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By: LazerKim         The teaser for Kim Hyun Joong’s first full album UNLIMITED is finally out at YouTube!! I knew it! Once the album teaser is out, fans would go crazy with Hyun Joong! And I was right, as I woke yesterday and seeing the teaser just gave me an instant smile! This is the first full album of Hyun Joong which is a compilation of his music releases from his Japanese music debut in January until December with 3 new music included in the album to end the year 2012.

From the teaser video clip the new song Your Story, has a totally different concept and a type of rock ballad to die for!! The music video of Your Story is just WOW! Hyun Joong looks so handsome in a different rocker image that I can’t help play the clip over and over again! Watching from the teaser, once again Hyun Joong surprised his fans in his new looks, from a different music video concept and that sweet voice singing in rock, in one package brings a brand new Kim Hyun Joong!  As expected, Hyun Joong shall be bringing a new set of music as he always does every time he releases a new album. Here’s the music contents of his upcoming first full album:

UNLIMITED CD music contents  (Full Album)

1. Save Today
2. Let’s Party
3. U  [Japanese version]
4. KISS KISS [Japanese version]
5. I’m Yours
6. Your Story
7. I’m Yours  [Japanese version]
8 . Marry Me  (Normal Edition)     Marry You [Japanese version]
9. Lucky Guy [Japanese version]
10. BREAK DOWN feat. Double K [Japanese version]]
11. HEAT
12. Your Story (Instrumental)
13. Save Today (Instrumental)
14. I’m Yours (Instrumental)

KBOY Magazine Interview with Kim Hyun Joong                      (souce:

Congratulations on the release of the first full album, “UNLIMITED” ! One year has passed since his debut in Japan. Releasing single albums, promoting live concerts and so on, Kim Hyun Joong spent a year at a run. Before he ends this year, he is going to compile the fruits of his activities of the this year into his first full album, UNLIMITED covering new three songs which is released in December. We had an interview with Kim Hyun Joong to look back his achievement in 2012 and to ask about his plan in 2013.

1. Look back Japan Debut in 2012 

Q: How do you feel the year of 2012?

HJ:      This year I could spend close to all of you (fans). Since the solo debut in Japan, I had much support, especially to the second album, “HEAT”. Having an opportunity to receive a song (both of lyrics and song) from B’z, a musician I have been longing for, I could challenge to a rock music, brand new genre for me to which you gave a tremendous support. From personal viewpoint, it was a specially fruitful year for me. I hope that the first album to be released in December will make a success as well, and thus I will be able to close this year in a fantastic way. 

Q: What was most impressive one?

 HJ:   Your question reminds me of so many things I had experienced in Japan like panorama. I particularly remember guerrilla live performance more than anything else. “Guerrilla performance” means that I show you performance at the venue where the conditions for performance are not satisfied, nor no security is assured. However, I could feel what I cannot feel on the stage. Fans also felt close to me. It is a pity that I can only see them in a very short time, but I appreciate them for their passionate support they give each time I visit Japan. 

2. First  Full Album, UNLIMITED

Q:  Could you tell us about the album concept?

 HJ:      It is Rock Sound. The songs before “Heat” were mainly dance music, but this time, the new songs consist of live performance instrumentals such as base, drum, and keyboard. The live rock sound is realized in this new album which is exactly I have been longing for. 

Q:  What kind of thought did you put in the title “UNLIMIED” ?

HJ:     Well I thought that I could not stay within the field I had been performing. I always like Rock and I have been thinking of stepping into this genre sometime. Beginning with Heat, I learned about genuine rock sound, and am ready to able to try many challenges now. I would like to show you my wide music specifications and that is why I put the title  “UNLIMITED” which means, I do not stay within the existing framework. 

 Q:   What are particular in the new album?

HJ:     As I have always been communicating to you, there is no change that I want to be your “Only One”. However, I would like to go further, not staying at the same place, but in order to continue to show you new style, I will do my best. 

Q:   The song list of the album seems to be the best selection. How did you choose the songs?

HJ:    This first album consists of three new songs as well as those released before. I picked up the songs I am specially attached to. I also wanted to select what all of you like the best. 

3. Your Story 

Q:  Different from Heat, “ Your Story” is a beautiful ballad , mid tempo track. Could you explain about the production process ?

