Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MR. SLEEPYHEAD

By: LazerKim              Yesterday Kim Hyun Joong fans I guess were busy uploading Happy Camp, that again I would like to thank the fans who had placed the English Sub title to the video clips, at least part 1-3 of the show. Then I get to understand how hilarious the five host were and so with Hyun Joong. At the first part Hyun Joong hand in his birthday present to one of the host, which are some pairs of training pants which Hyun Joong use for his rehearsals with the signature of Artmatic.

Oh lucky guy for him to have it as a present coming from Hyun Joong! While in my country it was auctioned and won by Hyun Joong’s grandma fan as her birthday gift of herself!! But of course the auction goes for charity, and I would say grandma like grandson since both have big hearts for the less fortunate. She sees Hyun Joong as her favorite grandson and a real die hard fan!

Anyway, at Happy Camp, Hyun Joong imitated the sound of the puppy and a dog, as he was saying he communicates with dog!! Hyun Joong said “I think dog’s language is universal, so if you think they are hungry or upset, you can talk to them heartily!” This was when the interpreter broke to laughter that she can hardly talk!! But it’s true, we can talk to our pet dogs, it was said that dogs are the most intelligent animal!

It somehow reminded me of his dogs Art and Matic as he brought them to his fan meet concert in Seoul and on stage Hyun Joong demonstrated some tricks on Matic! Hyun Joong’s pet dogs became a one night superstar dogs too as his fans enjoyed that portion having Art and Matic on stage! Hyun Joong introduced them as parts of his family, and they have been keeping him company since Hyun Joong is living by himself.


Kim Hyun Joong was known to be a sleepy head, that he’s a heavy sleeper that one can finds it hard to wake him up. He can doze off anywhere specially during his SS501 days, in fact there were pictures of him sleeping while having his hair done before a show, or at pictorial sessions!! And if asked, he would say he’s tired and how he wish he could sleep longer! When he was filming BOF too, he’s always been caught sleeping in the set! Although he’s not the only one who sleeps in the set during shooting, even Lee Min Ho did say, he likes that part in his room sleeping! Hyun Joong developed insomnia when he was doing the drama and had brought him to health deterioration. He was totally overworked even after he did BOF and yet never complained about it, until he was caught by H1N1 in 2009.

Hyun Joong has so many candid pictures sleeping just anywhere during the time he was still with his group which was really funny, that I have collected last year!! I was thinking if I have a chance to talk to Hyun Joong, the very first thing that I would like to ask him is this: “How normal is your sleeping habits? Have you surpassed your being a sleepyhead? Although I understand in his younger years, it is normal to have eight hours sleep! But Hyun Joong is a night owl due to his profession. Yesterday as I was digging my old files, I found the answer to my curiosity!

In one of Hyun Joong’s radio interview with Choi Gwang Hee last year as Hyun Joong was promoting his first album Breakdown, he actually mentioned a lot of changes in his usual daily routine when he started being a soloist. And the first thing he change in himself is his sleeping habits, as he tries to sleep early than usual. If he fell to a three to four hours deep sleep, he said he’s fully re-charged by then. Hyun Joong said there’s a big difference between working with a group and working as solo, for obvious reason. Hyun Joong said he’s more responsible when he started to be a soloist, that he has to take extra care of himself to the extent that this time he cannot afford to even catch colds, unlike before as he was just careless of his health.

Now he maintained being punctual in his rehearsals that he doesn’t want to be late in any of his schedules. He said he downloaded some soft music that he turns on to help him get some sleep right away, and it was effective for him to have enough undisturbed rest!! He emphasized that he doesn’t like playing games at the computer as his other friends do. Instead he would play soccer during his free time, as Hyun Joong is a pro-active type of person or if he’s home he just read comic books, if not reading his script if he has drama project. Hyun Joong keeps a healthy active life this time which I assume he has a better well organized work schedule even his has a full packed schedule, he finds time to rest everyday even he works all year round.


