Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRECIOUS GEM

By: LazerKim            Kim Hyun Joong attended the VIP preview of the movie Jakal is Coming last night November 8 starred by Kim Jae Joong, as the movie shall be first shown on November 15. Hyun Joong attended the preview to show support to his best friend Jae Joong as his first movie ever. That’s it for an update as of yesterday but I’m sure glad to see Hyun Joong even just in photos! All in black from head to toes, he’s just so gorgeous!!


During the time I was on my research I came across a talk show hosted by Kang Hodong as Hyun Joong was the only guest in the show. We know very well that Hyun Joong is known for his candid honestly and I think Kang Hodong knows this fact more than anyone else since Hyun Joong had always been his guest in his talk shows. This talk show was aired last year during his launching of first album as solo Breakdown, a year after Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast.

In the 2010 fiasco Hyun Joong accepted all the words thrown to him, and it was only after a year that Hyun Joong finally spoke of what he felt. I’m putting these interviews to record since the translation were being deleted from the video clips.

Kang Hodong asked: Why did you say that you would not leave DSP unless kicked out?

Hyun Joong replied:    “I said that on Radio Star. At that time, only 5 months remained on my contract and we still had one more album to complete and the group members did not talk at all. That is why I think I said it that way. Then, after the album was completed, we talked. I felt that everything that SS501 can show as a group has been all done. We said that it does not mean that the group has disbanded but that we each need to go out separate ways.

So each member found an agency that was suitable to them and left. The DSP president called me out to the hotel bar and asked what I intend to do, are you going to leave or not? Why are you taking too long? I ended up drinking the whole bottle of alcohol before telling him that, I would like to try working with someone else. DSP President told me , son, you don’t have to stress over, you are a man…I will help you if you are having a hard time finding an agency…

Hyun Joong said:   “If I did not say I was sorry before the president took ill, I would not have been able to leave the agency. I hope that if I come out as number one with his music or drama or whatever and I has a chance to say a few words, I would like to first thank the president of DSP and to wish him good health.”

I probably would only take the words of Hyun Joong and not from media or other blogs. The ceo of DSP Lee Ho Yeon express his concern over Hyun Joong but clearly stated he’s releasing Hyun Joong as his artist. As Hyun Joong expressed his desire to work with somebody else and it is his right. I admire Hyun Joong for his professionalism, that no matter what happened in the past, he never breath a word against DSP. Although I have seen a lot of loop holes or short comings of DSP as an agent to the group members.


To the question as to why Hyun Joong decided to move in to another agent, seemed obvious, since his contract expired and that DSP apparently does not have any intention to renew the contract of SS501, I think Hyun Joong knew this all along. Here’s what he said:

When I thought about moving to another singing agency, there was not anything suitable for me. For an entire month, I could not sleep worrying about my future, Every time I browse the internet, the media already talked about where I signed with what fee…I said to myself why don’t they call me and really offer the proposal!!? Then, Yong Joon hyung called me. I met him before because my manager hyung knew him.

Initially I was going to meet with the representative of KeyEast to receive advice for my situation. But on the first meeting, they talked about KeyEast and the second meeting, they gave me their contract and then I just signed up with them. The main reason for signing with KeyEast is that I was looking for an agency that would really support me and also respect my staff of dancer hyung and KeyEast gave me the best condition.”

Initially KeyEast is a company that caters for actors and actresses and since Hyun Joong is also an actor so the company suits his category as well. But as he was given the liberty as a solo singer, pouring all out support to Hyun Joong’s projects as a singer, he just popped out in a huge success beyond anyone’s expectation. What agent company would not say they are lucky to have Kim Hyun Joong? Well, he proved his ability and ending up as the precious gem of KeyEast.

Indeed in reality, everything that happens to our lives has every reason why it has to happen. Hyun Joong is destined to leave DSP sooner or later and Hyun Joong is destined to be with KeyEast in the future. And that future is happening at present. Hyun Joong is a very realistic type of person, as he had surpassed his dilemma over the thoughts of choosing the right people to work with for his future.


Kang Hodong:   SS501 makes its first debut on June 8, 2005. How was it??

Hyun Joong:    After the first broadcast, I cried. But I did not understand why. I thought about it. I think it was the feeling of accomplishment and the flood of the thoughts of the hard training days.

Kang Hodong:   How did your parents feel about their once rebellious son making the debut?

Hyun Joong:   That day, I just went out like any other day..I did not tell them that I will be making the debut on air. Just greeted them goodbye and left. But somehow they found out and came to the debut . I found out through the hyungs who came to congratulate me and they told me that they saw my parents and that they saw them cry quietly in the back.

Kang Hodong:   You still did not talk about that day with your parents? You did not even ask if they came?

KHJ:    No. I just feel very uncomfortable talking about such things. I am not that good at expressing what is on my mind.

KHD:    So, today, what kind of son is KHJ?

KHJ:   I still am not very expressive. Actually I think I became even more silent. I earned the money and bought for them a car. But what I regret is that because I bought the car with cash, I did not get the tax benefit. That time, I only had money for a second hand car. So I took 2500mon won to the dealer and asked for the most expensive car. The dealer brought the black car with a sun roof. I signed for it and paid.

