Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MISSING IN ACTION!


By: LazerKim                 Kim Hyun Joong was spotted at Gimpo airport yesterday around 2PM departing for Japan and arrived safely at Haneda airport at 6PM, to attend the soccer match with his team FC Men to be held in Nissan Stadium Yokohama today. It was said that Hyun Joong wasn’t able to catch up with his team mate’s flight due to his schedule, since Junsu was spotted at the stadium yesterday afternoon shile Hyun Joong was still at the airport!!

Other than this I still got no details as yet, Hyun Joong indeed is like a shooting star that he would just appear at the airport from nowhere and gone again!! But I’m glad to see him again! The ballgame shall be held today at the Nissan Stadium Yokohama. I can’t help to notice the picture above, Hyun Joong was holding an orange in his right hand with his passport! And I don’t see his bodyguard! I wonder if this is including as official visit to Japan?


Yahoo Buzz:

          Nominees:                        No. of votes Yesterday                    No. of votes Today

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                        497,500                                      523,500
  2. Super Junior                                58,500                                         60,000
  3. Jang Geun Suk                            49,900                                         52,400
  4. Park Yoo Chun                            28,500                                          29,300

Top Hallyu Star:

  1. Kim Hyun Joong                         1,355                                            1,504
  2. Beast                                             875                                                922
  3. JYJ                                                 525                                                549
  4. Infinite                                                                                                   416
  5. TVXQ                                                                                                    238

We’re getting good results here, I think everyone is actively voting, I’ll be posting daily results on my daily articles at noon my time until the polls close down. Well I just do hope Yahoo Buzz would keep the vote numbers as transparent as they could. Let’s make this voting a daily habit anyway this will only takes two weeks while waiting for Hyun Joong. By the time this polls close down Hyun Joong shall be out there to promote his third album in Japan. So may I remind those who would like to make their pre-order of his album, you may do so, since the pre-order close down before its scheduled release on December 12. Let this album as our Christmas present for Hyun Joong by hitting the top rank at the Oricon Music Chart before this year ends.


At this point you won’t believe it but I’m in the mood for love!!! Don’t get me wrong I just happen to be interested in the love affairs of some celebrities, that I would like to share with you with hopes we fans can learn from it. Let’s just say my mind was being influenced by the romantic dramas that I have been watching lately, just to minimize my time spend at the internet!! Every time I watch dramas and if I like an actor or actress, it will surely follow another drama with the same actor that I watched in the previous ones.

I re-watched Secret Garden which has a good story plot, good cast and good OST too. Last night I browse at YouTube to download some soft music from this drama, I happen to get to the behind the scene of Secret Garden and I can’t help read many comments from the fans of this drama pertaining pairing of Hyun Bin the lead actor and Ha Hi Woo, which gave me the impression that there’s a dispute among the fans! I was caught by the intrigue how these fans could be so interfering on their idol’s personal life. To my curiosity I went over Hyun Bin’s news file that currently he’s serving at the military which he started last year.

But before he got enlisted he was entangled in a news that probably surprised some of his fans. For a briefer, Hyun Bin was dating his co-star Song Hye Gyo in his previous drama that both opened it up to the public about their relationship and broke off before filming the drama Secret Garden but the couple did not inform their fans pertaining the break-up not until Hyun Bin was about to get enlisted. He was paired up with Ha Ji Woo as his lead lady for Secret Garden that somehow gave the impression to the fans that Hyun Bin broke off with Song Hye Gyo because of Ha Ji Won, that some fans did not like!!

This is a typical example of celebrities who opens up their private affairs to the public. I can’t help think, poor Hyun Bin who was being entangled with his own fans conflicts over his personal relationship. Here’s what he said: “Do I have to make my private life public? The standards seem to be so very different. Fans say that they need to know about my private life, and there are also those who claim that I have to tell them. Personally, I do not want to show everyone everything. If I show everyone all I have, what do I have left to show? There’s a lot of rumors going around, but I don’t want to tend to those. Do people want a bad ending, or a good ending?” He concluded, “I don’t know what kind of ending people want, but they’ll find out naturally when the time is right.”

