Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LIFE STORY

By: LazerKim             Kim Hyun Joong was tagged as Walking Statue for his perfect physique and a truly well proportioned human being. Now that statue came to reality as he modeled for a wax statue by a renowned wax maker Madame Tussauds. Here’s that news update story:

Kim Hyun Joong Wax Figure to be Unveiled to the public in December

The hallyu star was recently selected to be made into a wax figurine for the renown Madame Tussauds. He took part in a 3-hour sitting for the museum as his figure and appearance was studied on a 360-degree turning table for the wax figure makers. After carrying out a detailed mapping of his full figure, the dimensions and blueprint were sent to the Madame Tussauds studio in the U.K., where his figure has been in production since.

Busan Madame Tussaud’s marketing chief Lee Jung Hee said, “We’ve seen an increasing number of visitors to Madame Tussauds in Korea from Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok and other Asian cities as the interest in hallyu stars is also increasing. In particular, Kim Hyun Joong enjoys high popularity not only in Korea but all of Asia and there is much interest in his upcoming wax figurine.” The wax figurine will be unveiled sometime in early December.

News source enewsworld link>(

In another news update, there’s a possibility that there might be a programming suspension at a TV network station KBS. Many of Hyun Joong’s fans was a bit worried about this news since City Conquest is scheduled to be aired early next year to be aired at this network. I just hope the network management would be able to settle any problems within the labor union. Here’s that story:

KBS workers to begin new labor strike, possible suspension of programming

The members of the National Union of Mediaworkers – KBS Branch have announced that they will be commencing a strike against the broadcast station beginning on November 9th at 5:00. The goal for the strike is to change the rules for internal position appointments so that it would take a 2/3rds vote, rather than the current majority vote, to install a new CEO in office. However, since the 11-member voting council consists of 7 members from the majority party (currently the Saenuri Party) and 4 members from the minority party, the labor union has opined that the current majority-rule system is unfair and flawed.

The union workers affected by the strike include approximately 1,200 staff, including journalists and producers. The union has also reached out to the KBS Labor Union – a separate entity – to include their workers in the strike, as well. If both labor unions participate in the strike, 4,000 out of 4,700 KBS employees will be on strike, leading to massive problems with programming and broadcast schedules. This strike follows a couple of months after the first strike, which affected both KBS and MBC.

Source: Joongang Ilbo (


I would call Hyun Joong the underwater Black Stallion! Isn’t he so handsome in his black diving suit? These pictures were taken at his CMAS Advance Diving Training. Hyun Joong seem to be enjoying his underwater experience as he appreciates the beauty beneath the world. Since Hyun Joong doesn’t have double stunt actor, then he has to take his diving lessons which his fears of sharks diminished!! Whatever this guy does, he just look handsome even underwater!!


We already have known that Hyun Joong worked for a part time job as a service crew at a family restaurant. In one talk show hosted by Kang Ho Dong last year Hyun Joong related one Christmas experience he had at the restaurant, that pinched my heart. It was one of those days when he was struggling in his past to earn in order to live decently. Here’s Hyun Joong’s Christmas story:

Yes. Whatever I did, I did with diligence and passion. I really hate to lose. However, one Christmas eve, the restaurant had a great business and finished up after midnight and the elevator stops operating after midnight. Due to great business, the food garbage was enormous. Since the elevator did not work, I had to take the garbage taller than myself down was rolling declining levels of the mall. Unfortunately the entire food garbage splashed all over. On that Christmas eve night, I had to pick up the garbage by hand all night long. At that moment, I asked myself, do I really have to live like this? I realized that I finally had to take the first step towards what I really wanted to do.”

I could not imagine Hyun Joong doing the garbage on Christmas Eve, I was thinking, how cruel life was treating him back in time!! He did not mentioned if ever someone helped him out but as he said he picked up the garbage by his bare hands all night long. I find this to be so sad to celebrate Christmas Eve, considering he’s a Catholic. And traditionally it is at this hour at mid-night that family get together to attend the mid-night mass and at home, family members do exchange gifts, greet each other a Merry Christmas, and for kids it’s at midnight that they check on Santa Claus visit with his gifts to the kids! That’s the Christmas spirit atmosphere we feel on December!!

But Hyun Joong was working during that late hours while the most unfortunate incident happened with the garbage! He does his job diligently and being responsible at all times, to the extent of spending his Christmas Eve at work instead of being with his family. He doesn’t want to lose his job, so no matter what kind of job it was he does it with passion which we can see at present. Therefore even in his younger years of struggle that passion of doing his job to live do exist in himself the natural way. Now I’m wondering how does he spend Christmas after that incident way back in time?


