Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SOCCER PRINCE

By: LazerKim        The Prince is back on field as Kim Hyun Joong shines in the ballgame yesterday as he joined the FC Men to play soccer at noon time. Since it’s getting colder in S.Korea, it’s good for Hyun Joong to take for a run. It’s nice to see him so handsome as he outshine other celebs on the field, now I have been wondering, is there anything that Hyun Joong can not do that he will not shine??

Wouldn’t you be proud that your idol is also an active sportsman, and take note, Hyun Joong is not doing this just to show off since soccer has been his favorite sports and a player back in his kiddie days or high school days! Remember in my recent article, he would go to school and hop to another school just to play ball! That’s Kim Hyun Joong, a real sports Prince! As I was watching the video clip, I was laughing at myself as I noticed one of the players was in pink hair and in style with gel! I know who he was that I can’t help laugh as if if I want to tell him,”hey kiddo don’t you feel sticky with that hair gel while playing the ballgame??”

As I was browsing at his FC Men photos just now, I have noticed a photo that may perceive that Hyun Joong got hurt. I was looking for post at the twitter on updates about the ballgame but I couldn’t find one. It seemed Hyun Joong got a sprain, wounded or something which is likely to happen since it’s getting cold in Korea. Seeing from the photos he seemed to be in pain somewhere in his leg. Oh I just hope I can get some updates as to what happened to him but I hope he’s alright. Anyway, I do not want to alarm you, the guy is a sports man, he’s strong and he’ll be alright!


I read post from somewhere and a picture showing Hyun Joong’s leading ladies in his drama projects stepped on a platform to look taller since Hyun Joong’s height is 181cm. which is almost six feet tall and he’s being paired with shorter actresses!! I have seen some video clips of behind the scene that the production staffs really placed the actress in a platform to look taller specially on close up shots, aside from the fact that these girls are already in high heel shoes!! I was laughing about the scenes how the production crew can do magic on TV screens!! Well being short is not a “minus” to any actress if she’s cute and good in her ability or she’s the right choice for the role.

Behind the scene clips actually are the most interesting scenes that I would like to be watching that shows how creative TV productions are particularly with Korean dramas. And it serves a good promo to the drama too, like that action scene Hyun Joong had for City Conquest which shows a fight scene in a building but was done in the studio that Hyun Joong did well. Then there’s the exciting motor bike chase as Hyun Joong did it by himself is just so impressive and he looks so handsome in his bike with his helmet!

May I say it again, that I couldn’t help not mentioning that I really hope the drama management of City Conquest would release some behind the scene shots. I think this is becoming a trend anyway, that some productions do release behind the scene shots at YouTube prior to the official airing of the drama which became effective to the audience that somehow can catch curiosity and eagerness in looking forward for the drama prior to its airing. I hope City Conquest would do the same, actually they have shown it in Japan but how I wish to see a bit more!


I read an article that talks about Hyun Joong doing his drama projects based on manga or from comic book. It’s a fact, yes, since his previous dramas BOF and PK were both based from the comics which includes his upcoming drama City Conquest. In my opinion I think for an actor doing a drama whether the plot was based on books or comics, I think it is the more challenging than creating a character from a drama plot writer. An actor has to copy the characters based on books which audience had already read, to make it effective base on what the audience expectations who had read the certain book or comic.

I would like to think because of Hyun Joong’s ability to transform which is a rare asset in an actor, he has an excellent way of putting life to a character. Hyun Joong was saying he really study the moves of the character describe in the comic book  including the character’s style of dressing up, image, hair style, mannerisms, ect. Everything about the character’s personality, and attitude that he learns to adopt on and off cam, that even his friends were puzzled in his personality change as the Kim Hyun Joong slowly diminishing in some period of time.

Another comic character that Hyun Joong dreams in portraying is his favorite One Piece which is a Japanese manga. I read the synopsis of this comics and I would say the main character has an interesting personality, as Hyun Joong mentioned in his first fan meeting in Japan, that he has similarity to the character of being a sleepy head, who loves drinking and someone who is just careless!! But the character is a master in swords since he is a pirate.

As I picture the plot, it’s like a comedy action drama, that I really wish he’ll be able to fulfill his dream drama, since he mentioned that if a producer would be interested in making a drama out of One Piece, he certainly wish to be given the role to him. Actually I wouldn’t mind whatever drama project there is for Hyun Joong because for sure his fans would support it. I would really wish for more dramas for Hyun Joong. Having given more chances on drama projects, the more he’ll have the chance to master his acting skills which is the goal of every actor in portraying different characters.