I agree with Hyun Bin, this is short of saying damn if you do, damn if you don’t. Why can’t fans leave the privacy of their idols?


As I was reading about Hyun Bin I can’t help feel sad for these celebrities and of course I wouldn’t want Hyun Joong to experience the same. From time to time I write articles about the boundary of fans and idol. And I agree with Hyun Joong 100% as he said he doesn’t want his personal relationship to go public. Not because Hyun Joong is a public figure doesn’t mean he can’t keep anything for himself. Some of his fans may not believe as he said he’s not dating anyone and would still insist it’s impossible!! Not because he’s good looking with a star status and would easily find a girl to like him, he would just grab anyone!

Just like Hyun Joong who doesn’t want to be sneaking around with girls, Hyun Bin went public about his dating and as a result it only created conflict among the fans. Hyun Joong is also an actor who is bound to have leading ladies in his dramas and it’s very likely that fans would link him with his leading ladies. Fans should learn to identify dramas or reality shows and reality. Hyun Joong would be hopping from one leading lady to another but these are just his co-workers.

Although I understand watching romantic dramas can be so fascinating seeing actors as couple specially those with good chemistry in a particular drama. But once the drama filming ended, then they go back to reality. Just the same with their audience, once they get done with watching the dramas and reality shows, then it ends. Even in reality shows, having the cameras focus on participants in the reality shows, they too are given instructions on how the stars should act in front of the cameras.

Hyun Joong said something like, he prepares himself as he was given instructions on how he will present himself to his fans during a reality show. Just like in dramas, the only difference is he was given a script to memorize lines while at the reality show he was given a mission to act as a husband to a wife older than him by 6 years. Hyun Joong said, all the ladies that he meets are strictly for business ONLY. Why can’t we believe him???


In producing dramas it can be said to be successful if the actors were able to capture the hearts of the audience. Some would love the chemistry  of lead actors and actress, fine, I do experience it too. But for some fans do bring that pairing to reality to the extent of proving they are dating even they are not!! At this point it is not the media who’s making up stories but the fans themselves who are making up stories. And Hyun Joong is a victim of these story tales. Now that Hyun Joong is working on his upcoming drama City Conquest, for sure this is another episode of that fairy tales made by some of his own fans, and creating foolish conflicts by different camps who’s pairing him up.

May I ask, are we not contented with Kim Hyun Joong alone? Why do these fans keep on insisting he’s dating with his leading ladies? You know what? These people are making Hyun Joong a LIAR out of some fans make up fairy tales. Have you thought about it and at least consider how Hyun Joong would feel? He kept on saying he’s not dating anyone, then why do these fans kept on insisting he is, and trying to prove it? I don’t get the logic, at all, we all say Hyun Joong is honest to everything he say. But here they are appear to be doubting his honesty. Why can’t these people believe what Hyun Joong is saying if we keep on saying he is honest?

I think they do not realize how conflicting this is. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about since Hyun Joong is being paired with two celebrities both of whom he worked with in his previous TV show projects. Hyun Joong is bound to have a dozen leading ladies in his future dramas, does this mean he will be dating with these ladies too? That every time he has a drama project fans would just pair him up to the extent of making up stories and prove they are dating? Will this be the trend now, since Hyun Joong is bound to have a dozen leading ladies in the future? Then I would say, poor Hyun Joong who has always been a victim of his own fans insinuations!


Hyun Joong has been careful about his reputation, and I don’t think I would just let go whoever destroys it. We are his fans and we’re here to defend and protect him, and I will  protect him even from his own fans who play fantasies on him over the internet. If these people has every right to display those edited pictures and videos, then I get the same right too to write my opinion, to go against fans who are doing those fake and lies about Hyun Joong dating this and that. If ever he’s dating, then leave him alone, do not try prying on his private life. I wouldn’t want Hyun Joong to end up like other celeb who would just be wasting his time explaining himself over his right to privacy.