All of us do learn from what we experience in life, we do learn from our own mistakes and we learn to enhance the positives that we have. Experience makes a person wiser and sharper. Hyun Joong was asked what he learned from the past, and he replied:

I learned that life is not easy. I also learned a bit about how to get along with people. For example, I learned that I have to show my best of best to the owner, then little less to the manager and much less to the team leader!!”

Hyun Joong was asked, “Were you popular with the customers due to your looks?” Hyun Joong replied,

The owner gave me a nickname. He asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I said a singer. So, he gave me a nickname that starting today, I am called A. The reason is that I must do better than Bi/Rain. I worked with great passion. While serving, I would stack up the trays on both hands and go down the steps and people would watch me. I felt that I was really cool.”

Whatever Hyun Joong does, he does it to his best ability that even back then he became a master being a service crew! Now maybe this will give us the idea why Hyun Joong end up to be a chain restaurant CEO, why he has so much interest in the restaurant business and why it is successful other the his promise to fulfill with his two friends back in time, in putting up a restaurant whoever made it successful in the future. It was Hyun Joong who was the most successful and so he came back to his friends and build Jaksal!


Sometimes God would tease us with something to be challenged about in life that pushes us to do better. Hyun Joong stayed calm and patient in accepting whatever struggles he had in the past, as he persevere with the hardships of life. He learned about life the hard way but it made him stronger in facing his future. Here’s another unforgettable story of Hyun Joong when he run away from home, as he related at the same talk show:

It was an extreme hardship. I have never experienced such a hardship ever. I had no where to go so went to a friend’s house in the town of Shil-Lim-dong. But that day, that friend was reprimanded by his father and I could not go into the house. Instead the friend gave him a blanket and told me to go to the roof top boiler room where it is warm and to sleep there. But it was so noisy in there that I could not sleep. On top of that I was starving and absolutely no money. Until 3 or 4 am, I was going round and round that Shil-Lim-dong.

So I went to the town train station and on the way prayed for some food. I prayed that if I get some food, I will return home. At that time, there was a tented eatery that was still open. So, I went in and ordered about 5 dishes and just ate. As I got full, I started to worry about how to pay for them. But at that very moment, a delivery call came in. I decided to eat very slowly and as soon as the owner was getting ready to leave for the delivery, I ran out and ran continuously for 20 minutes through the curvy and narrow streets of Shil-Lim dong. Even to these days, if I ever feel cold and hungry, I think about that time.”

I’m just wondering, how his friend’s father thought about Hyun Joong now if ever he remembered driving him away when he was in need for a shelter! I wonder if he regret for not offering hospitality to a lost boy. Oh how I feel sorry for Hyun Joong to have experienced starvation and no place to stay. But who would ever expect Hyun Joong to be where he is now during that particular period of his past?


DSP was the previous agent of Hyun Joong as his second agent, since the first boy band he joined with his first agent was disbanded prior to the group’s debut. Hyun Joong was asked about the environment within DSP as his training ground. Hyun Joong said:

DSP make you learn to survive. After I get up, I would have to clean up the recording room until 10 AM and then I would have to run 20 laps around the track. The next day,  I  have to run 21 laps then 22, 23, even to 40 laps. But you have to do it. At that time, it was the style of Sparta…we had to eat very fast since we are not able to bring in any income. Then we had to go and practice our songs in a very small room the size of that studio room. There were 8 of them and he had no idea what he was even singing as there were 8 people singing in the small room at the same time. you can see a scenario of what it was like for 8 people to sing in a chaotic way. It was so noisy that I could not even hear myself.”

Kang Ho Dong commented that DSP President is widely known as very scary person, Hyun Joong replied as,

Yes. But even though the president is scary, I still was able to say what was on my mind. I would ask the president for back up dancers and the Pres would say they are not necessary and that they are additional cost. But I would insist that they need the dancers. Then the Pres. would say, That sehkki says what is on his mind. Go ahead and talk, sekkiya.”

For Hyun Joong no matter what happened, he does not forget where he came from, he never forget whom he owe and never forget how to respect.  Hyun Joong was saying that when he left DSP, the CEO was sick and he said sorry to the CEO before he fainted. He did what he had to do, but for a month he spent sleepless night getting worried about his future since his contract will soon be expiring at DSP and he has nowhere to go. Until later on he received a call from his mentor Bae Yong Joon. And the rest is history.

There’s much more in this interview, that Hyun Joong related which I kept in my treasure chest during the time I was on research about the guy. I misplaced this file that I’ve been looking for and glad I finally found it! The talk show subs is no longer at YouTube and I’m just so glad I was able to write down and save it in my computer, which I did with most of his interviews last year.


