Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HIDDEN STAR

By: LazerKim        What’s up for today? No updates about Kim Hyun Joong!! What I have is an update about his friend and co-artist at BOF Lee Min Ho, who is currently visiting his fans in the Philippines, as Lee Min Ho is the official endorser of Bench!! He arrived safely in Manila November 15 yesterday afternoon. Apparently the F4 members, which of course Hyun Joong is one of the members, has so many huge fans in my country since BOF was aired in my country in 2009 which has gained a top TV rating, and had been aired several times by different local TV network. I can now guess, his latest drama Faith might be shown in my country probably very soon!! I want to cry, because the news made me miss Hyun Joong even more!!!

Since Lee Min Ho is in town, he reminded me about BOF again! I remember how Hyun Joong enjoyed the company of F4 members while filming BOF since he was the main ice breaker within the group! After the filming of BOF, the F4 members revealed how they gained many product endorsements as a group and individual endorsements as well. The F4 image proved an excellent impact to the general public and was able to set trend specially to the young generation. The F4 member’s togetherness may be short lived since the four of them went to back to their reality life on separate ways to their original career after the filming, but they shall always be remembered.


Lee Min Ho was asked what he thinks of Hyun Joong, this was during the filming of BOF and here’s what he said about Hyun Joong:

LMH:  “Hyun Joong is very cute, funny, and very down to earth. I enjoyed working with Hyun Joong since we have many scenes together, that we always laugh together. He’s much fun to be with!!”

During the promotion of BOF on its final episode in Japan, each of the F4 members were asked what they can say about each other, here’s that brief responses from F4:

Kim HyunJoong said “Lee MinHo has been admitted to the hospital thus not able to join us. This is my first drama and I have met these admirable friends who are good in acting. I will copy their acting style little by little and make it into my own!!”

In addition, Hyun Joong said making the others laugh, “Though Kim Bum’s role is a Casanova, he is not a Casanova. Kim Joon hyung’s role is a regulator in F4, he is similar to that image in the drama. However, he is good at getting away from work and sneaking away. He has a mind of a swindler!!”

Kim Joon said “Kim Bum is a friend who has many points to learn from and Kim HyunJoong is handsome but plays a lot of pranks and I knew he is shy with strangers but he is energetic. 

Kim Bum added “Kim Joon hyung is someone who is good at sneaking away and we were having a hard time because we always are not able to sneak away. Kim HyunJoong is a good colleague and friend. It is fortunate meeting with good people. There was once where Kim HyunJoong brought a camera and took funny photos and said that he will blackmail us.”

Hyun Joong’s final words:  “Thank you for loving me even though I’m still lacking in many ways. I hope you can keep the last broadcast today deep inside your heart. As much as the many fans of this drama all over Asia, I will work hard to become an admirable actor and singer.”


Now talking about BOF, the other night I spent going over with news articles back in 2009-2010, and I came across a news article from allkpop entitled “Kim Hyun Joong Leaving DSP.” I was surprised that there were about over a thousand comments from that specific article, and as I dig in dipper to the comments, some fans were blaming Hyun Joong as he signed for BOF saying it was the root of all the fiasco! Others were saying he was selfish to think only for his future and leaving his group. Then someone was trying to cover up for Hyun Joong by dragging another member’s name, which for me, it doesn’t make sense. It may be too late to react on other fans comments, but let me just put this on record, since I’m writing like a diary of Hyun Joong’s life.

First of all, it was not Hyun Joong’s idea to be cast for BOF. As Hyun Joong respond to Kang Hodong he said: “The DSP president asked me why I don’t want to do it. So I said that I will do it and took the audition.”  This was not the first time that he said he was not interested with acting at first. He also said it in 2009 at Guerrilla Date, he was hesitant in taking the role for BOF since he doesn’t have experience in acting. In his documentary he said the same thing, but when he started filming the drama, it was only then Hyun Joong realized he can be an actor. And he was quite successful as an actor, in fact there were offers to him as an actor for another drama after BOF, but he declined the offer since he wanted to go back to his group and get done with their last album.

Second, many fans had misunderstood Hyun Joong’s words and one of those is this, as he was asked if he was intending to go solo after filming BOF, and he replied  “Going solo? I’ll walk till the end with my SS501 members”. And Hyun Joong did, he walked with his group till the end of SS501 contract in 2010. I think right from the very start the members already knew that DSP will not renew their contract. As I trace back the company history, none of their managing artist’s contract was ever renewed or extended, based on their records. If you were Hyun Joong wouldn’t you be worried about your future if this was the case? No one would take the five of them, what would you do?

