Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DR. JIHOO

By: LazerKim         Kim Hyun Joong attended to his scheduled autograph signing event for Hyun joong’s fans yesterday at one of the stores of Center Pole. Hyun Joong is the official endorser of this product company. Many of his fans visited the store yesterday and the media were at the store too. Isn’t he handsome?

Kim Hyun Joong is being nominated at Yahoo Buzz for the forth time and voting polls are now open. Hyun Joong has been winning awards from Yahoo Buzz from 2009 to 2011, therefore this is his fourth year to be winning and he gets three to four trophies every year. Multiple voting is allowed so you may save this link below and start voting everyday!

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Here’s how to vote, go to this link by copy paste:

The voting polls I think started yesterday, at this point Hyun Joong needs our votes, so I do hope we can put our acts together and vote for Hyun Joong everyday. The awards ceremony event always been celebrated every last month of the year. Well I guess we’ll be very busy this December. As of yesterday Hyun Joong was at no.1 rank, so I do hope we can maintain him in that position till the end of the voting, we can make!! I know everyone is busy with Christmas season, but I do hope we can spare time for Hyun Joong for this voting polls and his album launching which will come around on the 12th of December. Let’s vote for Kim Hyun Joong, NOW!


Hyun Joong debuted as an actor in 2009 as he did the famous manga Boys Over Flower which was a huge success. Many of his fans first had seen him in this drama, and I would say he gained an excellent popularity boost from all age range of fans. Among the cast of BOF he was the first actor to be confirmed, I would probably say Hyun Joong was fated to this direction in his career and proved to be a promising actor in 2009. In his documentary he mentioned that at first he didn’t have any interest in the acting field, but as he did BOF Hyun Joong discovered another talent in himself.

In my recent article Hyun Joong mentioned that he’s always been diligent in his work, that he always do his best whatever in in his hands. BOF was his first acting experience, and since he doesn’t have the experience in acting, he worked hard in learning the other side of himself. There are times in our lives that we may not be aware of our hidden talent and unless we give ourselves a try, that would be the only time we discover within ourselves what we are capable of doing.  Same principle with Hyun Joong, BOF was his first try out in the acting field that I’m sure not all of us who have watched BOF for the first time would think it was his first acting project.

In this article allow me to continue the last episode of this talk show hosted by Kang Hodong guested by Hyun Joong. For my other readers who just came in today, this is my forth article to be writing about this talk show Knee Drop Guru hosted by Kang Hodong which I have been writing for four consecutive days now. This time Hyun Joong talks about how he started to be an actor, how he was cast for BOF, and how he feels about being an actor for the first time.


Kang Hodong:   Even among all the idols, you have a particularly handsome face. How were you offered a role in BOF?

KHJ:   I was in Japan and BOF production team called and asked me to try out for a Rui role. I had no idea what that was and so for the first time in my entire life, I read a romance manga. When I saw the manga, there were so many stars drawn in the characters’ eyes.  I could not read it as it was blinding me every time I turned the page. I was really stressed over it. I wondered whether I had to do it. It is something that I would feel uncomfortable and awkward.

The DSP president asked me why I don’t want to do it so I said that I will do it and took the audition. The BOF team auditioned me and said that on the outside I pass as Rui but I was sure that they were worried about my first time acting. So I decided to study on my own by analyzing the every aspect of the the manga character.

I studies how Rui character laid his hands on the chair at what angle and how he might have spoken. After I saw the first episode, I realized that my acting was strange and starting about 4 episodes, I realized that natural acting is the best kind of acing and I changed my method.


KHD:   Were you getting lots of criticism?

KHJ:   Oh yes. The kind of criticisms that says, my hands and feet are curling from such unnatural acting. Just stick to being a singer but you’re not a great singer either.’ After reading such a harsh comment, I really wanted to find the IP address of that person who commented!!.  But as those posts turned slowly to praises, I received much encouragement to do even better. But as those posts turned slowly to praises, I received much encouragement to do better.

KHD:   I sense in you a tough guy in your character. So this role must have been hard for you.

