Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MORNING STAR

By: LazerKim            When Kim Hyun Joong was a small kid, he was called Morning Star by his parents and their neighbor because of his big bright eyes.  I found an old new title for Hyun Joong!!   In my recent articles I have been writing about Kim Hyun Joong’s thoughts about his High School days from the talk show hosted by Kang Hodong. I found a translated brief interview with his mom Jung Yeon Mi as she related how were those days during Hyun Joong’s childhood to adolescence period of his life.

I think Hyun Joong is a very sentimental type of person. You know, being tough on the surface but having soft heart from the inside and quite sensitive, even he tends to show otherwise. This was my impression when I was researching on him last year after seeing him broke down in February 2010 and in June 7, 2011. This is just my opinion until I read from his mom that indeed Hyun Joong is a very sensitive person. We have seen him in tears, not on dramas, but for real on stage in front of his fans, that could be resulting to stocked pain inside him that he could not bring it out to express himself so he just break down.


Here’s something I would like to share from an interview conducted with Hyun Joong’s mom which I found from my old files, here it goes:

KHJ’s mother:  “All his teachers said he is good in studies to the extent that it should not be a problem for him to get into Seoul University (One of the best University in Koera). As a parent, we hope that he can continue to study rather than to go into sports or entertainment business, but in the end his strict father took charge so he did not get into soccer.”

“HyunJoong is very sentimental child even though he is blunt and does not talk much.” She also talked about the story of crying when she received a gift of beauty products from his son recently.

KHJ’s mother said “He came a few days ago and put the beauty products on the dining table. I asked him what is that and my son replied ‘Mum, I bought for you to use. Now can you please learn to enjoy life? Can you stop working in the market?’ and some other good-talking.”

She continued  “I talked to my son’s uncle whom he is very close with to discuss what should I do. Uncle said ‘HyunJoong came over to find me not long ago, he said he suddenly saw his mother’s face and that there was more wrinkles than before, he was so heart-broken. Then he went to the restroom to cry because he hates being seen crying.’ After which, he asked his uncle which beauty products are good to soothe wrinkles as he wants to purchase it as a gift. Hearing that my son went to the restroom to cry, I felt really bad. Now, I am considering to stop my clothing business at Dong Dae Moon market.”

“Because we wanted to raised our son as a strong kid with responsibility, we pretended not to know when he came back from his part-time work at wee hours in the morning. My husband and I would go to the restaurant that our son was working at and waited outside for an hour every night to look at him and we cried. Even though the lights were on while we wait for our son to return, the truth is that we would turn off the lights and pretended that we were sleeping just before he reaches the front door.”

“I always say to my son to pray to God before they start to do anything. We opposed to our smart son, who managed to get grade 3 in Chinese Character Competence Test during elementary school, to get into the entertainment industry, but we believed in him when we saw his persistence in doing what he wanted to do. I am proud of my son.”


I knew it Hyun Joong’s parents are strong believer and I think Hyun Joong is also a strong believer too, seeing the pendant he wears in every concert he performs. Praying minutes before every performance on stage is very familiar to me, since I did it too. There’s one video clip I think it’s from one of his documentary that Hyun Joong gathered his dancers to pray holding each other’s hands before a concert, which also is very familiar to me. No matter what, Hyun Joong is also blessed with such good parents who are God fearing and had taught him a lot of goodness despite of their struggle in order to live a decent life.

As I read this from his mom, I was deeply moved, Hyun Joong is like a Prodigal son from the bible. He was a problem child, a hard headed (which until now he still is!!), and persistent to his dreams, but soon as he had risen, it’s his family came first to share what he got. I was thinking maybe back in time, even his parents wasn’t expecting Hyun Joong to be this huge star. But even he has been a good provider to his family they lived in a humble and decent lifestyle. Now I think his parents understood his dreams and even Hyun Joong may still finds it hard to express his love for them, but as he matures, I’m sure he’ll come around as he learns to be more expressive.

Hyun Joong may not be the kind of son they wanted him to be, since he has been an intelligent kid to be a promising professional, but they are blessed with a famous professional artist who is being loved by so many people. He actually grew up with a lot of love from his parents as he was taught about it, and he shares it with others. Now we don’t have to wonder as to why Hyun Joong has that soft spot in his heart for the less fortunate because he grew up being taught about sharing the blessings he got. He grew up being polite, well mannered all the time and most of all he was taught about self respect and equal respect to others regardless of anything.


Hyun Joong had expressed many times during interviews that his grandmother was like a ‘mother’ to him. He said,

Before I was admitted to school, my grandmother was the one looking after me on behalf of my parents who were busy with work. My grandmother doted on me since I was little and she was more happy than anyone else when she saw that I had achieved a little success as a singer and in Boys Over Flower. I was able to endure all the tiring and tough times because of her (grandmother) support.

The news that his grandmother was seriously ill after surgery has pained Kim Hyun Joong’s heart deeply and left him severely drained.

