Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY WACKY!

By: LazerKim              One thing that majority of Kim Hyun Joong fans likes in him is his sense of humor which I think is one of the most adorable in his traits. Another thing that makes it even interesting is that, he does not make it up, as it is natural to him as we call his 4D trait, which is absolutely unpredictable. You wouldn’t know when his 4D comes out from him that even himself gets so surprise for spilling out whatever comes out from his mind! And when he plays around, he gives it 100% play! Hyun Joong is a master of game shows, not because he always wins, but his energy in pushing up a challenge is just so remarkable.

In game shows, variety and talk shows, he’s always been that energetic enthusiastic in participating. With a perfect handsome physique Hyun Joong has with that gentle personality on the surface, then he would just surprise everyone with his 4Dness! I remember when he received his Certificate of Honor being the UN Honorary Ambassador for Millennium Development, the attendees were mostly elders and dignitaries which I think Hyun Joong was the youngest within the conference hall as the atmosphere was rather dull. In his acceptance speech he might have said something hilarious because the people inside the conference hall just broke to laughter!!

Hyun Joong definitely is not a comedian, he just have a strong sense of humor, that there are times his candid honesty comes out to be hilarious for spilling out something beyond expectation on certain situation! Oh that reminds me, Darna was saying some of her friends stopped following Hyun Joong because he stopped being funny or playful!! Hello! This is the most mosquito brain comment I have ever read from an ex-fan!!

May I say it again, Hyun Joong was never been categorized as a comedian! He may have matured, but his kiddie side is still inside him. It’s just that he doesn’t have the chance to spill it out since this entire year he didn’t have the chance for local TV appearances like game and talk shows because of his full packed schedule, except this one in China with Happy Camp. Can’t we just embrace Hyun Joong for who he is?


For some instances as I was in my deep thoughts while I’m writing, something will just pop into my mind about Hyun Joong that I would just laugh by myself! I think Hyun Joong is a perfect total entertainer that you can bring him anywhere! He is a singer, a dancer, an actor, a model, an athlete,  an innovator, and a fun game player! Is there anything Hyun Joong cannot do?? I was thinking KeyEast is one lucky agent to have Hyun Joong in the company because he can do a lot. In fact even by just collecting his pictures can be so entertaining, because he has so many faces as if you’re looking at many different men in just one person!!

My favorite talk show that Hyun Joong guested on was Guerrilla Date 2011 and MUST when Hyun Joong imitated a drunk singer!! Those was really hilarious, that whenever i’m in a bad mood, or board these two shows are what I watch!! Even I have seen it more than a dozen times I still laugh at it!! Can you just imagine a totally handsome guy who appears to be a real gentleman, then just for a second he goes singing like a drunk and even dance the way drunkard does!! Wouldn’t you be surprised? LOL I was totally shocked when i first watched this talk show!! And then with Guerrilla Date, his candid honesty was really funny! I really love these two shows, it was so candid Kim Hyun Joong beyond expectation if you do not know the guy as yet!!

I love watching him at talk shows which is my interest than the game shows since I get to know him better whenever he talks about himself. Another talk show he guested on was Night After Night which no longer at YouTube as Hyun Joong revealed a lot about himself, and some hilarious experience back in high school. He’s quite different though on his interviews abroad considering the language barrier that needs an interpreter, he’s more serious mood during those interviews abroad. But even then, Hyun Joong has an interesting life story to tell that’s even entertaining too, since we can learn a lot from him.

Oh another hilarious interview was the Innocent Prince, which took place in a location filming of one cosmetic product under CF which Hyun Joong has been a commercial model of the company for over five or six years. The Q and A was rather foolish that showed a lot of Hyun Joong’s 4Dness!! This interview was sometime in September 2010 when he already moved in to KeyEast, but CF maintained Hyun Joong as their official product endorser. Hyun Joong knows quite well how he handles interviews and talk shows, that he can joke around depending on the show host or interviewer, and he knows when to be serious as he maintained his well mannered personality and always polite.