KHJ:   If I hear an actor say on TV that he was so absorbed in his role that it was difficult to get out of it. I used to think it a lie and felt that a person cannot deviate too far from himself even in acting. But I realized that while I was living as Yoon JiHoo for that 5 to 6 months, myself as Kim Hyun Joong disappeared . Even my friends who called me at that time felt puzzled by me.

KHD:   You must felt the power of the BOF when you went overseas for promotions.

KHJ:   Yes, but, it was the BOF exporting business team who deserve the credit for exporting the drama so well!! I felt that on the top was Lee Minho, then the producers and Go Hye Sun leading lady and then I was just tagging along.

KHD also asked about how his popularity was so high that he went to sing at the Asia Olympics.

KHJ:    I did feel the popularity by the chanting of the fans calling out my name. But one hour later they all quiet down as it was so hot there!!!


I read a translation of one of Hyun Joong’s  interviews and he was saying whenever he browse at the internet, he reads articles about him, and avoid reading negatives about him. Even Hyun Joong as a star or celeb who might have gone used to criticisms, he is also a human being who can naturally be offended or discourage. Well, who wouldn’t be? Maybe only those who are insensitive or who pretends to be numb not to be affected!! As I have mentioned in my recent article Hyun Joong had enough criticisms in the past. One irritating criticism is one that is completely baseless criticisms coming from some foreigners when it comes to dramas.

I have been reading comments from the past after Hyun Joong did BOF that some fans was saying that he changed, that he was less playful than before. In this talk show he said that he was living as Jihoo for 5 to 6 months that even after the filming he still had Jihoo with him!! So I think this explains why Hyun Joong became less talkative back in time after BOF, because for a certain period while doing BOF he was able to acquire the character of Yoon Jihoo on and off cam.

Hyun Joong remained humble by giving all the credits of the success of the drama to his co-stars and producers, but the fact was that, it was Hyun Joong who gained more attention among the casts of BOF. After airing the drama his fans continued increasing in numbers that even his group tagged along with him. As he started performing solo, the larger numbers still increase and these fans from the time he started in the lime light or even before he was with his group, his fans stayed.

For me, no matter what he says he wanted others to point out on his weak points, I think it would be better to let the experts do that job for him. Everyone wants to be told about their good points and words of encouragement can be so inspiring too. Hyun Joong knows what is lacking in him, he knows what areas in his ability to work on to improve as we do see the good results from his hard work. He remained truthful to himself, embracing his flaws while working hard to nurture what he got.

When I first watched BOF I didn’t know that Hyun Joong was a first timer actor because he was good in portraying Ji Hoo. As I re-watch the drama, I couldn’t see what his critics were saying. Boys Over Flower is my most unforgettable drama that I have ever watch because of Dr. Yoon Ji Hoo. As Hyun Joong said in this drama he just tagged along with the two lead characters, but his presence at BOF as Ji Hoo made the big difference. I’m just being truthful on how Hyun Joong portrayed the role of Dr. Jihoo! He’s indeed the best bet and the perfect actor in portraying the role. I can’t imagine any other actor who could play the role as excellent as Hyun Joong did.


I’m happy, contented and addicted to Hyun Joong, I’m very proud to be one of his fans, I made the right choice whom to follow. I’m lucky having Hyun Joong to be so talented that gives me a lot of chances to see him as a singer, dancer or actor which he excels in all of these areas, what more can I ever ask for? I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of him because it’s like meeting a lot of celebs in just one person. I can see him every where since Hyun Joong has been dominating the internet with a lot of his handsome photos, and by just looking at those photos satisfies me everyday!

Now I’m looking forward to his upcoming drama City Conquest, that I really wish the drama production management would soon release its official preview of the drama. I’m also looking forward for his next guesting at talk shows and talk about how he felt while filming this drama, and learn more about Kim Hyun Joong.  For I have seen from the short teaser, that this time Dr. Yoon Ji Hoo and Dr. Baek Seung Jo had grown up into a real man that I have seen a very different character of Hyun Joong as Baek Mir.

