Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ALIEN STRENGTH

By: LazerKim          I read a post yesterday that Yahoo Buzz organizer confirmed Kim Hyun Joong’s attendance to the Awards night ceremony on December 17th, to be held in Hongkong. Therefore we have to keep maintaining Hyun Joong at the same No.1 spot where he currently is by simply voting everyday until the 10th of December. It’s just unfortunate that the number of votes for each nominees are not posted and this is what I have been searching for transparency. 

Here’s the ranking at Yahoo Buzz as of today Nov. 22, 2012:

  1. Kim Hyun Joong – 497,500
  2. Super Junior – 58,500
  3. Jang Geun Suk – 49,900
  4. Park Yoo Chun – 28,500

I finally got the number votes at yahoo Buzz just this afternoon, I’ll start keeping this on daily record.

It was only last week that the robot was at the 5th place, after a week he jump to the third place. It doesn’t matter though, all we have to do is to vote as many times as we can everyday. At the same time let’s help one another in spreading the words about the voting polls, to keep the awareness of other fans to vote. I think we can vote as much as we can everyday, so let’s do this, at least we have something to do while we wait for Hyun Joong, at the same time we bring him up to the top rank No.1 and keep him there till the polls close on December 10th.


Another voting polls which is currently conducting is the Top Hallyu Star for 20th Korean Culture Entertainment Award. Yesterday there were some confusions on voting process so I’ll be posting link for tutorial to guide you in voting. If in case you encounter any problem in voting, feel free to state your problem at the comment box so that we can help you out. And I would like to appeal to the other fans who have successfully cast their votes to please guide those with problems in voting.

In this voting polls we are allowed to vote only once a day for each computer. This competition is being judged according to a criteria and 20% of which goes for popularity voting, so I do hope we can be able to attain the highest votes among the other nominees. As of yesterday Hyun Joong keeps his rank at No.1, but the gap is too close.

Well at least in this polls the number of votes are being shows and changes every hour I think. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted pertaining to ranking and number of votes cast everyday. Voting shall be until December 6th. Well, apparently Hyun Joong is being surrounded by giant idol groups again!! So let’s vote for Kim Hyun Joong everyday, and let’s keep him on top No.1 till the end of the polls.

Here’s the ranking 2012 20th Awards Star polls as of this morning:

  1. Kim Hyun Joong > 1,306
  2. Beast > 875
  3. JYJ > 525
  4. Infinite > 365
  5. TVXQ > 227

(Source: Link>


I remember last June during the Mnet 20’s Choice a fan said voting in the polls is not the only way we can support Hyun Joong, which I agree this is not the only way. In my experience during that time from voting, monitoring and to the extent of fighting over the robots to protect Hyun Joong’s votes, it was a worthwhile challenge. We might not able to bring Hyun Joong to the top but I felt the unity among the fans in voting.

And since I was quite new with this voting polls, I learned a lot and gained friends out of strangers. It was rather exciting in the sense that strong unity among the fans was felt within the fandom, and it was fun, even we spent countless sleepless nights just to monitor the movements of the votes. There was sincere caring among us and even we lost in the game, we won in unity having the same goal of placing Hyun Joong on the top rank of the voting polls.

Ever since I posted the link of Yahoo Buzz in my articles I started voting silently, right after I write my articles and after I have posted it, I vote everyday, that for me I do it not only because I want to but because this is the easiest way for me to support Hyun Joong. With the little effort of voting everyday can bring Hyun Joong great honor that he can be proud of, which is priceless. We fans may not benefit unlike buying his albums which is another support we can give, but in voting it’s giving Hyun Joong unconditional support. Our effort in voting is exclusively for him knowing he deserves the honor.


Actually voting is a support which we do not need to spend money, but simply an effort coming from our heart as we cast our votes for Hyun Joong. But it brings a great pride for Hyun Joong in accepting his award coming from his fans as they unite in voting for him knowing he is a great artist to deserve every honor a fan can give. With the simple effort that we can put together as fans means a lot to Hyun Joong.

Fans are not being forced to vote since this gesture of voting is not even compulsory or obligatory. Voting for Hyun Joong is not saying “I have to vote”, but it simply saying “I want to vote”. Then on my part I would just simply inform, encourage and leave it up to you if you want to vote or not. For me, I just could not let Hyun Joong’s name being posted in these voting polls and doing nothing. His name is in those polls because these organizers knows how deserving Hyun Joong is and how popular he is. Then let our voice be heard and the strength of the Aliens be seen in those polls.

