Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRIVATE LIFE

By: LazerKim          The sneak preview of Happy Camp as Kim hyun Joong guested in the show, is already at YouTube yesterday, oh Hyun Joong is just so adorably hilarious and spontaneous as he enjoys the game show!! Hyun Joong shall be attending the Music Festival to be held in Chengdu China on December 8th. Therefore, this will be prior to his 3rd album launching in Japan which will be released on December.

Hyun Joong’s schedule for December is rather in full packed! So let’s bear with the temporary dragging days without Hyun Joong as we look forward to December festive season with Hyun Joong! Christmas preparation had started, we can already smell the cold wind of the season and in no time we’ll be hearing Christmas carols!! Oh this season can be so exciting knowing Hyun Joong will be out there on his exposure!! May I just remind that Hyun Joong’s Unlimited album pre-order is already open and waiting for those who wish to make their orders you may do so.

And for Yahoo Buzz the award ceremony shall be held in HongKong Convention and Exhibition Center hall on December 17th at 8PM. Of course Hyun Joong is likely to attend the ceremony if  he wins in the voting polls, so let’s vote for Hyun Joong everyday! The link to yahoo Buzz is at the bottom of this article and the link for Yes Asia for pre-order of Unlimited.


I should have written this topic the other day since my article was Soccer Prince but it was only yesterday that I have seen this video. There’s a video clip of Kim Hyun Joong at the ballgame last Sunday November 11th as I watched him galloping on the soccer field. And there’s another video clip of him from the picture above taken from the bench or from the bleacher, that seem to me like he’s waiting for his other co-players to take the field. I was laughing at the video because it was so obvious that Hyun Joong knew somebody was taking his video at that certain moment! He has a buddy right beside him and they were talking as they watch the soccer field. He would glance at the camera with his face completely expressionless, no smiles or anything, sometimes he clapped his hands, so therefore his attention was at the ballgame.

Don’t worry guys, Hyun Joong is not sad or bothered, he’s simply being himself waiting for his turn to be on the field for his ballgame. He’s in his official event activity so he’s aware that all eyes were on him, that video taken was not on his private time since there were media and fans who were there at the ballgame. The opening competition is a sponsored event so it’s official, I’m sure to be taken Hyun Joong’s pictures and videos that time was expected, even he’s with his buddies to play. Let’s just say he’s working while playing on the field as a soccer player with his team buddies, since it was a sponsored ballgame, as I have said the event was official.

He can’t smile every time, that’s not him. Even at the airport, he rarely smile but it does not mean he’s sad. So much more at that ballgame, if there’s no reason to smile why should he? He’s simply being himself, he’s not the only celeb who was there, I’m sure there were other fans out there. I don’t think Hyun Joong was being bothered since he knows where he was. That event is not within the scope of his private time, he was in his exposure every time he takes the field, whether he’s on the blench or anywhere he can be seen, he’s aware about those fancam. It’s alright, he’s not bothered at all because it was not his private time.

I also read from somewhere, as someone was asking as to why Hyun Joong can’t play soccer with his SS501 members. That’s very simple, his members are not from FC Men, while Hyun Joong has been a team player for quite sometime now. FC Men is headed by JYJ Junsu who as we know a close friend of Hyun Joong. I’m not so familiar with SS501 members but it was only the youngest member who likes to play soccer as I read from his recent interviews that he envy those celebrities who play soccer, so he plans to put up a soccer team. Hyun Joong’s official jersey number is 9! If he wears a different number, take it as his 4D!!

FC MEN is an all-star sub unit of the South Korean football club Suwon Bluewings. The team is composed of actors, singers and models and plays charity matches. The team joined Suwon Bluewings officially in April 2011 and wears the Bluewings uniform. FC MEN is headed by JYJ Xia Junsu. The team won the 2011 Peace Star Cup against Mircale FC in 2011 at the Suwon World Cup Stadium. The team’s honorary coach is Suwon goalkeeper Jung Sung Ryong. 


