Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BEST LEADER

 By: LazerKim            I read a post yesterday that  there shall be another DVD of Kim Hyun Joong to be released on December 25th, which I believe is the complete documentary of Hyun Joong’s life within the lime light. The success of his album HEAT and its preparation is included and recorded together with his documentary in 2011. I think this is an interesting video to watch.                                              (source: Tower records on line)

Kim Hyun Joong DVD Product Introduction:

Honest and frank documentary closely approaching the K-POP star, Kim Hyun Joong. boasts overwhelming popularity with second single “HEAT” Japan, which was released on July 04, 2012 recorded the number of sales in the first day of sale 140 000 copies. Appearance to prepare for a new album and Yokohama Arena concert, pay attention to the precious interview told honestly painful thoughts of the past, can get a glimpse of the side of the producer. Kim Hyun Joong exposes you’ve never seen before-depth real life and the real intention. The first documentary of his life to show me from all sides is a multi-talented, DVD finally released as a full version that includes 76 minutes unaired scenes Korea! Special video that can be recorded through six keywords, know the real intention and true light of Kim Hyun Joong. Japanese with subtitles, 32 pages booklet, five postcards inclusion.


2nd single “HEAT Japan, which was released on July 4 documentary / 2012 closely approaching the real intention K-POP to seat the world, not only in Asia! K-POP star at the top of the ladder with its vertices, and the real face of Kim Hyun Joong Kim Hyun Joong boasts overwhelming popularity “was recorded in the number of sales of 140 000 copies in the first day of sale. Appearance to prepare for a new album and Yokohama Arena concert, pay attention to the precious interview told honestly painful thoughts of the past, can get a glimpse of the side of the producer. Kim Hyun Joong exposes you’ve never seen before-depth real life and the real intention. The first documentary of his life to show me from all sides has finally released the multi-talented as the full version, including 76 minutes unaired scenes Korea!

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I find Hyun Joong’s documentary one of the most interesting stories ever told. As we follow him everyday from the updates, his story of his past and how he got to the top I think is a story that I will never get tired of writing. Through this documentary video we can learn more about Hyun Joong what we do not see on stage or on dramas. His album HEAT was a huge success that anyone can ever imagine that shock Japan on his sudden boost in his popularity. As time goes by more people are getting interested in him not only as an artist but as person for real.

Hyun Joong had a long chain of series of interviews from different countries even beyond the walls of Asia. He did a very good start as a solo singer, his projects were overwhelmingly accepted as his fans increased for every project he release, literally every time he’s out there on his exposure the larger number of fans just popped out from here and there. Hyun Joong had already released two DVDs documentaries from 2010 First Love Story was taken in Bali, second is his 2011 MBC Documentary, third is 2012 Full Documentary Continuation.

KeyEast has I think given way for Hyun Joong’s fans to know more about him as everyone of us here knows, that there’s much more interesting about Hyun Joong behind what we see from him on stage. And this could be so inspiring to everyone as we follow his journey we can see the results of his hard work, dedication, and his passion to his craft. Every project Hyun Joong works on there’s always something new that was already marked on his name that by just merely reading updates on his upcoming projects gives us certain eagerness and excitement in looking forward to Hyun Joong’s exposures.


I have written in one of my articles that I’m looking forward to Hyun Joong singing the original sound track for City Conquest which is a wishful thinking. Let’s just say in every chance he got how I wish he’ll put up his music on. And Hyun Joong as singer, of course I would be expecting him to sing the original sound track for every drama project he has,  just like what he did for BOF he sung Because I’m Stupid and Playful Kiss he sung One More Time. In fact I would wish he would sing as much OST for City Conquest, take every single chance for him to bring out his music and have a wide selection or song repertoire originally compose for Kim Hyun Joong. And how I wish these selections would be in one album mark the memory of Hyun Joong’s third drama series City Conquest.

Yesterday I was surprised as I read a post at twitter with this question “Which artist would you want to sing for City Conquest.” Well, this may just be for fun voting I believe which is just alright, but many had responded and voted for another member of SS501 Young Seung!! I laugh at that!! Don’t get me wrong I got nothing against any of the members personally since I barely know them. And not that I do not like them to be a part of City Conquest, I’m not the drama producer of City Conquest to make the choice!! But the first thing that popped in my mind was that, “can’t Hyun Joong sing OST for his own drama project?” Aren’t you expecting Hyun Joong to sing the OST? I’m just asking.

The reason why I said I would wish Hyun Joong to take every chance he got to make music, because time is so short, and that’s reality. How many albums can a recording artist make out of one year? That could be two to three mini albums in a year, as Hyun Joong did two albums last and three for this year. Let’s not forget that Hyun Joong is not only a recording artist, that he can only focus on making music. He’s also an actor and the huge demand on him being an actor can not be ignored. He has to divide his time between being a singer and an actor at the same time.