I tried watching Happy Camp via live stream last night, but I think I would rather wait for somebody to upload the show at YouTube. My internet was not too cooperative, it just kept buffing while the show was airing and during advertisements was alright!! I think there were a lot of edited parts too seeing from the pictures and teaser!! I was just a bit disappointed since I waited for this program and one part that I would like to see is that part Hyun Joong wearing a mickey head band and pumpkin toy glasses!! Unfortunately I have just seen seconds of that part! TTT

After the show, I visited the YouTube, and I’m happy that CMF had already uploaded the entire show recorded and unedited! It still doesn’t have the subs yet, but at least I get to watch how Hyun Joong played the games so smart! Since the show was taken by a fancam, it entire show was focused on Hyun Joong. I’m happy now to see Hyun Joong in the mickey headband and pumpkin dark glasses!! He’s so cute!! And at the first part he did that “sarange dance”, I died laughing!! It reminded me the first time I saw him danced it  in front of a phone booth in the street!! He was so flirty!! Well of course he was still young back then!!

I would like to thank the fans CMF (Chinese Mother Fans) who took the video of this show and had uploaded it last night night at YouTube. I think you would enjoyed the show better watching the video clip unedited. Because if you watch it from the broadcast version, there were a lot of edited parts, and I would think the show was focused on the five show host rather than the guest. Well this is just my opinion specially on the second part of the show. So I would probably advise you to watch it from the fancam, until such time the broadcast show shall put in English sub-title.


Life is a one shot deal, live life to the fullest, this is one of Hyun Joong’s principle in life. He may be working in front of the cameras but he make sure he enjoys himself as he shares that enjoyment with us. He entertains everyone in his most candid way on TV talk shows or game shows, but one thing I like in him is that, he’s always being himself the natural way. I know some artists who can be fake or trying to be funny, making up to have sense of humor and trying to be cute in front of the cameras!! Sometimes it can be so irritating for over doing being cute because somehow we can feel if a person is trying to be what they are not specially some celebs.

I didn’t know that Hyun Joong could have such great sense of humor when I first saw him. I don’t think I can ever follow another star now or in the future, otherwise I would just be comparing other celeb from Kim Hyun Joong, and there’s no one better than him. Well others may contradict with my opinion about Hyun Joong but he’s the only one with such caliber being an artist from head to foot, inside out, with such great talent. I’m not blind not to see other artists around him but it’s Hyun Joong who had filled my heart with complete contentment.

I had an enjoyable night with Hyun Joong watching him play around and laugh my heart out again as Mr. Happy Wacky shows his other side of playfulness!!

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

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4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HAPPY WACKY!

  1. oh!i really want to thank CMF for uploading the fancam!i can’t wait 4 the video with eng subbed!!coz even though i can’t understand what they say i laugh, i crazy?keke…

    Thanks again for the everyday dose ms. LK!!Stay safe…

  2. I love watching HJ’s variety/talk shows. I watch a lot of SS501 variety shows too because they were all just funny, esp HJ! HJ hasn’t lost his humor at all…though I guess I can see where some fans are coming from; I really think it’s because he hasn’t full on laughed, like in Red Goes Together (I believe I got the name right). Lately though he’s been laughing and smiling more!! ^^
    I watched CMF’s fancam of Happy Camp and I was in hysterics when the interpreter keep laughing while trying so many times not to! I felt her pain because I’m one to laugh easily…it’s hard not to laugh at first when doing comedy on stage. The race of scooting on a rug with your butt was funny. I loved seeing the Saranghae Dance again! What I didn’t see ( I might have missed it) was his version of Psy’s Gangnam Style horse dance. Another bonus was seeing some of his fighting skills…CC please come faster ^^

    I can’t wait for this show to be subbed. Hopefully HJ will have some comedy stuff in CC…he is great with comedy and should do more of it; like try an improv group as a guest. Speaking of this for some reason I can’t find his Golden Fishery eng sub YouTube vid that I’ve always watched…

    • Thanks for that one more other talent of Kim Hyun Joong, the artist by nature and the professional till bones!
      The photos of the fancam seems to look like a trail of shining stars in Heaven!^^

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