Whoever among fans said Hyun Joong was selfish, I would say they were the ones who were selfish because they do not want these guys to grow by themselves and establish their own names without depending on each other. And besides fans do not decide for their idol, they have their own life. I don’t think Hyun Joong would reach this status in his career if he stayed with his group. Another comment from that article said, “Hyun Joong will not last long and he will collapse in less than a year!” Now I’m sure she’s eating her own words!!


The other day there was an update about one of Hyun Joong’s member pertaining his upcoming album, as the member said “I’ll be greeting my fans with a scandal next year.” I laughed at this news article, whatever he meant by his statement at least he’s trying to turn the negative to positive approach. As I read the comments, there’s one that caught my eyes as she said something like, she’s glad the allkpop finally used this member’s name without the trade mark SS501!! I agree with her, all five members had gone on their separate ways to establish their own individual name. It doesn’t help at all if media or whoever would keep on attaching the trade mark or group name to their individual names.

Hyun Joong said this in one of his interview, “I would like to get out of the shadow of SS501.”  These words again was misunderstood by some of his fans. First, Going solo would mean establishing his own name through his own effort and not using other name just to sell out his own craft.  Second, Hyun Joong has been trying his best to create his own music without adopting what he used to do, but to create something new to contribute to the music industry. Hyun Joong will never forget where he came from, at the same time he cannot develop himself further if he’ll just be doing something from his past. Hyun Joong as I always say, is very realistic type of person, he doesn’t live by the past but for the present to look forward to the future. That’s him.

One of the members, the youngest confirmed in an interview with Sports World that the group will return even with the recent division into separate agencies and careers. He also stated that a future album from the group may possibly be released in 2011. We’re now reaching towards the year end 2012, yet nothing happened. The more they talk about such plans, the more Hyun Joong rise up to stardom. I believe these three members are talented, just remain focus to their individual activities as soloist.


Few months ago before Kyu Joong decided to enlist himself at the military training, there was a noise from some fans calling for SS501 to re-group or re-unite. This was not the first time, in fact it happened almost all the time. I was thinking then these fans doesn’t know that it’s not that easy, not even a joint stage is not easy. And every time I read such post calling for the members to re-unite and have the album ect. I start asking myself, are these guys really desperate? Are the members not good enough doing their solo activities? For me this is just short of saying “you’re better off with the group instead of doing solo!” I think the members needs their fans support as soloist more than ever, so for the fans of SS501 support your individual bias and be happy with their solo activities instead of calling for re-unite, I think is the best.

It’s barely two years since the group split up, have the members gone tired of doing solo in that short period?  Let’s face it, the other members have not gone up yet! Hyun Joong may have hit the stardom but this guy is still aiming for his target and has plans until he gets to the gates, in three years time. Apparently he’s still enjoying his solo activities in full energy and enthusiasm. And when Kyu Jong was enlisted, the noise came to an end, and that’s good.

It may just be co-incident that almost every time Hyun Joong has significant event in his activities as solo and would turn out to be a success, I have noticed some fans would just popped out and call for a re-unite!! It somehow gave me the impression that some fans are not really happy about his success. Well, who cares anyway, since majority of his fans are happy about every success he gained. Someone even said, that Hyun Joong’s building blocks is planted on the sand!! Maybe others could not just accept the fact that he’s already up there and still rising up.


Last year as I was watching the old video clips of SS501, I kept asking myself as to why Hyun Joong was given minimal songs to sing, as if he’s just at the chorus line!! Normally he would start the song for a few lines then he’ll be at the back, then I found out there were two lead vocalist. I’m just lucky that most of the video clips of SS501 were focused on him even he’s not singing!

It’s because it was only Hyun Joong whom I wanted to see. Although no matter where he would stand, he still outshine the others. Even at their first few TV appearances at talk shows, Hyun Joong would just sit but if he’s being asked and responded, there’s always laughter from the audience even I did not understand what he said, I laughed too, because of his cute expression!!

There’s another video clip of a talk show from Japan with his members, again he just sit still while the other member talks in Nihongo, but I couldn’t take my eyes on Hyun Joong and he has such charm even he’s sitting around. But as time passes by, I think he felt more comfortable and that Hyun Joong became the apple of the eye of talk show host. Honestly, I think the wisest decision ever made by himself is to go solo, otherwise that hidden talent will forever be kept at the back of the line with his members. We wouldn’t know he’s that good, we wouldn’t know he is indeed a hidden innovator and a Hidden Star.

I will never forget how Kim Hyun Joong shake the entire continent upon getting out from his shield and showed how a bright star he shines.

