Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WISHING STAR

By: LazerKim           Kim Hyun Joong hit the soccer field again last night at Nissan Stadium Yokohama, and his team FC Men won in the ballgame with score 4-1, and Hyun Joong got a goal from the ballgame! Congrats to Hyun Joong and his team! It was raining yesterday but it did not stopped Hyun Joong fans to be there to cheer for him and watch him play the soccer with his team. Before the ballgame started Hyun Joong got out to the field to greet his fans smiling, nod and wave at  everyone! He’s so handsome and definitely very manly! Last year when I was still researching on Hyun Joong  I didn’t know he was this athletic, and when I saw his pictures at the soccer field, all I can say was wow! Is there anything else Hyun Joong cannot do?


Before I move on, a fan posted a picture of Mr. Jeong that really shocked me, seeing him lost a lot of weight! What happen to him? He looks haggard that I don’t know but I just felt sad seeing him like this! It was barely months ago the last time we have seen him and see him now that I can hardly recognize him. It seemed as if, is he having a hard time? Is he overworked or something? When he was with Hyun Joong he was always fresh despite of Hyun Joong’s hectic schedule. Mr. Jeong had been a part of Hyun Joong as one of the closest man beside him, and taking care of him. What happened to Mr. Jeong? How I wish he would just go back to Hyun Joong, he’s much better with him as his bodyguard.


Yahoo Buzz:     Nov. 24, 2012

Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today 

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                         523,500                           548,100
  2. Super Junior                                60,000                              68,800
  3. Jang Geun Suk                            52,400                              57,000
  4. Park Yoo Chun                            29,300                               31,700

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                         1,504                                   1,670
  2. Beast                                            922                                       986
  3. JYJ                                                549                                       572
  4. Infinite                                            416                                       455
  5. TVXQ                                             238                                       255


Hyun Joong said when he works, he gives it 100% effort to work on whatever project he has, and when he plays, he gives in to same 100% either he’s on the soccer field or spend it with his buddies. Hyun Joong couldn’t stand it having a long rest. This whole year round he’s been moving around from preparing for his fan meeting concerts, preparing for his album and shooting for City Conquest till the end of this year. In one of Hyun Joong’s interviews in HongKong he said this:

I’m human too, with my busy work schedules, I also wish to have time off and get some good rest. But due to my own personality, which is that I would not be able to let myself rest for a long period. I love to work continuously, I would practice even during my days off. I must find some work for myself to do… If there comes a time where I really get a long holiday, for example this time, after my fan meeting tour ends, after the promotion for the Japanese album ends and also after filming the drama…By that time, it should be end of December already…Before 2013 arrives, I hope to spend about 10 days to travel to overseas instead of Korea. I’d like to go to a warm country so that I can spend my winter like summer.”

I sure do hope Hyun Joong would be able to have that break, since his schedule for December is full packed with his album launching and shooting for City Conquest shall be resuming too. Even as the year 2013 starts, he also has scheduled concerts in Japan and with hopes City Conquest is scheduled to be aired early January. And as expected the drama promotion shall also begin. We got a week to go and Christmas season starts, at last the most anticipated events will come soon!! Actually it’s not only Hyun Joong who’s gonna be busy around December, I guess all of us will also get busy with Christmas parties from here and there, and updating Hyun Joong’s event activities!


Let’s talk about something lighter for this weekend. I read a post that says Hyun Joong’s best friend Kim Jae Jong spends his Christmas eve with Hyun Joong since both are bachelors living on their own. I wonder how Hyun Joong would be spending his Christmas eve this year, since he’ll be in Japan for fan sign event on the 22nd of 23rd of December. Of course we fans are the merriest to spend this Christmas season with Hyun Joong since he’ll be having many exposures this season. 

What can be your Christmas wish for Hyun Joong to end the year 2012 and to start the year 2013? Well for me, I’m wishing Hyun Joong would be able to hit the Oricon Music Chart for his third album and attaining the top rank at the voting polls. Hyun Joong has been doing an excellent music that all his albums are always in the chart since he dis solo performance  that make us proud of him all the time. I wish he’ll be able to maintain that, since he always works hard in every album he does. He is truly a soloist that can be envied about by his other co-star singers. Hyun Joong deserves no place but the best to be on top, and we fans are the only ones who can do that for him.

As I always said there are many ways in supporting Hyun Joong and of them is supporting his albums that we also benefit from buying his music CD that’s been keeping us company in our daily lives. Hyun Joong may not have a Korean album for this year since his target goal for this year is the Japanese market. However, it was not only the Japanese market that attracted his music but the global community as well, that until at present his previous album Heat which he released in July this year has been gaining good sales record.

Another wish that I have is the success of City Conquest which is scheduled to be aired early next year. I’m still waiting for an official teaser for this drama and honestly I’m dying to watch this drama! And as days go on the further my eagerness grows that made me re-watch other dramas and seeing Hyun Joong from the lead character from whatever I watch!! This must be crazy but how I really wish Hyun Joong would be able to have more chances of doing dramas. I was thinking if only Hyun Joong has another twin body that one can do dramas and the other can do albums!! At least my greed to have both in one body would not tend Hyun Joong to over work himself!!LOL!