I watched a video interview of his boss Bea Yong Joon, and he was saying every Korean actor would love to try on doing at least one drama with historic genre. It was said that Korean historic genre is one expensive production but has been resulting a good impact on Korean tourism. I was a drama addict before I followed Hyun Joong and historic genre is one of my favorite Korean drama to watch. I think almost all of this type of drama that I have watched in terms of story plot as the twist in the story are mostly interesting and creative.

I find the location setting, costume and action stunts are very interesting. Most of Korean drama in historic genre have a large scale of cast, this also calls for production cost including the horses on war field scenes which is very impressive. Costumes are also attractive and I would like to see Hyun Joong in top knot!! Since Hyun Joong is on that direction of being an action star, I can only predict that historic genre might be his next drama project. Well this is just a wishful thinking, since he already mentioned One Piece, it somehow gave me the impression, that historic genre is also in his mind.

Now that reminds me, if you’re looking for a drama and you have not watch Dong Yi, I would highly recommend this drama to watch. It’s not a new drama though, since it was aired in Korea in 2010 but it was aired in my country this year. This drama has so many twist and a lot of lessons can learn about ambition, rival between rich and poor. It’s about a King and having four queens in his palace, highlights a palace slave who was able to achieve the highest rank of Lady of the Court. It’s in 60 episodes that I actually have been watching for three days now!! But this is a good drama to recommend, that is if historic drama is in your interest, then this is a must see drama, while waiting for City Conquest.


I told myself I’m not gonna talk about City Conquest for a while because sometimes I get to be so impatient whenever I thought about the airing date which is said to be early next year with unconfirmed date. And because time seem to be dragging, I tried watching other dramas just to ease down my eagerness for City Conquest!! But while re-watching other dramas, I kept seeing Hyun Joong from the lead actors from the drama I am watching!!

That I kept wishing Hyun Joong would work on more dramas, at least I got longer time of seeing him on my TV screen!! And then I can imagine myself with the thoughts of “what if”, meaning I’m having thoughts about the future, that I’m hoping I would have many collections of Hyun Joong’s video clips from his concerts and other events, then DVDs of all his dramas, which I really wish he can have more chances for drama projects so that I can have more collections.

What am I thinking? Well, it’s the thoughts of that period after three years, when I can no longer see him anywhere for a while at least I can still watch Hyun Joong in my drama collections, including his music. Oh I’m so thankful for those fans who are tireless in taking his pictures and videos that I can collect and keep even at the soccer field, as Hyun Joong can be seen running around that field! My imagination is running wild that I wish when Hyun Joong gets to the military gate, how I wish somebody can take his pictures while marching on the military field too!! Now I start to wonder how are the fans of those celeb inside the military deals with longings for their idols?? I wonder how will I deal with my addiction??

This is all I have for today, don’t get puzzled with me I’m just simply in the state of boredom and missing the Prince of Soccer after seeing his pictures at FC Men and at Center Pole!! At least we have these pictures from time to time during his absence from his concert stage and TV screens!!! How to deal with anticipation, eagerness, and longing to watch Kim Hyun Joong is my two cent question!!

Before I go, may I just remind everyone to vote for Kim Hyun Joong at Yahoo Buzz, please be reminded that multiple voting is allowed in this voting polls.

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16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] SOCCER PRINCE

  1. you can watch how he hurt his knee in hollishyun’s vid in youtube. Anyway, it happened so fast, and in a flash he was back running and enjoying the game as he always did.

  2. I hope his leg is ok by now xD
    He looked so cute just talking with the members of the fc,,, XDDD
    ❤ I don't care if he doesn't score =) LOL and oh don't be a bad girl, don't laugh at Junsu XDDD
    Have a nice day!

  3. Yes, he really outshines everyone he just draws your eyes into him in every picture even with many stars around. I just love the gif i saw in tumblr where he was sticking out his tongue while all sweaty.LOL. He looked so hot there i mean as always. He looks so cool and he seem to be enjoying soccer so much that it is just so great watching him all carefree and happy. Oh LZ dont even start talking about military service, I might cry buckets thinking about it makes me teary eyed already. But for now i’ll spoil myself with every picture and every video there is of him. My dream role for him is a samurai with long grey hair or the kind of hair color he had on that mv unlock. Because he was so smoldering there, or maybe a role like he was a gambling bad boy like on lucky guy.*wishing. Bydway,Nice article to be made out of boredom *keke
    Now ill go back to voting him on yahoo! ciao bella ❤

    • TTT I didn’t really mean to mention the training, I can’t help it!! TTT at least I won’t be alone in a bucket of tears!!
      Thank you have a pleasant week ahead of you! Take care…see you again!

