Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LUCKY DESTINY

By: LazerKim          There’s not much update about Kim Hyun Joong as yet, so I’m taking this chance to post my first few articles posted at Blog Spot on December 24, 2011 and was searched by one of my fan friends since I’m not familiar with internet yet. It was my first time to use the blogspot and this is one I tried to test how it works. I was a first time blogger when I wrote this that I would like to post at Word Press for the record.

I’m not sure if you have read this article as it was somewhere in the twilight zone which have been sitting there all alone in wilderness for one year waiting to be included among my other articles!! There are six articles that were misplaced so I’ll post one after the other, while there’s still no updates.

For the new fans who are currently on their research, I think this article can be helpful information how Hyun Joong has been gaining success from the year 2011 as he debut as a solo singer. I copy paste the article move it here at wordpress and the only revision I did was the format and photos but the content is exactly the same. I wrote about three article on the same day December 23th and posted it in December 24th Saturday at 6:00 Am!! I wonder, what was I doing that time that it seems to me now that I spent the whole night writing!! Now I’m asking myself is this normal for a fan?? Anyway here’s the article as follows:


Quite recently Kim Hyun Joong received four trophies from Yahoo Buzz Awards 2011 as Asia Best Male Artist including, Hongkong, Taiwan, and Korea. It was said that this was his third year to be awarded by Yahoo Buzz and the only Korean artist who was given such honor for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011.

Other than these trophies, he received awards from Mnet Asia Music Awards 2011 for Best Male Artist in November 28 and had won honors from Style Icon Awards 2011, and had also been awarded for three consecutive years from 2009. Is Kim Hyun Joong just a lucky guy to be receiving awards for such a short time on his come back stage?? Or is he destined to be where he is at this point of his career? What makes this guy click that anything he works on just turn to magical success??  Let’s refresh the highlights of his career from the time he first gained attention and let’s examine how he did it.

I barely know Kim hyun Joong,  I first saw him when he did Boys Over Flower in 2009 which made a big hit at home and overseas. He was very handsome back then but I didn’t take too much interest on him that time.  The next thing I read about him was when his contract with DSP expired in June 2010 and immediately switched agent on June 28 the same year to Key East, owned by Bae Yong Joon, my first favorite Korean actor who brought Korean drama to my attention. Well, not bad for a choice of agent, not bad at all. As we all know Hyun Joong’s first acting project under Key East was Playful Kiss, which suffered low rating back home but gained huge attention overseas, so it’s not his lost, not at all. After doing Playful Kiss, there was silence…..


I believe Kim Hyun Joong has the ability to shake the entire continent by his presence. After that long silence, Hyun Joong surprised everyone by his total transformation on his come back stage as a solo performer. I hardly recognized the man in black short hair, well built muscle in black leather suit, who’s dancing on his own powerful music. The impression was enough to glue my eyes on him looking for traces of Yoon Ji Hoo, but where is the flower boy from BOF and Playful Kiss gone?? What happened to Kim Hyun Joong??? I can only ask “is this him”?

The flower boy had grown up to be a real man. Kim Hyun Joong has the ability to transform himself inside out that no other artist have such ability. He has matured and no matter how people praised him, he stayed humble. He embrace his imperfections, weaknesses and never pretended to be what he’s not.  And that is why he is a unique individual, that had gained respect and high regard by his co artists. He released his first solo mini album Breakdown in June, a year after he left his DSP’s SS501, that immediately hit the top rank in any music count down billboard at home and overseas. He won at least four trophies for two consecutive weeks.

Kim hyun Joong was a busy bee, to be appearing on TV shows promoting his first mini album, jumping from one location to another for fan signing and his nationwide concert successfully accepted by his fans. Before his fans can quench their thirst over him,  he had spread his wings to fly from one country to another to promote his endorsement for The Face Shop and his album Breakdown in July and August. KHJ was awarded for Platinum Record in Taiwan.