I  read from a local star magazine in my country that says, “Celebrities are tied up to his exposure as soon as he steps out of his home vicinity!” I cannot forget this write-up written by a local publisher, which of course a view-point coming from a media print writer. A local celeb even said she does not go out of her house without make up!! I think this is quite expected among the stars though! So I was asking myself, then when is their private time?  They too are human being entitled to his own privacy. In one interview Hyun Joong was asked about his wins and loses, and he mentioned that he somehow lost his privacy which for him is just alright since his friends who are also celebs have the same loses too.

It was said that star’s privacy is a price to pay for fame, that the very moment he signed being an artist, he’s already selling his privacy. That was cruel to say, but as I think about it, stars are really bound to be intruded even his private life. The media, the paparazzi lives out of the stories they write about famous people and the stars, it’s their bread and butter. What could be the most interesting to read about stars? Isn’t it, their private lives? This is the interest of the public that they buy gossip magazines to read, out of curiosity about their favorite stars. Unfortunately, this is a part of showbiz reality. But I still believe there has to be a premise within the private life of a star, which one is to be shared and which one is to be kept to himself, which is his right to privacy being a star.

Reading magazines is a part of entertainment that whatever the interest of the public, the media provides information. Hyun Joong has been the apple of the eye of media entity for obvious reasons that he’s one of the hottest Hallyu star from home and in the international community. He had attended in so many interviews whether for print media or in TV programs as Hyun Joong shared a part of his private life to his fans and for those who are not fans or whoever takes interest in him. Good or bad, Hyun Joong would just spill out in response to the questioning in his most honest way.  So far Hyun Joong doesn’t have bad publicity since he performed solo.

He wouldn’t care whether what he say would affect his career or not for as long as he tells the truth. He was asked if he ever experienced joint session and he said straight forwarded, he never experience, which I believe because for me, a person with dreams will not indulge himself to destruction. Hyun Joong may be a heavy drinker which he openly admits, that I don’t see anything wrong. This is just normal to showbiz people or to any ordinary men. He would not invent stories just to impress the magazine readers or his fans about himself. He’s not that type of star and talk show hosts even the media knows this quite well.


Hyun Joong mentioned that he tries to live his life as normal as he can. Just like one time he was caught by a fan taking a ride in his bike to Jaksal although I’m not sure if it was true though, but knowing the guy who’s so care free, I would believe he was seen riding a bike. Then another incident at Jaksal he was caught doing the dishes that became a headline in some local newspaper from other countries! Jaksal is a public place, a restaurant owned by Hyun Joong and as expected most of the costumers are his fans. If it happens that Hyun Joong is at Jaksal he sometimes allow for some fans to have his autograph and out of respect his fans would let him go and do his thing at Jaksal.

Let’s just say Hyun Joong was in a public restaurant which is Jaksal, in his private time even he’s the owner of the restaurant, Hyun Joong being there, is not within the scope of his official activities as a star. Therefore every time he’s at Jaksal, it’s his private time. Although Hyun Joong is kind enough to accommodate some fans for his autograph signing even it’s unofficial  I’m just please to know that his fans do respect the opportunity and behaved. I’m just not so sure about the stolen shot which became a headline what he personally thinks about it although the impact gave in a good result without him being aware of. I would assume Hyun Joong had found his picture at the internet that made him realize how much his fans miss him and so wrote to his fans after the incident!!

If Hyun Joong is on his exposure, meaning these are official events that media and his fans are made to be aware through announcement, then that’s the time he allows pictures and videos to be captured. But beyond these events, then I would say is his private time. Like seeing him on the street, restaurants or any public places unannounced or have seen him by accident could be his private time. Seeing and meeting him at the airport is considered on his way to his official event is included among his exposure. And most of all  his apartment and vicinity is his private place and it’s absolutely “off limits” to his fans, stalkers or the media.


Hyun Joong is a freedom loving person, and I would guess as to why would a model student turned into a rebel  and turned to a global role model. Hyun Joong likes to do his thing which I think everyone of us is entitled to. But because Hyun Joong chose this life of being an artist and star, he already knows what his limitations are, right from the very first day he stepped on his lime light. As he wrote in one of his message in May of 2010, “This life can be nasty but, I like this life.”  When Hyun Joong was still under DSP, as an idol he has some restrictions, as he said in one of his interviews with Lee Sora, he and his members were being restricted to talk about drinking vices and girls.