Hyun Joong is a decent man and we all know he came from a decent family. Not because he is a star and public figure that we should own him and play dirt on him. If Hyun Joong is  being paired up with a new leading lady, then let’s respect. These people are professionals, they work on dramas that may capture our heart but once the drama ended, then so be it, their work ends. Whether they are dating or not, it’s none of our business therefore leave their private lives alone. We may never know we fans may end up to be a burden to these professional artists. And we wouldn’t want that to happen to Hyun Joong.

Others may think Hyun Joong fans are selfish, excuse me, what do I care, his relationship is his own privacy which is absolutely “OFF LIMITS” to his fans. Whether he declares it or not, it’s none of our concern. Some fans would say, Hyun Joong needs somebody beside him, but who are we to dictate to him, that’s for him to decide whether he needs somebody or not. Hyun Joong kept saying he doesn’t have any plans of dating, but it seems to me that some fans could not accept his words. Why??

One camp would say Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong are dating, and the other camp says Jung So Min and Hyun Joong are dating and both camps are trying to prove or insinuate the relationships!! Well, so that makes Hyun Joong a playboy!! So Hyun Joong appears to be the bad guy, is that so?? Do you think this is good? These fans may admit it’s their fantasy, wishing Hyun Joong would end up with these ladies whoever, fine. But with their lies and rumors spreading around the internet had already deceived the innocent new fans of Hyun Joong for believing such insinuations.

I would admit I was just one step of being deceived when I was a new fan!! I even remember a fan was telling me that Hyun Joong got very drunk because of Hwang Bo that the concert for Thailand has to be canceled!! I laughed at that!! The fact that Hyun Joong was caught by H1N1 as the reason why the concert has to be postponed. See, if I believe in such crap I would think Hyun Joong is unprofessional! I’m just grateful that I’m fond of investigating before concluding.

So for the new fans, do not be deceived by those stories, pictures and videos, those are just fantasies of some fans. I wonder now, how well do these fans respect Kim Hyun Joong?? I’m just asking.


I’m not against pairing in dramas, I love watching romantic scenes and romantic plot, the couple in the drama may look good but once the show ended, then it ends. But I shall not forget how good these actors played their role as couple on screen, nothing more nothing less. Let’s learn to identify drama on TV and reality are two different things. We may be carried away by what we watch on TV, fine, it only shows that the dramas we watch are effective to the audience. But going beyond what we see on the actors is something else, that we fans should not pry on. This is just my point.

It is not my intention to create disputes among fans or fan war for writing this article, my intention is simply stating some facts that some fans may have failed to realize. We see Hyun Joong paired up with his leading ladies and they have a good chemistry which may be good seeing them together in dramas, as we become their admirers as a couple. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

But I don’t think it’s right for us fans to make up stories and fairy tales out of Hyun Joong and his leading ladies and to be spreading false rumors about them. Leave that story telling and fantasies to the professional book authors and writers which I think is more credible for entertainment!!

Kim Hyun Joong as we all know is a decent respectable young man, as fans let’s have some reality check. How well do we respect him as our ONE AND ONLY??

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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29 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MISSING IN ACTION!

  1. being a public figure like kim hyun joong anticipated already that his privatelife will be in drag publicly.thats the pay he gain in return being a public being crazy about his loveaffairs brought thousands,let it be… anyway thats their freedom of expression.the very reason of khj to be a hallyu star for years.

      • agree with you. is a huge scripted circus there. everything boils down to the number games and the moolah raked in. sometimes its not as if the fans don’t know the difference between fact and fiction, its just their way for creating a sense of normalcy. so whenever the stars have great chemistry, the fans root for them to be real life couples n live happily ever after! why?! it makes no difference to the fans at the end of the day, is probably their way of making the stars realise and focus on something beyond the glitz and glamour … the day the stars actually start speaking what they feel and not what their P.R tell them would be the day the over zealous fans would ‘probably’ let them be in peace and just be actors acting out.