Before I go please be reminded that Happy Camp shall be aired tomorrow November 17, don’t miss it!!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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31 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] HIDDEN STAR

  1. please answer me on email

    kindly I have aquestion please answer me i read that Kim hyun song in an interview said comment about him self and after that the fans agree this and he became upset from that > what is this the comment he said about him self?? really i want to know
    please send the reply to my mail kindly.

    • Hi Minerva! Pls forgive but I couldn’t get your question. Who’s Kim hyun song? And also from what interview are you pertaining to? Please clarify your question so that I can answer you. Where should I email you??? I don’t know your email ad!!

    • i means Kim Hyun Joong , i just read this comment and i don’t know in which interview because of this i need the info. the comment was said that in an interview he said comment about him self and after that the fans agree his comment and he became upset from that. can you get info about that PLZ

      thank you very much for your care and reply.

  2. kindly I have aquestion please answer me i read that Kim hyun song in an interview said comment about him self and after that the fans agree this and he became upset from that > what is this the comment he said about him self?? really i want to know
    please send the reply to my mail kindly.

    • HJ made a lot of comments, he had a lot of interviews,so I still don’t get it, here are my questions:
      1. What was the comment made by HJ?
      2. You said it’s in an interview but what was the question given to him that made him comment?

      • realy i don’t have any info about which interview , it was interview for newspaper i think.
        and i just this read this phrase while i was reading general info about HJ

          • i just read this while searching about information about him . it was just written this nothing about his words or in which interview. plz try to find this i trust in you.

            also i have some questions about boys over flowers drama, why he has the name the prince of this story in the drama??
            also inside the scenes of the drama, he kissed “jan di ” while they were in the island , so this means that he loves her or just he want to forget his love?
            and in the last scene he said for Jan Di that he opened the clinic for two reasons the first because his grandfather the second he didn’t complete because joon bio came, so you think what is the second reason??

            sorry for disturbing you with my questions
            thank you

            • LOL! Minerva, how can I search for something which i don’t even have nor you don’t have any idea what you’re looking for if you can’t state the comment that Hj said!! Right? If you can’t identify the comment then we’re dead end!!
              Yeah you’re right about BOF. Second reason could be he wanted to get closer to janDi.
              It’s ok dear, no problem! And you’re welcome!

              • so why he called the prince of this drama??
                and why he want to be closer to jan di?? he loves her or just want to forget his love??

  3. Hi LK… thank you so much for setting the records straight on this reunion thing. I really don’t understand these fans who can’t let go of SS501. It is owned by DSP and can never be a group again! They cannot use the name…. do they not get it? Besides that, if they were awkward and uncomfortable at that reunion before the member went into the military… it was because of those fans! Really, they were so cruel to Hyun Joong and the other member didn’t want to be there for whatever reason. If they are uncomfortable together it’s because of these nagging fans who can’t let go of the past and insist on blaming Hyun Joong for their split. It is so sad to see, and it breaks my heart for all of them, especially Hyun Joong. He is the leader, and I know he loved his brothers and wants the best for all of them.

    If they ever reunite, I see it in their old age, like the Eagles who kept saying it was their final reunion and kept doing tours because their fans demanded it! LOL! I just see them in their 50s sitting on stage together with Hyun Joong playing guitar and them all sitting on stools and singing together. Just for reminiscence and memories. That’s all. These fans keep holding on to the group like an ex boyfriend who has moved on in his life, but they just can’t let go and keep making fools of themselves begging! It’s pitiful and pathetic.

    Thanks again LK for defending our Angel baby with the truth! It is his way of defending himself as well… but, some people can’t understand him. I hope they could read your articles and get it clear in their heads. If they don’t, oh well, what to do? They are foolish and should not be given any credit, time or energy. I hope Hyun Joong does not feel any responsiblity to them (I don’t think he does, but I know it must pain his heart to have them tell him he’s not welcome… so awful and unecessary!). We’ll just keep loving him and pushing him higher and higher! We will help him realize every dream to come true! 😀

    • I agee and also I really admired how he face that situation, because he knew about haters but for him his brother was the most important, and the reaction for most of the fans was really good, He smiled and also did a joke to himself, that is the way to face them,.

