Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SUPERSTAR QUALITY

By: LazerKim          Kim Hyun Joong fans who have been following him through out the years from the time he started being a musician prior to his debut with SS501 until at present. We have followed his long journey to stardom and how he grew up in the showbiz circle. Now many new fans who are in search of Hyun Joong can easily catch up from his history, perhaps enough to know the strength of his foundation being an artist. Hyun Joong is one of those artist who is well equipped and blessed with multiple talents and excellent looks that matches his perfect personality.

Celebrity stars of the showbiz is said to be compared by looking at the stars in the dark sky at night time. Some stars can shine so brightly specially the big ones, and some are small but twinkles. There are big stars in showbiz that just popped out from nowhere and would just fade away, sometimes without realizing he’s no longer active for whatever reason. It’s like setting a trend in music, making noise in attracting the public in just a short period, then people just fall to getting tired in matter of months of watching and listening until it fades away, just like an overnight success. And there are artists who can stay for a long time whom now we call the legends in showbiz.

Not all artists has the qualities to being a big star, the experts and producers can easily recognize a promising rookie of what he may become. Well of course this also depends on the artists of becoming one. There are many artists who are talented with good abilities and yet they are not that popular. Then there are some who are good artist, popular but losing the lime light by being over confident with their popularity who tends to be lazy in developing themselves or re-inventing their craft, until such time people gets tired of them.


Reading from Hyun Joong’s history background, he took his path towards the stardom, gradually, slowly but surely. From his younger years in school Hyun Joong already has that charisma that school kids were drawn to him. Until at this present day people are still drawn to him. Right from the start during his days as a trainee, a star quality already surfaced and had already spotted, seeing a promising rookie from Hyun Joong back in time.

At the Star Secret, it was said that meeting Hyun Joong on the streets you would know he’s not just an ordinary man. When Hyun Joong auditioned for DSP before he can sing and play his guitar, he was already accepted by the agent. After two years of training and finally debuted with his group, the media already took noticed of that young, handsome shy leader Kim Hyun Joong.

The leader who barely smile or find it hard to pose in front of the camera for a photo shoot during his days as trainee, has now became a fashion icon. The shy leader became one of the best leaders in Kpop idol groups. He knows who his group’s competitors are, but Hyun Joong remained friendly with other Kpop groups from his sunbae to the rookies as he treats everyone with equal respect, and maintained his modesty and being humble at all times. He was a leader who brought his members and the group’s name to further popularity.

And when Hyun Joong debuted as a solo singer, the hidden star finally shine on his own even brighter than ever. Hyun Joong is much better by 100% doing solo as he finally showed what he got hidden for many years. His star qualities finally shown his multiple talent as a singer, dancer, actor, model, athlete, that had boost his popularity further. Hyun Joong is one of the top most handsome Korean star as he was given the title Perfect, or walking statue, and a certified icon, blessed with handsome looks from head to toes, and beautiful inside out.


Hyun Joong is a rare type of artist having the best star qualities, that he possess almost everything being a total entertainer. Other than his perfect looks, multiple talents, his charisma, his unique 4D personality, his power of transformation, Hyun Joong knows how to handle his fans and it’s him as a person that draws people towards him. His sincerity, candid honesty, modesty, humbleness makes his fans stay. It’s so amazing that everything about Hyun Joong is just so adorable even in committing mistakes!! The way he talks, it’s always been polite, well mannered, and the most interesting of all is his unexpected 4D responses that makes him even special.

As a singer Hyun Joong chose to be a versatile artist in terms of music that he re-invent his style from time to time that you won’t get tired of him, on the contrary you can’t get enough of him instead. As an actor he tries to portray different characters in his dramas and in the near future we’ll see more of Hyun Joong being an actor as he portrays dramas of different genre. As a commercial model, his photos are just everywhere and by just looking as his handsome manly physique as if you’re looking at different types of men is another unique quality which is very rare for an artist. As an athlete, playing soccer is just his favorite sports on his leisure time, but when plays in the ballgame, he simply shine in the field!

Showbiz producers and experts have seen his potential right from the very start, as they know Hyun Joong has the power to conquer the hearts of many. And as they predicted Hyun Joong has the ability to becoming a bigger star, had started to surface. They know that Hyun Joong can handle his popularity and knows how to take care of his fame, bringing it to his heart without feeling the weight of popularity. Instead his growing fans continues to inspire him to bring out the best in him.

Keeping his feet firmly on the ground has always been in his mind all through the years of being an artist that his veteran fans can testify since they have been with Hyun Joong all this time. His fans increases everyday from the time he stepped in the lime light and even improved his popularity rate when he debuted as a solo singer. Hyun Joong still has a long way to go, we may never know what is ahead of him but while he maintains his status, he simply kept going and there are many more events to look forward for in the near future.


I came across a video clip entitled “The Secret of How to Attract Women” and one of the stars in the video was Kim Hyun Joong. Unfortunately the video doesn’t have English sub title, but the clip showed Hyun Joong’s concert in Yokohama with an overwhelming crowd of fans lined up at outside the arena and the Anan Magazine incident as the huge posters of Hyun Joong that created a crowd taking pictures of Hyun Joong’s posters and magazine sold out in just a matter of hours.

In one talk show, there’s a question that says “If you’re 10 years younger, who among the male stars that you want to dinner with?” I laughed at this since the guests were female celebrities who were much older than Hyun Joong!! Lee Sora was one the guests in the show and she ranked Kim Hyun Joong as No.1 in her lists among the male stars she likes!! There are many polls with similar questions that Hyun Joong always ranks the first.