Kim Hyun Joong never gets tired, in October he released another mini album Lucky and came out in another surprised image in blonde curly hair style and this time in a sophisticated dandy, a contrast image from Breakdown. Again his second mini album Lucky hit the top rank in the music count down and the world billboard surpassing Lady Gaga. Isn’t it that great? After promoting his second album, here he goes again hitting the sky to fly over to Japan for his first solo Concert Tour performed in seven cities in November and it was indeed successful to sell out tickets like hotcake in just a blink of an eye tickets sold out!!

Hyun Joong proceeded to Singapore on November 28 to accept his award from MAMA, and did a memorable performance that rocked the venue. After which, at last he rested. Well that’s what we thought.  On December 15 he released his digital single Marry Me, which was meant to be given to his fans as his Christmas present. And even his present rank top number one on several on line real time music chart.

What really is with this guy, he’s practically taken all awards available for this year 2011!! There must be something behind all of these highlighted events that kept shaking everyone’s toes!! Is he a lucky guy or is it his destiny?? In my opinion base on the events transpired this year, I think Kim Hyun Joong has a  formula in which he formulated by himself back when he was about to leave his group. What makes this artist click that anything he touches immediately delivered excellent result??


His formula…….Kim Hyun Joong’s hardwork, BYJ’s financial baking up, right timing and lastly Hyun Joong’s sincere love for his fans.  Let’s dissect each factor and see as to why these factors has to go hand in hand that resulted in a perfect career strategy.

First, Hyun Joong worked hard for hours everyday as if his studio became his second home for months of dance rehearsals for six to seven hours, five hours for his music, and two hours to hit the gym.

Second, is his agent Key East under Bae Yong Joon who’s doing a good job of providing everything needed for Hyun Joong’s every projects since the company is most capable to invest on. What Kim Hyun Joong worked hard for would not materialized without financial support and Key East was consistently at his back supporting with open arms. A destined partnership between Hyun Joong and his mentor Bae Yong Joon proved strength in their success.

Third is timing, an important factor as to when is the right time to release any Hyun Joong’s project. It’s like saying grab the pan while it’s hot, take every open opportunity as the last, but use it wisely.

When Hyun Joong was about to end his contract with DSP, he knows it’s his time to go solo and he made a perfect decision to choose his agent which provided what he needs in pursuing his dreams. At the same time Bae Yong Joon made the right choice for Hyun Joong to give boost to his company’s name marked to everyone, and of course excellent revenue increase.

Lastly, the most important factor that push Hyun Joong to cloud nine is the network of fans that he gained. Hyun Joong’s popularity had a drastic increase in numbers but from where did these fans came from?

I think Hyun Joong was able to get hold of his fans, there’s Henecia the official KHJ’s fan club formed in May 2011, and another fan club which is the pioneer among his fan club Perfect which Hyun Joong was able to maintain from the time he started prior to joining SS501 and the TS.  I think some Bae Yong Joon’s fans supported Hyun Joong silently specially in Japan as the fans called him Little yon Sama. Not to mention those fans who does not belong to any fans club apparently has a greater number. His fans are not the spur of the moment type of fans, they do stay at his side all these years.

Kim Hyun Joong strictly followed his formula, he made the right choice as to when to be out there to shake everyone’s attention and he indeed made a lot of noise in his come back stage. He made the right choice of people whom he worked with from his agent, producer, music composer, choreographer, even his good looking body guard and most of all he made the right choice of mentor, BYJ a veteran in the industry and an artist like himself. After this long litany of highlighted events on Kim Hyun Joong, the question is still remains, is this luck or destiny??


Let’s move a little backward to his history. In some talk shows Hyun Joong candidly relayed that he once run away from home when he was a kid in high school, to search for the star within himself like the rock star singer he idolized. He was influenced after watching his concert  and wanted to be that rock star one day, and the rest was history. Kim Hyun Joong was a born hard worker, an adventurous who is not scared of trying for anything that makes difference, he who would seek for ways to cultivate and develop. He’s ambitious about his career.  But if ask how he sees himself in the future,  he just wants to be an ordinary man in a friendly neighborhood.!!

