Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GAINING SHARING

By: LazerKim          Happy Camp shall be aired tonight! The most anticipated variety show of China finally will be shown as Kim Hyun Joong as the guest of the show. How we can watch it via internet is still a question!! If in case we miss it, don’t worry I’m sure it will be uploaded at YouTube. If I’m not mistaken this is the only game show that Hyun Joong guested on this year 2012, which is expected since Hyun Joong have been quite busy with his filming City Conquest and concerts flying from one country to another. I got the link of live stream TV for you to watch Happy Camp at 8:00 PM tonight November 17. Link is posted bellow this article, I hope this works, happy viewing!!

In another update KeyEast had released its quarterly revenue for this year 2012, as a huge jump on its revenue was shown an increase by 167% from 54% and an increase of 79% in sales and operating profit. Thanks to the expanded global projects of Kim Hyun Joong!! The company expects a larger gains next year since Hyun Joong’s City Conquest shall start airing early next year. I have written in one of my articles that ever since Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast 54% of the company revenue had increased last year and this year it even gained more than double!  Well, apparently Hyun Joong should get a bonus for the job well done in boosting the company!! This is the Kim Hyun Joong effect!!

I think Hyun Joong has been a great contributor to the business community both local and global, from the large-scale corporate to the small-scale entrepreneur. Hyun Joong has been bringing excellent gains as an official endorser of at least eight products from different companies not to mention being the ambassador to Korean Tourism and Honorable ambassador to UN for millenium  development. Even in small entrepreneur in terms of Uzoosin item and other Kim Hyun Joong signature items has been showing good revenue results as well. Being an Ambassador of Tourism in Korea, Hyun Joong has been a great contributor endorser of his home country, as his foreign fans visit S.Korea as tourist to attend to his fan meet and concerts.


The Korean dramas and Kpop music or the Hallyu had brought a huge success in terms of Korean tourism as Hallyu captured not only in Asia but beyond its boundary, like the European countries and Latin America. Majority of tourists in S.Korea have similar purpose in visiting the country and that is to see the tourist destinations where their favorite dramas were being filmed, particularly the palace where dramas in historic genre were taken. Other than this are the shops that sells Kpop star items and restaurants being owned by their favorite idols. How did this all started that seems to be a chain reaction coming from the Hallyu bringing a sudden boost in the S.Korean tourism?

I guess we’re all familiar now that Bae Yong Joon is the pioneer Hallyu star and had made a choice of his successor Kim Hyun Joong for this present generation, whom we all know someone who is more than deserving. I read an article Hooked on Hallyu that talks about the sudden spread of Korean wave that went beyond Asia to the European countries proves to be getting more popular. First and foremost I think the internet is a major factor that contributed to the global wide spread of Korean wave. It was said the European fans are sophisticated in their choice of arts and artists. But how did these fans got hooked on Hallyu?

The dramas or TV series soap are in Korean language that if you’re not patient enough to read the subs then probably you won’t enjoy watching Korean dramas. In music the Kpop idols may sing a part of the music in English but it’s still Korean yet a lot of foreigners do appreciate Kpop music. In short language was never been a barrier in appreciating the Korean pop music and TV soap. It was said that watching the video clips of Kpop concerts looks expensive and absolutely competitive to the Hollywood concert stars. But it’s all beyond these factors that we see as to why we get hooked on Korean wave. One very important factor is how the Hallyu stars makes their fans grow by numbers and how they are made to stay supportive.


I cannot evaluate the entire Kpop since my focus is only to Kim Hyun Joong, so therefore I can only speak for myself being a fan of my one and only idol based on my experience and based on what I see from other fans of Hyun Joong. The very thing that I noticed is how his fans followed him to other countries where he is performing. I don’t think I have ever seen such passion during the time when Hollywood stars were so hot. Normally fans from different countries would merely wait for a chance that their favorite American concert stars would visit their respective countries before they can watch their concerts. This is one significant factor that I can see changes in trend in terms of star admiration.

Second, I have never seen such passion from the fans in supporting Hyun Joong’s album, to the extent of conducting pre-orders in purchasing the album. Since this is the first time for me to be a fan, I have been wondering if this was ever done in my country in supporting local stars!! Well, this is how far I can go, and take note it’s the fans who take the initiative in advertising Hyun Joong’s albums, concerts, events, and his drama. Lastly, purchasing collectible Hyun Joong signature items and the uzoosin is such fun as a hobby. And the desire of visiting his home country, to have experience of dining at Jaksal. In addition to this I would like to visit Yoon Ji Hoo’s house nad Gu Jun Pyo’s mansion where BOF was filmed, plus the palace where the historic dramas were being filmed.

These factors are similar to what I’ve read from a magazine article Hooked on Hallyu, but it did not specify the main factor as to why fans are being hooked on Hallyu, other than the technical aspect that a star can have. It was the dramas that brought me to Hyun Joong and it’s Hyun Joong who brought me to Kpop and other interest about his home country. How did Hyun Joong manage to get his fans to be as passionate as they are to go beyond like travelling to follow his concerts and a genuine support to the guy, specially the elder fans whom I truly admire being fans of Hyun Joong. He’s simply being himself, he remained connected to his fans and a star so easy to reach out for.