For those who are not Hyun Joong’s fans yet, seeing Hyun Joong for the first time, may just be a mere attraction at first. I think most of us experience the same feeling of attraction and as we get to know him better it, we develop certain degree of addiction to Hyun Joong!! I’m sure majority of us likes everything about Hyun Joong, but there must be one special star quality that you like in him.

May I ask, what made you fall for Kim Hyun Joong? What special star qualities of Hyun Joong that captured your heart? Among the good qualities of Hyun Joong, for you, what is his best trait that you like most in him?  What could be that special star quality that for you is so addicting about Kim Hyun Joong? For a change, it’s your turn, share your thoughts and we’ll read from you!!

                                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 26, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                         565,300                          580,300
  2. Super Junior                                 67,800                             68,300
  3. Jang Geun Suk                             60,700                             63,300
  4. Park Yoo Chun                              33,100                            34,600

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                             1,757                             1,817
  2. Beast                                              1,028                              1,052
  3. JYJ                                                     585                                 594
  4. Infinite                                                 475                                 497
  5. TVXQ                                                  267                                 271


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18 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SUPERSTAR QUALITY

  1. Hi all it might be a bit late to join the convo but I will share anyway. Thanks for lazer kim for bringing up such an interesting topic. How did we get addicted to KHJ? Last week all that I know was He starred in BOF and was a good singer. I never really fall for any version of BOFs and never really thought pretty boy was attractive. So when I saw ji hoo I still didnt react much. But it all change after watching a string of episodes of Barefoot friends (Indonesian mission) in which he was so masculine and shed off all his pretty boy persona. Then I googled and saw his recent solo work in Unbreakable and I had a terribly hard time believing that he was that ji hoo. Hahahaha. After an intense ‘research’ on him and saw him on WGM, I fell hard! I was never a kPop fans and never really took much interest before. But this guy is different. I guess it wasnt just his looks that got us hooked, but rather his personality and competitive yet humble attitude towards success. Never did I expect someone with face prettier than most women, to be so downright masculine.. Be it his attitude towards his ambition, or witty/frank answers he gave out in interviews. I would say that his x – factor or charisma is his androgynous quality (in his case, having a feminine face complemented by statuesque masculine figure and a big personality with obvious manly swagger). All in all, one among the few public figure having androgynous appeal like he does is Michael Jackson. And I would dare say if he maintains and grow this charm, he would exist for a very long time. Given his being only 27 with so much versatility, Korea should be ready for the next Asian Michael Jackson in no time. 😉

  2. Your questions right go through my mind.Yes! What actualy make me fall and addicted to HIM?whole package,that’s HIM!
    First time I love HIS EYES,oh god,I just love HIM as ji hoo,so start searching HIM,till now I can’t get enough of HIM.The more I know HIM,more addicted it be. HE IS RARE STAR.It’s been loong week away without your article,I have to catch up. Thanks sis, God bless.

  3. for me it was Ji Hoo. The character was so beautiful and my heart went out to him for his awkwardness and unrequited love. Then, when I actually got to know Hyun Joong, who is nothing like Ji Hoo, I FELL HARD! Now, I am forever his and he is forever MINE! I love my Angel Baby!

  4. I just love everything about him. From head to toe! Aside from his charming looks and for being versatile artist, I love how he handles every fans, he gives importance to us. He never fails to make us smile. His 4dness and his rare smiles! His honesty and very down to earth and willingness to help those in need. I won’t ask for more,because this star got everything in one package!<3

  5. The first time i saw him. Honestly, i admit he was handsome but i thought “meh, too pretty!” ..i actually dislike him ..then years later while watching a music channel i saw his video PLEASE and i loved the song and i thought the name was familiar so i searched for it. And to my surprise it was Jihoo! Who would’ve thought that pretty boy can be that HOT?! I got curious so i deepen my research to my surprise the guy’s personality made me fell in love with him..So i must say more than his looks and talent its who he is as a person that makes him shine MORE brighter than others.

  6. Just love every bit of this guy….everything! even his toe nails ,scars and eyebags LOL! If this is addiction? i dont want to be cured ever! Thanks Lazerkim!

  7. 1st got attracted with his Ji Hoo personality..then as i know more about him,i’ve fallen deeper on how he treats his fans..ung tipong kng pede nyang lapitan isa-isa ang mga fans nya,ga2win nya…i’ve fallen deepest on his humbleness and charity works that even us(fans) follow what he’s doing..his hardwork and patience..his honesty and respectful…what else…hmmm..i think that’s enough ms. LK..i just wanna say,i love everything with KIM HYUN JOONG!!maybe even his negative side..i’ll always be a HENECIA..

    Thanks ms. LK for giving us space in ur express how we love HJ!!stay safe…

  8. Hi Lk,
    I fall for him as ji hoo in bof. He caught my attention in the very first episode, with his reserve non smiling face. As simple as that.
    Then everything is history…he can do no wrong in my eyes. Crazy ehhhh. But that is the effects of khj.

  9. Hello, LK!…thanks once again for a nice article about my Bunsoy….DAEBAK!

    His simplicity & down to earth character why I love & like this boy…..nothing to say more……..simply the best!

    Have a nice day & hope to read more, more, more articles about him….I’m so near, yet so far from him now…breathing with the same air with him….hahaha

    Ingat!…Miz ya!

  10. hayyy…ako hindi ko ma discribe kung ano ang gusto sa mga katangian ni kim hyunjoong…ang alam ko lang habang tinitingnan mo lang yong mga pic niya nakaka-addict…dagdag mo pa yong mag basa ng article mo mo miss LK….wala talaga ma a-addict kana
    salamat …

  11. The whole package. His expressive eyes, at times smiley & other times sorrowful. His bright and sweet innocent smile. His voice and the way he carries himself. Sigh!!!

  12. Pingback: Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SUPERSTAR QUALITY | LazerKim

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