  4. I love it when he was so carefree on the field. He looks like a teenager..
    As for his acting, I just couldnt understand why some critics said he cant act , and those who criticised him were the Koreans themselves…but what puzzled me he was awarded for best actor???!!!
    Anyways, you know what is my dream character for him…a knight or a samurai…picture him bearded with shoulder length the character Gwaine in Merlin. Oh boy, I love to imagine him in avtion like that..Lol.
    Ok sis, till later. Thanks for the article today.

    • I just realized something looking at the pics above. He has different numbers on his jersey..8 n 9. 4D effect strikes again. Our prince is hillarious..

      • Yeah you’re right his jersey number changes every time!! It’s 8, 9, and 10!! 4Dness attacks the least we expect LOL that’s him!!! It’s good to see him playing around the field just like what you said like a teenager! LOL I guess his age is the only one that gets old but hot his face ect. The kid is still inside him sometimes, when we’re not around!!
        Those critics are unwarranted but they are definitely certified insects!!
        Thank you, have a great week ahead of you, take care and see you again!!

  5. omo! it looks like he hurt his knee! I do worry about his knees b/c soccer players and dancers end up with damaged knees. He will prob have to have a knee surgery before he gets old. Ahhh, well, that’s the breaks when you are involved in strenuous physical activities. I hate for him to be hurt, tho. It causes the eomma in me to want to fuss over him! LOL!

    He looks so handsome with his hair just natural and in his eyes! He keeps pushing it back in the videos! Haa! Haa! He should just wear a clip in it!

    I read an account about him and Jaejoong going to Canada together a couple years ago. It said he was sleeping on Jaejoong’s shoulder in the airport and the commentator was amazed by it. She said the Korean men are so comfortable with their manliness they don’t worry about those things. I think that’s why I am so attracted to them (Korean men in general) because they are so different than American men in expressing their affection to each other. It just warms my heart.

    thanks for the update again. I don’t know what we will do when he is in military service and we are denied his beauty. Oh… I don’t even want to think about it. We will just have to watch all of his vids and comb through his pictures and pore over his interviews! I will probably go back and read all your articles that I’ve never had time to catch up on. I’ll probably watch BOF and CC over and over. I can’t get into PK that much… not because of him… just the story is not that good for me. BOF is my go to! LOL! I’m sure I will love CC too and will start to watch it over and over again as well. Oh, sigh… let’s just enjoy him now! We’ll have to keep each other company during that time reminiscing about our good times! LOL!

    • He’ll be alright, when he get old he’ll still be strong because he has an active life style when he was young. As dancers the usual sickness falls to back pain. you’re right let’s enjoy him at present and start collecting everything about him!! Thanks Angie, take care have a good week ahead of you and see you!!

  6. i saw that photo last night unnie,when he got hurt..naalarma tlga ak..hahaha..but the one who posted told me he’s fine n daw..minor lng daw po..thank God..:-)
    I really love to watch him so carefree..kh8 san xa mpunta,on the stage singing & dancing,infront of the camera acting,and playing sports(soccer) he always give his best..still handsome..
    Thank u again ms. LK…

    • He’s ok I think i don’t read any untoward accident from any post at twitter I think he’s ok! Hmm spoiled ang bata ang daming nag alala!! LOL Yes this time I think we have to include the soccer field in one of his stages, but this time it’s his talent being a sports man that we see! How about that??
      Thanks Jhen Have a pleasant week ahead of you! Diba nakka irita pag walang net!! Grrr LOL Take care and see you again!

      • cnab mp ms. LK..sab cguro nung ngpost,ang kulit ni2 ah..ilang beses q kc tnanung…taz kako did u watch the game?yes dw..ntahmik n ak,kc npnuod pla nya..hahaha…nwla ang kaba..

        Oh my God..that’s 1 of the stressful days of my life..un tipong iln beses q itry iopen ang net..taz disappointment lng..ung tipong nangha2blot tlga ak ng cp ng mga frenz q pra mkpg-online ak..haiiisst..hahaha..watta life..

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