Why the rush? Because three years is not enough time with the huge demand he has on his hands. And Hyun Joong has no choice but to utilize every single time he has to attain his dream before getting inside the gates of the military training. And that is exactly what he’s doing. A man with a dream plans out his route towards his goal, that everything has to go by the right timing for every project he set for himself.

The idea for City Conquest would be hitting two birds at the same time, should have been a good idea. Making an OST music selection into album and a drama in one package for Hyun Joong. If I were the producer of this drama I would definitely do this right, if he wants to earn more. That’s business. Well, this are just my thoughts, not meant to be the know how but a wishful thinking as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. Because for sure Hyun Joong’s fans would grab both his drama and his music at the same time. Aren’t we the happiest if we can have both?


 A good leader is a good follower, Hyun Joong was that when he was with SS501 and had proven his leadership qualities being humble and modest. I do believe Hyun Joong was a good influence to his members. I read one of the members recent interview who wants to put up a soccer team having other idols to join in the team. I was actually smiling as I was reading the interview and he was saying he envied those celebrities who plays soccer. This guy has openly mantioned in one talk show that he wants to be Kim Hyun Joong in his second life!

Who doesn’t want to be Kim Hyun Joong? Among the five members he’s the most talented, he’s the most handsome and he has got everything what it takes to be a superstar but still remained humble as ever. I believe his members look up to him he encourage them to learn on their own, here’s what he said:

“Didn’t we show almost everything that SS501 can do together as one? I don’t want to disband, but I think it’d be good if we could also pursue our own paths. After talking with the members, we each pursued the paths according to our own colors.”

Hyun Joong said this to his members before their contract expired in 2010.  He believes that each one of them has their own individual talent, and can only shine brighter if they stood by themselves. He was right all along, because as I read the member’s individual interviews, now they set their own dreams and goals for themselves individually. Hyun Joong has a lot of stock knowledge inside his mind that finally he was able to bring it out as we can see he brings it out little by little. Now Hyun Joong is a great contributor of Kpop in the global music industry which is well accepted and appreciated. Little by little his members brings out the best in their ability, although it’s in a slower phase than Hyun Joong does but I think they are doing well.


I read a post that was coming from US as it was said that Hyun Joong was one of the chosen as no.4 among the Top Ten Kpop group best leaders. Hyun Joong did a lot in pushing the name SS501 to its popularity, he earned the respect from other groups, he showed good example of being humble and modest to his members that they can look up to. Hyun Joong is a very good role model and no matter how wacky or funny he gets he showed equal respect both to his seniors and the rookies of other Kpop group.

A producer from his documentary mentioned that Hyun Joong has a good potential in becoming a leader among the solo Kpop as he re-invent or innovate music in the Kpop that others can follow. Hyun Joong is such an influential type of person and a good contributor to the music industry. I wouldn’t be surprise if he brings the same motivated attitude in the drama production too, as we all know his ability to transform his image is such a simple task for him to attain as others may find it difficult to achieve.

Kim Hyun Joong is simply the best, that I can’t find anymore words to describe him. I don’t think I can follow another idol Hyun joong is only one who just have everything in one package. Hyun Joong doesn’t want to be No. 1 because he wants to be the ONLY ONE,  he is indeed the only one unique artist that no one can ever beat him, from head to foot, inside out, there’s only one Kim Hyun Joong.

                                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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15 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] BEST LEADER

  1. I have been KHJ fan since he was with former members of SS501. To support his career & also the other members, I’m glad to say that I will stick to support all of them. It’s nothing to do with grouping or being soloist. It has just a matter of how they show their true colors in what they are doing & that’s what make me love them. Talking about KHJ, nowadays his career is climbing to the top. I believe the term of “climbing” is kind of not right since he is already at the top. But looking on this person’s attitude, he is still climbing & climbing nonstop. You guys know what I meant. 😉 Looking at his picture alone can make me smile, nonetheless if I’m listening to his musics!! His aura is too outshine till I cant resist to what ever he is doing. I’m spending a lot on his albums which I think that’s the way of supporting him. Eventhough some of my friends will ever make fun of what’s the benefit to spend like thousand for his albums, all I can say is, I am happy & satisfied to have them! . Elders will say, it’s not necessary to do a collection, & I did say, “It also has no necessary to collect those Corelle or Porcelain dishes if you wont eat on them!” That will make them shut off. LOL… It has no explanation when it comes to your interest. So mind your own. I’ll wait for the documentary to be published & surely will book it. With love, I’ll be here as his fan & supporting him on what ever his projects are in coming future.

    *To Lazerkim, I’m taking this opportunity to shout out that you did a great job for having all of infos in here! It’s a pleasure to open this page right after i’m entering to my office. (I have been a silence reader here) LOL.. When I get a dose of KHJ, then only I will start my work. Hahaha.. Thank you Lazerkim.