When he moved in to KeyEast as a soloist, the restrictions were somehow minimized, as he joked “the agent does not touch”, but he laughed and said it’s a joke. I mentioned in one of my recent articles that Korean showbiz may be different from other countries, since Korea is one of the most conservative countries in terms of moral. But it’s true that most Korean and Japanese agents do consider the reputation of their artists. Since being a public figure that the general public specially the young generation look up to as role models, including the people from showbiz industry. Well, that makes sense. Hmmm…

Hyun Joong admitted that in his present status as star, there are many things that he has to cut down from his previous private activities. Like his drinking vices, that he normally does it anywhere in the street side walk stalls with his friends. This time he has to do it even at his dance studio, with his hyungs or his Artmatic dancers. Sometimes he calls on his celeb friends to his apartment for a drink. There was a time he was with his boss as they went out for a drink at a neighborhood store, but the following days, it was already at the internet! As his boss was recognized by the store owner and some people around!!

Hyun Joong and all other stars has no way to be out there just like any other ordinary person and they have embraced this fact that they are entitled for certain limitations. Although Hyun Joong is very lucky to somehow manage to have his private times without being pestered by media paparazzi or stalker fans just like what his other friends experienced. And I would say, Hyun Joong is still lucky that majority of his fans are matured enough to know their boundary being fans. Since Hyun Joong has all different age range fans, so he doesn’t have that much fans stalker problems. So far I have not read any bad news from the media, well except for some insects who were trying hard to bring him down, it’s at least manageable by counter attacks!


Hyun Joong has been in talk shows as he relates a part of his private life to his fans. And that reminds me, in some of his interviews, some fans had noticed Hyun Joong’s being indifferent. Hyun Joong is should we say more open and cheerful if the news reporter is Korean, that even in his talk shows back home, he’s more open to say what his thoughts are. He’s different if he’s in other countries being interviewed or a foreigner conducting the interview, and this is quite understandable since there’s a need of an interpreted to translate what he’s talking about. Hyun Joong of course would be spontaneous if the person whom he is talking with speaks of the same Korean language.

Hyun Joong knows how to handle his fans as he treats everyone of them with absolute respect. He shared with us a lot about himself, his private life being a student in the past, his love life in the past, his dreams and aspirations, and whenever he writes his personal letter to his fans, he even share some little details as if he’s talking with his friend. I think he had shared just enough for a fan to know about himself. Other personal details will remain his privacy that we should respect. I’m so thankful to Hyun Joong for allowing a little space for us to know him better. And the more we get to know him the more we trust and develop a certain closeness being fans and idol, with the full knowledge of our boundary.

He also shared his thoughts but unfortunately some fans misinterpreted his words specially those that he dropped in 2010. I’m gonna talk about it in my next article, not to bring back the painful past but to clear his name out of the words he stated which were misunderstood by some of his fans in the past.

This is all I have for today’s dosage, if you have not watched the preview of Happy Camp I shall post the link for you to view how funny Hyun Joong is in that show!! We do feel happy whenever Hyun Joong is happy, just the same with him, if we’re happy then he is happy too. I think this is the essence of the relationship he created between himself and his fans. I can still remember what Kim Hyun Joong wrote to his fans in June 7th last year as he said   “from this day on all we can share together are all happy smiles.”

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRIVATE LIFE

  1. I love your movies most specially playful kiss but those insults that you gave jung so min are they from your mind because she not dumb

  2. TAs I watched HollisHyun’s videos in the past, I became worried. I started to notice that when he sees Hollis, he stops smiling. Sometimes he even glares a bit and seems uncomfortable. He DEFINITELY recognises HollisHyun and doesn’t seem happy to see her. THINK ABOUT IT. Hollis has sooo many videos of him. He sees her all the time. Who do you know in their right mind would follow a celebrity from city to city and country to country only to get a little bit of footage of them even when they’re glaring? Who even has the time or money to do that? S stalker. HollisHyun is Hyun Joong’s stalker and we are the witnesses. The sad thing is that we’re so pleased to get a glimpse of him in a video that we don’t stop to think what we’re actually witnessing. Beware of her. He seems to be.