Kim Hyun Joong’s career strategy was very effective that delivered excellent results. Specially at his come back stage that created a lot of noise in just a matter of short time, that brought his popularity rating shoot rocket high. Kim Hyun Joong possess what it takes to be a super star. His perfect looks, his multiple talents, natural charisma that not all artists has, ability to transform himself inside out, hard worker, sincerity and honesty. Hyun Joong had created a big storage of ideas within himself that whenever he steps on that stage there’s always something new in him that surely surprises his audience.


Hyun Joong always say he’s very lucky, but are all of these just luck? Well, I always hear luck in gambling!! You know, putting a stake without effort and money comes right in if you’re lucky!! They said destiny is the result of the life we chose, it’s said that we choose our own destiny. Hyun Joong has a self built-in formula for himself that is dedication, determination, passion and hard work to his craft. But I think meeting the right people and choosing them to be at his back to work with is his destiny.

Come to think of it, Hyun Joong has the same formula for himself in the past, although he was moving with his group but he was confined in some limitations. Unlike at present he’s on his own and out of nowhere Hyun Joong just popped out resulting in a huge success. I wouldn’t say it’s an overnight success since he’s been in the lime light for five years, it’s just that we have seen his true color when he started to perform solo that he was given the liberty to do what he wants. The stock up knowledge in his mind is finally out and very well accepted globally.

Hyun Joong said he’s a lucky guy!! It’s not the question as to what is in store for him for 2012,  but what is in store for us to see from him.  Now would you be the judge as to the question,  Is Kim Hyun Joong just a lucky guy or is he destined to be where he is at this point of his career??

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LUCKY DESTINY

  1. hi ms LK,
    Our HJ is Destined to be the Lucky Guy!!!lolz…with his hardwork and determination..nothing is impossible…HJ rocked our 2011 till 2012 let’s wait what will he be bringing out for our 2013!!!

    Proud to be a HENECIA!!!
    Thanks again ms. LK,unnie…(~_~)

  2. Hello LK, of course he is Lucky, but he is also working his butt to be where he is, he is destined to be where he is and to achieve his dreams. well done KHJ.
    Even though I somehow think this fame is taking it’s toll on him, like being followed everywhere, being watched, every single movement he is doing is pictured or photo, it is a burden sometimes, that I have a feeling HJ is craving a bit of privacy to act without thinking that someone will take a picture. (maybe he wants to scratch his nose, he can’t do that even with his friends in a balcony watching a soccer match, because there is always someone watching, it is burdensome, one moment he was watching the game and free smilling suddenly he noticed that someone is “watching” all the smiles gone…puff). It is a real joy to see Hj, but not his sad eyes on moments like this. Well, I had to say it, because I didn’t like his sad/empty eyes. We love you from afar Hj.:)

    • I agree with you whole heartedly. HJ shouldn’t be bothered, but then again he shouldn’t have to maintain an image at a soccer game! He should just ignore the fancams, if he notices them, and just going about talking and doing w/e while being himself. I don’t like his sad/empty eyes either…maybe we should get a special petition or videos of us fans to him telling him all this. Hmm..

    • Hello Noya!! Don’t worry dear, that soccer game is not his private time since the event is official. he’s not sad or whatever he was just watching the soccer field and waiting for his turn to be at the field. He’s not sad he’s just watching. He knows very well that he is being watched because he was in his exposure. The soccer game is an official sponsored game, it’s not a private game. So don’t worry dear, he’s not the only celeb who was there. Hyun Joong is simply being himself on and off cam whenever he’s at the ballgame. Now cheer up, everything is ok with HJ. He can’t smile all the time that’s not him, and we know that. Don’t we? At the airport he doesn’t even smile at all but I don’t think he’s sad! but that’s him. He knows when is his private time, the soccer field, every corner of it is a public place, people pays for ticket to watch the show and that includes those who were taking his videos and picture at the bleacher. Cheer up now, he’s ok.
      Thank you and have a cheerful day, take care, see you again, God bless.