    #JustMyOpinion here.. 🙂

    • LOL Hello Nadia! It’s nice to have you here in this blog and you make my day!!! I was laughing about the dish collection!! LOL!! Yeah you’re right I agree with you we are all different in our own ways. Hang in there I’m losing my connection, i’ll be back to you thank you so much!

      • Hye too Lazerkim. Oh yeah, sorry for asking, what name should I call u? Hee.. Yeah, bout the dishes collection, my mum+aunties+officers+some elders here love to collect them just for nothing! And that’s what make me said those phrase.. They were all like “Oh. Err.. Okay then..” LMAO! Haha.. I’m in love with KHJ & it’s not a crime or even a sin to do a collection for even like NO BENEFIT. Satisfaction & happiness are all that matters. 😉 I will hang on to u. So keep up your good work!

        • I laugh at the dishes because I’m one of them too!! LOL I collect just anything that i fancy about. If you have read my article Life Line, it talks about the elders being a fan. Then that re-assured myself I’m not not alone being an avid fan that what we all feel here is just normal to any fan or follower. That no matter what others may think that seem to me they could not understand the world of fans, I stood up proudly that I made the right choice for an idol to follow. Whatever makes us happy is where we can be. I’m contented and satisfied being a fan of KHJ, he makes me happy just like anyone of us here. No matter what we say, some people who have not experience what we have will never understand unless they experience. Oh they just lost the fun of being a fan!! I agree with you 100% nothing matters for as long we are happy. The benefits we get out of our collection of KHJ item and CD DVD ect. is our own happiness and contentment. Spending time with our daily dosage is what makes us happy. That’s what entertainment is all about until such time we develop certain attachment to the person that makes us happy. In short, this is a free world in search for contentment and happiness. And that is the right of each and everyone of us!!
          Nadia thank you so much for sharing, take care, and have a cheerful day! See you again! God bless..

  2. I was also thinking about Hyun Joong singing the OST for his own drama would be just the right thing to do..and i believe that he would not disappoint us,his fans..When he started to act in Playful Kiss, it was not announced previously that he would be singing an OST(not to my knowledge) for his drama.But he surprised us by working hard and recording One More Time ,very late in to the night after the filming of the drama during the day!I loved hearing him sing (even though it was only bits and pieces of the full song) now and then while watching the drama.So,it would be wonderful to listen to Hyun Joong’s warm soothing voice singing while we are watching CC

    • LOL SS501 Return to where???? Thanks Karen HJ isn’t going anywhere but up to the top as solo. Let the members do their thing peacefully they’re doing well with their solo too, so be it. Have a pleasant day! and see you again!!

  3. Though I like hyunsaengs voice too since all of them can sing , I agree that KHJ should really sing the OST for city conquest he has a great voice so why look further more when the leading actors voice is great too. So to let everyone know that the actor can’t only act but has multiple talents as well. Before i read this article i researched on why they broke up and could not get a grip unto why they separated. But after reading this it made me realize that what you said was right because it is good for each of them to explore their talents individually and learn to fly on their own. And they were able to do that successfully and makes me so proud of it, because not all kpop groups when separated can be successful on their own, but each of them was able to pull it off with great achievements. I think it really shows how multi-talented the SS501 members are, though i am still hoping that they will make a comeback. For now ill support each of them, I know after each of them have spread their wings it would make the group more stronger and soar higher it may be as a group or as their own individual. Either way i hope that it will be the best for all 5 of them.

    • I agree going solo is the best thing for them to do. HJ used to sing only one or two lines of a song, now he sings the whole song. And now we know he can sing great too not just the other members. As to their comeback, I am not holding my breath. Good luck to all of them individually.

    • Solo is the best for Hyun Joong to show his singing & dancing.
      He can do anything as he likes, not depend on others.
      Let he goes his way.

      • Hello Fanjoong! Yeah I agree with you 1000%. He’s much better doing solo, i know everyone knows that, I just couldn’t understand why some could not just accept it. Thanks sis! Have a nice day! take care!

    • Hi Seoran! You have a mature way of viewing Hyun Joong and his members. It’s gonna be a regret if they let go of this chance to prove their individual talents at this time. Hyun Joong has a long way to go to achieve with his plans as a soloist. and so with the members too, you’re right let’s just support whoever our biases.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, take care have a nice day and see you again. God bless..

  4. He has to sing an OST or 2!!! It’s tradition! And isn’t Hyun Joong leading solo k-pop, besides Psy now? Anyways I always thought too that Hyun Joong is one of the best Leaders out there! He’s simply Leading material. [pun intended ^^]

    • I really would like him to sing the OST for CC and I cross my fingers that I hope he would as much OST for this particular drama. Thanks Becca! Have a cheerful day and take care! see you!!

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