Hyun Joong’s grandma passed away in 2010. I would think it’s his grandma who was his first fan, but at least she was able to see Hyun Joong succeeded in his dreams. Come to think of it, Hyun Joong may have lost his dearest grandma, but now he is blessed with so many grandma fans from every parts of the world. That anywhere he goes, anywhere he performs, there’s always a grandma sitting by watching him perform and even chanting  his name. It’s like saying, whatever he missed in his past, he is now being blessed with even greater that one can imagine.

Hyun Joong really had the rough years of 2009 and midyear 2010, that whenever I read about it, it’s just too heavy on the chest. Well I’m just a fan, what more being Kim Hyun Joong to have such burden that he had to get through for him to reach this stage of his life was just too tough. I would say Hyun Joong has a strong foundation and this foundation cannot easily collapse since he came from the good roots from his parents, the turmoil of his hardships nurtured his strength and his experience is where he cultivate wisdom. As a result is a man with more than dignity that anyone can stand proud beside him.


Back in time during Hyun Joong’s days with his group in 2009, he revealed his plans of going to U.S. to study dance and music for at least six months. Hyun Joong was not able to pursue his plans back in time due to his schedule. Now I wonder if he still has that in mind, with the high demands on his projects and full packed schedule, will he still be able to pursue with his plans he made way back in time? Here’s what Hyun Joong said in 2009:

Kim Hyun Joong said “I want to learn not only dance but also music other related things in America’ and also ‘I had included overseas studies in my life plan that I made long ago.”It was originally planned for a year but since after the drama ends this year there would be an Asia tour, I don’t know when I can go but I’d like to learn English and dancing when I go to America” “I made a plan of my life before I debuted and this was one of the things that I wanted to do so this plan must come to pass”

I read a statement made by Hyun Joong that made me laugh! Hyun Joong grew up from high School holding on with his guitar and dreams to be a rocker. Somewhere along the way of pursuing his dreams, his fate lead him in a different direction of becoming a singer and a dancer. Here’s what Hyun Joong said:

I was in thrown into confusion because I was immersed in rock and playing base guitar everyday during middle school and suddenly I had to prepare for dances. However, in the thoughts of becoming an entertainer fast, I am able to bear with everything.”

Apparently he succeeded out of his hard work, he was doing good with his members, and all of a sudden his fate took him to another wilderness in the world of acting as he did BOF. Initially there was some rejection to his self willingness having worries that he didn’t have much experience in acting, but he took acting as a challenge and surprisingly he gained a huge attention not only back home but in many parts of Asia.

Hyun Joong’s fate played so much jokes on him, that after doing good, there’s a period in his career life when he was suddenly at lost and nowhere to go a month prior to his contract with his group ended, that brought him to his ultimate turning point. Then came a good Samaritan or an Angel that lead him to a better destiny as a solo artist that finally made his dreams come true.

That at last he was able to achieve his first dream as a serious musician and a rocker, finally!! Hyun Joong was taken in a long winding road by his fate, to finally reach for his first dream, and in a much better condition, that he has better freedom in doing both of his talent as a singer and as an actor. Indeed everything has its own time and place for Kim Hyun Joong.


Hyun Joong dream of becoming a celeb like his idol rocker Suh Tae Ji, it was this guy who inspired him to be where he is, Suh Tae Ji is the root where all Hyun Joong started but until now they have not met!! I think a person who aspires to be a star has to be a people loving person, being a celeb he’s bound to be crowded by people, he’s bound to be followed and to have a large scale of fans. This is the life Hyun Joong chose for himself, that even in his younger years his in-born charisma has already been there inside and that Morning Star grew up with him.

The more fans Hyun Joong gains the better success he’s bound to achieve. Hyun Joong still doesn’t know why many people loves him as he said, “Why do people likes me? Do they know me?” How I wish he would read any of these articles for him to know as to why! And how much do his fans know him, since everything written in these articles about him are all based from his interviews coming from his lips, he would also know what his fans think about him as a person and as an artist. It’s unvarnished since what we say here is what we see from him. Well, we may never know, Hyun Joong might be as updated with his articles as you are!!!

It’s not only Kim Hyun Joong who is blessed with all the good things in life, we fans are also blessed with a Morning Star, an idol whom we can always be proud of being his fans.

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] MORNING STAR

  1. Hi Ms Lazerkim!

    Thanks for yor article & enjoyed it but just want to point out one thing, darling KHJ’s grandma passed away at the end of 2010. Remember the nite he won the Popularity Award for ‘Playful Kiss’? That was when he lost her. Poor baby ^^^

    • Hey thanks for noticing that’s my typo mistake. Yes I remember he was saying he in tuxedo to accept his award and change to black tie for his grandma funeral. *sigh* Hj had gone through a lot but he’s strong to overcome every trial. Thanks lina have a pleasant day and see you again! Take care!

  2. uugghh..struck me…the love that can’t express..but still our HJ knows his priority,his family..he is now harvesting the seed that he planted…ngbunga n ang mga pgsa2kripisyo nya nuon…i salute u for not giving up ur dreams…i know ur parents are so proud of u,and so do we(Henecia)..we love u KHJ!!

    Thanks for sharing again ms. LK..God bless..stay safe

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