Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CONQUERING ADDICTS

By: LazerKim           Mr. Shy in his real life, yet so adorable being loved by millions shows the other side of Kim Hyun Joong in this photo above! A very down to earth type of man that no matter how the heights of popularity had brought him overwhelming success Kim Hyun Joong is shy by nature. Would you believe that?

Seeing Hyun Joong in his stunning personality, perfect handsome physique, walking tall with confidence but deep inside he’s so shy specially in strange places with strange people surrounding him! I think this is one side of Hyun Joong that stays with him forever as, Mr. Shy! This is just a part of getting to know Kim Hyun Joong as I was captured by this photo above!!

From being shy one moment, he starts talking in his most polite well mannered way, would just surprise you with his unpredictable 4D and would just hear the sound of his laughter!! For those who barely know Kim Hyun Joong would be deceived by his rare smiles who looks like a snob, by his cool calm personality like an elite, as he walk well posed and composed  Mr. Perfect, but deep inside this man is a gentle wacky down to earth in reality!

From yesterday’s article Superstar Quality, Hyun Joong has everything that it take being a superstar and is beyond comparable. No words can describe him because he’s unique in every way. He may not be that perfect since no one is, his 4D may be difficult to figure him out!! But what you see is what you get, simply reading his heart and you get everything you want from a star. Everything is just so special about him, and that’s Kim Hyun Joong!


Ever since I have seen the teaser of City Conquest, I’ve been counting the days and looking forward on its official airing! I used to be a Korean drama addict but I didn’t take too much interest in watching behind the scenes or making of the drama at YouTube. Maybe I didn’t have much time not until last year that gave me much chance that I find it interesting on how our favorite actors are while filming the drama.

There’s only one clip from City Conquest shown while filming and two teasers. Those may just be brief teasers, but it somehow gave us the idea how the drama was coming along. We also have seen a very different character from Kim Hyun Joong as he portrayed the lead male star Baek Mir which is the opposite character from the two previous dramas he had for BOF and PK.

The most anticipated City Conquest shall be aired in Korea early next year, therefore the filming is still on the process as it was said that shooting shall resume next month. I got a translation from K & Magazine, an interview with Hyun Joong revealed how he felt while filming this drama and here’s what he said:

“Because of my new character, I’ve now doubled my effort. I am always nervous every time we are shooting. “
Casted as the protagonist in the upcoming korean drama of 2013 ‘City Conquest’. What would be in his mind when he decided to join this drama.

I wanted to try a new challenge for my new character. Before most of my roles were a student. My character as Baek Mir in ‘City Conquest’ have been through a lot of rough and hard times and I worry because it’s my first time playing this kind of role. I am now giving twice as much of my effort compared to my previous one. I’m always nervous every time we are shooting. But I’m also happy while working in the shoot. “

Scans by Cozy                                                                  (Ms.D thanks for sharing)
Korean to English Translation: City Conquest Site (


As I was reading what Hyun Joong said, I can’t help but laugh, imagining him feeling nervous after doing the stunt actions that I have seen from the clip, and take note he was not given a stunt double that he has to do everything on his own effort! But seeing from the clip, he was doing good and seem confident, specially the motorbike scene, oh he’s so handsome in it!

But I never thought he was nervous during those scenes, although I’m aware that Hyun Joong had experienced motor bike accident in the past but that one was on his private time and not from work related. However it’s still worrying though, but so far as the filming goes, Hyun Joong did not experience any untoward incident.

I also remember in Japan as he was performing his concert at Saitama Arena as he sung the Japanese ballad Anata Ni. He was saying he was with a friend in a bar in Japan and felt a bit lonely and worried since he was already filming City Conquest. Hyun Joong heard this song Anata Ni that inspired him and shared this song to his fans during that time of his worries. This guy by nature is sentimental, and there are some moments he shares with his fans. Hyun Joong was simply itching to be on stage and perform for his fans that he loves doing so always!

If you still remember one time Hyun Joong wrote to his fans just to say he’s starting to get bored that he reads a book which he have not read before as he said! I got a speculation it was a script or synopsis of City Conquest that he was reading that time!! He wrote the letter to his fans a month before he started his fan meeting concert and first announced about City conquest on his first stop in Singapore press conference!


That time he wrote the letter, Hyun Joong was made to stay in his apartment to take a rest as he easily gets bored if his break is taking longer. As I recall that was his first break to spend in Seoul after the launching of his first album and his last event was the Yokohama first concert in February. Followed by his busy preparation for the fan meeting concert. And while his Asia Tour fan meeting concert was on-going, he was already preparing himself for City Conquest! This guy is a Superman!!

Last year I read from somewhere, as Hyun Joong was interviewed and was enumerating his layout plans for 2012 as, Asia Tour Concert Series, two to three album launching and drama filming. Hyun Joong was able to achieve his 2012 plans exactly how he enumerated and all those projects turn out to be huge success. I consider the filming of City Conquest a success, since it had already gained copy right sales prior to filming.

Somebody said something like, is he just talking out loud over an impossible dream? I would like to go back to her and enumerate what Hyun Joong had achieved for this year as I am intending to write on Hyun Joong’s year-end achievements on or before New Year 2013!! Hyun Joong may be a dreamer just like anyone of us, but his dreams are realistic and workable. He focus on those dreams and work hard to materialize, until he succeeds, he doesn’t stop re-inventing himself and bringing out something new every time. 

Hyun Joong is a man of few words and doesn’t brag about his achievements and his popularity boost. In fact he never take credits by himself but also tagged-in the people beside, behind and in front of him!!. Then we fans will brag about those achievements, spread the words in the most humble way we can. For every achievement Hyun Joong attains, it’s we fans take pride and feel happy just as much Hyun Joong is.