As the old folks would say, there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel. For Hyun Joong there’s no regret over his past, it’s his fate to undergo such learning process of the past and struggles. But it’s worth it as he’s in much better condition at present with KeyEast. In grooming an artist, the agent plays a big role in promoting their artist.

When Hyun Joong moved in to KeyEast he was already equipped with basics, although further enhancement was needed that KeyEast provided Hyun Joong and the liberty that he needed to create his own music which KeyEast pour out their support. But evidently Hyun Joong proved himself more than deserving. His boss had already seen great potential from Hyun Joong right from the start.

All Hyun Joong has at present is harvest the good fruits of his success from hard work. I’m happy to where he is as present, he finally found the right people who are capable of backing up and given the liberty to bring out all his stock knowledge which has been in his mind and heart all these years. Now it’s time to bring out the best in what he got and as he pour it out everything he touches was all successful. At the end of that talk show Hyun Joong was asked, “What is your ultimate dream?” Hyun Joong said:

To be the only one not a number one. Number one is  anxiety provoking as it can fall down in ranks. But only one is just you and only you.”

 Kim Hyun Joong got that ultimate dream….the ONLY ONE.

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

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29 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] LIFE STORY

  1. U are my inspiration^_^ u are changing now u looks cool and wow I like ur abs it so awesome,.Playful kiss? Owh omo!! Ur nice and amazing person.Its make me energy and active when I’m going to school,I remember u and Jung so min how they fall in love to u and how many years did she sacrifice to follow u everyday.But in the end she success in here dreams.

  2. I really appreciating of u Kim hyun joong u are so nice and hardworking person, when I first saw u on tv,I’m very curious about ur love life and ur personal hobbies,what ur likes and dislikes.What kind of girl do u want,it nice to ur character being a behave and gentle,sometimes u must strange.I like the way u smile,aish I like the way u are(^^)I want to watch all of ur movies and music video,haiiizzz I wanna be ur girlfriend,I hope eheheh that.If genie ask me a one wish,I wish that u are my happily ever after^_^eheheh I know it so impossible and so funny,that one poor girls dreams an impossible.[~~].ahm thanks to u Kim hyun joong u make me smile and happy when I see ur smile too,I watch u everyday ur so handsome and gentleman u are so perfect. ..guy.«©©»take care always and eat a healthy food.always pray to god,

  3. I don’t know who you are but you don’t have to find a reason about khj to love then let other people to love him. There are a lot reason to find and love him at the same time, think about he is smart, handsome, nice, kind and perfectly good looking man every women would proudly to get to be with him she would be his princess forever

  4. Kim hyun joong no matter what you or how you do it your attraction always capture million viewer. The very first time when I watched your show Boy Over Flower I already felt in love with your character, because you are so handsome especially your perfect smile are capture million women’s heart. Is not just that your attitude, personately, gentleness and you are so diligent person I ever watch on a show their was more than few part of the show was brought a tears to my eyes as your fan I will always supporting you no matter what!

  5. I also watched the show before when he shared his life experiences, I can’t find it now. WHAT WAS THE NAME of the Show? where he shared his life experiences, kang ho dong and others invterviewed him…

    • are you..?take care..god bless you.what ever you want god give to you…its all my good wishes for you..thank you..when i upset i just seen your photo once then my mood is attumaticaly good..i like u..lots of love.take care.

  6. Hey.. when i saw ur koreian series boy over flower …i like the ch. who always stand beside a girl when she needed the real help…and kim hyun joong your smile is so nice….your eyes just god draw it very carefully….u are a so nice person…I like ur smile..n ur song baby i m missing u..that sons so nice……take care…………………

  7. I want a pose where it looks real when I stand beside him for a snapshot. It will look as though I am with him on that day. Yahoo!!! Wax comes to life. Only Joong joong and me.

  8. I’ve read and watched so many videos on Hyun Joong (and SS501) that when I watched one talk show HJ was on he talked about his three near death experiences along with the other hardships: I was surprised that he ran away and experienced all that! He really does have a high up guardian angel ^^ And all the struggles with DSP. This was the first time, however, that I heard that the CEO of DSP was a scary person…it doesn’t surprise me one bit with what he did to HJ, esp in 2010.
    HJ will have many, many blessings coming his way. I can’t wait to see his wax figure and I’m so proud they choose him! And the pictures of him at Jaejoong’s movie premiere Jacksal (or is it Jackal?) are beautiful and sexy. Hee. I seriously hope this strike with KBS won’t effect CC either…I’ll pray hat everything still runs smoothly.

