Kim Hyun Joong…[article] URGENT VOTES!

By: LazerKim           This took me by surprise, Hyun Joong now at No. 2 with a huge gap from current No.1 Kim Jae Won!  Hyun Joong had 1,817 votes as of yesterday noon time and I never saw this guy from the top five, now he surpass all top five. How could this happen, all votes have been slow then all of a sudden Kim Jae Won is up there out from nowhere!!

May I call everyone’s attention to please vote, I know this is not easy since we’re just allowed to vote once a day but let’s keep fighting. For those who have not tried voting please do so, keep trying. We can do this, we just have to vote everyday!

I think there’s a mistake, Kim Jae Won was misplaced in the category, I hope this is just a mistake on where to place him, but it’s definitely not withing the Kpop singers since he is an actor and not Kpop. Kim Hyun Joong is within the Kpop category even he’s also an actor. However, let’s go on voting everyday.


                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

Hallyu Star Award
STAR Awards STAR to   my Hallyu Vote for us!
Hallyu Star Award category # 1! (255) cheering Post
3206 Kim Jae Won ‘s current total number of votes .

Drama ‘May Queen’ agency Khan Enterprise Award 2011 MBC Drama target mini-series division men Excellence

Artist | KIM HYUN JOONG – Star cheering Post (524)
Number of votes
Agency part of group SS501 kiyiseuteu Award 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards male Vocalist
Artist | BEAST -star cheer (179)
Number of votes
Members Yoon Doojoon, DooJoon, janghyeonseung, HyunSeung, JunHyung, sondongun agency, Cube Entertainment debut 2009 EP album Beast Is The B2ST awarded 1st Gaon chart K-POP Awards of the Year 2012 second quarter, Singer Album sector career 2012.08 K- Comics, but …
Artist | JYJ – Star cheer (52)
Number of votes
Members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and comply with his debut 2010 album [The Beginning] career 2012.10 2012.02 2nd one day exchanges jonghapjeon ambassador nuclear security summit ambassador 2011.11 of Education, Science and Technology Studies …
Artist | INFINITE – Star cheering Post (62)
Number of votes
Entertainment debut 2010 members of Optics and Chang Dong – Woo, the infrared, hoya, Cowpea, El, Lee, Sung – Jong agency ringing Mnet ‘Infinite! You are my brother ‘musician sector of the Year Award 2012 9th Korean popular music award netizens on groups & n …


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20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] URGENT VOTES!

  1. just keep on voting friends!!HJ will be happy once he learn that we give him a CLEAN vote…anyway lets just pray that the judges will pick him as the winner,coz online voting will only be 20% of the total percentage..lets keep on fighting ALIEN Family!!!

  2. Is this a JOKE???? i won’t be surprised if one of the idol group will take place the no.1 spot esp. TVXQ or JYJ, we all know how big the fan base of this idol group….butttttt this KIM JAE WON give me a break …this is a big big NOOOOOOOO WAY!
    This is unfair to us who have a hard time to registered and vote to death just to secured HJ at no.1.this so unfairrrrrr!!!!

  3. I’m a new fan of KHJ.. I was just wondering . . .do you know if Kim Hyun Joong ever read your blog? You seem to be a very dedicated fan so I was curious if he ever wrote to you or let you know in some fashion that he has visited your blog and read your posts about him. Keep up the great work. . .:) Love all your posts about Kim Hyun Joong.

  4. makes me crazyyyy!!i can’t get through!!how come the votes become like that!!!lalo akng naiinis,kc wla akng mgawa!!!dayaan nnman ito!!!can we find a way to report this ms. LK???it’s just so surprising!!!

  5. I couldnt register cos the instruction tat pop up all in Korean. I even tried with Korean name but not successful.


      • i guess there were spaces when you put your korean name, that was my problem the first time i tried but i removed the space for example: Lee sera (i removed the space to) leesera (of course assuming that those are in korean characters. Just try it if it will work the same for you guys.

  6. I was as surprised as all of you when i found out that he was no longer no. 1 and the most surprising of all the guy who replaced him just came out of nowhere and the next thing you know he was already no. 1..Seriously?!!! Obviously there is something foul going on here. He even didnt pass on top 5 he just went straight to no. 1!where can we report this???

  7. UNBELIEVABLE results na ito talaga…….wants a war???….after YBA, here another fraud???….OMG!!!!

    kailn kaya magkakaroon ng malinis na labana???…..he is not even on top 5, ngayon ay # 1….what a hell!!!

  8. What the hell is going on?????? this isn’t right? where is that name comes from? and look at the gap its quite huge whoaaaaaaaaa…this is not fair! what a bad morning…. im so upssssssseeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh no that might something error with the system. We must report this problem Lk, is there any way to contact the officer/ admin??
    This is unfair so pissed me off now..
    I just checked the kim jaewon profile wiki, he is not that popular i guess, he wasnt active in field n didnt have much award.. How come he got that much voted, this is definetely robot..n doubt his name just came out suddenly…
    We cannt let this happen..
    Fight fight, KHJ more deserve to be as hallyu star…

  10. LZ, is there a way that we can question this and contact the administrator? if we are fighting with the bots, its totally unfair :(.

  11. I am seriously PISSED! I have been voting faithfully everyday! Who is this KIM JAE WON robot? Do we have another robot like JGS???? I am angry! I will keep voting! KHJ deserves this award more than ANYONE! TTTTTTT!!!!

    • Gosh this name just popped out from nowhere really. I just hope this is a technical error, it seems so impossible since voting is that slow for everyone how could he jump that high?????

  12. but for me voting is not possible.. name shud be in korean language.. they r asking mail id in korean… though i trnslate it its not working out! wat to do.. hyun joong shud be the one to win this!1

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