Kim Hyun Joong…[article] NUMBER ONE ONLY ONE

By: LazerKim        I borrowed this article title from one of Kim Hyun Joong’s huge mother fan, thanks for sharing! Yesterday Hyun Joong’s fans were overwhelm by the good news as he was place No.One rank in so many charts! First, Hyun Joong was rank number 1 at the Baidu Billboard Today as Top Actor Search. Second, Hyun Joong was the number 1 Korean artist who guested at Happy Camp for gaining highest local TV rating among the other Korean celebs who guested in the show. Third, Hyun Joong was nominated as one of the Hallyu Star Awards on cultural entertainment destination targets. Here’s that news as follows:

(Onews) Kim Hyun Joong, Hallyu Star Award, Culture entertainment destination targets.                                                                               (Date posted: 11-19-12) 

OBS Plus this example, a staff reporter for the singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong Korea Culture Entertainment Awards Award.

Up the afternoon of December 6, the 20th Republic of Korea Culture Entertainment Awards Hallyu Star Award nominee, Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 63 City, Kim Hyun Joong, Lee Young-ae, Won Bin, Jung Woo-sung, such as the competition unfolds.

20th Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards Are the 20 award and five, including the Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards, Traditional Music Awards, the new generation Music Awards, Broadcasting, Film Awards, the target culture target awards for each division in the field of 10 a total of 70 people, including the award will be chosen as the winner.

Active culture, entertainment, artists at home and abroad throughout the year selected candidates by netizens voting and culture, and entertainment experts’ opinions comprehensive examination, the recommendation of the Executive Committee, the Republic of Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards Jury examination after final winners will then be flown. Netizens voting the other hand, the ongoing results are reflected in the 20% of the total score.

(Photo gwonhuijeong reporter) OBS Plus this example, if a reporter News Source>(


I read this post from Ms.D this morning as it said: “Kim Hyun Joong starred in variety “Happy Camp” needless to say, since the launch 15 years, has been extended to 2012, the highest ratings. And so far, the number of cumulative audience of approximately 700 million people!”

I’m so proud of Hyun Joong being ranked at No. one among the Koreans stars ever guested at Happy Camp and had brought good TV rating results, which is another record breaking among the Korean celebrities. This goes to show the growing popularity he has in China, not to mention his other fans from other countries anticipated the TV program. The news kept spreading in the Chinese local newspapers up until this morning!

This is the Kim Hyun Joong effect that I think we can expect more of Hyun Joong’s TV guesting in China in the near future! Is this a sign that Hyun Joong will soon get into Chinese showbiz industry just like in Japan? Well I wouldn’t be surprised with that specially once City Conquest shall be aired in China! A few months ago there was a news pertaining KeyEast signing for a Chinese agent in expanding Hyun Joong and their other KeyEast artists in expanding the market horizon in China.

I truly enjoyed watching Hyun Joong at Happy Camp and I’ll be looking forward for Hyun Joong future guesting in such TV shows! I would say the effect of Hyun Joong in this show had introduced to me how good Chinese variety shows are. I think Hyun Joong TV guesting in other countries can bring their respective TV variety shows to the global community about the existence of such enjoyable show like Happy Camp. Well if not for Hyun Joong I wouldn’t know how interesting these TV shows and the Chinese hosts are!


Lately, I’m getting eager about City Conquest that I hope we can hear something about the filming in the coming days while Hyun Joong is busy preparing for his December events. It was said that filming shall resume next month, so I was assuming that would be filming in Japan since Hyun Joong shall be in Japan, but I read from a post that shooting shall be resuming in Korea! Anyway whatever, I’m looking forward for this drama. The waiting time is getting longer although I’m sure Hyun Joong fans are just dying to watch even some sneak preview of City Conquest.

I was actually re-watching Secret Garden a few days ago, which was the last drama I watched last year before I started following Hyun Joong last year. This is just to ease a bit of boredom, the drama has a good plot! Why do I keep seeing Hyun Joong is these dramas that I have been watching!! The feeling is like being home sick longing to see Hyun Joong acting on screen again!! If I can only pull the time faster, I just can’t wait for City Conquest to be aired!!

May I just add this news update, that Kim Soo Hyun is on his way to the gates of the military training since he had taken the physical examination and said to be physically fit for active duty! Am I reading this right? He’s barely 24 years old and currently filming for a movie, but why should he get in to the military training this early stage? I’m just curious about the news I read this morning which took me by surprised!