The other night I was browsing the history of other Korean actors achievements and I can’t help think how lucky I am to follow a star who has so many achievements in terms of music and dramas. Not to mention Hyun Joong’s long lists of endorsements that we can see him everywhere through his handsome photos as product endorser from various companies! The actors from the dramas that we watch, I would say a fan is lucky if she’ll be able to watch her favorite actor at least two dramas in a year. While Hyun Joong may have one drama in a year but can do series of concerts at the same time. We have so many chances of seeing Hyun Joong and yet I still can’t get enough of him!!

I’m also a very lucky fan because my co-fans are also very active at the internet to be posting as many photos of Hyun Joong. With just looking at Hyun Joong’s handsome pictures can be so entertaining too that makes me smile every time. Being a commercial model, spreading those photos around the internet, oh Hyun Joong can make my day complete! And then his hobby of playing soccer became entertaining to his fans too!! This guy continues to amaze me as time goes that instead of getting tired of him, the more my eagerness to see him grows. Hyun Joong is just so addicting!! 

Many fans may be busy in our daily routine life, but there will always be time to spend at the internet to check on Hyun Joong. If ever there’s a voting polls with this question “Who among the stars that you consider addicting?” I’m sure Hyun Joong is always gonna be on top with no doubt!! Who would ever get tired of this guy? On the contrary, the fact that we cannot even get enough of Hyun Joong , I think it’s never gonna be enough! Can we deny our greed in all honesty? I don’t think so!! 

However, Hyun Joong’s schedule of appearances is just right enough. Hyun Joong always gives time for us fans to miss him. And when the right time comes to be out there, we take every advantage to see Hyun Joong with a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness. We may be busy with our daily lives, but there’s always a space exclusively for Hyun Joong in our heart. Lastly, I wish Hyun Joong would be blessed with good health always. As time goes for a year and a half since he debuted as solo singer, Hyun Joong just keep going on his climb to the top.

This is all I have for today, please do keep our votes at polls. I never doubted we fans do unite in one goal for our Wishing Star to be up there on top to wherever we support Kim Hyun Joong. 

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] WISHING STAR

  1. I love seeing Hyun Joong play soccer but it made me really sad to see Mr. Jeong looking so thin. When he came to Hyun Joong’s fan meeting in Seoul he didn’t look quite so thin in those pics I saw of him as he does in the above pic. I really hope he is doing ok.

  2. Hello LK, hope you are ok and your eyes as well. Doesn’t Hj looks dashing in those au naturel photos? just MAN, just “him” without any make up, even the colour of the hair is just right, the one before the last pic is just, wow, can I take him home?! – You just mentioned something about cloning him, imagine KHJ clone will sell like You can start a start-up, u will get a big bussiness.
    Seriously now, he looks tired but happy and I really wish him a good rest, whenever he would be able, because he seems busy and workoholic as usual. What Becca mentioned about a Korean Album? is that a new album coming out in addition to the Unlimited?
    I must say I loved his last airport fashion, a young man, sophisticated, sport elegant, this is a good look for HJ, because he is way beyond his teen days. Have a nice (what’s left) weekend, all.):

  3. About the bodyguard, he started losing weight while he was still with HJ but he looked happier then nontheless. Now, he looks blank. But these are only pictures so I don’t know. Did you notice no bodyguard in the Japan trip for FC Men game.

    Nice of you to monitor the ongoing polls. Thanks LK.

  4. My wish is KHJ would have a chance to spend his vacation in warm country like Indonesia… Come to Bali and he’ll be amazed by the paradise island!

  5. My wish is KHJ would have a chance to spend his vacation in warman country like Indonesia… Come to Bali and he’ll be amazed by the paradise island!

  6. Ms. LK!!npatawa m ak s twin body ni HJ!!haha..but seriously if given the chance why not??1 doing drama,and another 1 for singing & dancing..keke 🙂
    My wish for baby HJ is
    1. to be successful in everything he does(i know he is & he will doubt about that)
    2. for him to be healthy as always…
    3. and most of all for him to have a break..have a good rest without thinking anything but to enjoy..he deserves to have that…for a hardworking idol,i think we can give that..
    By the way,does anyone know how to get a reservation ticket for yahoobuzz??please inform me..thanks everyone!!
    Thanks again ms. LK!!Stay safe… (~_~)

  7. Doesn’t he look more him with his natural look when playing soccer? It makes him look more manly in a way. I am so glad he’s really ahead in the Yahoo Buzz Awards! And Top Hallyu Star too! Woot! You all know I can’t wait for CC, CC promotions, and HJ’s new album with three new songs! I also read an excerpt from Drew Ryan Scott’s new interview (it’s on YT I believe) and he said he’s working with HJ on his new Korean album, which will be a hip-hop theme with some other pop genre. That should be interesting…honestly I was hoping for a Korean rock album, but hopefully that will be in the future! ^^
    Fighting, Hyun Joong!

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