  3. ms. LK is the venue for yahoo buzz confirmed???hk??omooooo,..8pm??waaahhh..this will be my chance!!pnu q kaya mta2kasan ang amo curfew is 9pm..aigooo…think,think,think…naexcite po ata ak..kekeke

    HJ knows before entering showbizness that he’ll lose his privacy..that’s why i think he’s just enjoying the photos & videos that fans take..
    Ms. LK i like ur sentence with the is manageable by counter attacks..kekeke…just spray them with something then they’ll be ok..hahaha..

    Nphaba n ata ako..keke..thanks again ms. LK..stay safe..

  4. Talk about HIM,brightened my day.HE is everything! from the school boy,bad boy, rebel,turn into shine Idol,ah… then they call HIM flower boy, and MR PERFECT!HE facing this life with HIS BRIGHT SMILE eventhought there’s alot of ‘stone’.What the thing that HE can’t do? HE always WOW! us with HIS SURPRISE.HE is OUR THE ONLY ONE.Thank’s sis to always bring HIM around us.God bless.

    • LOL HJ thinks of himself as bad boy probably because he’s so blunt and his history of being a rebel in his past so he asked “why do they like me, do they know me?” Without knowing it’s his honesty that we love most about him!
      Thank you sis have a great day and take care!! see you!

  5. what pic of hyun joong with some girl in bed? I’m behind! I have been sick again this week and in bed.

    LK… how can I see who’s winning at yahoo buzz? I’ve been voting tirelessly for hyun joong. He must win! 😀

    I agree… I was watching that vid Sunday night from HollisHyun and thinking that he seemed a little uncomfortable with being constantly on cam while relaxing with his friends and watching the game. I am thankful to HollisHyun… but, I was even saying… poor Hyun Joong… give him a break! LOL! He’s so sweet and polite, tho. He would never say a word. I love him too much!

      • Oh well, he can’t do anything, he was on his exposure during the ballgame but at least he’s aware of the fancam i don’t want to appear ungrateful but as I have said he can’t smile every time.
        LOL ah the pix w/ the lady are made by photo shop. I agree with you Poor HJ! This is just a matter of knowing our boundary as fans. Right? Thanks Angie I can’t share the pix, i’m sorry about that. have a nice day take care and see you!!

  6. I love Kim Hyun Joong is truly a genius has so many wonderful skills someday I would like to know is my Asian actor favirito I’m from Puerto Rico and I really love everything he does. I loved.

  7. When I first watched the FC clip from fan club that you mention, I also feel his responding to the camera with calm face . HJ knew how to behave himself during this situation. We are also happy to see him but at the same time feel a shame of invading his private life. Thanks LK, for sharing. It makes me know that not only me who felt like this.
    Have a nice day. Bye.

    • Yes i agree HJ just knows how to handle such situation. At least HJ was aware that video was being taken than pix made by photo shop having HJ in bed with a girl, that’s even worst and alarmingly deceiving to the new fans.
      Thank you so much for sharing, have a nice day, take care and see you again! God bless..

      • as i’ve told you while watching those vids of HJ it made me smile the entire time.He can recognize Miss. HollisHyun who can shot him perfectly at any angle no matter how restless Hj can! i like him when he’s just casually moving about as we can see him being carefree and smiles all the time.Although we cant expect him to do the same way when he’s out of Korea.
        ya i agree with your reader’s comment above Lz,invading his privacy is kinda out of line of being a fan .Okay let’s say or they say it’s computer age now ..and we all have the right to do everything we wish for just for the sake of our happiness .LOL! pic of HJ with an agi.. women in bed >,< !. 'DELUSIONAL' tsktsk!!!! laughable!!..

        • LOL Not because we are given the right over the internet, we forget some decency! The media doesn’t give HJ a bad publicity, but some fans do edit pix of their make belief and post it! Poor HJ who’s been a victim of internet “fan right” of so-called computer age!! They played too much games on HJ’s pix and I feel sorry for those new fans who were innocent about this kind of thing, being deceived of their make belief and I feel sorry for HJ most of all. He can’t do anything, they are his fans too!

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