HJ:   The original demonstration song of Your Story was  R&B with rap. In order to make difference from an ordinary ballad, I wanted to express a modern-rock feeling in it. Together with Mr. Kim Seong-lr, a basist of Daybreak, the famous modern rock band in Korea, we presented many ideas, thus creating a completely brand new song. In the recording, Daybreak members played a guitar, base, and keyboard which was 100% satisfactory for me. 

 Q:   You will work on MV shooting. What kind of image do you have in mind?

HJ:    I will show you a music video with a fantasy taste, which is completely different from the image of the song. It will be the opposite one you will imagine. Please expect. 

4. Save Today 

HJ:    For “Save Today” I collaborated with many artists. Mr. Kim Seong-lr was in charge of an overall arrangement of the song, while Mr. Yang Hye Seung of Pia, a popular rock band being in charge of drum and rhythm. Further, Mr. Alex of DOWNHELL, representative heavy metal band of Korea, took the part of guitar performance and its arrangement, which is the core part of this song. From composition to preparation and the recording, we spent the time most for this song. It was a precious experience for me to be involved in production together with them. 

5. I’m Yours 

Q:   It is a magnificient scale music composition. It is not a straight-forward love song, but there seem to be a hidden message. Is there any hidden message in it?

HJ:    In the lyrics of “ I’m Yours “, “ you “ means all of you, fans. The reason I can be here now is thanks to all of you. 

Q:   In the promotion pictures, you put many tattoo painting on your body. Did you come out with this idea by yourself?

HJ:    Yes. Though it is not a real tattoo, but I just wanted to show a different image which I have never shown to the fans. 

Q:   In some of the pictures, you have a guitar. Was it your own ? You actually played a guitar during the shooting ?

HJ:    I have a Gibson Les Paul, Fendar Standard and some acoustic-sound guitars. While preparing for this album, I started a guitar lesson. Sometime in future, I would like to play a guitar suddenly  in front of you. Please expect (laugh)

6. Miscellaneous 

a) What is must for Christmas ?

HJ:   I recommend to spend your Christmas with whom you love and my album^^ 

b) Next Year Plan?

HJ:    Any schedule has not yet been concrete. I just start Japan tour in January. 

c) Objective as musician?

HJ:     Charity concert where I would like to invite the fans from all over the world. I am not sure when I can realize but I always dream of this concert to express my appreciation to all of you. It will be nice if I could have one in the universe!!


Here is Kim Hyun Joong comment about the “Your Story” and the behind the story for Music Video shooting. Hyun Joong said:

This song is the precious chance for me to dig out real rock sound. I could join the new process, playing and arrangement,not only recording as a vocalist.”

The Music Video of Your Story has been shot by HONG WONKI, director (famous as creating Girls Generation MVs) at two studios out of town in Seoul for 2 days. The 1st day for the shooting was when he just came back to Korea from TV shooting late at night in China however he didn’t make him look tired and joked each other with the director and staff in enjoyable atmosphere during the shooting.

Kim Hyun Joong also talks about this Music Video, as he stated,   “This time MV looks fantastic. It was shot by 2 different sets to create the atmosphere like in a foreign country. There is the scene that I play a guitar which is fresh for fans. I could concentrate the shooting much more as I’ve done in the past because it was a short term, just only for 2 days. I think that the Music Video has many sides like I play a guitar and put my feeling expression. Please look for that.”

original source:

translated by OnlyKHJtimes


Now we know what Hyun Joong has been silently cooking up these past weeks as he lets his fans get a bite of the end result of his upcoming album Unlimited! Don’t you love this guy head over heels as he’s giving us something to be surprise about again? We’ll soon get to meet a different man again out of Kim Hyun Joong! I really think Hyun Joong has been proving what he said in Singapore interview as he was asked, what is the music style of Kim Hyun Joong? And he simply stated, the Kim Hyun Joong style, which is a unique one that he does not stick to one single music style.

Hyun Joong mentioned the meaning of his upcoming album as he gave the album title Unlimited, since this album is a compilation of what he worked hard for the entire year 2012, by creating different music concepts. As I can imagine, in this album is also like listening to different type of singers in one album package but was created by only one voice in one singer Kim Hyun Joong. Don’t you get tired of him? DEFINITELY NOT! How can we get tired if we keep seeing Hyun Joong like meeting different men in different image and listening to his music as if we’re listening to different music from one singer! On the contrary we couldn’t even get enough of Hyun Joong!!