We may have different opinion and views being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. Some of us may be supporting another stars other than Hyun Joong but I still believe we can be united in times Hyun Joong needs us. In other polls normally Hyun Joong’s contenders are the giant idol groups, that sometime he’s the only soloist in the list of nominees, yet he ranks on top. But the fact that Hyun Joong was nominated at the same category with the giant idol groups, it goes show that Hyun Joong is highly competitive that we should be proud of, while we place him to the top of the giants.


Hyun Joong shall be releasing his Japanese version third album on December 12. This is another event we shall be looking forward for. This time it’s aiming for the top rank at Oricon Music Chart. It’s a Christmas present both for Hyun Joong and for us, as we collect his memorable albums. Hyun Joong needs our support for his album as well and bring him to the top of the Oricon this December. Hyun Joong made it to the top with his other albums and I do hope he’ll be able to do so again on his third album.

I think we’ll have a busy Christmas season with Hyun Joong since his schedule is gonna be full packed for December which is just around the corner. And for this season I wish Hyun Joong will always be on top of the chart, and at the top rank in these voting polls. It is through the Alien Strength that can push Kim Hyun Joong right on the top rank where he belongs.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D thanks!                  email (

YAHOO BUZZ>(!/vote/cat=3&id=79)

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Here’s a tutorial guide on how to vote for Top Hallyu Star CLICK HERE>
OR YOU MAY TRY THIS click here>

TOP HALLYU STAR click here>


21 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] ALIEN STRENGTH

  1. Its so frustrating!!! until now I can’t register to EMN. Everytime I fill-up the phone # part, I can’t get through. I followed the “how to register” post but still can’t get through. Do you have to have a Korean number?? I’m not from Korea,so what I did was type in 010XXXXXXXX literally but still didn’t work and then I also did type 010 followed by a random 8 digits…still didn’t work! Can someone help me please?? I really want to cast my vote for KHJ. HEEELLLPPPPP!!!!

    • Hi there, i got same problem before. Now i got through..have u tried to click the confirm button just ignore the red colour of cell number one if u put the correct format number.. All the word beside the box are green , except cell phone.. But when i tried to click the last bottom actually it work.. I got the email n everything..i translated every word in google to making sure..

  2. Hi Lazer…i’m pissed off right now…i’m done with all HyunMin fans. Is really annoying when they keep searching all the stuff to make as believe that Hyun Joong and So Min are dating for a long time. It seems like they don’t take Kim Hyun Joong’s word seriosly…i don’t hate So Min….i hate all the pathetic proofs that they “have”…omg i’m sorry, i know that this is not the place to write about it but i would like you to say something objective like you always do. ¡This is crazy!

    they said that HJ was so jealous and upset (1:45) when Siwan (So Min’s Partner in a sitcom) from ZE:A was beside him…you really think that this is truth like they say?

    I can’t stand it anymore….and recently a have read many offensive comments about Jung Yoo Mi (His new leading lady)…this is so ridiculos.

    Sorry for my bad English, i’m from Venezuela…i hope you can help me….and again, i’m really sorry for write this on your blog.

    • Hello Mile! Oh this must be co-incidence. I hope you’ll have time tomorrow to read my article since this is my topic for tomorrow. I’ll give my response to you tomorrow’s article. I’m glad to meet you here in this blog, welcome! Take care, take it easy and see you again! Have a nice day!

  3. hi lz ,sorry aiyoo voting relly makes me crazyyyyy! with all these chinese/korean character :((((( anyway ive tried many times but i wonder whether my votes in Yahoo is counted cuz whenever i press the ‘confirm’ button it doesn’t budge! Fighting HJ!!!

  4. Hi ms LK im back!!!!!! Kumusta na? May pinag dadaanan lng lola mo thats why i wasnt able to come and post.
    Natawa nmn ako the way u adresd that guy in the name of robot. I burst out laughing while reading ur article . Cant believe he could monopolize the previous voting. Talaga ms. Lk?

    What shock me most is that 500+thou votes for yahoo buzz oh my gee!!!!!! Considering the list of nominees hanep!!! Milya-milya ang layo. But problen to cast in my vote.ang hirap.but i will keep in trying sayang boto ko.
    See u later ms lk. Miss u! Miss wagas u too!

    • LOL I think even his fans knows that i call him robot since my articles last June had reached their camp!! Oh he’s good with magic that’s why I have bring up about the guy to keep us aware. But don’t relax even the gap is that huge just keep voting till the end. Everyone’s doing good in their votes, if I can only teach my dogs how to vote I should have done so just to avoid over straining my eyes!! bulag isang mata ng lola mo!! So I can’t stay long in front of my computer!!
      Hey nice to hear from you again, whatever you’re getting through just keep with your prayers and everything is gonna be alright. Sabi nga prayers can move mountains!! Thanks and see you again!!I miss you girl!! Take care! Keep voting! Try and try you’ll eventually get it.