I know some fans had given up the fandom but apparently they couldn’t get away from the spell that Hyun Joong cast on to them! I remember a veteran fan of Hyun Joong was saying to the media, once a fan get caught by Hyun Joong’s spell, she can never get away from that spell, no matter how much she wanted to set herself free. I guess she’s right. With Hyun Joong having multiple talents, perfect looks and charisma in one package as a star that a fan wouldn’t ask for anything more. But it’s more than this package that a fan like about Kim Hyun Joong, but him as person in reality.

When I was about to start this blog, I came across a blogger who is not a fan of Hyun Joong but a critic of Kpop. She was impressed by Hyun Joong being a star as he visited my country last year which she had witnessed how Hyun Joong was in person, and couldn’t help but compare him with other Kpop stars. And she said “One may criticize Kim Hyun Joong as easy as that, but after which you would only feel sorry for doing so, because he’s so nice to be criticized.” I asked her if she’ll be a fan of Hyun Joong, but she said she can’t and doesn’t want to be caught by the spell bound!! When I started writing, it was only then that I understood what she meant.

In one of Bae Yong Joon’s interviews in 2010, he was asked about his secret for keeping his fans all these years and he replied, “what makes the fans happy is so simple, do your best with all your sincerity with love to give what makes them happy.” I guess this explains why Hyun Joong’s boss still has that same huge fan base up until this time. But what make the fans happy? For me, by simply looking at Hyun Joong’s picture alone makes me smile! I’m glad Hyun Joong is also a commercial model that he also like pictures of him to be taken and I can get as many pictures of him at the internet. I may be that shallow but even the simple things about him makes me happy!


Most of us whatever is entertaining makes us happy, like his music, his video clips and his dramas is a big deal in making us happy. But for those who follows him, to the smallest details that we read about him, what Hyun Joong shares with about him makes us happy. Whether supporting his every projects or merely following his updates on whatever is going on around him is something we cherish and love doing it every time we’re free from our daily obligations. Hyun Joong knows what we’re doing as his fans and he somehow reciprocate by writing his personal message to us whenever he’s in hiding!

Last year Hyun Joong was voted “Celebrity who most raises national profile”, as he stated in one talk show in respond to this honor as he said, “I can’t let that last only for a moment, I have to keep it going and I have to help others, I have to do more for people to love me.”
As Hyun Joong’s popularity growth increases, the larger gains he has, the more he shares what his fans can make them happy, to the extent of getting out of his way to reach out for them. He doesn’t stop making music that has been keeping us company in our daily lives, he would strive hard to work on dramas that we can watch regularly for months and concerts to enjoy his performance. All of these makes his fans happy.

As a Hallyu star the name Kim Hyun Joong had started reaching the other side of the world as he’s already gaining fans from that far and I wouldn’t be surprised if they too share the same thoughts and feeling like us from Asia. There are huge ocean between Hyun Joong and his other fans from the other side of the world yet Hyun Joong is just a post away from them!! One day how I wish he would be able to visit those fans from afar, I believe this is one of his long term plan since he has been mentioning his dream of a world tour. I think Hyun Joong can easily gain more fans once he had accomplish in doing more dramas, since it’s from the dramas that he gained a lot of attention to start off being a soloist.


In terms of business, now it proved that anything attached to Hyun Joong’s name is by all means turn to gold. He became the precious gem of KeyEast and his boss had already seen Hyun Joong’s potential to be a promising superstar. As one of the producers in his documentary 2011 mentioned that Hyun Joong has that great power and potential to hit the heights of stardom. And so far each year brings him more fans, more demands on his craft both as a singer and as an actor. Bae Yong Joon did not only choose Hyun Joong as his successor because of his talent, but also as a person with a good heart.

There will be more fans to experience what we have with Hyun Joong being addicted to him. Many people may not understand us being Kim Hyun Joong fans unless they have experience seeing the guy and knowing more about him for real. They may not understand what truly makes a a fan happy, what power Hyun Joong has over his fans.

As Kim Hyun Joong continues in gaining fans, he’ll keep going on sharing what true happiness means in being his fans

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] GAINING SHARING

  1. i agree unnie..KHJ’s love is spreading all over the world…and i’m happy to know that we can meet friends from other side of the world because of him…KHJ’s spell is spreading all over the world..
    Thanks again ms. LK..Stay safe…

  2. DEAR Lazer
    totally agree, I am one on the other side of the world, and let me tell you that watching BOF was my fist contact with him, it was a maratonic way to search about him, but truly I dont have any intention to find another Kpop stars to follow specially singers, i could mention that I see other groups and singer performances, but only HE and SS501 Kpop group likes me and it is because he was part of them and I see him in any movement of their performances, the way he dances the feature of his face, his reactions and mainly how humble he was and is,in interviews his actitud is like ” let the youngers to talk”, like when a father let you to talk o lot of useless things and after that he takes the control, he looks worried of everything ,mature and funny among them as a leader. Honestly I think that was BOF and specially PK which stared with this wave, remember that PK was in the internet where it gained attention not at home that even deserved a documentary from CNN, and of course was there in the internet how we met him. OHH I LOVE THIS LATEST TECHNOLOGY which let me be in this page now writing about my new hobby and knowing more about my unique star. Actually he is MY ONLY ONE.
    From the midle of the world but in the other side overseas
    God bless you dear

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