  4. GREAT sis!agree with all your ‘words’… there is a time HE is been hiden.How ever HE is MORNING STAR who always shine anywhere and anytime.I love ss501,but I will support HIM everywhere HE stand.YES!HE is realistic man,only the person who short and bad minded who get misunderstood HIS words.I wish those kind of fan quickly ‘wake up’ and stop blaming… Thanks sis,have a nice day GOD BLESS.Sis, please send me link to watch mv heat,I lost it. thanks

  5. I’m Kdramas’ addict before i came to know HJ. I like those stars whom i think have the calliber to act ,i became so addicted that i’d experience many times over without night sleep..imagine how does it affect my health then..>,the rest is history ~~D
    well,many of us have different understanding or interpretation about SS501 is not disbanded.Oh well they are not disbanded actually i mean the name SS501 and their precious moments can never be disbanded it will remain forever because it was/were their group’s trademark and their brotherhood precious moments…BUTTTTTT the member is already/actually disbanded!..what do you call their activities now..under SS501???? and we shouldn’t ask for if one member can’t stand alone as being solo and it needs help by tagging the name SS501…ya know behind the scene they are united!!!…fighting!!

    hi lazer dear I was watching some photos of him and bump into these site , I see his photos and he looks amazing, so hot that I dowloaded some on my computer,
    And as the members reunited I thought it was impossible because of the contrats of his and the others, they just only could do it for charity maybe, but not as SS501, since the name belogs to DSP and it is giving it money till now, because one thing that I admire on the SS501 fans , (the serious ones), is that they are always update fans with the activities of them and the group`s videos are airing and watching so much I saw some comments on them with 1 week ago or 1 month ago, that is why till now even separated the group is considered an icon ,one of the best of groups. They love eachother as he also admited,I think THAT IS A LEADER for ever, but I also see how they are enjoying going solos, Well ,hope to see them together singing any time for charity because as another group i see it will be difficult.
    well enjoy the hot photos
    have a nice day.

    • Hi Jazu! Yes i agree with you SS501 was the first kpop group that i knew because of Hyun Joong. The group will not be forgotten, they already mark a history in the kpop. The members are talented so I can’t understand why others would still call for re-unit that they could not understand that members can’t just jump in to the stage and perform, it’s not that easy that i hope they would realize some realities here!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! see you again have a nice weekend and take care!

  7. hi lazer! after exams i’m here!! whatever it is, i’ll just support KHJ & others in their solo carriers! i don’t want to say anything about SS501 comebacks, but as i like 5 of them and as they are the first kpop group i liked, i’ll just leave it for them to decide!

  8. I am one of those who love ss501 and yes i want to see them on stage together again. Like a reunion kind of thing, maybe because i became a fan of their group the time when they already pursued solo careers. So a part of me has that frustration as to why I hadn’t known them when they were still together, and that makes me want to see them again. Though I must admit that it is much better for each one of them to just continue with their solo careers,since they’re going at a great phase. Not every member in a kpop group can be successful going solo, but seeing all of the boys making it successfully on their own was really a great sight to see.

    A true fan is the one who would always go for whatever makes their idols happy so I am trying to move on, and my love for KHJ helps me with that. As much as i want them back i’d rather not, because KHJ is the leader of the group. And some of the fans are narrow minded, when something goes wrong they always pin it to the leader no matter how irrelevant the issue is to him. And thus, bringing stress and pain to KHJ, and I dont want any of that. If i’d see him cry i want it because of happiness. He has a lot more ahead of him and I want to be there with him as he continuously shines. Thanks for making me understand more LK. sorry for the long post.

    • Hello seoran! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, how i wish others would realize some realities! I agree with your opinion. As for me I’m happy still listening to SS501 music because I like it which is still in my playlist. And i do hope for more power to the members doing their solo activities which I know they’re doing good since they have individual talents that they can contribute more to the kpop music individually.
      Have a great weekend, enjoy Happy Camp! see you!

  9. I agree with u that those fans insisting for the comeback and blaming Hj are selfish. They are only thingking of themselves. They don’t think about the fellings of the members and what they want for themselves. I’m so happy that HJ have the opportunity to broden his mind and talent not just like when he was still in the group the it has limitations. Looking at HJ now makes me proud of him and love him just like a son not only as a fan. And yes everytime HJ is successful in every event those fans who don’t lime him to be on the top insist of comeback and that makes me think that maybe his idol was left behind. And being in the group will make him only to be regognized. I was watching again some of HJ’s video clips and well just what u said even if he only have a little lines to sing he still stands out. No one can beat hin when it comes to charisma with in the group. S gor the fans who have limited mind wake up. Let them be on what they are doing and be happy for them.

    • How would you expect a person to go back knowing he was hated by the fans, that could be so painful on him. How could these fans dictate on the members as if they do not have a mind of their own.
      Thanks for sharing your thought, have a nice weekend! see you! take care.

  10. BOF where i 1st saw KHJ as Ji Hoo,nothing more nothing less just Ji Hoo i’ve known..the boy who will always protect Jan Di..when i learned HJ is also a singer & dancer that’s where i start researching about him..i wish F4 will do a movie again..