  9. Dear LK, Your writing makes me so happy that you have done a great research work in HJ. You have transfer all data you collected on our man and summarize + interptre with your lovely heart to HJ. Yes, Good thing is always happen for good person. The story of HJ in DSP and Christmas eve is what god want to test our man. Thanks again my dear.

  10. i’m laughing that part where HJ went to practice song with eight of them? >”< it must have been so tough for him during those times when he was really itching for changes of his own career. But now the ONly One occupied the top post. i'm sorry as if i'm feeling i'm a new fan coming here to comment~~D
    Wonderful day/night to you!!

    • LOL well I’m so glad to read from you again sis!!! Welcome back!! LOL you can just imagine the five members were all giants to squeeze in that tiny recording studio!! HJ did had that real rough times but it’s good he’s in a better place now and happy to be where he is now. There are lots more to write about that talk show, I’ll write about it in the coming days! Have a pleasant evening sis! Take care always I sure do miss you a lot! Love you sis! God bless..

      • nahihilo ako sa kagwapuhan nya ngayon kaya dina naman ako makatulog LOL!..true ka i can’t imagine Hj’s life noon siguro atat na atat nang mag solo–> sa practice room :))) haha..miss you dear LZ hayaan mo i’ll try to drop by here everytime and leave my own cent kasi feeling ko totally alien nako dito hehe..and i haven’t read some of your highlight about him mga bago sa akin ang iba ,i thought i’ve done reading all of them hindi pa pala..looking forward!!..take care too Lz and be blessed always!!Thanks

  11. Hi there Lk,
    The story about his wax figu displayed is everywhere and no matter how many times I have read it I still cant help but smile from ear to ear. Just so proud of him. When his “friend” is battling with scandalous rumors amisdt of his comeback, our hj is marking his way to yet another glorious achievement in his career. Like I always believe only good things will come to good man. When I read about his christmas story again in your article Lk, Bon jovi came to mind…Lol. I remember an interview by Larry King with Bon Jovi and these two.superstars have one thng in common…they value every minute of their
    hardships look upon it to a chieve their
    dreams. One thing for sure, we cant deny the

    fact that some people are just born with all the luck.

    • Agree with you.
      I don’t think the other is HJ’s friend.
      HJ attends movie premiere of his real friend today.
      So happy to see HJ after some days.

      • Is ‘Jackal’ premiering today??? I will have to look up the news. I lover KHJ’s bff JJ! I can’t wait till the movie is on one of my Roku channels! I will probably have to wait a few months… but, it will be worth it! 😀

    • Hello Kyong! it’s alright we can read you perfectly, no prob! LOL Oh yes I watched that interview with Larry king, I agree they have something in common.
      Well I’m just so glad HJ at least do not have much prob with his fans, I would think it’s because there’s mutual respect between HJ fans and him. His friend may have a huge fan base but most of them are teenagers and still young to really go after him in the wrong way.
      I read HJ was standing for 3 hours for the wax maker, yes I was smiling too when I read this news, and I’m so proud of HJ. He’s the perfect model.
      Thank you so much for sharing, take care, have a nice day and see you again!!

  12. you know, that’s the saddest Christmas story I’ve ever heard… I don’t why but it seems that in Korea many idols struggle so much to achieve something… I don’t know why but it seems that there life is not easy… I’m glad KHJ has what he has now… He totally deserves it ❤
    Oh I wanna kidnap that wax figure and keep it to myself xDDDDDDDDDD aahasdhdad I swear it would melt in a matter of seconds xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
    I prefer pic 1 =P xD

  13. *Claps
    Wow you always manage to put me in awe with your articles, It makes me feel embarrassed about myself that as a fan because i don’t know these things about him, thank god you’re there to give us a hand on knowing KHJ more and more. Gives me another reason to love him, not because of the sad story but because of how he lifts himself up after a fall. Whatever the blessings KHJ has now I know its not luck, he worked his A** for it even risked his life. So with people saying that he only got fame because of his handsome face, that is not only unfair but the most ridiculous thing there is. Love , Respect and Admiration he deserves every bit of it! Keep on soaring high Kim hyun joong well be here for you no matter what! thank you very much LZ!

    • Hyun Joong really had those struggles and there’s more in that talk show I’ll write about the others in coming days. As the old folks say it doesn’t count how many time you fall but it counts how many time you rise up. HJ will have more blessings in the future because he’s such a good man, he just doesn’t know it!
      Thank you so much for sharing, have a pleasant day, take care and see you again! God bless..

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