Now after two years, Hyun Joong shall be back to small screen for this drama, and it somehow feels like a first timer actor again, which is but natural feeling considering the time span of two years being away from the acting field. This time Hyun Joong as given ample time to prepare for City Conquest which I think is the best, since his previous dramas were made in rush, but despite of airing and filming at the same time, those dramas resulted in huge success. During the intervals of fan meet concerts, it was said that Hyun Joong’s spends with his acting couch and attended the acting school.

In July while Hyun Joong was launching his second Japanese album, the filming for City Conquest started. At the last series of Hyun Joong’s concert in Saitama, he bit farewell to the rocker Kim Hyun Joong and started to live the life of Baek Mir! But not long after the concert Hyun Joong the rocker came back on stage giving a big surprise to his fans as he performed with a live band in Tokyo.

In short Hyun Joong did his singing activities and City Conquest filming at the same time, but he was able to manage it with well-organized schedule. He was also given time to relax and play his favorite soccer with his FC Men team mates that allows him to be on exposure that given the chance for his fans to see him, despite of his preparation schedules for his album and City Conquest promotion.

Well all I can say is that many of us are still waiting for Baek Mir to appear on our TV screen. As Hyun Joong revealed he had rough times and hard times during the filming but deep inside he loves the challenge. We all know that this guy is an adventurer who likes doing something new no matter what difficulties may inflict on him, he always work hard for it and do his best all the time. And the most important thing is, he’s enjoying the filming, there’s nothing better than being happy with what he’s doing no matter what it may be.


It’s not only Hyun Joong as Baek Mir the lead character in City Conquest that I have been waiting but I’m also anticipating for Baek Mir to sing the OST for this drama!! Actually the very first time that I learned to appreciate Korean music is from the Korean dramas that I have been watching since 2004, before Hyun Joong introduced me to Kpop.

I didn’t even have any idea that it was Hyun Joong who sang the acoustic version of Because I’m Stupid for BOF OST, where I first have seen Hyun Joong! Most of the Korean dramas that I have watched has a good selection of OST, which I still listened to until now. How I wish Hyun Joong would sing as many as songs as possible for City Conquest.

This is a very important drama for Hyun Joong as his come back on screen and it would be such a memorable piece for him since Hyun Joong had been wishing to portray an action drama.  It would be nice to hear Hyun Joong sing another ballad songs as he did in his previous dramas, that it add spice to hear his songs to match some dramatic scenes. *sigh* This drama I’m sure is something to be addicted with again by his fans once it starts airing. What more if Hyun Joong sings the original sound track, for sure his fans would go crazy and fall for him over again!!

With City Conquest, Hyun Joong will conquer the drama addicts again and would surely win the hearts of the new ones, future fans!! How lucky we are to have Kim Hyun Joong with us. Watching Baek Mir in action scenes, at the same time singing the original sound track, it’s Conquering Addicts of the universe!!

                                                                                                LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!                           email (


Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 27, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                          580,300                           597,700
  2. Super Junior                                  68,300                             71,400
  3. Jang Geun Suk                              63,300                             66,100
  4. Luo                                                                                        36,200
  5. Park Yoo Chun                               34,600                            35,600

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Jae Won                                                                           3,290
  2. Kim Hyun Joong                              1,817                                1,876
  3. Beast                                               1,052                                1,069
  4. JYJ                                                      594                                  610
  5. Infinite                                                  497                                  514
  6. TVXQ                                                   271                                  280


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  1. i really want to vote too,but can’t get through with hallyu star..those who can vote,just keep on fighting..we pray that the judges will pick our ONLY ONE as the winner..coz online voting will be 20% only..fighting ALIENS!!
    As for CC,everybody’s excited for this drama..a warm YOON JI HOO..a cold BAEK SEUNG JO…and what for BAEK MIR??lets all make a name when we watch it soon..
    Thanks again ms. LK…stay safe

    • the problem is your name in korean which is easy to get using the google tranlator from your language to korean using your last name first, so I could do it yesterday, hope to help you

  2. He is truly mr shy with adorable look. I love this guy deeper…can’t get away from HIM.Upset with the result of top hallyu star Really can’t accept that.My neece and her boy friend was so angry,coz they keep on vote yahoo buzz and top hallyu star…how sis?can miracle help alien family this time?I wish… Thanks for all your article,god bless.

  3. i would like to vote in korean votes but they asked me a name in korean words that is a problem is somebody could translate AMPARO into this language to continue with the process THANKS

  4. Hi LK,

    I wanted to vote but can’t follow the instructions… 😦
    I’m Canadian and whenever I access the voting instruction I can’t follow it…is there a way that you can simplify it. I really, really want our beloved KHJ get the 2012 top hallyu star.

    Fighting! Fighting!
    Au revoir!

  5. I really, really can’t wait for CC! I haven’t really been watching any k-drama’s lately, though I love Answer Me 1997! It’s like it’s hard for me to even watch k-drama’s I’ve watched many times again because I won’t be able to until after CC is over! ^^

    I was shocked at the scoring on the Hallyu Star one! Where did that random guy come from? I smell something really fishy going on…hmm…

    Fighting HJ!

  6. Hi LK! I am so sad when I went to vote for Hyun Joong at Korean Culture awards today…. where did this other guy come from with such a huge lead? It doesn’t make sense. I am so upset! TT! If we were able to vote more than once a day it would be different. I will keep voting… I’m just really heartbroken.

    Also, just a side note… we started listening to Christmas music at the office today and it really made me long for Hyun Joong to do a Christmas Album. Sigh… if I could listen to him singing my favorite carols in Korean… I’d be SOOOO HAPPY! LOL!

    hope you’re having a good day.

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