I think I have written almost everything about Hyun Joong that fans ought to know. Except for a few which I still do not want touch since it’s a bit controversial that I need to prepare for facts instead of just hearsay. It is my intention to keep this blog going to defend and protect Hyun Joong at all cost, that at least to have a spot where we can breath on. At the same time a space where we can express love to Hyun Joong.

At this point I’m taking a break for today, so that I can move on further to my goal of being here to keep everyday. I’m having eye sight problem for some months now that I have been ignoring. I just need to slow down a bit!

This is all I have for today, my apology that I just need this break for today but I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope, so do stick around. Hyun Joong has always been in any chart at rank No.1, for for him of course he would like to the ONLY ONE and he shall be always the Only One for us his fans. Before I go, don’t forget to vote for Hyun Joong at Yahoo Buzz, although he still occupies the No.1 rank as of yesterday, his contenders are coming in closer, so let’s bring him up again for the fourth time!!

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, Ms.D, thanks!                 email (

YAHOO BUZZ>(!/vote/cat=3&id=79)

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18 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] NUMBER ONE ONLY ONE

  1. ooooooo so frustrated! Baby’s #1 at the Korean Culture awards… but, I can’t vote!!!! ARRRRRGGGHH! I followed instructions and when I try to vote it gives me an error message in Korean! I can’t read Korean well enough yet to know what the heck it’s trying to tell me. sooo frustrated. If you are able to vote… please go and vote:
    He is in 1st but, second is close behind. He needs all the votes we can give him!

  2. Yesterday I watched Happy camp with my daughter. She is just like most new gen. that used to like HJ because he was funny and now she feels that HJ is not funny and care free. I got mad to her. I asked her what did she felt after watching Happy camp. Because she laughed most of our 4D played the game. Like what you wrote before that HJ is mature and hides his childhood inside. We always see this side on the game shows. Later he has been busy with FM and CC , no time available for this stuff. I am so glad for the news of his granted for awards. However, we still want to please our HJ with award from Yahoo. Keep on voting for him in Yahoo. Thanks and thanks again. Please take care for good health. We want you be healthy.

  3. owwww take care of yourself dear!!!!!!
    Yeah I also read HJ beat Lee Minho and Jang Keun Suk’s ratings in Happy Camp \o/ that’s so so so good!!! XDDDDDDD
    Chinese fans love him to death so yeah he should go there and hold concerts more often… just like his FMs in China early this year…
    have a nice day!

  4. have watched HC already with eng sub,and i enjoyed everything!!really this guy,ur always at the top…no wonder,kekeke…
    Everybody is waiting for CC…we are all eager to see HJ in drama screen..but as we know once CC is shown it will ease all our boredom..
    Are the contenders in yahoobuzz really getting near ms. LK?must remind our co-Henecians to vote..and please share the link on how to vote in hallyu star?
    Thanks again ms. LK..better take care of ur health,we want to have ur daily dose but most important is ur health…stay safe & God bless!!

  5. LK! Please take it easy and get better. I know how frustrating it is to want to write and to not fell well enough! We love you, but we don’t want to wear you out!

    When you’re better can you please find out more on how to vote for him as the Hallyu star? I found a how to on HyunniesPexers blog. I was able to register, but I can’t figure out how to vote. I really want him to win EVERYTHING! Wherever I can vote, I will over and over! LOL!

    Take care! We’ll see you soon!

  6. I watched Happy camp yesterday and yes as expected he was sooo funny. Everything he says was just so hilarious that even the interpreter can’t take it. His 4d is just awesome. The show was actually really great, the host were very entertaining as well. Wow! KHJ at no. 1. Well the guy deserves every bit of it, I hope he bags all of the awards. Take it easy LZ, I hope your eye condition isn’t something serious. Your articles were like medicine for my KHJ fangirling. It eases my boredom. TAKE CARE! And thank you again.

  7. I enjoyed the eng sub of the entire HC show! It was exciting reading that he’s the number 1 Korean artist (from HC anyways) in China! Woot!
    Seriously they really need to release stuff of CC. It’s supposed to air in Jan! Does anyone know if CC will still shoot in US/Singapore/Sweden/China(?) or is it just Japan and Korea now? Though I k there’s still aways to go with filming (I wonder how many episodes they have done? At least six or so? maybe 8…or nearing there anyways.
    Can’t wait to see more of HJ in December-Jan on! Just a couple more weeks…
    Fighting HJ for Yahoo/Korean Artist award/and others! ^^

  8. Thank you, Lazer Kim.
    I watch the Eng sub clips of HC with our prince and am crazy by laugh.
    Only Hyun Joong can be so 4D.
    Love the translator, poor lady because HJ’s 4D.

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