      • Well, you are right it was public affair, but somehow, he had an expression that said: ok, you had your picture, now leave..!
        I mean really felt like intruding to much, felt a bit ashamed at watching it, like a real intrustion on him,I actually didn’t finish watch it. Maybe just my feeling, but still linger this intrusion feeling. I wonder why feeling so protective to him?! yeah right, because I am part fo the Aliens family….God Bless:)

        • hahaha it’s alright dear I understand how you feel. Just like me I’m very sensitive whenever he’s being criticized even with just a small detail. What more with his privacy at least with that incident at the bench, he’s aware that his video was being taken, than a picture of HJ at the internet in bed with a girl made by photo shop, that he wasn’t even aware made by his fans, that one is more alarming, that many new fans were being deceived, don’t you think so? It’s ok to be protective bcoz you love him. But don’t worry HJ knows that’s why he wasn’t moving while being taken by the video. Whoever took the video would realize it too. Have a happy day sweetie! Take care! see you!!

  3. Nah, it’s not just luck. The guy has worked his butt off to get what he has got now…. He just deserves all he has…
    And hey you LAZER… LAZYKIM actually today xDDDD why are you posting old articles? LOL you’re cheating kekeke xDDD I hadn’t read this one since hmmm I came across this blog just this year.. shame on me…
    Luck is what he has won on the lottery… which is 5000 won (U$ 5) xDDDDDDD so that’s whyppl should not trust in luck, it’s safer to work hard 😉
    Now I gotta get myself back to sleep XDDDDD Have a nice day everyone!

    • hahahahahahahaha….. Now this will test you as to how long ago have you been in this blog!!! hahahaha I’m not cheating, I stated this article was not recorded at WP and I still got five more articles to post to put on record!! Give me a break!! I never had a holiday since I started writing!! LOL And besides I got hooked on watching the drama Dong Yi for three straight days!! hahahahaha God I’m dying laughing now I get gas on my stomach!! Can’t type anymore!!!LOL

  4. Kim hyun joong born to be star. HE is born with AURA… even when HE was child,HIS eyes was STAR EYES. He is lucky guy… because he is born with blessing…and HE is hard working, even before HE is in the entertainment yet.HE deserved all HIS SUCCES We will never regred to love this guy,support and always stand beside HIM!KIM HYUN JOONG is INSPIRATION, We are a lucky fan to
    having HIM as a STAR,THE ONLY ONE…STAR. Thank you sis for all your article,god bless.

    • Thank you so much sis, I agree with you, it’s not luck after all, it’s all blessing from his hard work and for being a good man for real.
      Have a great day, take care and see you again! God bless…

  5. dear
    as I am in the other side of the world I read it very early, well sorry but I was trying to search for your first article, thinking that you wrote something in 2011 october or november, I just was curious to read the first one , but if you wrote something before december it could be interesting to read them, so thanks to post it, I started to read all the previous ones in order to know more about him, it is really my hobby to read your articles. So I could see that the type of life that he had and has makes him have lots of stories to tell since, love, beats,soccer games, drinks which I consider the funniest, his rebel behaviour when he was younger to performances and others, even with these stories he keeps us entertained,
    hope that i am not the one doing it. thanks a lot

    • Thank you Ampjaz, actually I’m worried since I’m aware that many Hyun Joong fans are doing their marathon reading at this time and it’s not easy to dig out from my first articles, so I’m posting those six articles which was not recorded at wordpress since back then internet is a new thing for me!! I still think i wrote my first few articles in December 2011. I couldn’t recall if I wrote something in November last year, I think those are just pictures just for testing how the blog works and some few articles. I’ll be posting them one after the other. Honestly I’m slowly experiencing writer’s block which is one thing I pretty scared since i’m doing thing article writing everyday, but I noticed there are some days I just go blank that it takes till dawn before I can write.
      Oh by the way, I saved one of your comment from my box that i really find it very interesting, so since it’s in my comment box I really do hope you won’t mind if i can share it with other readers. I actually laugh every time I read it!! Now I’m being reminded so I’ll work on it. And thank you so much for sharing. my readers are also a part of my inspiration other than Hyun Joong himself. Do take care, have a pleasant day and see you again. God bless..

      • OHH , I dont have any problem if you share my comments because as I told you I am one fan far away Asia and I can see and evaluate everything without passion. I think that being a Gemini as him I could understand some of his positions which I am agree with. thanks to read my comments and those yours , help me to be proud being one of his fans from here.
        thanks have a nice day

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