  5. blessing i was able to vote for both. just now, i saw that there are numbers already on the yahoo, KHJ votes are 501,000+ while the next one is 58,000 only. though it is a big gap, we cant be too confident and stop voting. let’s all continue to put him where he belongs. At the TOP.

    hope this helps, here’s the link from babyfan blog site to see the poll results:!/rank/

    The link you provided for the Hallyu Star voting is helpful. it took a lot of patience before i got it right.for the tel no. just type in 010XXXXXXX. you dont have to type your actual number. it just need to be filled out. in the name part, it has to be in Hangul. so you can use google translate to translate your name from english to korean. i hope this helps every vote counts, our way of showing KHJ our love and never ending support. God bless everyone. love love love.

    • Hello Ayen! Yeah that’s good Yahoo Buzz finally posted the number of vote otherwise this polls credibility would be in question again! Thank you for the voting info. I do hope everyone can vote, it mean a lot to Hyun Joong. Have a good day! Take care and keep voting!! see you!

    • oh my!!i still can’t get through with HALLYU voting…so frustating.. 😦
      but i’m so happy with the YAHOOBUZZ result..there i do everyday voting.. 🙂
      Let’s keep on voting Henecians!!

  6. Hi Lazer Kim…I’am an avid fan of Kim Hyun Joong…I been hooked since July 2011. I was on a vacation then and had nothing to do but surf the internet. One of my friend suggested to watch Personal Taste,my 1st ever kdrama. After that I got hooked w/ the leading actor and watched BOF and that’s where I first seen KHJ. I admit, my attention was with the lead actor of BOF, LMH. As I watched BOF I also began to like KHJ. At that time I was not aware who he really is until my liking to LMH turned sour. I had discovered things that were disappointing about him. Then, I came across KHJ’s video on youtube about him singing the acoustic version of “Because I’m Stupid”…and I was wow! I didn’t know he can sing! That’s when I also discovered that he was a leader of a band. Then my never ending search about him in you tube began. I also came to know about SS501 because of him. You name it…every videos that he has on you tube I have watched them all including those with his group. I got addicted!! I also came across and follow it coz that’s where I get news about KHJ. That’s where I also read you first article about him. Now every morning during breakfast, I open that blog and your blog to get a daily dose of KHJ…hehehehe…I do it twice a day…one in the morning and when I get home from work to relieve stress…as in every day! Everything your writing on your blog about KHJ are the very thoughts that I have about him. It seems like your reading my thoughts…hehehehe…I think every fun of KHJ are addicted to him coz that’s how I will describe myself to him…hehehehhe. Well, not only do I have his photos on my pc…I also play his music every morning, which I downloaded from the net, have all his videos saved as well, and my cover photos in FB is HIM!! hahahhahaha….I think I’m crazy…mind you this is the first time I really follow a celebrity. I like everything about him. Anyway, just wanna let you know that I’am also an avid fan of KHJ and his my only one!! I been wanting to post a comment here but never had the time…the reason why I’m doing this now is because one, I want to share to you how this charming man got me into his web and two, is because I’am voting for him in yahoo and I also want to vote for him as the best hallyu star but can’t get through. Im having a hard time entering the phone number. Im not a Korean and I live in Canada so I think I have to enter a Korean phone #? Can you please help me as I really want to cast my vote…pleeaaaasssssssseee. Hoping for your quick response. More power Lazer Kim…pls don’t get tire to write about KHJ 🙂

  7. I was voting for him on yahoo ever since you posted the links and seeing his no.1 spot unwavered made me work harder to further the gap. Yes, robot was really suspicious though but that just makes me more eager on voting more than a hundred everyday. I just hope KHJ wont be cheated out of this. For me as a fan, it is therefore you’re duty to show your love for your idol. The moment you take it by heart you should show it and act on it, it is human instinct to protect the ones we love and do what makes them happy . And this is one of the ways that we can do for our Alien Prince. Fighting!

    • I’ll be very honest to you, I was voting silently all along that I didn’t notice the robot on the 5th rank, and i got alarmed when I saw him at the 3rd spot where I first saw Yoochun on that rank, now being occupied him! See it’s already an instict if you know the guy’s history!! I can’t help it, and write this article about pole voting again! Just this afternoon Yahoo Buzz finally posted the number of votes, now we can monitor the movements of the polls. And this is all I’m asking for some transparency otherwise the polls loses its credibility again.
      Hey thanks! Have a nice day and keep voting!! Fighting!

      • well i didn’t even see him be on top 5. And then wham he’s on no. 3. Yeah they better not do something unrighteous now with the vote transparency. Why do they even still include people with such reputation? ugh!

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