From the same radio interview Hyun Joong related his first encounter with his boss and how he was influenced by him in a good way. Hyun Joong first met with his boss Bae Yong Joon through his manager and another associate of Bae Yong Joon. Both Hyun Joong and his boss are quite uncomfortable with strangers. Hyun joong was relating that the first time he met BYJ, he was like a God, or should I say, BYJ has a strong intimidating personality. But when they first met and had a long talk, Hyun Joong thought his boss is just like anyone else that they get along well soon after the long talk. Whenever they meet, they do seldom talk about business but talk about life just like any other friendly treatment. And as time goes, he felt comfortable with his boss that he sees him as his elder brother.

At Hyun Joong’s every interviews last year, he always mentioned his boss Bae Yong Joon as someone he looks up to. And one thing that he takes from him is proper life management. So I would assume he learns the right self discipline from him and eventually learned in his maturing age. He tends to be strong, brief and quick in decision making for he plans way ahead of time.  He does not like long discussions and does not even enjoy meetings!! He prefers to take care of things in 5 minutes. He says that he does not get angry very much. He tends to be blunt/not very personable or social. He likes to organize his thoughts beforehand so that he can say them in 5 minutes.

Since Hyun Joong is completely hands-on to his every project, and taking care of every details, as he manage to take all inputs as he can gather, before getting to materialize his lay out plan for his project. Hyun Joong learned to have everything organized just like how his boss does it. Hyun Joong was saying that he learned to note down his thoughts which he have not done before, so it’s taking from his boss. Now I think we see Hyun Joong is more confident and happy even in his working environment. He was saying that he’s quite close to close hyung dancers since he been always with them every time. Another thing that Hyun Joong learned is taking the people he works with as his own family. He said he loves his work, and he’s destined to have this which he can do best.


Hyun Joong was saying, when he was still with his group, his teenage fans treats him like a friend, but now he can see that they treat him like someone elder having respect on him. Since Hyun Joong being a soloist, must have gained more matured fans and different age bracket of fans that he has lesser problems with stalker fans in Korea or even from the international fans which Hyun Joong has a larger chunk of fans outside his home country.

Hyun Joong said, most people anticipate from him to be soft like Ji Hoo sunbae but he wanted to break away from that image. He wanted to show the maturing side of young person changing to a manly image, and he doesn’t want to be called pretty boy anymore. Hyun Joong also said that in real life his real self is closer to the image from the Break Down music video. And this time it’s Baek Mir image who is a real tough man that is closest to Hyun Joong’s real image. It just seem like time changes so fast, specially to those fans who might have first seen him only this year after watching BOF, which majority of my readers are.

As soon as he decided to be a soloist, and took his turning point, Hyun Joong was a rebirth in his career life. He has now been facing a new phase of his career life for the better, I would say healthier than ever since he can now get some regular sleep, eating healthy food, having the right active life and well organized working environment. Hyun Joong now is well equipped in facing larger demands on his presence and he feels a much better person as he matures his goals are getting higher. He keeps on improving himself, he doesn’t content himself with what he can do at present but rather prepare himself for what he can so for the future.

The cute sleepyhead woke up with his dreams coming true as what he is currently facing at this stage of his successful career. He had grown up in a fine young man who is  stronger than ever, Mr. Sleepyhead, Kim Hyun Joong!

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MR. SLEEPYHEAD

  1. dogs aren’t the most intelligent mammals, humans are. you might want to correct that. anyway, still like reading your articles.

  2. LOL! now watching HC in which is by now have a full Eng. Sub,my give thanks to the uploader.OH my tummy pain watching him..hahaha..gosh everytime HJ gives his piece the impact has an equal 4dness..LOL!..trully that he has grown so much but still his playfulness is just hilarious 🙂
    im way tooooo busy that im just starting to watch all those vids and seeing gorgeous pics of him,the sleepy head is simply awesome!!..Have a great night lz ^O^

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