    I think HJ is doing better alone without a group..he can handle do better..he will always be grateful to where he start but he needs to spread his wings and soar even higher..and to those bitter fans,stop pestering our KHJ..if u don’t have anything good to say,just shut ur mouth…and be happy of what HJ & the other members achieve..

    Thanks again ms LK…God bless..(~_~)

    • Yeah and talking about F4 I came across Hana Yori Dango last night and watched again! I can’t help but say the F4 is far better, forgive me but Ji Hoo is more handsome than Rui, the author was right Hyun Joong played the perfect Ji Hoo in describing the character!
      I just want Hyun Joong to be happy where he is now, no more pains for him, enough is enough.
      Thanks jhen! Take care see you again and have a nice weekend!

  11. I’m really, really glad HJ decided to do BOF. It’s what really started his solo career…besides We Got Married. I don’t want SS501 to come back either now; I did when I first got into SS501 and watching everything HJ on YouTube, but I don’t want HJ to be sad either. I’m glad we’re seeing him smiling and laughing more lately! I still really don’t have any ideas why supposedly TS fans bash HJ still. The other four members, I’ve read, have successful solo careers and I liked most of their music. I love Jung Min’s Not Alone and his most recent Beautiful song; the MV is cute. HJ will make it to where he wants to go before military. Hopefully before then they’ll abolish hat rule for celebrities who are in high demand/make it into the US/Europe scene, which HJ should be able to do…he just has to learn more English. ^^

    I think it would be cool if HJ and Lee Min Ho were in a drama or movie together again ^^

    Can’t wait to watch the raw Happy Camp tomorrow!!! Hopefully it’ll get subbed fast. There will be plenty to talk about tomorrow! Night.

    • Hello Becca! One cannot move forward if he’s being stuck up by the past. See coming from you the members are having successful solo, then what is the need for re-unite if the members can build their own name on their own? Right? The members said believe, so believe in their individual abilities and support. Leave the past trade mark behind so that they can move further forward. Just like what Hyun Joong is doing leave the past behind so that he can move on and he’s moving too fast in fact!
      Now the members can do that too, take it from the leader, since they have not attain even half of what Hyun Joong has. I think reality check is badly needed around the area of TS and the members.
      Thank you Becca for sharing your thoughts. Have a great weekend and take care..see you!

  12. Nice one Lk. Agree with all your views. Hj and his other Ss501 members are unique in their own ways. They are spreading their wings. They have goals to achieve in their career. To those who are hoping for the group’s comeback, they need reality check. In my opinion the member who spoke about releasing an album again was actually hoping to feel the yesteryears of Ss501 success for he can never achieve it on his own. I may sound harsh to that member but I belive that is the scenario. I do pity him but what to do. As for Hj, he is paving his success beautifully. Dont look back… I remember watching their get together on youtube before kyu jong went for his enlistment, I was so upset when some fans threw harsh words to Hj saying that he was not welcomed there. After two years and these fans still do not come to their senses. And honestly looking at the four on stage, the chemistry has gone…Hj looks lost and sad…one member didnt go up the stage due to various reasons..made up by fans. Only he himself knows why he chose not to be with his friends. After watching that, I seriously feel that the group is done and over with. I dont want Hj to look sad ever again. I want him to have his beautiful smile and laughter..and we have seen that a lot lately..on the field, on his solo stages performing, on variet shows or simply with his good friends at his restaurant. When he smiles and laughs, his fans all over the glibe will too.
    Ok Lk. Sorey for the longwinded comment. Your article did this to me. Lol. K. Bye n have a nice weekend.

    • Hello kyong! I actually noticed that get together, i actually delete that part in this article but since you open it up, your observation is right. This was after two years of their contract termination. The chemistry among the members was no longer there that i just hope the fans would open their eyes. Just my opinion, I think it would be better if the 3 of the members would just form their group if this is what they wanted. Seeing HJ at present, common sense would tell us he doesn’t have any plans of going back to the group, reading from his interviews alone you would see his lay-out plans, and it would only before he reach the age 40 that he plans on putting on a band that he can manage.
      And the way I see it the 3 members could just be stressed out from their nagging fans calling for re-unite that’s why the members just spill out on empty promises.
      Can you imagine a member standing on stage alone and be asked about re-unite of SS501, what would you think the member would feel? Well for me i take it as an insult, aren’t they satisfied with the members’ performance? I just hope the fans would realize, these guys have feelings too just like anyone of us.
      Thank you Kyong for sharing, have a good weekend and take care! see you!

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