For this year 2012 Hyun Joong was able to accomplish his goals of meeting his fans up-close and had created certain attachment between himself and his fans. He broke that barrier in reaching out for his fans, and yet equal respect dominated the entire events every time Hyun Joong was on his exposure. With overwhelming success from his hard worked craft he has been sharing with  his fans, words are enough to describe the feeling of standing tall at his side with great pride being Kim Hyun Joong fans.

There you have it, we have lots to look forward to for December and have a great festive Christmas season with Hyun Joong. For those who have not made their pre-orders for Unlimited, grab a copy now, this album is a memorable one that brings us a lot of memories for 2012, so don’t miss it!!

                                                                                         LazerKim here writing

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Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 29, 2012

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  1. Kim Hyun Joong                      628,500                               669,700
  2. Super Junior                              73,300                                  90,200
  3. Jang Geun Suk                          69,300                                  72,300
  4. Luo                                              39,500                                  41,000
  5. Park Yoo Chun                            37,600                                  39,200

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                 4,382                               5,187
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                             2,079                               2,241
  3. Beast                                              1,095                               1,116
  4. JYJ                                                     647                                  665
  5. Infinite                                                 561                                   584
  6. TVXQ                                                  294                                   309


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16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ROCK UNLIMITED

  1. Seeing him play that guitar made me the happiest person in the world!! That’s what I have wanting to see again since the moment I saw him play Canon and sing Creep in the Step Up Concert from 2006! I am so happy!!!!!!

    Seems like Super Junior fans are non stop voting at Yahoo Buzz Awards poll. I know we are way ahead but we can’t let our guard down. Super Junior has a lot of fans so we have to keep voting!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! he better play the guitar on stage again! And yes HJ really needs to win for 4 wins! SJ can’t claim it. ^^

  2. it’s actually a FendEr standard strat. XD he should buy more electric guitars… wait, I’ll give him the ones I own LOL xDDD but before givin’ em to him I will kiss them entirely ahsdhjasd and will throw some love spells on them xD j/k
    he’s so cute I remember this pic when he had a band and his bass was a jackson one xDD I agree with him, I also thought (from the teaser) that the MV was totally awesome, the photography, the sets, a really high standard. Can’t wait to watch it! =) Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi rzr! Missed you! Yes, I noticed the different guitars in the vid and thought to myself that he would not really play all of those in one song! Haaa! Haaa! I recognized the Fender strat in the album pics. The Les Paul is my favorite electric guitar and I’m glad he has one! he also has a beautiful guitar in the vid that almost looks like a Gretsch? It was shown so briefly, I wasn’t sure… I don’t know as much about bass guitars… I am glad he is now playing rhythm guitar. I like bass, but rhythm is sexier! Haaa! 😉

  3. aiyooo …obviously he’s only thinking and dedicating all the songs for his!!..he’s absolutely adorable man~~D
    enjoy reading his full interview about his Album,cant wait my album too to arrive ..hehe
    and that KR voting is a sore in my eyes!!..its like a magic touch by the other side voters >”< as if it even worse done by the robot kekeke..gogog for Yahooooo!!..great night ms writer 🙂

  4. OMG and WOW is the most used word in youtube after the released of jaw dropping YOUR STORY mv teaser yesterday lol! heartattack.breathless.speechless, go crazy,falling in love more, some even asking ”hj what have you done to me?” so on and so on…LOL that’s all kim hyun joong effect!
    Lets all calm down now… including myself! LOL! anyone knows when will be the release of full MV? i can’t wait…
    have a nice day!!

  5. Hi Lk, u re right. Khj made us go crazy, once I saw his teaser, I am being speechless n repeat it so many time. And then click the yesasia link, I preorder khj album..yes, i purchased it.😱😱😱
    Now, I can’t wait for release time another 2 week coming..n my copy is delivered.
    With buying his album, the way I could support Khj as well.. N still no forget to kerp vote him..
    He never stop amaze us, hes amazing star, supertalent entertainer,most handsome n pure heart celebrity.. He is the best of the best.
    Cheers good day

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