be it, anyway we are all matured to face any problem that may come along Hyun Joong’s way, but to cover up just to please everyone with false hope I think is not right. If City Conquest had settled with their problem with KBS then that would be a good news. If not, then we face it head on, this is not the only drama Hyun Joong can have anyway, although what we are defending is our right to watch City Conquest since Hyun Joong had worked hard for this drama already. I still believe Hyun Joong would even rise up and come up stronger after this setback which he’s been handling this so positively matured.



I just read some comments from the article about Hyun Joong next Prince of Asia, like Jang Geun Suk Versus Kim Hyun Joong. I wrote about this article and as I always say Hyun Joong is beyond comparable. The article was written by the media proving the rapid rise in Hyun Joong’s popularity since all his albums has been on top ranking. For me Hyun Joong will always be the Global Prince or the Prince of the Universe and not only a Prince of Asia.

I remember Hyun Joong was stated in one of his video interview when he was still with SS501, and he was saying to his fans something like, “In the future there will be another new face, new star who can be more talented and powerful, and you’ll soon forget me.” What  Hyun Joong stated came true, that there will be a new star whom we can get crazy about and that new star is Kim Hyun Joong when he started performing solo! Back then Hyun Joong didn’t have the least idea that he’ll be where he is right now and to be performing solo.

Hyun Joong is being truthful and realistic about the fact that there shall always be a new star in showbiz. In fact we get to see a new star every time Hyun Joong has a new project which comes out at lead twice or thrice a year in his constant changing image! The only thing that doesn’t change in Hyun Joong is his heart, which will forever be dedicated to his fans. That’s a fact and that is reality in his career life. Kim Hyun Joong is an absolutely unique star of all stars of the Universe!! Do you have anyone else to compare him with?

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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