    • I love Kim Hyun Joong. I respect Kim Hyun Joong. And I want him to have a girlfriend. He deserves to be loved, not only fans. He is a worthy young man. I will be happy if she is with him now.
        It does not matter who or what he thinks. He is 27 years old. He zdoroavy young man. He needs love and warmth. Is not it normal that in 27 years, the young man has personal desires. But fans tend to think only of themselves. Let’s stop asking questions about his personal life. Let’s enjoy his talent. Let his house will be warmed by the warmth of the people he loves. Do not we wish him happiness? Thanks for your article.

  2. Yay! I just got back in town so I could vote again and I see they have the voting numbers up! We are doing great but we have to keep voting.

    I am really glad to see that there are many that feel the same as I do. Hyun Joong’s private life is just that…private and none of us fans has any right to know anything about it. He does not lie but he will also only tell us what he wants us to know and we need to be happy and content with that. I just keep telling people if it doesn’t come straight from Hyun Joong’s mouth then it’s nothing but rumors and should be treated as such. Most agree but of course there are some who don’t. I’ve got to where I just ignore those who want to argue and “prove” to me that he is with whomever they believe he is with. No point in arguing with them because they see what they want to see and nothing else. I just state what I know to be true and move on.

  3. well dear it is very difficult to stop those fans , who I conside they are not KHJ fans they are the fans of those girls, I thought are they who wanted to match the girls with him, even some tried to convice us the he is gay, but we the mayority of fans are mature enough to laught of it .
    we love as who he is no matter what others tried to say

  4. another shipper claiming hj dating jungsomin?then other shipper claiming hj dating onother older girl.both fandom strongly believing hj dating!shameless.u right ms lazerkim they only make hj LIAR,no dispostion at all to decide for himself about his lovelife.those fans are the one who is courting for him,they dont respect hj at all.why they call themselves they fan of
    hj?sure fans are professionals but how come they dont know what is scripted and reality?some fans also talk already about hj future kids with the older it right?are they really gone crazy?my second time comment on your blog.

    • well said..some of them never respect HJ and the ladies..they always claimed HJ fans never respect their fandom,fine,i can accept it…but they shouldn’t do something that over limits and spreading the rumors..and i agree with u too.i’ve heard some fans claimed that the older girl pregnant and the father is HJ..i’m totally speechless. its spread over the internet. i feel sorry for that older girl and HJ.those fans are really crazy.
      they should find the real reason why HJ fans lost respect to the fandoms before blaming HJ fans.

      • Sorry you are good writer you could understand HJ’s mind well but if you respect to HJ you should give respecting to lady (who you call older girl ) Kkk you should call her HB >Hwangbo She ve got name thank you for your blog ;take care I like your blog

    • Thank you for sharing. I agree with you I know some of those fans are professionals and matured, I don’t know what happen! Although some admits to be delusional which I don’t buy at all, it they indeed understand what respect means. They want to be respected, respect their opinion, fine, but what about respect to KHJ and the ladies too?
      Have a great weekend take care and see you! God bless..

  5. Very well said,Ms LK. i hope those fans can respect Hyun Joong and the ladies’s private life.Its their right who they want to be with.
    of course if they want people to respect their fandom,they should know their limitation as a fan.what should do and shouldn’t do.its not wrong if they want to make fanart about their favourite couple,as long as did not effect the celebrities’s my opinion, they’re the one who did not knw the meaning of RESPECT.i rather being a selfish fan instead lets those fans damage Hyun Joong’s and the ladies’s career.
    thanks Ms LK..writing such a wonderful article.

    • Hi im sorry but i can’t help myself but you are right if they can’t respect HJ or doesn’t believe him what he is saying that he is not dating anyone then be it..but my gosh to think about those ladies whom they are dying to be with HJ is disgracing on their part and to think that those ladies have FBs and Twitters and which they can pick up all those rubbish things we say about them(not me) am not interested at all except for HJ alone!..hello the other fandom says they have the reliable sources????? say they are sure 100% HJ is dating their girls..can’t they have an option what IF NOT???? did they think about what’s the impact to both parties (HJ and the ladies??)..anyway i don’t want to become a laughing stock if everything is turned out to be UNTRUE!!!!..can we Respect their private life and educate ourselves not to tell TO THE WORLD their “secret” if they do have >,<..have a good day/night!..