Then, I thought about how I’m going to give this gift to his parents. I felt so uncomfortable saying to my parents that I wanted to give a gift of a car and to tell them to drive safely and to stay healthy.  I felt so uncomfortable that I asked the dealer to deliver the car to my father. Then, due to feelings of embarrassment, I did not go back to the house at all. My mother called me and asked what this car is. I just told her to take the car and then hang up on her.

KHD:   Do you give a lot of spending money to your parents?

KHJ:   Yes, I do. But I do not give them myself. An automatic deposit system has been set up on a regular basis.


I think a person who finds it hard to express his feelings in words, would just break down into tears. In some incidents we have seen Hyun Joong just break down, I’m wondering how he is if being alone in his thoughts. I remember in one talk show he was saying that whenever he’s down he doesn’t want to stay home alone. Now as a star, Hyun Joong wouldn’t mind what others may think of him for as long as he tells the truth. This is contrast to other celeb, that can only relate to their good sides, and cover up the bad ones. He was rebellious when he was in High School, from a role model student in elementary to a bad boy.

He revealed a lot in this talk show that as I was reading about it, the more I like him. It’s true maybe he’s the least kind of son a parent may have, but what Hyun Joong developed in himself is his honesty at the same time he developed that fear of rejection that he grew up with. He could not express himself and his feelings for fears of being outcast, ignored and rejected. This is how I see from him after reading this translation. But true to himself he is a very loving man and would show it not in words but in deeds, that one have to read his heart to understand how good and gentle this man is.

Now I understand why Hyun Joong was wondering why a lot of people likes him. How I wish I could bring back the time for Hyun Joong when he was a kid and how I wish to turn the clock backwards for his parents to see how precious their son is. Not that I’m trying to criticize his parents, please don’t get me wrong, it’s just that people have different way of thinking as they grow matured, nowadays as kids grow they develop their own mind that we cannot insist on something we want for them. We parents can only guide but not dictate to what we want our kids to be. I have the same experience with Hyun Joong during my high school days. I understand the feeling of being rejected too.


But as Hyun Joong grew up, now he is blessed with so many love from others from the entire world. I would like to think maybe this is one reason why Hyun Joong is blessed with so many mother fans, grandma fans whom he lost, even male elder fans now are what he’s gaining! He now feels that love, that understanding and acceptance for who he really is as a person, and people to appreciate what he wanted which is his music, that he missed from his younger years.

I cannot bring myself to criticize Hyun Joong because he had those even from his younger years, and I think the guy had enough. There’s only one lie Hyun Joong made, it was when he said he wanted to be criticized so he can develop himself. It maybe true but I still think there’s someone an expert, a better person to criticize to point out his shortcomings, but not from others who are unwarranted. Because for me he had enough of those criticisms and rejections.

In this talk show with Kang Hodong, Hyun Joong mentioned that he bought a house for his parents, that time in this talk show he was saying he have not told his parents about it, and that he does not know how he’ll tell them. I believe Hyun Joong is a responsible son and that he loves his parents very much, it’s just that he could not express his love and his way of expressing it is through providing their needs. And I’m sure his parents do appreciate what he’s doing, Hyun Joong, I think  fears rejection as he grew up with it when his parents had strongly rejected being his rebellious in the past, because he wanted something for himself that his parents strongly disagree.

I do not know why I feel sad for Hyun Joong, maybe because I feel he loves his parents very much. For me I think Hyun Joong is a precious son, a loving responsible one.

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

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9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] PRECIOUS GEM

  1. a precious gem indeed!!for all the hardwork & patience now can see the fruit of all his works…HJ’s past will be loved by every fan…what’s important is how he get here with us now..i support & love u now..& will still be there for u no matter what KHJ..keep on fighting…
    Thanks ms. LK…

  2. I’d kill to have such a responsible, altruistic, straight-forward and honest son. I bet many moms would love to have him as their son! HJ’s parents are very lucky… not all guys are like him….
    He lives with that fear of being rejected D: That’s not good D: I also noticed that…. You know, talking with my brother he made me understand that some parents are very strict but that doesn’t mean that they do not love their sons… BUT I guess HJ’s parents were TOO strict D: to the point that he didn’t know how to smile when he was younger D: I don’t find those things ‘normal’… I wish I would had being HJ’s mom XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I bet he would be waaaaay more good at expressing things… I would have bought him LOTSA instruments XDDD LOL such an hypothetical case xDDDD considering that I am HJ’s age LOL
    I actually became interested in this topic lol so I just researched and look what I found, a person talking about having overly strict parents and it’s totally like HJ’s case D:
    “I know how it affected me. I was over sensitive, terrified of making mistakes. I had no social skills and still have a hard time just talking to people in person. I was a paranoid, straight A student and ended up dropping out of school my senior year and running away from home”
    D: so this is just what HJ did DDDDDDD:

    You know, in my case is the other way around… my dad feels ashamed if I have to pay him back LMAO but that’s good (for me) XD ajskdsd j/k