Even I describe him in so many ways everyday in my articles over and over again, I just don’t seem to get tired of telling the truth about Hyun Joong. There are over 300 articles that I have written so far which means I have been writing about him for over 300 days and still hoping to be able to pursue in filling up the internet all about Kim Hyun Joong!!

I don’t seem to get enough of him so I just tend to write my thoughts whatever comes out from my mind. I’m asking myself again, what’s with this guy??

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

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13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] DR. JIHOO

  1. I watched this show too sis,knee drop guru.HE was so honest and funny.HE answered all the question with HIS way wich is very Interesting as always whenever HE being questioned.I just love…love to this wacky boy.HE is more than Idol, HE is a figure, GOOD FIGURE for a freind,bro, bf,for a son or grand son.HE is complex to be loved.Let’s vote for HIM.Thanks sis,god bless.

    • Oh HJ is just anyone closer to us to be multi tasking role in our lives!! LOL I agree with you sis he’s just everything to anyone to us. Go Go vote!!
      Take care, have a wonderful week ahead of you and see you! God bless..

  2. I only had eyes for Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon JI Hoo in Boys Over Flowers. I have not watched any other versions, and I did not start following any other actors. I have watched some of Lee Min Ho’s dramas and enjoyed them. But, I don’t follow his every move like I do Hyun Joong. I couldn’t tell you anything about him as a person! LOL!

    I just have to go back to BOF when I am longing for Hyun Joong. I always start watching BOF again. I love the MV Please from SS501 Collection. That was some great acting if you ask me. When the kidnapped girl hits him over the head and he is carrying the tray of food… the subtly of the look of anger on his face… I just watched that again last night, and when I saw that brief look… it spoke volumes. I thought to myself… Oh woah! I hope I would never see that look directed at me! LOL! He is so cheerful and happy all the time. But, that look was so genuine. It is the look I would have if someone hit me over the head! Especially if I was trying to take care of them as he was in the video. I think Hyun Joong thinks about these things when he is portraying the character.

    I am glad he learned from the neg comments too! I don’t think they had to be so nasty to him.. but, for him to discover that natural acting was the best way was a great thing. Now, he has discovered his talent to completely become a character to where the real Kim Hyun Joong is only barely visible hidden deep inside. It is this ability that made him so arresting. I can never get tired of watching him! He has all my love! I can’t even start thinking about another star with all my devotion this way. I can admire their work. I can enjoy their dramas (and movies now! I fully intend to watch The Jackal is Coming!) But, Hyun Joong has filled up my heart. I don’t have space for anyone else there! <3<3<3

    Off to vote for HJ on Yahoo Buzz! 😀

  3. OMG! lz please hit me LOL!!..i think we terribly missing so much this youngman,his kinda exposure of fan signing and football events..wooosh i never stop smiling while watching those vids i crazy?..arrrgg! sorry my comment is by far from what ive just read from your article ..keke.,soo excited seeeing him around for 2 days now. And after this whats comes next?..Yahoo awards and CC’s airing!!..HWAITING everyone!!..have a good day to you lz ^^ ah! i think i have to place my order soon for his upcoming album “UNLIMITED”~~ i havent open my HEAT cds yet and here it comes again LOL!..greedy meee..

    • Hello sis!! suntok, kurot, sabunot!! There i hit you!! LOL My days are really dragging that I went back to watching dramas again just to ease the boredom without HJ!! You have less than a month to save for the Unlimited!! So take your time just make sure your purchase is counted on local sales! HJ would hit the Oricon again so we have to move on campaigning for the album!!
      Thank you sis, have a pleasant week ahead of you! Take care see you and God bless..