      • LOL Oh sis yes they have reliable source the photo shop of course!! The ladies won’t do anything it’s one way of gaining fans, remember KHJ is more popular than them. They are just lucky HJ is such a gentleman.
        Have a pleasant weekend sis, take care and be happy!! see you!!

  6. lol I’m against pairing up ppl xD I just can pair him up with me XDDDDDDDDDDDD ROFL
    I dunno I don’t care about ppl’s love life actually and I’d just believe what the actual person says about their current status xDDD

    But yeah, ppl are weird sometimes…. I remember many ppl talking about me dating this handsome guy xDDD but yeah he just happens to be my best friend, who’s gay but he’s very touchy towards me LMAO So yeah, rumors lack sense many times so that’s what i don’t believe ’em.

    I’m reading the live updates of the soccer game rn \o/ xDDD
    Have a nice day, dear!

    • these are real nice pictures thanks for sharing. Maria I was smiling at one of these pictures, the three of you looks like detectives!! LOL I am sure you had such a great time in Seoul, I felt as if I was there with you at Jaksal!! I’m so happy for you to experience! Thank you so much and please do take care, enjoy yourself have more fun in Seoul God bless…see you again!

  7. Hi, LK. Thanks alot for your article. I do agree with you on this. KHJ fans must give more appreciation on his achievement. Love him just the way he is. Let’s follow only the right path… Let go his private life.

    • Oh well everything has its own time and place. We just have to follow where he is and guide those who lost their way!! Thank you! Have a great weekend take care and see you!!

  8. Hi Lk,
    Totally agree with you as usual. Why must some fansbecome too obsessed over hj’s private affairs esp love affairs? I really dont understand some of these fans esp those who like and enjoy pairing him up with every leading lady that hj associated with. Pity the leading ladies. I mean how will they feel? When they got caught in these fanmade fantasies, dont they realize that the co stars will be embarassed to some extend? They, the leading ladies have feelings too!!
    I believe in hj that when the time comes for him to make his love affair public he will do so. Dont we know him by now? I like to believe that I do. He is not the kind who will hide something just to make sure his career is not affected. He is one celeb who loves and respects his fans. I am sure he loves to share his happiness with his fans esp when he has found his love. Then again, if he chooses not to make it public then be it. Respect his decision.
    Try watching “Haptic Mission” and you will figure out who hj is when it comes to his loved ones. When asked by the interviewers which he would choose between career and his girlfriend, he nonchallantly answered he would take his girlfriend along….something like that. I laughed upon hearing his answer cos he showed his 4D as usual and most importantly he showed his other co celebs that he wants both n both are equally important. None other aswered like he did. Isnt he sweet..that is our hj.
    Lastly, thanks a heap for making the voting transparent in your blig. Really apprecite it. Till then take care.

    • Thank you so much kyong for sharing your thoughts. I agree with you.
      Do I pity the ladies mentioned? I’m a bit doubtful about that. Who among the decent ladies would want to be rejected by a man in public? I don’t think there is. I admire HJ for being such a gentleman to state good opinion about his leading ladies, which I agree I got nothing against his leading ladies specially one of them is his sunbae that he respect. Showbiz wise I think these ladies knows that they are being link with HJ, but as we all know HJ has larger fan base than them. If you get what I mean.
      HJ doesn’t need another artist to hold on to, just to gain his popularity. He’s talented and most capable of gaining on his own without using anyone.
      Have a nice weekend dear take care and see you again!

  9. LK, you are the true loyalty of HJ’s fan. I also got a lot of questions from HJ’s fans ask about his privacy life and ask me to search for them. This is great, I will share on what you found. Love HJ and so happy that HJ have loyalty fan like you. Take care.

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