    Since HJ said nothing against DSP, that’s why I just don’t say anything about it… now I’m totally glad he’s in Keyeast… that company lets him do whatever he wants to do xD and that’s good for an artist ’cause it doesn’t limit your creative ability (wish is important xDDD)

    and og yeah, he’s blessed with love… he should be thankful, I don’t love just anyone LOL

    Have a wonderful day! =D

      • 😀 Rzr, you have such a dear heart. You might be bold and brash, but your heart is purely sweet! I know EXACTLY how KHJ feels being rejected by overly strict parents. I had the same dreams as a child to become an artist. I wanted to sing and act. I was in choir and drama in my freshman year of H.S. and then dropped out when my mom and stepdad pressured me to take honors and computer classes because becoming an artist was just too unrealistic.

        they rejected my heart and rejected my dreams. I was just like this person you quoted above… no self confidence, always afraid of making mistakes, could not make decisions on my own. I followed the plan they had for me. I was a straight A honor student. I took computer programming classes. I earned a scholarship to a Technical College for Computer Science. But, when I got out of HS and moved out of the house… I was miserable. I let it all go. I lost my scholarship and rebelled making all kinds of poor decisions. I suffered a great deal.

        I don’t blame my parents. I know they loved me and did the best they knew how. They wanted financial security for my future. I was a sensitve soul, and they crushed my spirit with their over protection, but they thought they were doing the best for me. I have no resentment at all, anymore. I did… but not anymore. I have become bold, outspoken, and I am doing what I want to do with my life. My mom is so glad to see me happy. She does not reject my dreams now. She still gives me ‘the look’ that says she doesn’t agree, but she knows she can’t stop me from doing what I want to do now. It’s actually amusing to me.

        Anyway, having gone through a similar situation… I feel KHJ’s pain. I think that is part of why I love him to pieces. I want to give him the love and support he missed when he was young. Because I know how it is to not have it from the people who are supposed to love you the most and accept you just as you are. I love and accept him just as he is. And, he has given me so much in return. Just knowing his struggles and seeing how he overcame them is helping me do the same in my life. I will be forever grateful to this great man! <3<3<3

  3. Hi Lk ,

    For 2-3 weeks that i could not get in to your comment box I don’t know what’s wrong and I’m so happy it’s suddently works again today.

    Thank you very much for your beautiful article. i can not find other words to describe how I feel to what you wrote in this article. There are many points that just like coming from my heart but I have no way to describe better than you. Thank you again for helping me to release it from my chest.

    Honestly , I ‘m so proud of Hyun Joong ‘s attitute toward criticism I think he is very mature and really knows what he is looking for . He will not care and pay attention to the opinion of those unprofessional who refuse to use their brain but prefer to use their bias feeling. I came across some blogs that they clearly did not use their brain to criticize him. At first I was very surprise and got upset but after a few comments of the same things I just laught and realized it’s not worth reading it. It’s only telling how they are nothing about Hyun Joong.

    Since last month I start to look for the old clips of HJ . Now I’m watching a set of clips call ” SS501 bulling each others ” It ‘s very nice to look back how he is growing up in the entertainment circle.. He has grown so much in every angle of life from a cute handsome young boy to a mature handsome man. Can’t help to be proud of him.

    I ‘m really looking foward to seeing his new album I’m sure we will be surprise again. Hope CC will have a date to be on air soon.

    God bless you LK . Thanks again for all articles that always made my day. Have a good week- end.

    • Hello bella!! Oh this is a shame i’m sorry that you couldn’t get through my box, I don’t know what went wrong too! Anyway, i’m glad to hear from you again! Isn’t it there’s that pinch in the chest that i find it hard to explain to too but I wanna poor boy, and yes I mean it if I can only bring back the time in his past and set the people around him and say “hey this is Hyun Joong, this is what he wants could you give him a break?? Show your love so that he won’t find it hard to express that love to you!” I should have done so!
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, have a pleasant weekend, take care and see you again!

  4. Loved reading this article and thank you for the long lost translation of Hyun Joong’s thoughts and the real truth about his move to his present agency.I was searching for it,but never found any subbed versions ..But,even if i didn’t know what really happened,i trusted and believed in Hyun Joong so much that i never blamed him for leaving his former agency and deciding to work as a solo fact,i was only a bit worried about his solo debut but he was successful in Break-ing Down all my worries and realized all my fantasies about him being a world famous solo singer/performer!As i don’t know Korean or Japanese language it is difficult for me to know all that has been happening unless i get the information in i didn’t get to know the cruelty of some former fans,and the rumours and stone throwing against my poor boy( i love him like my own son and is proud of him) until recently! Hope every thing will clear up,and even if it does not,Hyun Joong will realize all his dreams with hard work and support of his loved ones and his loyal fans .Hyun Joong Fighting!

    • Thank you so much! I have been reading a lot of misconception back in time that fiasco in 2010, how I wish we could be able to clear his name to those who misunderstood him.
      As i mentioned i admired HJ that no matter what happened in the past with whatever short comings of his previous agent, he never breath a word against the old man, Then somebody has to speak for him. Not to criticize but simply pointing out the short comings.
      Thanks again, have a happy weekend take care and see you again!

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