  4. weeeew……… last I finish reading all your article starting Jan. till todays dosage. For 11 days I’m doing marathon reading and I’m not regreting it because that where I know KHJ better as a person and as an entertainer. I am new follower of your blog bcuz it’s not my hubby reading blogs but when i start reading yours is not bad but informative and that I get more information abwt Khj. I’m new fan also of khj but I met him in BOF but still I’m not interested in him when I watch BOF. I only watch that bcuz of Li Min Ho. I don’t even know his real name but then when I saw his picture in Dramacrazy bcuz I’m a kdrama addict, I search his name in mysoju and thats where I know the name of KHJ bcuz of his picture and his name below. That the time I search about him and watch everything about him. Every single detailed of him makes my day complete before sleeping I need to watch any of his clip just to hear his voice. I even ask my daughter back home who is her korean Idol and she said KHJ. What can I say like mother like daugther hahaha. So thanks for your daily article I will not left behind anymore. Takecare

    • Woaaah!! Congratulations this means you have read 300 articles in 11 days!! Thank you so much for reading, we have the same experience when i have watched BOF in 2009 I didn’t have the chance to follow HJ, I was pre-occupied with my career back then, it was only last year that I had the chance to start following him. But reading from you we have the same experience.
      Oh that’s really great you and your daughter are both fans of HJ!! How i wish both of you can have the chance to see one of his concerts together. you’re right like mother like daughter!! LOL but it’s beautiful bonding together.
      Thanks again, have a great week ahead of you, take care and see you!! God bless..

  5. I too cant get enough of him, and your articles just makes me love him more. I hope that you will always have the inspiration to write about him everyday. Sometimes I grow impatient about city conquest because i want to get updates about it but everytime i go to knews i cant seem to get any. That is why like you i also want to see the teaser for the drama. But i guess this anticipation is for the better for i know he will not fail us! I just hope that all this drama about the strike will be done and get over with, I dont want any delays for my excitement might get to the brim. City Conquest FIGHTING!!!

    • Hello seoran! I’m sure the problems at KBS will soon be over and resolved. It’s easier to write about HJ if there’s always updates that i can discuss, if I don’t get updates then i have to resort on writing about his past. You know what we have the same feeling sometimes I do grow impatient that i go watching dramas and imagining Hyun Joong portraying the lead role from whatever drama I can watch!! LOL But I really do wish he has more dramas and more music although the guy doesn’t stop at all since demands on him is just so overwhelming!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! Back to boring days again!! LOL But it’s alright as we know we got lots to look forward for this Dec. onward. Take care have a blessed day and see you again!

  6. BOF will always be one of my favorite k-dramas because it brought me to one KHJ like and tons of other fans. From the neg comments I do, somewhat, understand where they are coming from but what they didn’t understand was the Rui character. Most say the Japanese version is the best but I say it’s a whole other live action version because that’s what it is: different people making different adaptations of the plot and characters and HJ was Rui; I could immediately tell he was Ji Hoo…even if he couldn’t mime playing the violin with feeling. Then again he’s a guitar rocker…they seriously just should have had him play the guitar and piano. The violin, really, wasn’t all that important.

    I still don’t understand why everyone says that BOF is his first acting experience. Is it because it’s his first official drama and not his amazing cameo’s/recurring sit-com character/MV drama acting? Hmm…I still say Black Glasses should be a drama or movie somehow. HJ should do an awesome movie next.

    I’m glad that HJ took the neg and studied and got even better at acting! I love the irony of it all but that’s generally the case: neg comments will usually cause one to aim and get even better at their craft if they want to succeed and please.

    Please KBS, CC Production Team…please release an official trailer! Us fans are dying from impatience and get this strike done with! We want to see new stuff…unless you want everything to be a surprise and such, that’s fine, as long as there is awesome promotional posters and a couple trailers or so ^^

    • Well it’s a fact that BOF is his official debut as an actor, Black Glasses falls on music video category. But I guess it’s from Black Glasses where he was discovered by BOF production. Negative comments are alright I agree with you for as long it’s constructive criticism but not with what we read from drama beans, YouTube ect.
      Yeah with CC I’m really dying of excitement so i chose to not think about it and yet my mind kept nagging me about it!! LOL!! But by Dec. i do hope we can see some teasers already since its target date of airing is gonna be on Jan. that I cross my fingers!!
      Thank you Becca have a nice weekend and take care, see you again, God bless..

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